Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 37

37 Research Paper Ready

"Department Director Huo, I've completed my research paper." Ling Ran had been an assistant in the resuscitation room during the day. During his breaks, he searched up information on how to write his research paper. He only used two days to complete the article.

His speed was considered fast, so fast that Huo Congjun furrowed his eyebrows and gave him a reminder, "You can write the research paper slowly. You don't have to rush."

"The words just flowed." Ling Ran's explanation was short but solid.

"You shouldn't underestimate research papers. Regardless of how short a research paper is, you have to be serious when you write it." Huo Congjun opened up Ling Ran's research paper and started to read it.

He read it extremely fast. He took a quick glance at the title of the research paper and only scanned through the paper, selecting the important parts. He also just glanced through the medical case mentioned.

But when he reached the end of the research paper, Huo Congjun could not help but go back to the top of the paper and scanned through it one more time.

Huo Congjun commented, "This is interesting. This is much more complete than the outline of your research paper."

He had very high standards. It was quite difficult to get him to say "interesting" at a short research paper with only one case.

A few doctors in the office, who were sitting by their desks writing medical records and filling in forms, could not help turning around.

The layout of Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department was designed in the style of a large office. Everyone worked in the large office, including the director of the department and the chief physicians. The surface area of the office was about the size of two classrooms.

However, it was different from the workplace of private sectors. There were not many office staff in the Emergency Department. Everyone could be assigned to spots that faced the window. The only side that faced the corridor was filled with various filing cabinets full of medical cases, and coffee tables.

As for the empty middle part of the office, it was occupied by a large conference table. The departments of the hospital would hold three to four meetings a week in their own departments. They would either discuss cases, reflect on clinical death cases behind closed doors, or convey the will of the higher-ups to the others in the department.

There was no way that anyone could keep a secret in such an office.

As the person standing at the pinnacle of power in the department, Huo Congjun served as the center of attention for everyone there.

Right after Huo Congjun gave his comment, an associate department director walked over with a smile on his face and said, "Department Director Huo, did you just see a good article?"

"Young Ling has very good comprehension skills." Huo Congjun was twiddling with the printed paper. He flipped it up and down while he scanned through it two more times. He then passed it to the associate department director and said, "Doctor Du, you're our department's research paper expert. Come have a look too."

He was called a research paper expert simply because he wrote a lot of research papers. The quality of his research papers were not high, or else he would not have been stuck being a mere associate department director.

The patients demanded doctors to perform good surgeries in the healthcare system, while the medical field demanded doctors to write good research papers.

However, Doctor Du was already very contented with being crowned with the title of "research paper expert". While he commented modestly about how he was just lucky to receive that title, he took Ling Ran's research paper.

Due to Huo Congjun's comment, Doctor Du was very serious when he read the research paper.

Doctor Du merely used a few minutes to finish reading the research paper, which had more than a thousand words. This included the abstract in the beginning and the data listed afterwards. After he was done going through the last page, Doctor Du could not help but look at Ling Ran as well. He stared at his handsome face, his clear jawline, and his features. He scrutinized him for a full ten seconds without shifting his gaze away.

"How is it?" Huo Congjun seemed a little proud by the look on his face. He looked like he was showing off a prized possession in his house.

"It appears that Ling Ran really does have experience with regard to barehanded bleeding control. It's just that his style of writing is a little coarse. The English abstract is also slightly not in line with the norms of academic journals." Doctor Du's mentality when it came to research papers was a little strange.

He was able to become a research paper expert mainly because he spent a long time researching and practicing the writing style as well as manner of composition. In simpler terms, he wrote research papers so many times and so frequentlyeven though they lacked standardthat he became experienced in writing in the academic language.

Others would only be able to find three to five cases and write one research paper after performing a hundred operations. He would only need to do three to five operations before he found a research gap to publish a research paper.

Others would need to experience troublesome issues like getting their drafts rejected, doing major modifications, doing minor modifications, and many other problematic things, which were likely happen in writing a research paper. He would only need to do some minor modifications before he published his research paper.

Doctor Du had also trained hard in his English, and he managed to publish many English research papers smoothly because of it, making him appear very cool.

However, a medical research paper was only deemed a medical research paper because at the end of the day, it only talked about matters related to the medical field.

Currently, Doctor Du only required one to two months before he casually came up with a research article, which would be featured as the main article in a Chinese periodic medical journal. If he put a little more effort into it, he could actually be capable of publishing a standard SCI English research paper.

However, it would be much more difficult for him if he wanted to push it further to another level.

And the cause of it all at the end of the day was the limitations of his medical skills.

One would find it difficult to perform high-level surgeries if one had weak skills. It would also be very difficult for that person to create any new, groundbreaking methods in the medical world. It was easy to cough up two research papers with ordinary surgeries, but it was hard to publish a good research paper.

Ling Ran's research paper was coincidentally the complete opposite compared to Doctor Du's style of coming up with research papers.

If Doctor Du's research paper held no substance, then Ling Ran's research paper was as tough as a tree that refused to fall even after being struck by lightning.

His writing was nothing special. The language he used was considerably simple, so if Doctor Du really had to criticize it, then he could only say that the writing was crude.

But then again, the main focus of Ling Ran's paper was medical skill, and it was something that Doctor Du wished for but never attained.

At the end of the day, Ling Ran's skill was up to standard, and he had something to serve as his research purpose for his research paper. So, the written content was naturally extraordinarily valuable.

Speaking of which, the simple interrupted suture and the M-Tang technique that Ling Ran possessed were all at Master Level. Meanwhile, his Interrupted Vertical Mattress Suturing Technique was merely at a Specialist Level. Only his barehanded bleeding control was from a Level One Skill Book obtained from opening an Intermediate Treasure Chest. It had allowed him to raise the skill to a Perfect Level in one go.

Perfect Barehanded Bleeding Control was a skill unique only to him in Yun Hua Hospital. He may even be considered among the top in terms of this skill even if he compared himself to other doctors in the Changxi Province.

There was naturally plenty of research papers, which could be written if a doctor had such level of skill.

The medical field had always been an academic field where those involved in it constantly refined their skills. If a surgeon cut more or less during an operation, the prognosis of the patient would definitely be different afterwards.

There were also far too many things in Ling Ran's research paper about his barehanded bleeding control that could be written in great detail.

The research paper was more than a thousand words. If Ling Ran had been familiar with writing research papers in the academic language, he could have saved at least half of his time.

"It's true that his writing style needs some amendments. The English abstract also needs to be rewritten" Huo Congjun revealed a smile when he said that. Then he asked, "Where do you want to publish it?"

"I've never published any research papers before," Ling Ran answered honestly.

"You can try getting it published in 'Chinese Critical Care Medicine'," Huo Congjun only said that one sentence before he continued, "Their publication fee is rather high. It's about five to six thousand RMB, I think. When the time comes, you can write up an application. Just fill in the name of our hospital in the affiliation column. You can claim the publication fee from the department."

"All right." Ling Ran did not ask any questions.

"Write it out properly. If there are more things you don't understand, find young Huang and ask him." The young Huang whom Huo Congjun mentioned was a postgraduate student he was guiding.

Many doctors who were department directors in Yun Hua Hospital also had a teaching job in Yun Hua University. For those who had higher statuses like Huo Congjun, they would even have the title of Master Supervisor hanging around their necks.

Young Huang had been working as his assistant for over three years. Truth be told, the chances of him getting to operate were not as good as a resident doctor. But when it came to writing research papers, he had surpassed resident doctors who graduated from the field.

After waiting for Ling Ran to get out of the room, Huo Congjun smiled and said, "Doctor Du, didn't you say that we're having an outpatient consultation for the burn patients from the factory explosion a few days ago? Remember to inform the Medical Affairs Department to have Qi Zhenhai from the provincial hospital join us."

"Have Qi Zhenhai join us?" Doctor Du repeated, feeling puzzled. Soon, he understood what was going on and quickly agreed to do it.

All of the doctors in the office quietly lowered their heads. All of them had the same thought. 'An entertaining show was coming up.'

Everyone surfed the net in the present. People in the field privately discussed the video where Ling Ran shoved his hand right into a patient's abdomen and how he performed barehanded bleeding control.

Of course, no one ever paid any attention to a loser in any field, but it was also difficult to determine the best in any field. There would always be someone who loved to show off. They would not be contented with private discussions and just had to comment on certain matters publicly. Qi Zhenhai from the provincial hospital had been most ferocious when it came to rebuking Ling Ran in his actions.

Naturally, Huo Congjun would not be so naive to think that the man was only criticizing Ling Ran.

The chief surgeon during that episode was Huo Congjun himself, after all!

However, even though Huo Congjun surfed the net, he did not have the habit to upload comments online.

When he wanted to rebuke others, he would normally do so during conferences or meetings where many of those in the same profession would gather together.

Striking your opponent's face directly was always better than raging on your own mobile phone or computer. After all, your enemy did not really exist on the other side of your mobile phone or computer.