Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 387

388 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Ling Ran stared at the display screen above the operating table. When he completed the surgery and left the operating theater, he said, "Rest for a while."

"Okay, it's fine to rest a little while too." The one who waited outside was the director of the Department of Surgery for Infectious Disease Patients from the Third People's Hospital. He nodded continuously.

They only had two operating theaters left now. The operating theater in front had just been locked down to be disinfected, and air sampling using the settle plate method had yet to be performed. The Third People's Hospital would never think that the surgeons from Yun Hua Hospital could perform surgeries at such a high speed.

Yun Hua was a rich city with a population of ten million people. This allowed the city construction, especially the design of its infrastructure, to progress rapidly. The hospitals for infectious disease patients had been set up in a scale that exceeded what was currently necessary as well. Although the Department of Surgery for Infectious Disease Patients of the Third People's Hospital was just established, it was already a big hospital with eleven operating theaters. Now, while they might only be a tertiary Grade B hospital, their goal was to become a tertiary Grade A hospital.

Of course, it was just a goal. While they could just fork out money to set up the hardware facilities, it was very difficult to build a high standard Department of Surgery for Infectious Disease Patients at tertiary Grade A level.

Up until this moment, the Third People's Hospital of Yun Hua Hospital relied heavily on inviting freelance surgeons to handle most of their surgeries. This also caused their surgeons to have limited abilities and face a slow development.

A few of the responsible officials on the spot came up with different thoughts as they watched Ling Ran's back. A doctor like this was really compatible with ten doctors. Although the surgical method and area in which it could be applied was narrow, it was still better than having many skills, but not mastering any, right? for visiting.

However, there was no one who voiced their thoughts. They also knew the disadvantage of the Department of Surgery for Infectious Disease Patients. If they wanted to head-hunt a high-end surgeon from another hospital, they would not be able to do so if they offered normal pay.

Ling Ran headed toward the shower room. He washed his body carefully before he changed to the clothes he brought himself before he put on the clean scrubs, and he sat in the waiting room while feeling refreshed.

'Open the treasure chests.' Ling Ran poured himself a cup of water and drank all of it at once.

A silver white treasure chest swiftly jumped out.

Without needing Ling Ran to do anything, the treasure chest opened slowly. A sparkling silver skill book jumped out.

[Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skill (Perfect Level)]

Ling Ran's hand, which had been going forward to pour another cup of water, stopped.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was a crucial skill in modern first aid.

If it were in ancient times, a patient who lost his breathing or heartbeat was resurrected using CPR, he or she would be considered to have been resurrected from the dead.

In the modern age, there were an uncountable number of lives who were saved with CPR.

Ling Ran had always been interested in this skill, but he did not rashly request practicing this from Huo Congjun.

Since CPR was a skill associated with life, it could not simply be practiced whenever a person liked. Although according to the requirements for housemen and interns in the country, every student must have performed at least ten CPR before they left the hospital, hospitals were not able to provide such chances. Hence, the so-called requirement and target was just a mere formality.

Ling Ran then got himself another cup of water. He slowly drank it while thinking about the information associated with CPR.

It was a very low requirement to ask that someone could use basic CPR.

In generalized first-aid training such as the training provided for swimming teams and drowning accident rescue teams, the training to perform CPR would be given. However, the CPR they mastered was at the beginner level, and they could only be said to have performed basic CPR.

The specific details of the CPR they learned, which included operations like the number of chest compression, the depth of the compressions, as well as artificial respiration, were only at basic level, and was a treatment method that was considered better than nothing. They were merely trying to make sure that the platinum ten minutes of emergency treatment could eventually be performed on a living, breathing patient.

A CPR skill like this needed to undergo long hours of training and real-life practice before it could be considered to have entered the basic Novice Level.

A doctor with Specialist Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation did not only have the ability to rescue a person on his or her own, he or she would also have the capability of instructing a group to perform CPR. After all, it was exhausting to perform continuous chest compressions. They would also need to continuously lower their bodies to perform artificial respiration, and it was very rare for people to be able to hold this up for a long period of time. In the history of CPR, a lengthy CPR that lasted more than thirty minutes was very common. There was even a case in which a CPR was reported to have taken about five to six hours (Note 1).

Master Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation allowed the user to consider Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) after resuscitation. It was an injury in the body caused by hypoxia and ischemia after circulation was stopped. An accurate treatment plan and smart strategy was needed for them to have the possibility of tackling the complication.

Ling Ran obtained Perfect Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This meant that even if he had to perform an extremely lengthy CPR, its success rate would still be much higher than others.

It was a true life-saving skill.

Ling Ran finished drinking his second cup of water, and he had the sudden urge of rushing back to the Emergency Center.

"Doctor Ling, do you want to drink some saline water?" When the associate hospital director heard that Ling Ran had decided to rest, he immediately rushed over.

Ling Ran nodded. "It's good to have some saline water too."

The associate hospital director immediately passed him a water cup before he earnestly poured a pack of salt into the cup

Ling Ran quietly watched the associate hospital director, and his facial expression was as calm as this: =w=

"I'm worried that you might not be used to it. After all we are an infectious diseases hospital." The associate hospital director seemed to understand Ling Ran's facial expression, so he chuckled and explained.

"I want another cup." Ling Ran did not hold back in his request.

When performing an infectious surgery, other than the psychological burden, the most torturous part would be the need of putting on too many clothes. They would feel incredibly warm.

The operating theater was always maintained at constant temperature. If it were a normal surgery, the doctors would just put on a scrub and a sterile surgical gown, and the temperature would be just right for them. The circulating nurses and anesthetist did not need to wear surgical gowns. They would just put on a scrub, and they felt very comfortable with it.

However, in a surgery for a patient with an infectious disease, not only would the participants of the surgery be required to wear cloth-made surgical gowns, they also needed to put on protective clothing that was impenetrable.

After a few hours performing this kind of surgery, the doctors would be dehydrated.

At this time, Zuo Cidian also changed into a new outfit and walked over. When he saw this scene, he immediately helped to pour water into Ling Ran's cut. Then, he placed a row of snacks on the table.

"Doctor Ling, replenish more of your energy." Zuo Cidian narrowed his eyes. He also got another cup of tea for the associate hospital director while he was at it.

The associate hospital director felt surprised for his service. He gazed at Zuo Cidian busying himself, and he suddenly felt lucky that he had not invited Ling Ran to join his hospital. If this were the treatment that Ling Ran received, the associate hospital director might end up embarrassing himself with the conditions he offered.

"Is the operating theater ready now?" Ling Ran's expression was calm. It was clear that he had been calculating the time.

When it came to calculating the time needed for surgeries, Ling Ran could already be considered to be at Specialist Level even if the system did not give him a skill for it.

The associate hospital director got up immediately and said, "I'll go and supervise them."

"You don't have to hurry. The disinfection must be done thoroughly," Ling Ran said and cast a glance at Zuo Cidian.

"Doctor Yu has been with them all the way," Zuo Cidian immediately replied.

The associate hospital director looked a bit embarrassed. It was obviously unpleasant for Yu Yuan supervised them in performing disinfection, and it would undoubtedly cause others to have many questions form in their heads.

However, Ling Ran did not care about the trouble the associate hospital director faced, and the associate hospital director did not have any other surgeon to replace Ling Ran as well.

In fact, if he wanted to look for a top surgeon from the Orthopedics Department who chargedonly 500 RMB a day, he might only be able to find Ling Ran to help him.

"Let's go and get some food." Ling Ran suddenly got up and said, "Let's go to the Shao family's restaurant."