Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 362

363 No Head

During the afternoon, Ling Ran performed two more surgeries, and he allowed Zheng Jun and Guan Fei to join the perioperative draping.

It would be impossible for those who could not even suture a grapefruit to perform well in surgery. They would even need to be familiar with the surgery and be equipped with a certain level of the concept of using a retractor before they could participate in the surgery while being tasked to use one.

It was the same as how anyone who had never entered the kitchen before would not be allowed to stir fry vegetables straight away. Although it was not difficult to stir fry vegetables, the chef would still need to be familiar with the stove and oil temperature before he could begin.

For interns, tasks from perioperative draping to wearing scrubs were quite new to them. Several lucky or proactive students would obtain more chances to try those things, and they would start to understand that such tasks did not actually require any IQ.

However, there were some students who were not that lucky, not proactive enough, or who were preparing for the national post-graduate entrance examination or the civil service exam and did not have the time to focus on doing things in the operating theater. Those students may not even have a chance to personally perform perioperative draping. There were also quite a number of them who may not even know how to do draping.

Ling Ran's treatment group had a big surgical volume. A few resident doctors in his group had left the low-leveled route of begging for chances to perform surgeries, which was why the new interns had chances to test their skills.

After an afternoon, Xiang Xueming and the others did not feel tired at all. Instead, a sense of excitement could be seen in their eyes.

"Okay, we've finished all our surgeries for today." When he looked at his watch, it was seven o'clock sharp, which meant it was time to clock out of work in the hospital.

"You aren't doing any more surgeries?" Xiang Xueming looked disappointed.

He was looking forward to another round of retractions.

This time, Xiang Xueming was prepared to roll up his sleeves and strive to make Ling Ran not say things like, "widen it" or something else again.

Yu Yuan looked at Xiang Xueming in amusement, and she said, "Today is what we call a casual day. If you want to perform more surgeries, you'll get a feel of it the day after tomorrow. You can come to the hospital at two o'clock in the morning for preparation."

"So it's really predawn?" Guan Fei had heard that Ling Ran liked to perform surgeries early in the morning, but she wanted to confirm it.

Yu Yuan nodded and said, "It's really predawn."

"But if Ling Ran wakes up at that time, it's not good for his skin, right?" Guan Fei touched her face and said, "The advertisements always say that no cosmetic product can compete with a good night's sleep."

Yu Yuan wore a faint smile, but she was too lazy to explain things.

If Yu Yuan were a man, Guan Fei could still act cute to get in her good graces. But when she looked at Ling Ran and Yu Yuan, Guan Fei was not really confident. She then asked carefully, "If I don't want to perform more surgeries, what time should I come?"

"Around half-past two or three in the morning." Yu Yuan gave a random figure. Ling Ran always chose to perform surgeries from between three to five in the morning. It depended on his surgical volume.

So, it would be normal to come half an hour to an hour earlier for preparation.

Compared with the chief surgeon, the resident doctors would need to communicate with the nurses, ensure that the devices and the operating theaters could be used, then communicate with the patients' families. They also needed to make sure that the patients understood the situation and signed the form. They were also required to communicate with the patients to confirm their preoperative condition. Lastly, they would need to communicate with the anesthetist.

As resident doctors who had to be humble whenever they met others, it was not easy for them to complete such tasks. Most of the time, they would need to rely on the doctors who were of the same age as them to laboriously complete their tasks. If it happened to interns, it would be way more difficult.

However, the hospital was a place meant to resolve difficulties. Since Yu Yuan became the chief resident, she gained a deeper level of experience toward this concept. She neither felt any sort of empathy nor tried to understand an intern like Guan Fei now. for visiting.

Forcing yourself to do things was worse than resigning in an environment like the hospital. As the saying went, "Those who were capable should do what they were capable of doing, and those who were not capable should leave."

Guan Fei was obviously shocked by the time that Yu Yuan set. She pursed her lips and could not help but say to Ling Ran in a spoiled manner, "Doctor Ling, three in the morning is too early."

Ling Ran's voice was cordial as he said, "You only have to come at three in the morning if it's surgery day. We don't have enough hospital beds at the moment. We can only perform surgeries for the entire day on surgery day."

The Emergency Medical Center had just been built, and most of the hospital wards had not been renovated yet. Meanwhile, it would also take some time to recruit or transfer more medical staff over. Ling Ran's speed in increasing his surgical volume was much faster.

During the previous few weeks, Ling Ran was forced to act like the other doctors and set up surgery days, where he only performed surgeries when he had one or two days full of scheduled surgeries. He used the remaining time for research, writing research articles and medical records, going to meetings, and so on

Naturally, Ling Ran would also operate on non-surgery days, but it was mainly to balance the hospital beds, or when there were emergency surgeries. For the current Ling Treatment Group, those emergency surgeries were finger replantations with at least three severed fingers or flexor tendon ruptures on at least two fingers.

Although Guan Fei felt that Ling Ran sounded nice, she did not think that "only need to come" at three in the morning on surgery days was a good compromise.

Guan Fei wanted to fight back a little. She whispered, "Why don't we push the time a little later? We can just clock out of work a little later."

However, Ling Ran only cast a deep glance at Guan Fei, and it made her heart beat faster.

Ling Ran did not answer Guan Fei's question. Instead, he turned around and looked at Zuo Cidian, who was behind him.

Zuo Cidian was like an invisible man who stood behind Ling Ran's shadow the entire time. Right then, he came out once he got the hint. He bowed slightly to Ling Ran and said to the three interns, "Guan Fei, Zheng Jun, and Xiang Xueming, we welcome all of you to Group 1 of our Emergency Medical Center, the Ling Treatment Group. On behalf ofDoctor Ling and his other colleagues, I welcome all three of you."

Zuo Cidian clapped as he spoke.

Clapping sounds could be heard in the room.

Zuo Cidian gently closed his eyes and enjoyed it for a few seconds. Then, he immediately opened his eyes and smiled at Ling Ran. When he saw that Ling Ran did not want to talk, he switched topics and said, "Let's have a meal together. What about a group dinner together? Doctor Ling, where do you think we should go?"

"The Shao family's restaurant." Ling Ran had been persuaded by Zuo Cidian a long time ago to have that group dinner, and he agreed to it as well.

The location for the group dinner had to be somewhere Ling Ran was familiar with.

All three interns did not even have the right to reject the offer. But Guan Fei acted cutely and asked while she was at it, "What does the Shao family's restaurant sell?"

"It can be considered a barbecue shop," Zuo Cidian said.

Xiang Xueming could not help but nod. 'Chen Wanhao was right. Ling Ran truly loves barbecue.'


Once Zuo Cidian set the details of the group dinner for Ling Treatment Group, he felt very relieved.

After coming to Yun Hua Hospital for so long, Ling Ran and the other doctors who worked under him had not gone for a meal together before. It was something very difficult for Zuo Cidian to imagine after he had worked in the town hall for so long.

'If you don't organize a gathering, how would your colleagues relax and express their respect to their leader? If they did not express their respect to their leader, how could they be united as a team?'

At the very least, a chance should be given to the other doctors to butter up their leader?

Without the meal gathering, the doctors would have to grab any chance they could to curry up to their leaders' favor in their working environment. In that case, forget about how unsightly it would be, most people would not be able to set aside their dignity to do it. Who would want their image to be spoiled?

Zuo Cidian deliberately made a call and ordered a box of white wine before he sent it to the Shao family's restaurant. Then, he called Ma Yanlin.

Ma Yanlin had finished his rotation in the Emergency Department and gone back to the Hand Surgery Department, but he still thought of ways to come over to perform surgeries with Ling Ran. Hence, he was somewhat still considered to be in the Ling Treatment Group. It was only natural that Zuo Cidian would inform him. Most importantly, Ma Yanlin's girlfriend drove a Mercedes-Benz C200, which was perfect for sending people around.

Soon, the group of people started to pack their things. Then, Ling Ran led his treatment group to the Shao Family's restaurant with his Volkswagen Jetta, followed by Lu Wenbin's BMW 535, and the Mercedes-Benz C200 that Ma Yanlin's girlfriend owned.

"Boss Shao, please give us a plate of barbecue roasted over tamarisk first," Zuo Cidian ordered as he entered the restaurant. He was in his element.

He was really good when it came to serving others.

"Doctor Ling and Doctor Zuo, you're here. Then, I'll need to roast the meat myself." When Boss Shao saw the two people walking in front, he gave them a greeting that fitted social norms and shouted, "Send three bottles of beer and also two buckets of tripe to Table 5."

Boss Shao turned around and smiled. "It's a small business, please bear with it."

"Look at what you're saying" Zuo Cidian started with some small talk, and immediately, the atmosphere became much friendlier.

Boss Shao was delighted when he heard his words. He turned around, smiled, and said, "Since many of you are here today, I'll recommend you a limited dish. We can only serve at most two portions to each table, nothing more."

"Something good? What's the class?" Zuo Cidian's eyes sparkled.

Boss Shao was stunned. "What class are you talking about?"

Zuo Cidian was also stunned for a moment "You seemed very secretive, so I thought you got some protected animals."

"This is a proper restaurant." Boss Shao immediately cleared his name.

"If you get an animal under second class protection and also get yourself a certificate, no one will dare say you're not a proper restaurant."

Boss Shao could not help but say, "I thought of barbecuing the bamboo rat. It's fine if you don't want to eat it"

"We're eating it!" Zuo Cidian tapped the table and stood up. Right at that moment, he saw the others come in, and he immediately said, "Yu Yuan, you sit at that table. Boss Shao, we have two tables now, serve us four sets!"

Once he finished, Zuo Cidian looked at Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, are you fine with the bamboo rats? It may be a rat, but it's bigger than a rabbit and tastes very good"

"No head, please," Ling Ran gave a straightforward answer.