Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 356

357 Ceremonious

Huo Congjun stood at the entrance of the Emergency Medical Center, which was halfway through renovation. He opened his arms wide to welcome guests from all over the city.

Below him, a banner with [The Symposium of Emergency Medicine of Yun Hua City] written on it was hung on the third floor, and there were even tassels attached to the bottom of the banner.

All the industry's insiders with good sense knew that municipal level symposiums as such were merely occasions where subpar doctors chat with one another. Even upscale pharmaceutical sales representatives did not like to attend such symposiums, especially ones related to emergency medicine. If the symposium were on orthopedics, dentistry, or cardiology, they might still be able to sell some equipment and medicine...

However, Huo Congjun did not care about this.

What he cared about was the plaque beside him—The Emergency Medical Center of Yun Hua Hospital.

Huo Congjun invited people over to sing his praises.

He counted the number of guests and looked at the guests' name. It was as if he had created a poll, and was asking, "Who agrees to his Emergency Medical Center, and who disagrees with the idea?"

The hospitals in Yun Hua City were naturally not against the Emergency Medical Center.

Even the People's Liberation Army General Hospital and the provincial hospital would not seek trouble at this kind of time.

The hospitals within the province were even more agreeable. Basically, none of them disapproved of Huo Congjun's decision to build an Emergency Medical Center.

Even though the Emergency Departments of tertiary Grade A hospitals in Yun Hua still had a certain pride about them, the Emergency Departments of other hospitals within the Changxi Province did not have this kind of confidence. They obtained all their professional guidance from the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital. Even though they were not influential departments, it was still nice to receive flower baskets from them.

Ling Ran wore a well-ironed large white coat as he stood beside Huo Congjun, and all the guests could see him even when they were still a distance away.

"This is Doctor Ling?"

"Department Director Huo is debuting his Emergency Medical Center along with his best student."

"Old Huo, from now onwards, the fate of us emergency physicians depend on you."

All the guests greeted Huo Congjun in different ways, and Huo Congjun handled them with ease.

He had actually rehearsed this scene in his mind for many years.

Twenty years ago, as little girls dreamed about getting married in a pure white gown, Huo Congjun had been dreaming about the inaugural ceremony of his large Emergency Department.

Of course, the formal inaugural ceremony was held between the leaders and had taken place a few days ago. That was just like the wedding ceremony held specifically for parents and relatives.

The real ceremony—the one that belonged to Huo Congjun—took place today.

Solemn and serious!

There were cooperative colleagues, subordinates who surrounded him, pharmaceutical sales representatives who knew how to flatter him, doctors who knew how to say all the right things, and confused passersby who gazed at him in envy.

Huo Congjun raised his head and straightened his body. His gaze was profound. It was as if every single cell inside his body was filled with energy.

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains…"

The ringtone for Ling Ran's cell rang softly.

As if he just came back to his senses, Huo Congjun looked at Ling Ran from the corner of his eye.

All the attending physicians behind them were worried on behalf of Ling Ran. How did it feel like for a lion who was howling into the air to have its throat clutched halfway through? And what would happen to the animal who clutched the lion's neck?

"Don't tire yourself out by standing for too long. Why don't you go and rest first?" Huo Congjun turned slightly. There was a smile on his face.

Ling Ran hummed in acknowledgment, whipped out his phone, and went to the side to answer the call.

All the other doctors behind Huo Congjun could not help but see a ray of hope.

They naturally did not like the standing arrangement.

Unfortunately, Old Huo did not agree with them.

"Hello?" Ling Ran held his phone beside his ear and asked politely.

"Doctor Ling, my name is Zhang Qiao, and I am Miss Meng[1]'s personal assistant. Miss Meng wants to make a reservation for you to massage her today in the evening. Are you available?" A soft voice rang out from the other end.

Ling Ran answered in a dumbfounded manner. "I don't plan to take any reservations for massages."

The person on the other end was stunned for a moment before he said, "Doctor Ling, I am making a reservation on behalf of Miss Meng Xue."

"Meng Xue?" The structure of the renowned celebrity's cervical vertebrae immediately appeared in Ling Ran's mind.

That neck, which had undergone plenty of damage, probably needed a massage.

However, this was not in Ling Ran's plan, and he could not help but start contemplating.

On the other end, Zhang Qiao was starting to panic. "Doctor Ling, Miss Meng Xue has been very busy lately, and it's not easy for her to free up her time to go over to Yun Hua City. Besides, her neck is in a very bad condition, and she really needs a thorough massage…"

Ling Ran cut her off and said, "There's no such thing as a thorough massage, and it's impossible to treat Miss Meng Xue's cervical vertebrae by massages alone. A massage would only relieve the symptoms."

"That would be good enough already. Miss Meng is already starting to suffer from insomnia." Zhang Qiao's tone was anxious.

Ling Ran said in a stern tone, "The problem with her cervical vertebrae is not necessarily what causes insomnia."

"Doctor Ling, please lend me a helping hand and let Miss Meng make a reservation." Zhang Qiao's tone became totally helpless.

Ling Ran furrowed his eyebrows and said, "You weren't Meng Xue's personal assistant before this, were you?"

"No…" Zhang Qiao took the opportunity and said, "Doctor Ling, you must absolutely help me out and let Miss Meng make a reservation. Or else, next time, I might no longer be the one making the call…"

Ling Ran only figured out the logic behind the matter after thinking carefully for a while.

On the other end, Zhang Qiao said softly, "Doctor Ling, Miss Meng Xue is flying to Yun Hua City right now and will be landing in two hours. She will arrive at the hospital in three hours. Please make some time for her…"

"Alright, I understand." Ling Ran did not say anything else and hung up the call.

On the other hand, Zhang Qiao was anxious and she put away her phone in her pocket.

She thought that this was going to be an extremely easy task and did not expect there to be an obstacle. To add oil to the fire, she was unable to contact Meng Xue because Meng Xue was on the plane.

Zhang Qiao could not help but grumble internally. When other doctors heard about renowned celebrities seeking treatment, they would even pay to treat them. She had never seen a doctor with such an attitude before.

As Zhang Qiao thought about that, she whipped out her phone again and typed Ling Ran's name in the search bar.

She could have done this before she called Ling Ran, but as a celebrity's personal assistant, she was pretty busy every day.

A long list of results related to Ling Ran and Doctor Ling immediately appeared in her mobile browser. The first article Zhang Qiao read talked about how Ling Ran operated on Liu Weichen.

When Zhang Qiao saw this, she understood the situation a little. 'It seems like he's a pretty skillful doctor. But there's no mention on his massage skills…'

The first thing she saw in the next article was Ling Ran's picture.

Zhang Qiao was immediately fixated.

She only came back to her senses after a long time. She blushed and bookmarked the page.

Three hours later.

Meng Xue showed up in Yun Hua Hospital. She wore a pair of sunglasses that covered half her face.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The newly renovated Emergency Medical Center had a few extra doors and flower beds.

Meng Xue could not find a path without anyone on it even after making a few rounds around the place. In the end, she simply walked into the building openly through… the back door.

Meng Xue was tall, with long legs and a slim waist. Even though she wore a large pair of sunglasses and had a thick scarf around her neck, the moment she walked through the door, she drew the attention of many doctors.

"Hey, she looks a little familiar."

"Who does she look like again?"

"Did Yun Hua Hospital hire a model?"

"The Emergency Medical Center hired a model for its inaugural ceremony?"

"This isn't impossible, is it?"

"Hm… If it's up to Huo Congjun, I think it's possible."

Translator's Note:

[1] Miss Meng: Meng Xue, the star who is also known as Brother Shanyu.