Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 367

368 A Good Patien

On Sunday, the director and other members of the Hospital Affairs Committee stood in a row again under the VIP patient building.

Huo Congjun stood next to Associate Hospital Director Zhou. He was high in spirits.

Once the Emergency Department became the Emergency Medical Center, Huo Congjun's position experienced a significant boost, and a normal small department director had to now stand behind him. 

Of course, the position of where he stood served no purpose except to satisfy Huo Congjun's self-gratification. Most of the minds of the directors of the hospital were not in this sort of matter.

The thoughts of the directors and associate hospital director were even more scattered.

The director blinked as if there was something he wanted to say through his eyes. 'I wonder if Chief Wang is satisfied with the treatment effect…'

Associate Hospital Director A winked and answered with his eyes, 'The effect is certainly a good start, but the chance of meniscus injury relapsing still exists. If he comes to condemn us of this, we have to look for a person to bear the blame.'

Associate Hospital Director B looked at Huo Congjun sideways. His eyes sparkled in the way a scholar's would when he composed poetry. 'Huo Congjun is the preferred choice to bear the blame. If the Emergency Medical Center can get benefits, they cannot run from bearing the blame for some mistakes as well. If there is lightning in the sky, then we will choose Huo Lightning Rod as our first choice, because it's the best. Huo Lightning Rod!'

Even Associate Hospital Director Zhou, who had been supporting Huo Congjun all this while, was worried at this moment.

For Yun Hua Hospital, patients like Chief Wang were both opportunities and challenges.

If the surgery were a success, it was an opportunity, and if it failed, it was merely a challenge.

However, the success in surgeries was unlike the joy gained from achieving success instantly in something. Whether or not a surgery failed, only time would tell. Sometimes, even if the surgery was successful, due to various reasons, the prognosis may be poor, and sometimes, even if everything in the perioperative period was perfect, several years later, other problems might arise, and patients may come to cause trouble to the hospital because of it. 

The difference was that when ordinary people wanted to get compensation, they would look for a mob to cause trouble to the hospital, but when high-ranking officials wanted to get compensation, things would turn very terrifying. 

The thing that worried the directors and others the most was that Ling Ran's previous surgeries were very successful, and the results of the surgeries had always repeated themselves. 

The most unacceptable thing was that Chief Wang had helped push forward the establishment of the Emergency Medical Center, which may make other parties become even more displeased. 

The hospital director and the associate hospital director kept communicating with each other through their eyes, but in the end, they could not find a reasonable plan.

The Chinese parasol tree in front of the VIP patient building lost its leaves one by one, just like tartar that was cleaned from teeth by a dentist.

Some of the darkening holly bundled together like old blackheads.

There were no trimmed plots in the garden. Those bushes simply sprouted up as they pleased, just like whiteheads. 

The director stared at the untrimmed plots in the garden, fearing that they would cause today's meeting to fail.

An Alphard reached the VIP patient building steadily. 

The director and the others shuddered, and their bodies began releasing adrenaline madly into their bodies. 

Chief Wang's secretary was the first to get down from the car. Then, he turned to close the door before he came over and asked, "Is Doctor Ling around?"

"Ling…" The director's mind became blank for a moment before he turned around and asked, "Where's Ling Ran?"

"I don't know."

"I didn't see him."

"Who has seen him?"

"If he came, we would have surely seen him."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The director's face froze into a mask. A patient came to be treated, but the doctor-in-charge was not around. Then, what did the patient come here for?

"Old Huo, didn't you send someone to inform Doctor Ling?" Associate Hospital Director Zhou raised his voice. 

"I did. We can't stand here. Have Ling Ran wait in the room." Huo Congjun laughed a couple of times. It was through considerable effort that he stopped himself from letting his mouth run off and scolding someone. 

Associate Hospital Director Zhou naturally would not hold anyone accountable at this time. He just quickly had someone to look for Ling Ran.

A medical staff picked up his phone and called Ling Ran.

Huo Congjun watched this quietly before he said, "Ling Ran is very busy. He will become impatient if you make him wait in the room."

Once the medical staff explained things thoroughly through the phone, someone came over and announced, "Ling Ran has returned to the Emergency Medical Center." 

"I will go tell Chief Wang." Huo Congjun took the initiative to take responsibility. 

His position was neither not high nor low. He was at a suitable age to be someone who was blamed for other people's mistakes, but would not be targeted by the leaders, and his mental fortitude was strong enough for him to handle criticism.

A group of hospital administration committee members silently watched Huo Congjun go to the Alphard.

Soon, Huo Congjun returned with all parts of his dignity intact. He faced the expecting looks from the crowd and said, "Chief Wang is going to see Ling Ran directly in the Emergency Medical Center."

"Oh, how can we let that happen?"

"Why don't you call Ling Ran over?"

"What are you trying to do now?"

However, the director and the other people's resistance was meaningless. They watched the Alphard begin to move again. Then, they sprinted to the Emergency Medical Center.

Ling Ran was in the treatment room at the ground floor. He performed follow-up checks on patients who arrived on time.

The follow-up checks in the country had to be set up using appointments made through phone calls. The content of the follow-up checks was also mostly based on inquiries. The doctors would only request the patient to receive regular follow-up check-ups or receive follow-up check-ups in a timely manner. 

However, there were only a few tertiary Grade A hospitals that could achieve this level of follow-ups in China. Only a few hospitals, such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital, could persist for a long time.

One way to distinguish between amazing tertiary Grade A hospitals and amateur tertiary grade-A hospitals was to see how well they do their follow-ups. All patients in amazing tertiary Grade A hospitals like Peking Union Medical College Hospital had all their patients receive follow-ups. As for amateur tertiary Grade A hospitals, such stories would always be heard: Patient who was suffering XX disease did not listen to me, he or she insisted on going home, and when we see the patient again, the disease has progressed to the point that the patient cannot be saved…

In truth, this happened because they did not perform follow-ups. 

Yun Hua Hospital was considered one of the better hospitals among local hospitals. Research-based follow-ups were often done. Administrative follow-ups and specialized follow-ups were occasionally done, but institutionalized routine follow-ups could only be done superficially.

Ling Ran was doing a specialized follow-up with some elements of research in it this time. After making phone calls, he managed to get most of his patients to come over based on appointment. 

Although only three-quarters of the patients returned for their follow-up checks in a timely manner, the treatment room was still full.

When Chief Wang came in, he saw a lot of patients and Ling Ran, who was swarmed by his patients. 

"Doctor Ling, Chief Wang is here." The staff from the Medical Affairs Department quickly came to Ling Ran and notified him. 

"Okay." Ling Ran wrote the medical record for the patient he was currently checking before he looked toward the door. 

Chief Wang supported himself with a cane, and his granddaughter, Wang Hui stood beside him and obediently held his elbow. 

"Doctor Ling, I am here for my follow-up examination." Chief Wang looked curiously at the patients around him and smiled. "I didn't expect you to truly be performing follow-up checks."

"What else would I be doing?" Ling Ran looked at Chief Wang strangely.

Chief Wang was stunned by the question. Then, he laughed again.

Based on Chief Wang's life experience, he could give one hundred different answers to the questions Ling Ran asked just now. 

However, as he faced Ling Ran's serious expression, Chief Wang really did not want to use these answers to confuse Ling Ran's perception of the world.

"Very few doctors are willing to do follow-ups." Chief Wang laughed. He performed research regularly, and he knew all the troubles and matters a person had to handle when he had to do follow-up checks.

Chief Wang was also somewhat surprised that Ling Ran was patient enough to perform follow-ups and do what other doctors considered useless.

Ling Ran smiled emotionlessly. 

For him, while it was interesting to do surgeries, looking at films and performing some experiments in the field of diagnosis was good as well. 

Chief Wang voluntarily entered the crowd and joined the queue to receive their follow-up checks.

Wang Hui, his youngest granddaughter, widened her eyes and stared at Ling Ran as if she could no longer see him after this. 

"Your meniscus recovery is excellent. There're no problems with it." Ling Ran provided some descriptions and performed some physical examinations as well. 

Although his knee was checked by a professional doctor and he was told that his recovery was going well, Chief Wang still felt relieved when he heard Ling Ran's words.

"Oh, by the way, I brought a friend this time. He also wants to have his knee examined." Once Chief Wang finished his follow-up examination, introduced the patient who came with him. 

Zuo Cidian tried to send signals to Ling Ran behind Chief Wang through his eyes. 'One will come after another, and if you end up being an asset, you will be promoted…'

Unfortunately, Ling Ran did not notice any of Zuo Cidian's signals.

The patient who came with Chief Wang bent his back and bowed to Chief Wang. He then turned around, but because he had bent his back for a long period of time, his knees were in so much pain that he could not stand up… 

He was the epitome of a good patient.