Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 369

370 Privileges

The VIP patient building had a whole row of botel tobago cinnamon trees, which looked like military trainees who had not taken a bath for six days. They stood in their positions unevenly and even gave off a strange smell.

A young nurse frowned and walked out of the corner room before she quickly returned to the nurses' station. She coldly said, "Bed 16 is requesting a change of person."

"Change of what kind of person?"

There were six to seven nurses sitting in the nurses' station. Each of them did their own thing and chatted with each other.

The work in the VIP patient building was simpler and easier than other departments. The only harder thing was meeting the patient's requirements because they were too many and were often difficult to meet.

The young nurse let out a dissatisfied grunt and said, "He says that he wants an experienced nurse, and he also wants to change the position of the detaining needle. He says that it's uncomfortable. He wants someone who's familiar with giving injections and swift in changing his medication... "

After that, the young nurse put down the tray in her hand with a loud bang.

Several nurses were stunned before they giggled.

"Young Liu, the patient disliked you, huh?"

"That's what you get for putting on so many face masks."

"That's right, nurses should stay up all night more. Staying up late will get you experience, get it?"

The nurses chatted endlessly, and no one had the intention of standing up to be the replacement. for visiting.

After a while, the head nurse went over, took out her phone and waved it in the air. Then, she looked down at the group of women. "Nurse Yang, you will be responsible for Bed 16. The patient's making a lot of noise, just go over now," she said.

"Why is it me again?" Nurse Yang was a nurse who had been hired again by the hospital. Although she was older, she had the biggest workload. But despite her complaints, she still got up and went to work. After all, it was already considered easy to work in the VIP patient building. Besides, she had to work because her son had yet to buy a house.

The head nurse nodded and swung her phone in the air again. She said, "You guys have to be more alert. He went to find Associate Hospital Director Zhang again."

"Does he know Associate Hospital Director Zhang?" a curious nurse asked.

The head nurse did not want to elaborate. She just said, "Just pretend that he knows him." However, the nurses in the VIP patient building loved talking about this the most. Some people giggled and said, "I know that Associate Hospital Director Zhang gave him a business card. He then made a big fuss about it. The patient even said that his son was working in the national tax department. What do the people working in national tax have to dowith us?"

"Then what's there to show off about?"

"Really? Associate Hospital Director Zhang? Just ignore him."

The head nurse coughed. "Don't make blind assumptions. It could just be a bluff. What if he came to know Associate Hospital Director Zhang a long time ago? All right, go and do your tasks well."

The head nurse's tone became a little sterner, and the young nurses obediently bowed their heads.

Compared with doctors, young nurses were under much more managerial pressure. Therefore, although the twenty-year-old nurses dared to ridicule resident doctors, all nurses would listen to the head nurse, even those who were fifty years old. Otherwise, five-night shifts would be arranged for them in a row, and by the end of it, they would be hospitalized.

After a long time, Nurse Yang returned and said with a sullen look, "His detaining needle has been changed, and so has his medication. He wants the bed linen, quilt pillow, and blankets all changed to a new set. I made arrangements for it, then he told me that the meals weren't delicious. I told him that his family could deliver meals to him, and I got scolded by the old man..."

All the nurses looked at Nurse Yang sympathetically.

"Seems like he'll be undergoing his surgery tomorrow, and he has requested to be the first to be operated on. I told him to speak to a doctor, and that old man started to make calls..." Nurse Yang complained for two minutes in a single breath before she let out a deep sigh.

"He requested to be arranged as Ling Ran's first surgery of the day?" The head nurse could not help but laugh.

The next day, two in the morning.

Chen Kaiji of Bed 16 was awakened, and he had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

His son, who was accompanying him by his bed, had only slept for an hour, and he was also awakened. He had a look on his face that said, "Don't disturb me."

"Get up and get ready for surgery." The nurse on the night shift did not beat around the bush. Once she said that, she began to give orders.

"Isn't it only two o'clock though?" Chen Kaiji barely managed to open his eyes.

The nurse's tone was harsh. "Your surgery is scheduled at half-past three in the morning. Let's get up and prepare. Have you taken note of the precautions you heard yesterday? To undergo Doctor Ling Ran's surgery is like taking an exam. If you fail, your surgery will be pushed back."

"What is this mess?" Chen Kaiji sighed in a displeased manner and looked at the nurse. "Are we really having the surgery at half-past three in the morning?"

"Weren't you notified yesterday?"

Chen Kaiji had a depressed look on his face, and he had no energy to quarrel.

He heard before that quarreling before surgery would not be good for recovery.

Plus, Chen Kaiji was not willing to have his surgery arranged later as well.

He felt that a doctor's first operation would be when the doctor had the best energy and the ability to perform the surgery with excellence. When it came to the second or third case, the doctor's condition would then start to take a turn for the worse. Therefore, Chen Kaiji requested to be the first patient to undergo surgery no matter what.

Even if it was an operation during the early hours of the morning, once the doctor finished one surgery and did another one, the doctor would feel sleepy...

Chen Kaiji slapped his son awake and sat in his wheelchair.

It was quiet all the way to the operating theater.

Chen Kaiji lay down on the gurney and heard a noise from outside.

"I have been serving this country for my entire life. Now that I am old, I still have to queue up behind someone else for surgery? That's unreasonable. I'm telling you, I should be the first to undergo the surgery!"

Chen Kaiji could not help but frown and ask, "What's going on outside?"

"I'll go and see." Chen Kaiji's son went out and found that it had become noisier outside.

A few minutes later, Chen Kaiji's son came back with a sullen look.

"Is it over?" Chen Kaiji opened his eyes, and he looked very calm.

"The person's a deputy bureau director." Chen Kaiji's son knew his father's temperament and revealed the most crucial content in one sentence.

Chen Kaiji, who was currently at the stage of retirement, trembled a little internally. "Where is he stationed?"

"In the province."

Chen Kaiji continued to frown. 'If he serves the province, his territory is larger than mine.'

With one look, his son knew what his father was thinking about. He sighed and said, "The people of Yun Hua Hospital have arranged for him to receive his surgery in the afternoon. He doesn't dare to offend the doctors, so it's fine now."

"That's good." Chen Kaiji instantly felt relaxed, but immediately after, he felt that if the matter was settled that way, it would look unpleasant. So, he schooled his face again and said, "I've heard that he has served the country for his entire life, so I'll let it slide this time."

"He's also staying in this VIP patient building," his son added.

"Let's ignore him." When Chen Kaiji said that, he was lacking some confidence.

It was finally time for the surgery after a long, arduous wait.

Chen Kaiji obediently entered the operating theater and waited without a word for an anesthetist to issue him the anesthetics.

Zuo Cidian, who was the assistant, was somewhat surprised by Chen Kaiji's silence. He made a guess in his heart. 'No matter how arrogant a person is, when it's time for the person to receive his surgery, he won't be arrogant anymore.'

"It will be a little painful." Ling Ran's voice was calm, but the tiredness a person would have at predawn could not be heard in his voice at all.

"Bear with it a little.

"All right, I'm about to insert the scope."

Ling Ran, who slept wonderfully, had driven to the hospital with his car windows down and felt the cold wind in his face. His brain was awake and active. He even spoke a whole lot more than usual.

Chen Kaiji, who insisted on regional anesthesia, watched as Ling Ran held a metal stick and inserted it into his knee. He was too nervous to say a word.

They could see the condition of Chen Kaiji's knee on the screen above the operating table.

The white bones and red flesh looked as if they had been censored because of how the colors on the display were distorted. It looked like it was from a game.

Ling Ran first used the surgical probe to poke the surrounding area of Chen Kaiji's meniscus to gain some level of understanding of the lesion's texture and elasticity. It was to determine the area and direction of his meniscoplasty.

The advantage of the Perfect Level Knee Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty could be seen starting from that step.

The new addition of fifty lower limb anatomy experiences also provided a large amount of information to Ling Ran.

The shape of each person's meniscus was somewhat different, but they were generally similar. However, once there was a lesion, the shape would change a lot.

But the simplest surgical plan for meniscoplasty was to repair the meniscus until it looked like how it originally did. It was similar to how a ball in a bearing would be reshaped into a smaller ball if it was no longer round.

However, since everyone did not have a spare meniscus, it would be very beneficial for the patients if the doctors made some modifications to the surgical plan based on the situation.

Having Perfect Level Knee Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty meant that the surgery would be tailored for the patient alone.

"Basket forceps."

After the exploratory surgery was completed, he did not hesitate and started to fix the meniscus. The scrub nurse was busy passing things to Ling Ran, while the assistant was at the side, just waiting around dumbly to help him.

The need for assistants in an entire knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty was very low. Zuo Cidian's task as an assistant may not have even been as important as operating a retractor, but he did get to sense the atmosphere surrounding a surgery.

Chen Kaiji also sensed the surgical atmosphere. He listened to Ling Ran's voice, and he was so nervous that he felt like he was about to die. He shut his eyes tightly. After a while... he fell asleep.

When he woke up again, Chen Kaiji heard people chatting beside him.

"When did you retire?"

"I just retired. It has almost been a year. I couldn't get promoted further once I reached the lead role in my department. After I thought about it, I gave up my position. What about you?"

"Well, I've joined the support team. I could have worked for another half a year, but after I thought about it, I decided against it since my son has already gotten himself a leading role at the provincial level last year. Plus, my missions have been completed."

As Chen Kaiji listened to their chat, his heart was so bitter that he did not even want to open his eyes anymore.