Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 393

394 Room For Negotiation

"Doctor Ling, our practical skills examination… Is now divided into three stations. One station tests you on medical history collection, one is physical examination, while the last is a multimedia test, which actually refers to testing your ability in reading scans…" Kong Xiangming did not feel that it was appropriate for him to stand while talking to Ling Ran, so he brought a chair out and sat across Ling Ran. 

The other two examiners also found themselves unable to sit behind the long table anymore as well. They could only follow Kong Xiangming and move their chairs out. They placed their chairs slightly behind Kong Xiangming's.

Because of it, the examination hall appeared rather grotesque. 

However, Kong Xiangming could care less about those things. He brought a file and passed one exam paper to Ling Ran before he smiled and said, "For you, the physical examination and multimedia tests are just at the tips of your fingers. The medical history collection test is a small written test. You'll need to fill it up a little. If we fill it for you, the handwriting will not be the same as yours, so it won't be suitable."

The other two examiners were speechless as they looked at Kong Xiangming. This was the first time they witnessed an examination where the examiner had the spirit to serve the examinee. 

Ling Ran always received additional services from people. When he was young, Tao Ping always tried to bring him along whenever she left for trips. She would let the young Ling Ran check in at the hotel reception. Normally, they would receive a room upgrade to a certain degree, and at most of the time, they would get the best type of room for the day. 

When Ling Ran faced Kong Xiangming's considerate examination, he chuckled lightly before he said, "Let's just do things according to the normal procedure."

"That's good too. We can avoid others talking behind our backs." Kong Xiangming could not guess Ling Ran's thoughts, so he just followed whatever Ling Ran said.

He knew that Ling Ran did not have a medical doctor qualification certificate. He also heard that Yun Hua Hospital had made an exception for Ling Ran and formed a contract with him, and he was to take the medical licensing exam. Without knowing the reasons behind these, Kong Xiangming would not simply take any action. 

"Then, let us do the medical history collection test first." As Kong Xiangming spoke, he chose and took a paper out from the document folder before he passed it to Ling Ran. Then, he asked, "How about this question? Female, fifty-four years old, pain in her right knee joint, recurring symptoms, getting more serious over the past three years?" 

This question no longer corresponded to the scope of questions that Ling Ran's number was supposed to handle. 

However, it was normal for the examiners to change the questions at the very last minute. As compared to a general written examination, examinations on practical skills were more random. 

Kong Xiangming was mainly worried that Ling Ran would get stuck at stupid questions. If Ling Ran could not answer correctly, not only would Ling Ran feel awkward, Kong Xiangming would feel awkward too. Of course, most importantly, he did not want Ling Ran to feel embarrassed. 

As the department director of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Yiyuan County Hospital, if Kong Xiangming wanted to make his life easy in Yun Hua City and even the entire Changxi Province, he must first not offend the provincial hospital and Yun Hua Hospital, then only was he not to offend the Medical and Healthcare Institution he was based at. 

Doctors were constantly judged by their peers. 

Publishing a research article required peer review, and obtaining a professional rank also required peer assessment. That was even more so the case if funding was needed. If the doctors attended all sorts of academic meetings, they also needed support from their peers. 

In their working environment, affiliated hospitals would require a lot more things from their superior hospitals. 

In short, the degree of how arrogant a senior doctor could be to a junior doctor was directly reflected to how harsh a superior hospital could be to an affiliated hospital.

Most of the time, the highly skilled doctors from superior hospitals did not even need to use their authority to oppress affiliated hospitals. When they checked the work of the affiliated hospitals, they could easily make them suffer. 

Kong Xiangming did not expect Ling Ran to be able to suppress his hospital, but he did not want to offend Ling Ran or worse, offend Rebuker Huo, because of such a small case.

He invited Ling Ran as a freelance surgeon many times in the past to perform finger replantations, Achilles tendon repairs, and knee arthroscopy surgeries. So, if he chose a medical history collection test on the knee, Ling Ran would naturally be able to handle it easily. 

Ling Ran did not think as much as Kong Xiangming. Once he got the question, he took out a pen and answered accordingly.

[Main questions to be asked for diagnosis:

[One, whether knee joint functions are limited. 

[Two, whether the knee joint is stiff, whether there is any swelling in the region, and whether there is any sound that can be heard during any movement, or whether friction can be sensed during movement.]


After writing down the treatment process and related medical history, the length of Ling Ran's answer was around the hundreds, and he considered himself to have written down all the main points for this question. 

Kong Xiangming helped Ling Ran check through his answer before he smiled. "No problem, perfect!"

Ling Ran nodded gently. 

It was a normal daily routine for a doctor to collect a patient's medical history. 

For example, junior doctors in charge of beds had to swiftly respond to the symptoms mentioned by admitted patients, they also needed to enquire the necessary questions. After they obtained sufficient information, they would make their own diagnosis or consult senior doctors.

If there was any difference between the test and the daily routine, it would be that the daily work of the resident doctors in specialist departments were only limited to their department, while the scope of the practical skills examination was wider, but it was not very difficult either.

"Next test is…" Kong Xiangming looked at Ling Ran's expression and slowed down his speech rate. He said, "Technical operation and physical examination. If we decide to test you on your skills, I wonder which skill should we test you?"

Just like what he said just now, if Ling Ran did not want to do these two tests, he could just skip them. But if Ling Ran wanted to do them, Kong Xiangming must choose a suitable one… 

Kong Xiangming cast a glance at Ling Ran and recalled back many of the rumors he heard. He then said, "How about tracheotomy?"

Ling Ran was fine with anything. 

In fact, even if Kong Xiangming suggested a skill that was rarely used, Ling Ran would still be totally fine with it. 

After all, the medical licensing exam was meant for interns and new resident doctors. Theoretically, whatever the interns had learnt, Ling Ran knew them too. It was just a matter of how skilled he would be.

Even when he was still in school, Ling Ran did not fail in this kind of test that would elicit multiple cheers in a person when he or she passed. 

Kong Xiangming brought the tracheotomy training model over. 

The model only had a brain and neck. At first glance, it looked rather scary. 

Beside the model were clear words written with a colored pen. [The cricothyrotomy and tracheotomy model is only for cricothyrotomy practice.] 

"Doctor Ling, you can try it first." Kong Xiangming was still worried that Ling Ran would suffer a setback. 

"Okay," Ling Ran said before he started performing a tracheotomy.

The Perfect Level Tracheotomy had long since surpassed normal tracheotomy.

Even though he was dealing with a model, Ling Ran's operation was still so perfect that he looked as though he had tested on multiple models in the past. 

Both of his hands were steady, and his surgery speed was very fast.

In fact, Ling Ran was quite happy. It was better to practice on a model than be able to practice on nothing. 

The two examiners who stood behind Kong Xiangming looked a little surprised at this moment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They were also experienced and knowledgeable doctors. They had seen many scenarios where really good doctors practiced on models. However, it was very rare for them to witness a doctor who could deal with the model in such a smooth way.

"Completed." Ling Ran looked as if he had just performed a surgery, he checked through once before he let go.

Kong Xiangming nodded gently. He thought in his mind, 'He's still the Doctor Ling that I know!'

Once they went with the procedure and did the physical examination test, Kong Xiangming let Ling Ran choose one out of four medical imaging scans to be analyzed. 

This was a right all students had. After all, most surgeons did not know how to analyze all four types of medical imaging scans as well. 

Ling Ran did not hesitate to choose the X-ray scan.

With the Perfect Level X-ray Scan Analysis, Ling Ran could easily tackle the scan in the medical licensing exam. 

In fact, Kong Xiangming and the other two people felt relieved when Ling Ran chose the X-ray scan, 'Luckily, this was a one-way examination. If it were a two-way examination, all three of us would feel embarrassed.'

The more Kong Xiangming listened to Ling Ran, the greater his admiration grew. 

The analysis of the medical imaging scans had always been in the category of skills that were easy to learn but difficult to master.

Being able to analyze X-ray scans were like how Go fans understood about the rules of Go, or how basketball fans knew about the three-steps layup. They were able to talk about the topic sometimes and make themselves seem reasonable, but were actually wrong. 

However, being able to master reading X-ray scans was the goal medical imaging specialists aimed to achieve using the rest of their lives. This was just like when how Go fans turned into professional Go players, or how basketball fans became professional basketball players.

In the end, Ling Ran was escorted out of the examination hall by the three examiners. 

"Doctor Ling, have you finished your exam? Was it successful?" A young nurse who always scolded people at the corridor came over immediately when she saw Ling Ran.

"I should be successful," Ling Ran replied after he thought about it. 

"That's great… Hmm, I hope you can pass the exam…" The young nurse accompanied Ling Ran to walk down the corridor, but at the end, she still did not manage to get his contact number, and she felt great regret. She watched Ling Ran leave, but in her mind, she scolded herself, 'Liu Yu, Liu Yu, you always behave so brashly everyday, but you kept quiet when you saw your Prince Charming. Are you stupid or what?'

Ling Ran went out from the examination room. He took out his phone and contacted a driver. 

Someone beside him saw him and felt excited. He immediately ran toward him, smiled, and said, "Young brother, did you come for the medical licensing exam? How was it?"

When Ling Ran saw the person's ugly mug, he shook his head lightly. He did not seem to want to engage in any conversation. 

That person looked excited. "It's okay if you did not do well. Young brother, I have a solution. This is a Guarantee-pass Package, do you want to try it?"


"A 'Guarantee-pass Package will not only ensure that you will pass the practical skills examination today, it will also ensure that you pass the written examination tomorrow. What do you think? The price is fair, and it's an honest deal."

"Oh… No need." Ling Ran finally understood what this was.

But this person did not want to miss out on any potential customer. He took another step forward, laughed, and said, "You don't believe me, right? Let me tell you this, did you see three examiners during your exam just now? Most of your results were marked by the examiner on the spot. You can take a wild guess, when will the results be keyed in?"


"If you take our Guarantee-pass Package, regardless of which doctor becomes your examiner, I'll try to find someone for you and try to negotiate with them, and I can easily help you pass your examination. What do you think?"

"No need."

"Do you still not believe in me?" This person frowned. "You seem to be quite paranoid. Are you afraid that we only have a few connections?"

As that person spoke, he looked around. Then, he shouted at a group of doctors who were far away and kept waving his hands to get them to come over.

The doctors stopped and looked at that person. 

Guarantee-pass Man smiled. "You see that? We know many people."

Then, four of the doctors among that big group of doctors trotted over.

Guarantee-pass Man was stunned. He braced himself and said, "You see, there is no one we don't know among the hospitals in Yun Hua City…"

"Doctor Ling!"

"Hi, Doctor Ling."

"Doctor Ling, you're here."

The doctors who came over were mostly senior attending physicians and associate professors. They had either invited Ling Ran to their hospitals as freelance surgeons before, or they had seen Ling Ran work as a freelance surgeon. At the very least, they had also seen Ling Ran perform his surgery as a demonstration during the international conference, and they were incredibly friendly at that moment. 

Guarantee-pass Man looked at the people, then at Ling Ran, and he quickly bowed his head before retreating.