Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 354

355 Regulations

"Wait, you have to wash your hands before you enter the ward, and you're not allowed to smoke." Wang Jia, the young nurse walked back and forth the corridor on the left side of the Emergency Department's ward area. She was like a lioness, patrolling its area and looking for prey.

Her gaze was sharp, and she was gutsy. She was not afraid at all even when she faced the director of the Respiratory Medicine Department. for visiting.

The department director and the doctor who came along with him glanced at each other and chuckled. The department director walked towards Wang Jia and said, "Do you know who I am?"

"I do. You're Department Director Hong from the Department of Respiratory Medicine." Wang Jia straightened her body and raised her head to stare at the other party.

Department Director Hong hummed in acknowledgment and said, "Then, why are you still stopping me from going in?"

"I know that you are Department Director Hong, but I don't know what germs are on your hands!" Wang Jia had received training, and she knew what she should say when faced with such a situation.

Department Director Hong froze for a moment when he heard that. He then started laughing out loud and said, "This young woman is quite an interesting character."

The doctor who came along with him chuckled a few times, "She's very good with words."

"You guys still need to wash your hands even after you've praised me." Wang Jia was not that scared of Department Director Hong. Even though he was the director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, he was still from another department, and the nurses only needed to answer to the Nursing Department. Wang Jia worked in the Emergency Department, and outside the operating theaters, the only doctor she needed to respect was Huo Congjun.

Of course, all the nurses willingly respected Doctor Ling. Ling Ran was on another level when it came to that.

Department Director Hong did not want to argue with a young woman either. He chuckled again and squeezed some alcohol-based hand sanitizer from the bottle next to the door and simply rubbed it on his hands.

"It's better if you apply it evenly." As Wang Jia spoke, she deliberately put on an earnest facade and took out a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer from her pocket. She then squeezed some onto Department Director Hong's hand.

Department Director Hong got really annoyed this time. However, he still managed to rein in his anger and hummed loudly in acknowledgment before he rubbed his hands and entered the ward.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer was a kind of disinfectant that evaporated very quickly.

It was naturally a much better invention than other disinfectants such as soap.

However, doctors who just exited the operating theaters, including Department Director Hong, had a natural dislike toward any disinfectant.

Wang Jia quickly turned and went to call her boss.

Soon, the head nurse of the Emergency Department arrived.

When faced with the head nurse, who was almost his age, Department Director Hong was a lot more polite. After all, he was once a young doctor, and he felt scared whenever he saw the head nurse. It was just like how grown lions would easily remember their childhood experiences whenever they saw a large jackal...

"I'm here to take a look at the construction progress of our Emergency Medical Center," Department Director Hong greeted the head nurse with a chuckle and explained the reason he was there.

"Make yourself at home then." As the head nurse spoke, she followed Department Director Hong.

"Where's Old Huo?" Department Director Hong still felt rather diffident.

"He's in the resuscitation room."

"He's pretty busy, isn't he?" Department Director Hong immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's not like patients get to choose when to get sick or injured."

"Hmm" Department Director Hong circled the ward and exited the ward in boredom. He then chuckled and said, "Do implement the Emergency Medical Center well. It took up so much of the hospital's resources. The Respiratory Medicine Department actually wanted to"

"What does the Respiratory Medicine Department have to do with our Emergency Medical Center?" Huo Congjun's voice rang out from the stairway.

Surprised, Department Director Hong looked at the elevator and asked, "You took the stairs?"

"To keep myself healthy." Huo Congjun gazed coldly at the Director of the Respiratory Medicine Department.

"Do you want one?" Department Director Hong took out a cigarette and lit it while he stood below a sign with "no smoking" written on it.

Huo Congjun did not want to make small talk. He grabbed Department Director Hong's arm and walked towards the trash can beside the emergency exit. He then asked, "Old Hong, you never had the habit of visiting other departments. Is something the matter?"

Department Director Hong contemplated for a few seconds and asked, "Has Chief Wang been discharged? I heard that his recovery went well?"

"Yeah, he got a score of ninety-two, and could already walk by supporting himself against the wall by the time he was discharged." Huo Congjun was a little pleased with himself.

Department Director Hong took a deep breath and finished the remaining one-third of the cigarette. He then took out another cigarette from the box, lit it, and said, "I have an aunt who's been plagued by knee problems. She went to a hospital for a consultation, and is thinking of undergoing knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty"

After he said that, Department Director Hong was too embarrassed to continue speaking.

Huo Congjun got the hint. He whipped out his phone and said, "I'll ask Ling Ran on your behalf."

Department Director Hong lowered his head as he smoked, and he looked as if he wished that he could make a ninety-degree bow, but could not because of... reasons.

The doctor who came along with Department Director Hong remained silent. He leaned against the wall as he stood and tried his best to remain invisible.

Doctors knew other doctors' abilities the best.

In contrast to recognition from society and fame, it was harder for a doctor to gain recognition from other doctors.

However, if Department Director Huo had not been required to go through Huo Congjun for this request, he would have felt a little better.

Ling Ran soon picked up the call. Huo Congjun hummed a few times before he hung up and asked, "Ling Ran asked when the patient will be arriving."

Department Director Hong finished his second cigarette in one drag and even took a final few drags until it burned down to the cigarette butt before he reluctantly threw it into the trash can. He asked in astonishment, "I can just send her here straightaway? Doesn't Ling Ran need to look at her scans first?"

"Our hospital will conduct scans upon her arrival."

"Um all right, then." Department Director Hong did not bother to explain that her existing scans could be used too. Surgeons never trusted those of the same profession. The surgeon treating the patient got the say when it came to what to do with the scans produced in other hospitals. They could choose to conduct another scan or use the existing scans.

Department Director Hong, who visited the Emergency Department with his imposing presence, left in satisfaction.

Huo Congjun chuckled as he stared at Department Director Hong's back and thought, 'You're fortunate enough to fall into Ling Ran's clutches instead of mine.'


Inside the operating theater, Ling Ran savored the moment as he performed a finger replantation surgery on a patient with three severed fingers.

The establishment of the Ling Treatment Group did not affect the surgeries carried out by Ling Ran that much, whether it was in the context of the Emergency Medical Center or the Emergency Department. It was just that the procedures were now more formal.

Instead, the recent chaotic condition of the Emergency Department had been the one to reduce Ling Ran's surgical volume.

Even though Ling Ran was only performing a finger replantation surgery for a patient with three severed fingers, Ling Ran did it to satisfy his craving.

"Zuo Cidian, close the incision." Ling Ran quickly completed all of the vital steps and passed the task of closing the incision to his assistant.

Zuo Cidian staggered as he walked towards where Ling Ran was standing and started putting on the finishing touches.

After that, Ling Ran exited the operating theater. A pharmaceutical sales representative who had been waiting outside the door immediately came up to him and passed a clean set of scrubs to him. The pharmaceutical sales representative then said with a smile, "Doctor Ling, you've been working really hard. Carrying out surgeries should really be categorized as hard labor."

Zuo Cidian stared at the pharmaceutical sales representative with an eager look. He internally weighed the pros and cons, and he had to put in a lot of effort to stop himself from exiting the operating theater. He earnestly waited for Ling Ran.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical sales representative was waiting on Ling Ran with all his heart. He said, "You can look for us if you need anything. We'll do whatever we can to solve your problems, and if we're unable to do so, we'll think of other ways."

Ling Ran, who had been walking speedily all the way, suddenly stopped and asked, "Do you guys have suitable slippers?"


"The kind of slippers we use in operating theaters." Ling Ran pointed at the large box in front of the door. The box used to contain slippers.

The first thing doctors needed to do when they arrived at the Operating Area was to change into slippers. After some time, the slippers would end up collecting dirt.

Naturally, the pharmaceutical sales representative nodded furiously.

Ling Ran flashed a socially-acceptable smile before he continued to comb through the regulations for the area next to the wards, which had been assigned to him.