Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 366

367 Patient Follow Up

Ling Ran brought Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, Zuo Cidian, Ma Yanlin, Xiang Xueming, Zheng Jun, and Guan Fei for a ward round for the rooms belonging to Ling Treatment Group.

Ling Ran took the lead, and he was followed by seven doctors who wore white coats. Their presence alone was already very powerful.

When such a big group of people entered a hospital room, even the most troublesome patients and their families would become polite.

At the same time, the probability of Ling Ran getting Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests would be much higher. Ling Ran kept receiving the Treasure Chests as he moved along. He received eight Treasure Chests as he passed through around seventy hospital beds. Many patients had given their Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests before their surgeries. If it was calculated based on the ratio, since the set up of the Emergency Medical Center, the chances of Ling Ran obtaining the Treasure Chests was as high as 25%.

Naturally, this was the data he obtained after performing multiple ward rounds. If he was too busy and only did one ward round or did none at all, the probability of him getting Sincere Gratitude would be much lower.

However, the patients who were willing to give Sincere Gratitude were always the minority. Most of the patients would not have such strong feelings.

As they walked along the ward, they also saw thedifferences in attitude between patients with mild and serious injuries.

Patients like Boss Shao were the most obedient. He smiled when he saw the doctors come in. He would even call his son, "Quji, come over and greet the doctors."

"Hi, Doctor Ling, Doctor Lu, Doctor Yu, Doctor Ma, Uncle Zuo" Shao Quji ran over when he was summoned. He was as tame as usual.

Ling Ran showed a socially-acceptable smile that everyone wanted to see as the reward. Then, he looked at Boss Shao's hand and said, "It has recovered well. You can be discharged within the next few days."

"Then, I'll ask to be discharged tomorrow." Boss Shao was still quite guarded against injuries and illnesses.

Ling Ran nodded. While he paid a lot of attention to the number of hospital beds available, he still supported the long-term hospitalization system.

If anyone wanted to point out the drawbacks of long-term hospitalization, it would probably be that the costs of the hospital would increase, but that was a problem Ling Ran cared about the least.

"When I recover, Doctor Ling, you must come to my shop. I'll make you braised bamboo rat." Boss Shao also expressed his gratitude to the other doctors like he always did.

The other doctors also became even more enthusiastic.

"Boss Shao, you're being too courteous."

"What's the difference between braised bamboo rat and roasted bamboo rat?"

"Boss Shao, you must come often!"

During this period, Ling Ran always stood quietly at a corner.

He took a chance to look at the Treasure Chests that he had accumulatedthere were a total of 129.

After the Emergency Medical Center was upgraded and they experienced a shortage of hospital rooms for some time, it was unavoidable for Ling Ran's surgical volume to be slightly reduced.

129 Treasure Chests was actually quite few.

This figure was more than 128, yet less than 130, and it could even be divided by three!

Such a figure was truly terrible among numbers.

Ling Ran used his elementary school knowledge to think for dozens of seconds before the scowl on his face disappeared. '129 in the hexadecimal system should be 333, which is a repdigit.'

Although it was not as much of a repdigit as 666, if he considered that 333 was half of 666, Ling Ran felt that he could somewhat accept this result.

'System, open up all the chests.' Ling Ran made a firm order in his heart.

Right after he finished speaking, the bright light that came from the Treasure Chests being opened shone in his eyes.

129 Treasure Chests was the highest number of Treasure Chests Ling Ran had ever accumulated.

After all, he did not have a high demand for the Treasure Chest right now. The real issue that reduced his surgical volume were hospital beds. However, Ling Ran's mindset had been changed tremendously after the appearance of eight silver white skill books.

Ling Ran directly ignored the bunch of green Energy Serums and opened a book in excitement.

[Regional anatomical dissection experience: Gained ten times of lower body anatomical dissection experience.]

Ling Ran quickly remembered that he had obtained three regional anatomical dissection experience books before this. One of them was from an Intermediate Skill Book, and it gave him three thousand upper limb anatomical dissection experiences.

The other two were from when he performed surgery for the South African crybaby. He obtained two one hundred feet anatomical dissection experiences when he opened the Sincere Gratitude Basic Treasure Chests he gave him.

This time, he had obtained ten lower limb dissection experiences. Although the number had been reduced, his knowledge of the human anatomy had broadened.

For Ling Ran, the lower limb anatomical dissection experiences obviously included the knee area as well. So, this had direct benefits when he performed knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty. Compared to the feet anatomical dissection experience, which was solely limited to feet alone, the application for this was much wider.

However, when Ling Ran saw the gray color of the Skill Book, he frowned.

Then, he opened the second skill book.

[Regional anatomical dissection experience: Gained ten times of lower body anatomical dissection experience.]

Ling Ran pursed his lips and went to open the third skill book.

This time, he gained feet anatomical dissection experience.

[Gained one hundred instances of lower body anatomical dissection experience.]

In the end, among the eight Skill Books he obtained, five books gave him lower limb anatomical dissection experiences, while the other three were feet anatomical dissection experiences.

There was not even one book that provided him upper limb anatomical dissection experience. for visiting.

However, Ling Ran felt that this was pretty reasonable. No essential changes would happen even if he gained ten or twenty experiences after he had already received three thousand experiences for upper limb dissection. But fifty lower limb anatomical dissection experiences and three hundred feet anatomical dissection experiences would clearly be more beneficial for him.

Ling Ran nodded quietly, and he also claimed the remaining 121 Energy Serums.

He had accumulated 403 Energy Serums, but Ling Ran did not waste any of them.

Energy Serums could boost his efficiency when it came to how he spent his time and how he used his resources. It was only natural that he had more of such good items.

"Doctor Ling, shall we continue?" Zuo Cidian asked his leader's opinion in a humble manner.

It was only then that Ling Ran freed himself from various calculations. He then nodded at Boss Shao before he headed out of the room.

After Ling Ran checked the last two rooms and the final six beds, he announced the end of the ward round and let all the doctors go back.

Lu Wenbin and the others left after the order was given, but Zuo Cidian alone stayed, because he wanted to. He lingered a little once he got out of the door before he came back again. He asked, "Doctor Ling, is there anything that's troubling you?"

"I want to perform a few arthroscopic meniscoplasty cases today," Ling Ran answered honestly and said, "But I don't have anymore hospital beds available for me to perform surgeries."

Although the Emergency Medical Center had been upgrading, and hospital beds had been increased, most of them had not been placed in the wards yet, and even if Ling Ran wanted to use them, he could not.

Zuo Cidian smiled. "I have an idea."

"What idea?"

"Do you still have Chief Wang's phone number?"

"I still have it, but his knee joint does not need any surgery as of yet."

Zuo Cidian shook his head and said, "It's not for him. My suggestion is that you can perform a patient follow-up for Chief Wang. Then, you can briefly mention your desire for patients, and we'll see how he reacts."

Ling Ran did not understand. "What can he say?"

"I think, at Chief Wang's age, he will definitely know a lot of people who will need surgeries related to the knee joint. Once you contact him and let him contact others, he should be able to bring over many patients for you in the system." Zuo Cidian did not beat around the bush. He used a calm tone and said, "The people who can form connections with Chief Wang with whatever indirect methods they used will definitely score themselves a hospital bed when they come to Yun Hua Hospital, right?"

"Can they stay at the VIP wards?" Ling Ran saw light.

"It won't just be the VIP wards, but some of them can even use the hospital beds in the other departments. What I mean is that if you find the right person, they can solve the hospital bed problem by themselves." When Zuo Cidian said this, he clenched his fist. Although his expression spoke of relaxation, in truth, in order to get this idea, Zuo Cidian had thought of this for a long time until his hair turned white.

Ling Ran did not seem to understand him, but this was the most constructive answer he received recently.

"Then, let's do a patient follow-up for all my knee arthroscopy meniscoplasty patients." Ling Ran felt slight regret when he said this, and the reason for his regret was shown in his next sentence. "My research article might take some time before it can be completed again."

Zuo Cidian was dazed for a moment before he whispered, "Actually, you don't have to be so serious. Chief Wang will understand once he receives your call."

Ling Ran looked at Zuo Cidian in confusion and asked, "Isn't it better if we follow-up on all the patients?"

Once he finished speaking, Ling Ran took out his phone and called Chief Wang.