Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 378

379 Acute Appendicitis

On the next day, Ling Ran put off work until noon before he returned to the hospital.

The Emergency Medical Center was packed. The treatment room and resuscitation room were also at their peak during the day. There were car accident patients, patients suffering from acute abdominal pain, patients who suffered from cold and fever and needed fluid infusion, and the patients' families rushing about hurriedly and impatiently like headless chickens

The doctors who wore white coats and nurses were the most insignificant sploshes of color; or the lack of it; in the emergency room. They were shoved face first into the south wall in one moment, and in the next moment, they were shoved to the north wall. They drifted about the crowd in one moment, and in the next, they were buried in a sea of people.

It was not any better at Ling Treatment Group.

The rooms that were meant to have only three beds had extra beds added to them until there were suddenly five beds, while the rooms that were meant for only two people suddenly contained three or even four people. The hospital beds arranged in columns at the corridor ended up cramping the place even further.

Ling Ran could not help but frown when he saw this.

"Too messy," Ling Ran grumbled quietly. But he still entered his small office and grabbed his white coat. Then, he entered the big office and said, "Time for a ward round."

Zuo Cidian jumped off his seat and ran immediately to Ling Ran. He smiled and said, "Doctor Ling, have a cup of tea first. The cups have just been rinsed with hot water."

The tea cup he gave to Ling Ran was actually only for Ling Ran, but he still rinsed it every time. He was never one to slack off.

Zuo Cidian had gained something after working at the town hospital for twenty years. He knew that in such a working environment where they had to work together for a long period of time, petty tricks would not last long. It would not be useful for him to make tea for the leaders two hundred times. But if there was any chance for the leader to find out that his cup was not clean because of him, there might be two hundred gallons of tea raining down on his head.

Zuo Cidian knew exactly what cleanliness meant to Ling Ran. So, the cabinet that he used to keep Ling Ran's cup was always locked.

Ling Ran took the cup over without any worry. He sniffed the tea gently and took a sip. Then, he nodded at Zuo Cidian and asked, "Who was on duty yesterday and how was it?"

"Normal. Insufficient anesthetic for Bed 17, and the patient couldn't hold the pain, so I issued celecoxib as a painkiller. Bed 68 had diarrhea, and we collected the fecal samples for analysis, and also gave the patient Montmorillonite Powder to drink with water. No symptoms of any persisting diarrhea. Another three patients were feverish" Yu Yuan answered casually and yawned loudly at the same time.

She had worked for an entire day yesterday. If she added the hours she worked during night shift as well, she would have stayed for more than twenty-four hours in the hospital. Naturally, her actual working time was not that long. The doctors who worked on night shift could always sleep too. If they were lucky, they could even sleep soundly without any disturbance. Whenever they encountered such an opportunity, they would feel that they had hit jackpot.

However, most of the time, doctors on duty would be woken up due to different kinds of reasons, especially under the circumstance where there were more than a hundred of patients in the ward area who were admitted to the hospital. If 2% of the patients experienced sudden unforeseen circumstances in their conditions, the doctors' night would be ruined.

Yu Yuan experienced the standard volume of having 5% of patients undergoing sudden unforeseen circumstances to their conditions last night. It was neither good nor bad luck, especially when compared to her other colleagues in Emergency Department. She still had a more relaxing time.

If she were a doctor who held a general position, she could just leave to take a rest at this hour and come back for work tomorrow. Unfortunately, chief residents never had this kind of treatment, so she could only continue suffering.

Ling Ran nodded in agreement. He held the tea cup and took two sips before he said, "Today's work is mainly surgeries. After ending the ward round here, we need to perform a ward round in the VIP patient building Hmm, how many surgeries are there today?"

Zuo Cidian said, "Six, three need hospital beds, while other three patients brought their own hospital beds. The VIP Patient Division says that we've brought quite a large number of patients to them lately, and there are more than twenty people who are still residing in the ward. So, they asked us to increase the turnover rate, but I ignored them."

"Okay," replied Ling Ran.

"If there is more patients who bring their own beds, the VIP Patient Division will run out of space sooner or later as well."

"Don't they come here based on appointments?" Yu Yuan butt in.

Zuo Cidian smiled bitterly. "If there are patients who want to come over, will they dare to not make an appointment for them?"

Yu Yuan came to a sudden realization and instantly said, "But, they will get benefits if they have so many patients, right?"

"That's why I'm saying they're only making some noise." Zuo Cidian smiled and said, "Later on, when the VIP patient building is fully occupied, things will get interesting."

"They will definitely reserve a few hospital beds in secret."

"What can a few beds do? Even if they secretly reserve ten beds, they will soon be used up." At this moment, Zuo Cidian showed a proud expression on his face. "They still don't know what they're going to face later."

The office remained silent. Not even a single person wanted to play a supporting role for his crosstalk.

Zuo Cidian looked around, and he could not help but purse his lips. This was the one thing that was bad in Yun Hua Hospital after he came all the way from the town hospitaleven the interns did not know how to play a supporting role in crosstalk. They would soon be finished.

Zuo Cidian coughed and continued with what he said. "Those who can have their own rooms are the ones who should be handled with care by the VIP patient building. Doctor Ling's reputation is now getting greater, so there will be more people who will come to look for him. With our current speed in performing surgeries, the patients who come over will definitely go to the VIP patient building if they do not want to stay at the corridor of our Emergency Medical Center. Tell me, what do you think the VIP Patient Division will do?"

Yu Yuan and the interns were confused as they looked at Zuo Cidian.

Ling Ran finished the tea and put it on the table. When he was about to add in more water, Zuo Cidian immediately came over to take the pot and filled his cup. Then, he said, "It's because of Doctor Ling's speed that we can attract this number of patients. Therefore, the hospital should provide us more hospital beds, right?"

Now that they had one clear question thrown at them, the doctors finally came to their senses, and they started to play their role in this "crosstalk".

"You're right."

"We have too few hospital beds."

"The patients who received surgery by Doctor Ling can all be discharged quite early, we just haven't arranged their discharge and arranged for new people to be admitted, that's all."

All levels of the management and the hospital shortened the patients' hospitalization length so that they could fulfill the requirement for the turnover rate. In order to achieve the goal, some departments would suggest to patients with mild symptoms to be discharged first to avoid the problems related to the turnover rate.

The Emergency Medical Center did not have such demand for now, and it saved Ling Ran a lot of work.

Naturally, Ling Ran also did not have time to care about this. For him, the best plan was to perform his surgeries properly. As for the other matters, they could all be passed down to other people in the department to handle.

"Arrange the surgical schedule." Ling Ran blew the tea and drank it. He took a look at the documents sent by Guan Fei and immediately said, "Lu Wenbin will carry out the M-Tang technique surgery and knee arthroscopy surgeries with me. Yu Yuan and Zuo Cidian will do the Achilles tendon repairs with me." for visiting.

"Alright." The three assistants agreed immediately.

"Alright, let's go for the ward round." Then, Ling Ran brought everyone out for a ward round with a mighty momentum.

Yu Yuan was exhausted, but she could only force herself to work. The resident doctors needed to understand the conditions of the admitted patients. Otherwise, during their night shift, they might not be able to handle them when accidents happened. Chief residents were still resident doctors, the only difference was that their shifts were longer.

Yu Yuan could only wait until the end of ward round to sleep for two hours while Ling Ran and Lu Wenbin did the M-Tang technique surgery.

Ling Ran's steps were firm and stable. He walked slowly along the ward and checked one bed after another.

From time to time, Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests would float toward him.

Ling Ran took them calmly.

Although Energy Serums were good, he did not need them urgently. So, it did not matter to him whether or not he received them.

However, Ling Ran would still take note of the ratio of Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests from each ward.

Different hospital wards were taken care of by different resident doctors and nurses.

Based on Ling Ran's observations over the past one year, the management of the resident doctors and nurses over the beds would directly affect the production of the Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests.

In other words, even if the chief surgeon performed the surgery very well, the production of Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests would still be affected if the resident doctors and nurses had managed the beds poorly.

This was easy to understand. The patients would not distinguish between the hospital, administrative leaders, the people in charge of the treatment groups, chief surgeon, resident doctors, and nurses clearly from each other.

The patient would have a reason to not provide the Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests if any of the treatment they received during their hospitalization was not done well.

Although Ling Ran did not care about the production of one or two Treasure Chests, he was still bothered if the Treasure Chest rate was exceedingly low.

Therefore, Ling Ran's Ling Treatment Group implemented a cross management plan. It meant that the resident doctors and nurses would not have the beds they were in charge of overlapping entirely. In this case, if any patient in the ward felt unsatisfied, Ling Ran could easily identify the weaknesses.

The resident doctors and nurses in Ling Treatment Group did their work with increasing seriousness as they knew Ling Ran had the ability to identify the weaknesses. They even felt slightly worried.

In the end, after one ward round, Ling Ran obtained fourteen Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests. A total of four hospital rooms that had not given him Treasure Chests in three days. After removing Xu Yongchanghe stayed in a one-bed roomfrom the number of people who did not give him Treasure Chests, Ling Ran shifted his sights to Lu Wenbin. "You need to manage your beds better. management on the hospital ward should be improved. Don't just treat their symptoms, you have to take care of the patients' emotions as well."

"Yes." Lu Wenbin could only accept the order.

"Please ask them whether they are done with the preparations of the operating theater." When Ling Ran was speaking, his phone rang.

The phone kept vibrating and rang loudly. "The king asked me to patrol the mountains"

Ling Ran looked at the phone screen, picked up the call, and asked, "Doctor Zhou?"

"Ling Ran, didn't you previously ask whether we have any patients with appendicitis?" Doctor Zhou sounded very cordial and laid-back.

"Do you have one now?" Ling Ran instantly perked up. He had obtained Master Level Appendectomy for some time, but he never had the chance to use it.

Doctor Zhou's tone was warm, and his smile could practically be heard, "Yes. And we have two. They're a couple who went for a buffet on the day before yesterday, and they came to the hospital together today. I was wondering whether they had a parasitic disease, but in the end, it's just the both of them ending up with appendicitis at the same time. Do you want to perform the surgery?"

"I'll come now. Be there in three minutes." Ling Ran hung up the phone and said to the junior doctors in his team without his expression ever changing, "Do your work first, I'll be right back."