Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 390

391 Guilty Conscience

Ling Ran rushed to the Third People's Hospital in Yun Hua City. It was not even three o'clock in the morning.

The infectious diseases hospital late at night was quiet like a suburb at three o'clock in the morning.

On the lonely road was a small Volkswagen Jetta. It was the only car on the road, and it made loud noises that sounded like someone was huffing while they had their noses pinched. 

The light in the inpatient building was on, and a few people were dressed in thick clothes. They tapped against the ground while they waited. 

Zuo Cidian, Lu Wenbin, and Wang Jia were present. Yu Yuan was the chief resident. Naturally, she went back to Yun Hua Hospital to continue working overtime. 

The medical staff at the Third People's Hospital yawned and looked at Yun Hua Hospital's Ling Treatment Group.

Someone said rather loudly, "No wonder they are willing to do out-of-hospital consultation surgeries. Their brains must have been damaged. They're actually performing surgeries at three in the morning?"

Zuo Cidian heard it. He smiled and pretended he did not hear it.

Wang Jia, however, did not hesitate to retort, "Don't you also have to wait at three in the morning as well?"

The medical staff at the Third People's Hospital was stunned before he laughed. "We don't have to get up early in the morning every day…"

"You will only do so when you're asking for help?" Wang Jia retorted sharply. 

Several medical staff members of the Third People's Hospital did not dare to speak anymore.

If Ling Treatment Group went away, they will be in big trouble.

There were so many ways to give people a hard time in hospitals. Nobody wanted to be called up at three o'clock in the morning the next day again.

Ling Ran parked his car in the parking space in front of the hospital, nodded toward the waiting crowd at the door, and headed upstairs.

The leaders of the Third People's Hospital were keen to show their positive attitude, but everyone failed today at three o'clock in the morning.

"Is the patient ready?" Ling Ran arrived at the surgical floor and asked as usual.

The medical staff at the Third People's Hospital blinked and said, "Yes, it is ready."

Although it was just a question, it also proved that Ling Ran was different from other experts who came for out-of-hospital consultation. In fact, due to the uniqueness of out-of-hospital consultation, experts who came from other hospitals will always treat this job as a social activity. 

In simple words, since they could not earn any money from these freelance surgeons, at the very least, the hospitals who hired them should owe them a debt of kindness. 

The leaders of the Third People's Hospital also tried to satisfy the various experts and return their debts of kindness. When they communicated with the experts before the public, they will return those debts of kindness as they should. 

The surgery at three in the morning broke the tradition inadvertently.

"Have all the informed consent forms been signed?" Ling Ran asked another question.

"They're all signed." The doctor then added. "Today, there are twelve patients who can receive surgery. Two of them are back-ups for the lineup today. They are also told that they might not receive surgeries today. The patients and their family members showed their understanding of the matter."

Ling Ran came to the Third People's Hospital was to perform only arthroscopic meniscoplasty. He could complete one surgery very quickly. Hence, it was only natural that Ling Ran requested numbers. 

Of course, this was still different from other out-of-hospital consultation doctors.

"Zuo Cidian, go talk to the patients. Lu Wenbin, follow me into the operating theatre. We'll operate on the first batch." Ling Ran finished speaking and went into the changing room to change his clothes.

Wang Jia agilely went to stand at the door of the dressing room. She stretched out her arms to stop other doctors who also wanted to change their clothes.

"We want to follow to learn a thing or two." The Department of Surgery for Infectious Diseases Patients had been set up for a few years in the Third People's Hospital. Although they could not carry out many surgical methods, it was still a big department. There were always young people who wanted to become outstanding and were willing to come and watch the surgery. 

Wang Jia shook her head gently and said, "Doctor Ling likes to change clothes and use the shower alone."

The resident doctors who were blocked at the door looked at Wang Jia helplessly, but they did not have the energy to argue anymore. 

Zuo Cidian had a serious expression when he went alone to talk to the patients and their family members.

When he was in the town hospital, he had little experience with preoperative conversation. But after working for more than a month in Yun Hua Hospital, Zuo Cidian's conversational skills were fully activated.

In Ling Treatment Group, Zuo Cidian was the oldest and had the greatest experience in society. This was especially the case since he was based in a primary hospital for a long time. Zuo Cidian experienced a large number of real-life situations that happened in primary hospitals, and this benefitted him in every way when it came to communicating with others in Yun Hua Hospital. 

When he reached the Third People's Hospital, Zuo Cidian was extremely careful in reviewing the preoperative conversation and checking the preoperative informed consent form from each patient.

This was also the easiest place for doctors to have their careers to burn. 

At half-past three in the morning, Ling Ran began his first surgery for the day, which was twenty minutes earlier than expected.

After one surgery was completed, another operation was performed, and it was followed by another. 

One batch meant completing three surgeries.

Lu Wenbin stepped down and switched places with Zuo Cidian, who had finished verifying everything. Another three surgeries were performed.

Since they were infectious surgeries, they took a lot of time to wear protective clothing and bathing again. So it was already nine in the morning when the six surgeries were over.

Then, Ling Ran followed several people to the dining hall. He forced himself to have brunch, took a break, and continued with the third batch of surgeries.

When it was nearly noon, all ten surgeries were completed. The remaining two back-up cases were postponed until tomorrow.

At this time, the associate hospital director who was in charge of hospital duties at this hour finally finished his morning work, and he remembered that the visiting specialist, Ling Ran, was in his hospital. 

"Doctor Ling has gone back to rest." The cadre of the Medical Affairs Department smiled numbly. He got up at two in the morning, and the impact from waking up so early was worse than him not sleeping for an entire night. 

The associate hospital director was shocked. He looked around and said, "He's gone just like that?"

"There's still a Doctor Lu around."

"The one in-charge for prognosis? Is there any problem?"

"The one who sells pork trotters." The Medical Affairs Department cadre shrugged and smiled like a fool who had just gotten to know how the world truly operated. 

"Sell pork trotters?" The associate hospital director obviously could not imagine this because of his lack of imagination. He asked, "You mean like those young people who act as purchasing agents?"

"I don't think it's the same. He sells freshly braised pork trotters." His subordinate paused for a moment before he said, "It's quite delicious."

The associate hospital director could only think about potential lawsuits if there was a problem with the pork trotters. He said, "Send it to the Medical Laboratory Department to check, if there is no problem, then I'll pretend that I did not see this."


Ling Ran returned to Lower Groove Clinic to sleep in his bedroom.

The rate in which he performed surgeries for infectious diseases was slow, and the psychological pressure was high. Unless Ling Ran wanted to waste his Energy Serums, he would have to go home and sleep his fill to be energized again. 

Ling Jiezhou felt pity yet proud of his son. He could not stop but boast about him in the treatment room.

"My son's skills are very good. This is my child's strength from being born into a medical family. If you think about it, when other children were still playing with dogs, my child already knew Bumblebee. This knowledge that is handed down in the family is a great help to people.

"My son could also handle his relationships well in the hospital. Look, he has only been in Yun Hua Hospital for a while, and he is now being sent out of the hospital for work. 

"My son is now officially a doctor of that hospital. The hospital director gave special approval for it. In the second half of the year, I expect he will get a raise in salary."

They were all neighbors. There was no need for Ling Jiezhou to boast about it. Everyone already knew the details. 

There was a middle-aged woman who was receiving a Danshen injection[1]. The more she listened to it, the more impatient she became. She said, "What you said has been posted in your Circle of Friends, we have all seen it."

Ling Jiezhou looked at the other person suspiciously and said, "So why didn't you like the post?"

"I… I've been busy doing things all day. How would I have time to like your post?"

"You have time to see the posts in the Circle of Friends, but have no time to give me some likes? It doesn't make sense." Ling Jiezhou pretended to be dissatisfied and stood up. "Madam Liu, every time you come to buy medicine, I give you a discount and a gift, and yet you can't even give the post a like? That's not very appropriate, is it?"

"Okay, I'll give you a like." Aunt Liu was compelled by Ling Jiezhou's words. She took out her phone, gave a like, and said in dissatisfaction, "Old Ling, I have to say, you can't just boast about your son. You need to pay attention to your son's life, right? You have to give your child a healthy amount of space for development."

Ling Jiezhou smiled, "My Ling Ran works well, has a house, and a car. He is handsome and strong. What kind of healthy amount of space for development should I give him? He has developed happily enough in his life."

Madam Liu listened to Ling Jiezhou. Then, she quickly scrolled down ten pages through her Circle of Friends. She found a photo her son sent her this morning, showed it to Ling Jiezhou, and laughed. "Your son gets up to work at two o'clock, and my son only gets vegetables at three o'clock. Who do you say is happier?"

Ling Jiezhou could not help but find his thoughts thrown into a mess. 

In the evening, when Ling Ran woke up, he saw a bowl of pork hock on the table, much to his surprise. 

This was a New Year dish because of the trouble it took to make it. This dish could not be eaten until the annual Spring Festival, and it could be considered as one of the few Ling Jiezhou great dishes mastered. 

Ling Ran sat down close to the pork hock and waited for the rice to be served.

"How is it? Do you like pork hock?"

Ling Jiezhou had been preparing that pork hock the whole afternoon, and he felt very accomplished.

Ling Ran nodded. "Why did you suddenly make pork hock? Hey, are you going to travel again?"

Ling Jiezhou and Tao Ping originally felt a little guilty when they saw how hard Ling Ran worked. When they heard those words, they looked at each other. Their words were already at the tips of their tongues, but they suddenly swallowed their words. 

"Yeah, we are going on a trip again."

"Young Ran, you can take care of yourself already."

"Recently, business is pretty good."

"We can go to Tahiti. I heard that there are pearls!"

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