Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 357

358 Activity

Ling Ran sat at his desk and wrote his research paper seriously.

Up to this moment, Ling Ran had done more than two hundred and nearly three hundred cases of knee arthroscopy surgeries. He gradually gained his own understanding of knee arthroscopy surgical instruments.

Of course, this was built on his three-hundredth knee arthroscopy surgery performed using Perfect Level Knee Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty. Ling Ran did have a lot to say and had the right to say compared to the newcomers on the operating table.

On the other hand, Ling Ran really needed some new instruments.

This was one of the characteristics of arthroscopic surgery. Compared with open surgery, arthroscopic surgery required more instruments and had a greater tendency for it to become a specialized surgery.

Many doctors had different needs for instruments according to their own skills. Most of them naturally chose different instruments that were already available. For those who were skilled and nitpicky, they could also personally customize their set of instruments.

Ling Ran wrote the research paper halfway before he included a list of his customized surgical instruments. For him, it was very necessary to get a new set of surgical instruments.

If he could publish his research paper while he was at it, it would be even better.

*Knock, knock, knock.*

The person knocked on the office door gently before he opened the door.

Ling Ran looked up and saw Mengxue move in quickly. Then, she quietly locked the office door.

"What are you trying to do?" Ling Ran was startled.

Mengxue turned around and saw Ling Ran's expression. She found it annoying and amusing at the same time. "What can I even do to you?"

Ling Ran fell silent.

Mengxue waited for five seconds before she asked, "You aren't actually thinking about those things just now, are you?"

"Didn't you asked me just now? Do you want to know the answer now?" Ling Ran looked up, he looked like he was ready to give an answer.

"Forget it." Mengxue heaved a sigh and said in resignation, "No ordinary person would think about answers to questions like you do."

Ling Ran looked at Mengxue calmly. He never asked for himself to perform by the standards of ordinary people.

Mengxue looked at Ling Ran's expression, and she knew she wasted her breath. She said in a straightforward manner, "I made an appointment for a massage, and now, I'm going to fulfill my contract."

"I don't do massage anymore in the hospital," Ling Ran said. He then paused for a moment before he continued. "Next time you want to make an appointment, you can go to Lower Groove Clinic. If I'm not there, there will be others who will massage you."

"The massage done by others is far from satisfactory," Mengxue said as she hung her coat and rubbed her neck. "When I was recording a show, I felt like my neck was going to break. As a result, I found a massage parlor, but that comfort only lasted until the end of the massage. Later, I went abroad to record a show, so I had to go to the hospital and have them give me painkillers. The private hospital is the same. Their attitude is very good, but the only thing they did for me was to give me more painkillers. Ouch!"


Mengxue clearly heard a pop sound, and fear surged from the bottom of her heart.

"Do you feel more comfortable now?" Ling Ran put his hand down and threw the white towel he had just used into the dry cleaning bucket.

Mengxue swayed her head a little and could not help but say, "It seems to be really better, but the effect isn't as obvious as before"

"Wait a few minutes. I'll give you a massage again." Ling Ran turned to his desk to continue reading his research paper and checking information after he said that.

Mengxue could not tell for a moment whether Ling Ran meant that her neck needed only two minutes or whether Ling Ran needed those two minutes to do his work.

Mengxue got bored as she waited. So, she took out her phone to check her account on Weibo. She silently scrolled through her fans' praises.

After five minutes, Ling Ran stood up.

"Wash your neck," Ling Ran commanded.

Brother Shanyu, who was being praised by millions of fans right then, looked up and glanced at Ling Ran. She then went to the wash basin behind the door to wash her neck.

Ling Ran took a new white towel and rubbed his hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Washing hands with soap was cleaner, but the frequent use of soap was very unpleasant on the skin. In contrast, alcohol with 75% alcohol content had rather strong bactericidal effects, and it also provided little damage to the skin, which was a very good alternative.

Mengxue washed her long, fair neck before she sat down on a chair. Then, she put on a graceful sitting position, raised her chin slightly, and said, "I'm ready."

In her heart, Mengxue was still a little nervous.

After all, she was in a locked office, and she was facing an adult male, even though she was the one who locked the door herself Right when Mengxue's inner drama was about to start, Ling Ras grabbed the root of her neck.


Mengxue was like a cat caught by the neck. Her eyelids fell, and she looked like she was about to doze off.

Ling Ran used a rolling method while he was at it and helped her relax the muscles on her shoulders.

But the action did not just relax her muscles, even Mengxue's stressed out thoughts relaxed.

The hectic acting life

The complicated dance rehearsals

The wild scenes when she was picked up at the airport

One by one, those memories replayed themselves in Mengxue's mind.

She recalled the magnificence of the Alps, the stiff movements of her group of backup dancers, the excellent sound system of the venue, the smiling faces of enthusiastic fans, and the nervousness of the fans who were behind these enthusiastic fans.

"I should have spent more time taking pictures with everyone!" Mengxue raised her head swiftly and shouted before she looked at Ling Ran again. She could not help but grab her neck. To her surprise, she said, "It's not painful anymore."

"It can last for a week or so, and it will slowly hurt again. Then, it will get more and more painful compared to your previous times," Ling Ran gave a full "postoperative" explanation.

Massages were more and more widely used in the field of surgery, and most of the work of the Rehabilitation Department could be regarded as osteopathic massages.

However, for surgical patients in the Rehabilitation Department who received massages, as they gradually recovered from their injuries, they would no longer need massages. There was no surgery that could cure Mengxue of her complication completely, and she could only expect gradual recovery or physical compensation.

Mengxue herself was very satisfied with a painless week. for visiting.

She touched her neck, laughed a couple of times, and said, "Do you really not want to quit your job to become a massage therapist? If you go to a city at regular intervals, you can eventually launch an osteopathic massage conference."

"No," Ling Ran said without hesitation and threw the white towel into the dry cleaning machine.

Mengxue moved her neck again, took a gentle breath, and made a conscious left turn before she turned right to size up Ling Ran's office. She just felt relaxed.

The expanded Emergency Medical Center covered the former Emergency Department and added a few new offices. The most obvious benefit was that several treatment groups had separate offices, and the doctors' office space had become larger as well.

Aside from a desk and a sofa set, Ling Ran's office also had a number of spider plants and devil's ivy, which gave some dashes of dark color in the room.

Mengxue took off her cumbersome clothes and accessories that she had on herself while she was outside so that she could return to wearing her refreshing and regular outfit. She then took a picture with the spider plants and wondered if she wanted to post it on Weibo.

*Knock, knock.*

Mengxue was frightened by the knock on the office door.

She looked around and could not help but mutter, "There's no place to hide in such a big office."

"Why would you hide?"Ling Ran looked at her in puzzlement and opened the door.

Mengxue was stunned for a few seconds, and when she wanted to reach for her scarf and glasses, it was already too late.

"Huh? Brother Shanyu?" Wang Jia's first reaction when she saw Mengxue was to be surprised. Then, she became wary.

"Hello," Mengxue put on the smile that fans expected to see.

Wang Jia was stupefied for a few seconds as she thought hard before she tentatively asked, "Are you here to attend the ceremony of the Emergency Medical Center?"


Wang Jia did not wait for Mengxue to speak. She covered her mouth with excitement and could not help but whisper, "Brother Shanyu is attending our Emergency Medical Center ceremony"

"I mean" Mengxue wanted to adjust the content of her words, but when she looked up, Wang Jia could not be seen anymore.

There were only long screams, and they rose one after another.

Those screams were mixed with screams of "Brother Shanyu!" at extremely high decibels.

Mengxue was astonished for a few seconds and smiled in relief. "She can run pretty fast."

"Yeah, if you have to perform fluid transfusion for over ten beds daily could make you run for twenty thousand steps per day." Ling Ran agreed with Mengxue.

Mengxue looked at Ling Ran with a smile, put on her full set of clothes, and waited silently for the people from the hospital.