Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 365

366 Scar As Big As A Mouth

Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center.

The young nurse by the patient assistance desk was not surprised by Ling Ran's return to the center. She only asked the person to push a gurney over and asked, "What kind of patient?"

"Boss Shao of the Shao family's restaurant. His left hand indicates that he was bitten by a bamboo rat." Ling Ran provided a simple explanation. "Prepare an operating theater."

The young nurse hesitated a bit. She still did what she was told and followed Ling Ran's request to inform the people in charge of the operating theater.

Boss Shao smiled in the manner of someone who knew this situation well and said, "Doctor Ling, you don't have to trouble the others. My injury is hardly anything. We can handle it in the Debridement Room. You don't have to use an operating theater. Your Emergency Medical Center has just been built, and if there are not many rooms available just yet, there will be even fewer operating theaters."

Ling Ran took a look at Boss Shao and said, "The position where you were bitten is not good."

This time, it was Boss Shao's turn to hesitate, "How bad is it?"

Ling Ran was not a doctor who was used to communicating with patients.

He also did not know how to communicate with such patients.

Scientifically speaking, the communication between doctors and patients was an issue of how to alleviate major grief in patients.

If this were in an ideal world, excellent doctors had the ability to alleviate the grieving inpatient, regardless of whether it was a minor injury, major injury, or an injury at an embarrassing spot

However, the real world always had one fact that caused others anxiety: the great grief within some patients may never fade.

Ling Ran knew that Boss Shao was a patient who had been going in and out of the hospital for a long time, but he did not know what was Boss Shao's limit when it came to accepting certain things.

Ling Ran thought about it and weighed his words. "If the flexor tendon is torn, you may need to go in the operating theater."

"Flexor tendon?" Boss Shao's face changed slightly, "If it is the flexor tendon, some people won't have their hand function recovered for the rest of their lives, right?"

"It's possible." Ling Ran nodded honestly.

Zuo Cidian, who was from the same industry, quickly added, "Doctor Ling's M-Tang technique is the best technique available for suturing the flexor tendon in the country. You don't have to worry too much about it, Boss Shao."

"No matter how good the suture is, it wouldn't be as good as it was when it wasn't ruptured," Boss Shao said, "And there aren't many parts in my body that haven't been damaged before."

Zuo Cidian had never heard such a thing. He almost laughed, but he managed to cough and said, "You're thinking too much, perhaps you're actually fine."

Boss Shao nodded silently. After a few seconds, he could not help but cursed, "F*ck, the chances of buttered toast dropping on the ground is low, but I'm always the buttered toast who falls!"

Zuo Cidian tried hard to recall the meetings in the town hospital in his mind. His face gradually froze, and he looked like someone who was very experienced in life.

On the way to the operating theater, they saw patients in the same industry, doctors rushing about the place, busy nurses running around, family members wandering about like headless flies, and a few lucky bamboos entangled around each other. They looked straight, but were actually bent, and were full of green leaves.

Boss Shao looked up at the pristine white ceiling. He could not help but curse, "After this lot of bamboo rats are sold out, if I sell bamboo rats again, I will..."

Zuo Cidian waited for a long time, but he did not get to hear Boss Shao finish his sentence, and he could not help but ask, "What would happen if you sell bamboo rats again?" for visiting.

"I have to say, it's quite profitable selling bamboo rats." Boss Shao sighed. "Today was also my fault. I went to pick up the tail of another bamboo rat right in front of another bamboo rat's face. They have spent a lot of days together. It's normal for them to help each other, right?"

"That makes sense."

"Right, after I've been anesthetized and lose my memory, you have to remember to remind me." Boss Shao paused for a moment before he said with a clear voice, "There is a black spot on my left hind leg."

"Okay, I'll remember that." Zuo Cidian thought for a moment and asked curiously, "Are you going to grill it for yourself?"

"No. I will go back and breed it. Then, right in front of it, I will make its partner breed with other male rats." Boss Shao's tone dripped venom.

Zuo Cidian's face suddenly turned green, and he lowered his head.

Boss Shao sighed and continued, "Only then can I get my revenge. Those dogs, cats, horses, scorpions, elephants, monkeys that have bitten me before... were all dealt in the same way."

The young nurse who was listening energetically to the story frowned, "You were even bitten by an elephant?"

"That time when I went to Thailand..."

The whole room listened to Boss Shao's story. Even the speed as the gurney was pushed forward gradually slowed down as if they were reluctant to have the story end.

Ling Ran changed into scrubs and washed his hands. He then took a fresh pair of underwear from his cabinet and changed.

After completing all the preparations, Ling Ran stood in front of the mirror and asked, 'System, system, what is my rank for my M-Tang technique?'

"The skill level of your M-Tang Technique is ranked first in Yun Hua City, first in Changxi Province, 77th in China. If you perform the M-Tang technique another two hundred to three hundred times correctly, you can level up," the system replied very quickly.

"I've moved up by one rank," Ling Ran said to himself, then raised his hands and returned to the operating theater.

Boss Shao chose regional anesthesia. At this time, he chose to lay on his back and put only one hand on the operating table.

"Debridement and exploratory surgery." Ling Ran did not intend to speak much. He lowered his head and got busy.

In just a few minutes, Ling Ran raised his head again and said, "The flexor tendons are not broken."

Boss Shao was so happy that he could not close his mouth.

"The skin has been bitten off, and it can't be sutured back. A huge scar will be left in the future." Ling Ran told him.

Boss Shao chuckled and said, "I am not afraid of scars. Scars are men's medals. How big is it?"

"As big as a mouth," Ling Ran casually replied as he did the debridement surgery.

Boss Shao frowned. "Is a bamboo rat's mouth so big?"

"It tore," Ling Ran said.

"How big is that?"

Ling Ran could not help but sink into deep thought.

At this time, the scrub nurse glanced at it and decisively helped Ling Ran deal with his dilemma. "It should be as big as Lin Yun's mouth."

Boss Shao was puzzled. "Who's that?"

"The one who acted as the mermaid..." The scrub nurse looked at Boss Shao's expression and shook her head. "It's probably 0.8 times as big as Yao Chen's mouth."

"I know Yao Chen." Boss Shao fell into deep thought, but he found that he did not have he did not have quite the concept of how big her mouth was.

The young nurse anxiously said, "You should know Shu Qi, right? Her mouth is 0.7 times as big as Yao Chen's mouth."

"I..." Boss Shao was instantly worried. "That's not a scar! My hand is basically broken, right?"

"It's not broken." Ling Ran decisively stated. He did not wait for Boss Shao to continue chattering again. Ling Ran put down the needle holder and said, "The main part has been sutured. Zuo Cidian, you suture the rest."

Zuo Cidian was flattered, and he asked again in disbelief, "Can I?"

"Of course." Ling Ran's expression was calm. "There's already such a big scar, it doesn't matter whether the skin is sutured well or not."

As a patient, Boss Shao looked at Ling Ran's sincerity and fell into deep thought. 'Yes, Ling Ran's right!'

After twenty minutes, Boss Shao was sent out of the operating theater after he had his suture done.

At the same time, a patient who had suffered from a car accident was also pushed out from another operating theater. His right foot was amputated, and he was still under general anesthesia.

Boss Shao looked at the person's foot before he looked at his own hands. He suddenly grew optimistic about his life. "If it'll leave a scar, then so be it. At least compared to this person, I could keep my hand!"

"Boss Shao, you have a good mindset." Zuo Cidian praised him.

Boss Shao smiled, "As humans, we have to look at the brighter side of things."

"Makes sense."

"By the way, can I make a call?" Boss Shao only received debridement and suturing. His symptoms were very light.

The circulating nurse quickly gave him his phone.

Boss Shao lay on the gurney and turned on his phone. Once he pressed on the call button, he said, "Prepare five bamboo rats for me. They have to be female. It'll be best if you send them to me today."