Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 373

374 Protective Clothing

"Doctor Ling, the protective clothing has arrived." A young nurse came in quickly with a box in her arms.

"Open it." Ling Ran immediately gave an order.

He ordered extra protective clothing for future needs. For a treatment group, the single-use protective clothing that cost dozens of RMB per set could be said to be an inexpensive and commonly used consumable. It could be bought once they called a pharmaceutical sales representative they knew. 

When Zheng Jun the intern heard this, he hurried forward and tore open the box. He saw that the inside of the box was marked with familiar Chinese words: DuPont.

"Department Director Huo will not provide the reimbursement, right?" When Lu Wenbin saw the line of words that ended with [DuPont Tyvek], the first thing that came to his mind was about how expensive it was. 

Even if it was just protective clothing, there were also technological differences in them, and that technology difference will determine the price difference between protective clothing brands when the difference was reflected in terms of money. 

Yu Yuan quickly turned over the box and saw an article of protective clothing that was XXXS size. She was relieved and said, "If we can't apply for reimbursement, I will just pay for it myself. At most, it is just one or two hundred RMB."

"That makes sense."

"Sounds reasonable." 

"You sure are generous with your money."

The medical staff in the operating theater nodded simultaneously.

Lu Wenbin also took a set and nodded as he said, "Changxi Medical Company is pretty good. They're starting to send us DuPont Tyvek protective clothing. I heard that DuPont Tyvek protective clothing is often out of stock."

"It will only be out of stock if there is an avian influenza epidemic. Nothing strange has happened recently."

"That's not necessarily true. When a province stocks up, prices will go up." Lu Wenbin was very concerned about these things. He laughed and said, "Hospitals will like it if prices fluctuate. If the prices are set in stone, how can hospitals afford them if these sellers are bound to sell their products three or four times more expensive than domestic products?"

"Isn't the price set based on quality?" Zheng Jun the intern could not help but ask.

"Quality is just the foundation for the price." Lu Wenbin laughed a couple of times and touched the protective clothing in his plastic bag. He said, "After all, the ones who buy them are not the ones who are going to take the risk. How many departments have you seen buy the best protective clothing?"

"They must adhere to a standard, right?" Zheng Jun's voice was soft.

Yu Yuan cast Zheng Jun a glance as if she was looking at some kind of soft excrement and said, "Then, do you think they adhere to a standard as well when it comes to the mortality rate of medical staff?"

The young medical intern noticed her fierce tone and instantly did not dare to argue anymore. 

*Bang bang.*

Someone knocked on the door to the operating theater again. Huang Maoshi followed behind a nurse while he held a box of protective clothing. He craned his neck to peer in before walking in.

"Doctor Ling, you said you wanted protective clothing, so I immediately ran to the storeroom to collect them. I've already brought all the protective clothing in the storeroom." Huang Maoshi pretended to look a little out of breath to show that he had worked hard.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ling Ran's gaze fell on the box Huang Maoshi held. He turned his head to look at the box of DuPont protective clothing that had just been delivered.

Huang Maoshi also saw the other box of protective clothing.

At that moment, Huang Maoshi's heart ached.

A pharmaceutical sales representative was loyal to doctors. A pharmaceutical sales representative would do anything together with a doctor in charge of a treatment group. They would play, eat and drink together with them. They would pay for their tuition fees, their course fees, and send them on study tours. If they met those who liked to drink beer, they would drink with them until they got gastrointestinal perforation; if they met those who liked to drink soup, they would drink with them until they got gastroptosis; if they met those who like to sing, they would sing with them until they had suppurative tonsillitis. Little by little, they would take care of the doctors until they became chubby, and what was all that for?

It was definitely not for them to work with another pharmaceutical sales representative.

Huang Maoshi looked at Ling Ran miserably.

Ling Ran did not give him a second glance and just told Zheng Jun, "Unpack this box as well."

Zheng Jun stepped forward and took the box from Huang Maoshi. Once he tore it open, he saw the brand outside: Seydoux.

Huang Maoshi also saw the words 'DuPont' on the other box, and he immediately explained. "Our company is representing Seydoux right now, and they once worked as manufacturers for DuPont. Now, they just started to make their own brand. Their brand isn't famous yet, but the quality is quite good."

Huang Maoshi took out a 'Seydoux' as he spoke and wanted to hand it out to the doctors.

Everyone turned their heads and pretended not to notice him. 

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains…"

Ling Ran's phone rang loudly. 

"Hello." Ling Ran nodded at Huang Maoshi.

Huang Maoshi had no choice but to reluctantly retreat from the operating theater.

"The patient will be arriving shortly, Everyone, get ready to wear your protective clothing." Ling Ran hung up the phone and explained the situation.

"Doctor Ling, I'll go back first. Call me if there's anything you need me to do." Huang Maoshi turned around and left without turning back. He knew that the AIDS virus would not be transmitted through the air, and they met each other while Ling Ran had not performed the surgery. It was very difficult for him to be infected, but why take the risk?

Huang Maoshi touched his face and thought, 'I am so handsome. Not taking risks is my responsibility to preserve my face for others to look.'

Ling Ran turned to Yu Yuan and said, "You instruct the interns to wear protective clothing. You can use protective clothing from Huang Maoshi to practice first."

After a pause, Ling Ran said again, "Interns don't have to watch this surgery. It's up to you to choose."

Yu Yuan agreed to his request and looked at the three rookies as she said, "You heard him, do you want to practice or wait outside?"

The two boys hesitated for a moment before they nodded. They went to pick up one set of protective clothing from the Seydoux box before they took another set from the DuPont box.

Guan Fei felt as if her voice was stuck in her throat, and her face was pale. She said, "I have goosebumps all over my body."

"You can go outside and wait." Yu Yuan did not show her any compassion. 

Lu Wenbin gave Guan Fei a glance. He had no intention to help.

Interns in hospitals were like mules in mills. Those that were beautiful enough could do less work and eat more food, but if they could not work hard… Well, a cat would be cuter than them. 

"I… I'm a little scared," Guan Fei looked at her surroundings pitifully. Then, she looked at her coursemates, Zheng Jun, and Xiang Xueming.

Xiang Xueming felt uneasy under her gaze. He sighed and said, "We will not be at the operating table. We will just be onlookers. What are you afraid of?"

"One cannot afford a single mishap." Guan Fei pouted and acted cute naturally. 

Xiang Xueming could not help but say, "There is also a one in a million chance that you will get pregnant when you have safe sex…"

"Hey! What do you mean?" Guan Fei's face was red, and she glared at Xiang Xueming for a few seconds before she yelled angrily, "You toxic man!"

Xiang Xueming shrugged and fell silent.

Guan Fei was so angry she took a set of protective clothing without hesitation and opened the bag. 

"Stop!" Yu Yuan's small lungs were not weak. Her voice came out like a roar. This frightened Guan Fei until she had goosebumps.

"Have you washed your hands? What's the point of wearing protective clothing now?" Yu Yuan's voice echoed in the operating theater, "Put it down."

Guan Fei did not dare to resist. Her hands trembled. She put the protective clothing back into the box.

Yu Yuan was even more unhappy, she said sternly, "Why are you throwing a tantrum in the operating theater? If you don't want to do it, get out.

"Stand up straight.

"If you have you got a temper, go throw a tantrum at your boyfriend. Is this where you can act wildly?"

Yu Yuan's voice rang loudly, and her words made Guan Fei's eyes watery with tears.

"You better wipe those tears away! What's the point of crying? How dare you pollute the operating theater? I will immediately send you back to school.

"If you don't want to be a doctor, get out. What's so good about being a doctor? You only earn a few thousand RMB a month, and you can't even afford to buy good lipstick."

"Today, we have to treat an AIDS patient. Maybe tomorrow, we will need to treat a patient with avian influenza. There are plenty of patients in the emergency room where we can't even perform the four classic transfusion-transmissible infections before we operate on them. And what can you do about it?"

Guan Fei's sobbing stopped.

Yu Yuan's voice also became softer, "Now, you have at least a variety of protective clothes to choose. How do you think these protective clothes were developed? It's all from the medical staff's blood, sweat, and tears, and the lessons they learned. During SARS, a large number of local and foreign medical staff were infected at work. If you were infected at that time, what will you do?"

Guan Fei was speechless, and she looked stunned. 

"The three interns, come out with me and learn how to wear protective clothing." Yu Yuan did not give them the opportunity to choose anymore.