Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 359

360 Distribution

"Come, let's queue up. The group that everybody belongs to now will be the group that you work with in the Emergency Medical Center later." Young Xiao from the Medical Affairs Department held a name list in hand while he smilingly faced the interns who looked like a flock of confused quails.

Although most of the interns had been there for almost a year, once they left the department that they were familiar with, they looked so nervous that they made people want to oppress and exploit them.

When Young Xiao watched the interns obediently form seven rows, he touched the spider plant next to him before he smiled and said, "There were five treatment groups in our Emergency Center. Now, the number has increased to seven after the center's expansion. So, students in the seventh row will follow Department Director Huo Congjun, students in the sixth row will follow Department Associate Director Du"

Young Xiao read out the arrangement in the name list. The faces of the students in the seventh row were bloodless like they had just heard something scary.

The students in the other rows were so happy that they smiled happily, as though they had just survived a disaster.

All of them were medical students who had worked as interns in Yun Hua Hospital for almost a year. Therefore, they had all heard about Department Director Huo Congjun's reputation.

It was especially so for the interns who went to the Emergency Department. Whenever the order that they were to be rotated to the Emergency Department came, they would definitely pay more attention to the doctors in the department Sometimes, the things that were terrifying about a department were precisely the things they paid attention to.

"Can I switch groups? My body isn't well" A student opened his mouth and spoke in a weak voice to seek peace of mind.

"No change of group is allowed!" Young Xiao shouted loudly. He crushed all the possible ideas that could form in the interns' heads before he strictly said, "Your internship is about to end soon, and you will leave for other hospitals. You are now at the final leg of your journey, and nobody wants to fail in the last department, right? Regardless of whether your group is good or bad, you're not allowed to change it yourselves after the group distribution ends. You are only allowed to change if your team leader doesn't want you. If that's the case, I don't even have to tell you. You can already guess how your internship report will be."

All the interns remained quiet.

Young Xiao nodded and said, "I'll read out the remaining groups. You have to remember your group and know the doctors in the other treatment groups as well."

As Young Xiao spoke, he took out his notebook again.

"There's no group distribution for interns in other departments." Another intern who had been distributed to Huo Congjun's group felt the need to struggle against his fate again.

The administrative staff from the Medical Affairs Department could easily squash the struggles of such an artificially cultivated fish [1]. "There is no such rule. Different departments implement different policies. If you don't want to work as an intern in the Emergency Department, sure, just go home then."

It was impossible for the interns to give up after working for a year, so they all obediently shut their mouths.

Young Xiao smirked and continued to say, "The second row will follow Chief Physician Li. Chief Physician Li is the associate chief physician in our Emergency Department. He is younger and very energetic, but his requirements are much higher. Next is the first row, and you will be following Doctor Ling."

Young Xiao stopped for a while. He watched the interns whisper to one another, so he did not give a lot of introduction.

If he were to say, Ling Ran was even classmates with some of the interns before him. Regardless of how Young Xiao introduced Ling Ran, he would easily make mistakes. Therefore, he gave up on introducing Ling Ran to them.

Young Xiao actually strongly opposed such lucky promotions from the bottom of his heart. for visiting.

They may say that they were making exceptions by promoting such people because they respected talent, but the bottom line was, they still broke the rules. Were rules not formed to help protect those with talents?

Young Xiao was just thirty years old that year. He had worked from the bottommost position until he reached his current stage. He felt that he had learned a lot while he was there. However, when he thought about how Ling Ran jumped over all those steps, he found that things were just ridiculous.

Letting an intern lead a group was something Young Xiao never expected.

Unfortunately, Department Director Huo from the Emergency Department strongly encouraged it. Department Director Lei from the Medical Affairs Department also acquiesced to it tacitly, and even Yun Hua Hospital's director agreed to it. Therefore, Young Xiao was not willing to involve himself in the matter.

"Since everyone has been interning for a year, I will not mention what you need to pay attention to again. Today, I will only emphasize on one thing." Xiao, the administrative staff conducted himself as a staff member of the Medical Affairs Department, clapped his hands, and said, "Regardless of whether the doctors in your group are young or old, you must obey your senior doctors' orders. You cannot just listen to Department Director Huo because he is old, but refuse to obey Chief Physician Li because he is young. Once a situation like that occurs, the hospital will take further action."

The interns lowered their heads and did not speak at all.

If it had just been the beginning of their internship, the young undergraduates would have still had a rebellious spirit. But they had been oppressed until now, and they did not have any rebellious spirit left. The cost of sinking into obscurity became higher the longer they were into their internship, and they had reached a point where they could not just give up.

"Obey instructions and listen to orders. This is the most important thing," Young Xiao emphasized again. He stared at all of them for a while before he was satisfied.

"It sounded as if he was referring to Chief Physician Li, but he's actually prepping up Ling Ran's group, right?" Xiang Xueming, who was also from Yun Hua Medical Institute, whispered into Chen Wanhao's ear.

Chen Wanhao snorted before he asked, "Then, do you want to exchange with me?"

Chen Wanhao had been distributed to Huo Congjun's group while Xiang Xueming had been distributed to Ling Ran's group.

Xiang Xueming hesitated for a few seconds before he answered, "Forget it, Department Director Huo is more terrifying."

Chen Wanhao hummed to disguise the disappointment in his heart. Compared with the others who had complicated feelings toward Ling Ran, Chen Wanhao was not afraid of losing his dignity since he was Ling Ran's dormmate.

Unfortunately, Huo Congjun's group, where Chen Wanhao was distributed to, was considered a forbidden group that led to certain death. No one was willing to exchange with him. If he had been in another group, he could have probably still switched with them.

If he could switch to another group, his life would be comfortable. Chen Wanhao could not help but recall his four years of university life, where there were free breakfasts, free lunches, free dinners, free snacks, and free suppers There were also free items that would have otherwise cost money, free QQ memberships, free super memberships to various things, free slippers, socks, sneakers, and shirts

As a rich second generation child who hid among people, Chen Wanhao was actually not short of money, but he could not resist taking free stuff. If Ling Ran rejected them, Chen Wanhao would also receive a batch of broken hearts. If Chen Wanhao rejected them, the owners of the hearts he broke might even take the broken pieces and knock his head with them.

"Um Does Ling Ran usually have any habits or hobbies?" Xiang Xueming could not help but move closer to Chen Wanhao again and ask him in a low voice.

Compared with the other interns who just wanted to loaf around, Xiang Xueming's aim was to stay in Yun Hua Hospital. At least, he wanted to get a good internship report and remain there.

Naturally,interns who just wanted to loaf around may have also wanted to stay in Yun Hua Hospital, but they did not do as much as Xiang Xueming did.

"Well, Ling Ran actually does have some hobbies that people usually don't know about"Chen Wanhao showed off proudly.

Since he started his internship in the hospital, Chen Wanhao's chances to show off had grown lesser. He now began to become familiar with that sensation again.

Xiang Xueming's eyes brightened up, and he asked, "What would that be?"

"For example, Ling Ran is actually very particular about food. Can you guess what his favorite food is?" As Chen Wanhao spoke, he felt the air around him start to get warmer.

A few young nurses had stood closer to Chen Wanhao.

"What is it?"

"Hurry up and spit it out."

"Those who leave their sentences hanging will be beaten up until they look like they have an intestinal obstruction."

The young nurses looked very sweet and pretty, but their voices sounded demonic

Chen Wanhao shuddered, then he said in a soft voice, "This is only my guess after I came to my own conclusion"

"Hurry up and say it." Three young nurses formed a triangle formation, and they blocked Chen Wanhao's path of retreat.

"Doctor Ling likes to eat roasted food." Chen Wanhao hunched his shoulders before he repeated, "This is just my guess."

"Actually, it makes sense. Every time, when Doctor Ling eats barbeque, he refills his bowl very quickly."

"Is it?"

"Yes, I've counted."

"Ah you're so silly But it makes sense. Doctor Ling's appetite is slightly better when he eats barbeque. I thought it was meat at that time, but now, it should actually be because it was barbequed"

"What about roasted vegetables and fruits? And grilled fish?"

"Well, we'll pass this information to the group and let the rest recall whether he likes it or not for us. Then we'll ask the insider again." The three young nurses turned around to look, but Chen Wanhao had disappeared.