Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 358

359 Flower Baske

Huo Congjun rushed over while he forced himself to hide his excitement.

They invited the leaders of Yun Hua City to hang up the plate for the Emergency Medical Center, but the moment belonged to the leaders of the hospital. The moment did not belong to him, Huo Congjun.

If the establishment of the Emergency Medical Center was compared to a marriage, the day the plate went up would be equal to registration day. It would be good if there were witnesses, but it did not matter if there were none.

This day was the wedding day. He did not hope for it to be a grand occasion, but it still needed to be announced so that everyone knew.

Most importantly, one of the newlyweds on stage had to be Huo Congjun.

However, if that happened, the effect of advertising would be lower.

Although Huo Congjun had a certain reputation in the medical circle and also had some friends in it, it would be great if a major celebrity came to boost its fame in Moments. for visiting.

If nothing else, he could have more things to talk about with his wife and daughter when he went home.

"Department Director Huo!" Ling Ran opened the door in advance before he shouted.

Huo Congjun immediately slowed down his steps. He smoothed out his outfit before he cleared his throat. He then pretended to be calm before he walked into the office.

"Ah, Miss Meng, hello! I'm a fan of yours too, and I always watch your show on TV" Huo Congjun's speech was full of flattery when he opened his mouth. One could say that he used every trick in the book and every modern way to flatter her.

Zuo Cidian came out of nowhere quietly and stood behind Ling Ran. He quietly listened to Department Director Huo, took out his notebook, and wrote a new record: [Rich in life experiences.]

Huo Congjun treated the celebrity warmly. He did not voice his question at all.

For a man his age, curiosity was way down the list of emotions that dictated his actions. Occasionally making mistakes was what defined people his age now.

Mengxue smiled faintly and said, "I'm here to find Doctor Ling for a massage, and I've just heard that your Emergency Medical Center has been established. Congratulations."

"Thank you, thank you. Ah, the Emergency Medical Center has just been established, and it's quite messy. I'm really sorry." Huo Congjun behaved very humbly.

For that day's presentation, the Emergency Medical Center went through spring cleaning for a week. It was indeed a very humble act if he said the center was clean, because the center was not just clean, it had been cleaned thoroughly using disinfectant. The bacteria that used to stay in the storeroom could only be considered very, very unlucky

Huo Congjun then looked around and said, "The offices here are still smaller in size. Perhaps we can take a seat in the meeting room in front."

"There's no need, I'll be taking my leave now." As Mengxue spoke, she put her scarf and her sunglasses on.

"Oh" Huo Congjun rubbed his palms. He smiled and said, "Let me send you off then."

Huo Congjun left the room before he persuaded a few girls who had just rushed over to leave.

Mengxue followed him. She had a smile on her face.

Ling Ran trailed behind them in a relaxed manner. He also took the time to look at the flower baskets arranged on the sides.

There were small flower baskets sent by government bodies and large flower baskets with big colorful patterns sent by pharmaceutical companies. There were also some sent over on behalf of the provincial hospital, and some by the Emergency Department of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital. Besides, there were also patients who sent flower baskets over in their own names, like Boss Shao

When he stood in front of the flower basket that Boss Shao sent over, Ling Ran came to a momentary halt.

The moment he saw Boss Shao's flower basket, Ling Ran's mind naturally came up with different situations


"Is it really Brother Shanyu?"

"Is Mengxue here?"

"Old Huo, you're blocking her face. Lower your head, Mengxue!"

Young medical staff rushed over, while the not-so-young ones also stared at Huo Congjun's back excitedly. A major celebrity was obviously more attractive than emergency forums.

Even the middle-aged doctors who were scattered around the lobby naturally gathered when they heard the ruckus. They were just like a group of old men, moving around in search of their grandchildren.

When Huo Congjun saw everybody's actions, he felt so proud that he almost showed his posterior teeth.

"Hi, everyone." When Mengxue saw the crowd, she gracefully took off her sunglasses and waved at the people.

A group of doctors felt so happy that they turned into Dalangs and went limp, as though they had been injected with anesthetics. Some looked like they had been struck with facial paralysis, some could feel their heart rate increase, some panted very quickly, some were stunned, while some had glassy eyes


"It's Brother Shanyu."

"Is it really Mengxue?"

"It's unbelievable!"

"If I could perform a tooth extraction for Mengxue, I'd go vegetarian for a week."

"With that figure, I'd find all her organs in their correct positions using a laparoscope."

Mengxue was extremely familiar with the situation in front of her eyes. She smiled as she waved her hands. She passed through the doctors who were not prepared to receive her. Yet, there were still those who automatically spread their arms to request for a hug.


A loud sound was suddenly heard, and it silenced the surrounding area.

A doctor from some department may have been a little too happy, so much so that the flower pot he stood on tilted to the side, and he crashed against the top of a flower basket when the flower pot toppled over. That was how the loud and clear sound had been produced.

Mengxue was so shocked that she was rooted to the spot.

The people around her instantly snapped out of their fascination.

"This guy..."

"Push a bed over."

"Make way! Don't just stand by and look, spread out!"

"Call 120!"

"Did you knock your head against a wall as well? This is the Emergency Medical Center."

While the doctors spoke, they began to distribute tasks.

Ling Ran stepped forward, grabbed Mengxue's hand, and walked toward his office.

Mengxue's mind was blank. She quickly asked Ling Ran, "Is he all right?"

"Not all right." Ling Ran paused for a moment before he said, "But it has nothing to do with you, so sit in the office, and don't come out first."

Mengxue understood the situation a little, so she nodded and said, "Don't worry, I'll try not to disturb all of you. But that guy, what will happen to him?"

"By the looks of it, he's unconscious. He may have cerebral edema, skull bone fracture, haemorrhage, or shock. He may experience epilepsy, or long-term coma, maybe even death," Ling Ran answered casually and sent Mengxue to the office. Then, he took the tracheotomy pack and put it on his shoulder before he started to wash his hands using the soap in his room.

Once he completed the seven steps to wash his hands, Ling Ran pursed his lips and said to Mengxue, "Kindly open the door for me."

"Oh." Mengxue opened the door in a dumbfounded manner.

With his hands, Ling Ran carried the pack upright, and he walked to the middle of the corridor.

Just as he was about to reach the location of Boss Shao's flower basket after several steps, he saw the injured doctor lying down on the floor. Several high-ranking members of the Emergency Department, including Huo Congjun, and two associate chief physicians of the Neurosurgery Department surrounded the doctor.

Huo Congjun gazed at Ling Ran and said, "He has spontaneous breathing. Tracheotomy is not needed."

"Oh." There was no emotion that could be detected from Ling Ran's voice. He took two steps forward and saw that the injured doctor could indeed breathe normally. Then, he put his hands down.

Zuo Cidian followed him closely and said in a low voice, "Doctor Ling, let me help you carry the pack."

Without waiting for Ling Ran's reply, Zuo Cidian took the pack from Ling Ran's shoulders and carried it on his own shoulders. He then said to Ling Ran, "We can still wait for a while, in case there's any need for you to do something."

"All right." Ling Ran agreed to the condition to stand by the side to prepare for any kind of emergency.

"The rescue team may leave now," Huo Congjun said. He then saw the doctor slowly open his eyes.

"You hit the wall and fainted earlier, how do you feel now?" The doctor from the Neurosurgery Department held a torchlight and waved it for a while before he put it away.

"I'm still okay, just slightly... dizzy?" The doctor who lay on the floor was not very certain, and his tone contained doubt.

"Take a CT scan then." The neurosurgeon stood up and asked the cart to come over.

The crowd, including Ling Ran, took two steps back in order to provide more space.

"It's okay, it's okay." Boss Shao also stood on his toes to watch, and when he saw that, he seemed to appear relieved.


Another loud sound was heard behind them again. This time, it was a care worker who stepped on a flower pot when he joined the crowd to look at the injured doctor. He broke the flower pot he stood on, fell down on the floor, and the phone in his hand flew out of his grasp before it knocked into the flower basket Boss Shao sent.

It was silent in the room.

Huo Congjun was stunned for a few seconds. Then, he sighed and said, "Ask the rescue team to come back."