Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 394

395 Written Examination

Ling Ran went back home in the afternoon.

The medical licensing exam in Changxi Province was a joint examination. Right after the practical skills examination, the doctors had to sit through a comprehensive medical written test. The total score was six hundred marks, and they were tested on basic medical sciences like pathology, microbiology and immunology. There were also topics of clinical medicine like pediatrics, gynecology, and surgical studies, as well as medical humanities and preventive medicine. Although the difficulty level of the examination was not really high, it covered a wide range of topics.

Even Ling Ran also needed to do revision.

Even if he could not guarantee the number one spot in his studies every year, he could not just act recklessly.

The clinic was slightly deserted.

The young novice monk Dong Sheng still had not returned. Doctor Miao's business in providing cosmetic sutures and emergency surgery was not stable, so he spent most of his time just sitting in the clinic. When he saw Ling Ran, he felt slightly motivated. He went up to ask him several questions about the intradermal suture and the heavy reinforcing suture.

Doctor Xiong and Juan Zi were still busy performing fluid transfusions to the patients in the treatment room.

In a community that contained more than ten thousand people, there were more than ten people who needed fluid transfusions everyday. When there was a change in the weather, the number of people who needed fluid transfusion would increase.

Ling Ran heard coughing sounds right as he stepped into the clinic. Then, he took his seat on the reclining chair, as per his wont.

"Ling Ran, come and help me at the cashier counter." Doctor Xiong waved his hand to call Ling Ran over.

"I'm going to be the cashier?" Ling Ran was so astounded that he pointed at his own nose for confirmation.

"It's your family business, if you don't help at the cashier counter, what else are you supposed to do? Besides, I don't have the mood to be under your father's scrutiny." Doctor Xiong pointed at the top of his head, where there were four surveillance cameras that shone brightly.

Ling Ran could not help but sigh before he asked, "Is there any audio receiver system installed?"

"Your father set this up, so what do you think?"

"Alright." Ling Ran sat at the cashier counter before he increased his voice and said, "Dad, where have you been?"

In a while, Ling Jiezhou's voice was heard from the surveillance camera above his head. "We're in Papeete now, a small town near to Tahiti. This is the capital of Polynesia, it's quite small, very crowded and busy, and it's very hot. Did you just clock off work earlier today?"

"Oh, I sat for my medical licensing examination today." for visiting.

"Huh, was it today? Then, we should leave a few days later. Is your examination successful?"


"That's great. Oh, then we can play at ease now. Otherwise, our nervousness will affect our ability to view the nice scenery around us"

Ling Ran replied indifferently, "I have a written examination tomorrow."

"Ah? What Damn, the wifi in foreign countries is so bad" Ling Jiezhou's voice grew softly.

Suddenly, Tao Ping's voice was heard from the surveillance cameras, and it could be heard loudly and clearly in the treatment room.

"The snorkeling boat is departing now. Have you booked the lobster dinner for tonight? I want to eat cheese baked lobster"


There was no sound that came out from the surveillance camera.

Ling Ran looked at Doctor Xiong and said, "Do we need to hire a temporary cashier?"

"It's hard to get someone hired in such a short time." Doctor Xiong frowned. "Last time, when the number of patients was still low, I could handle things with Juan Zi. But now, the number of patients have increased. During busy hours, we'll be busy enough just with changing the transfusion bottles."

At this moment, Juan Zi stepped on the wooden floor and made loud crunching sounds as she walked over and said, "Ling Ran, are you not leading a team in the hospital now? Lend us an intern to do cashier work."

"Can we use the interns outside the hospital?" Ling Ran did not understand this sort of matters at all.

"Can't we do this now?" Juan Zi was even more stunned.

Doctor Xiong was also curious. "Can't interns be used outside the hospital nowadays? If that's the case, what's the point of having them around?"

Ling Ran recalled the three interns that the hospital arranged for him. They were really not that useful

Juan Zi exercised her arms and said as she recalled the things that used to happen in the past, "When I used to work in the hospital, the doctor who led the team could use the interns as he liked. Everyone fought hard to buy and deliver food at that time. I was only one hundred and fifty-four pounds then."

Ling Ran could only shake his head.

He still did not feel that it was appropriate to make the interns help out in his family clinic.

"We'll just be using them for ten days, then your father will be back." Doctor Xiong tried to persuade him again. When he saw that Ling Ran was not swayed, he could only touch his own chin and said, "Otherwise, we can call a pharmaceutical sales representative to help us. Do you have any suitable pharmaceutical sales representatives available?"

"Oh, I have one," Ling Ran replied very firmly and quickly this time.

Different doctors had different perspectives on how to use pharmaceutical sales representatives. Some liked to employ professional pharmaceutical sales representative, some liked those who would give them rebates, and some liked those who used their bodies to serve them

Ling Ran liked those who worked hard.

"You can call Huang Maoshi." As Ling Ran spoke, he felt that his entire body had relaxed. He went back to his reclining chair and lay down comfortably.

This time, he took out a book and read.

The total score for the examination was six hundred marks. If he could not get at least five hundred and eighty-eight marks in this medical licensing examination, he would be considered to have failed it.

What was the concept of getting five hundred and eighty-eight marks? It meant he had to 98% of the questions correct.

The success rate of antiretroviral medicine for AIDS was 98%, but people still thought it was too low. In AIDS-related infectious surgeries, the probability for getting infected by a poke on the finger was 1/300, which meant that the rate of not getting infected was 99.67%, but people still thought it was too low. If that percentage was converted to marks, that would mean getting five hundred and ninety-eight marks in an examination where the full mark was six hundred.

Therefore, five hundred and eighty-eight marks was considered a baseline for six hundred marks.

If he needed to reach the baseline, he still needed to spend a long time on reading and doing revision. For Ling Ran, this was considered a big blow to him.

When he thought of those students who could remember every word that they read, and those who could memorize and understand the concept after they just glanced at the books for a few minutes, Ling Ran felt himself being filled with endless fighting spirit.

The world was not fair. Everybody still needed to work hard!


On the next day, Ling Ran drove his Volkswagen Jetta and brought along his tracheotomy pack as he drove slowly to Yun Hua University, which was the examination hall today.

Yesterday, he finished the surgery which he had previously scheduled because the patient had asked for him, and the surgeries for today and tomorrowwhere the patients had also requested him to operate on themwere pushed back, so now, he instantly felt at ease.

Just like during his university life, Ling Ran took his time to have his breakfast in the cafeteria before he walked slowly to the examination hall.

The cafeteria lady still remembered Ling Ran, and she gave him a super big portion ofstuffed buns, steamed buns, side dishes, porridge, meat, vegetables, and other food

Ling Ran walked around for a while. When he felt that he had digested the food in his stomach, he entered the examination hall.

It was very quiet in the examination hall. The invigilator was friendly and had a good attitude.

The exam questions were very simple. They were all multiple choice questions, so his speed in answering the questions was extremely fast.

Ling Ran carefully filled up the answer sheet. Before he submitted his question paper, he heard a noise outside the examination hall. In a short while, a voice was heard. That person was also clearly suppressing his excitement when he shouted. "Someone fainted!"

Ling Ran lowered his head and looked at his paper. He then gazed outthe window. He wondered slightly whether he should take his tracheotomy pack over.

Many people who fainted needed tracheotomy.

At this time, the noise outside the window grew louder.

"Make way, I'm a doctor!"

"Who isn't a doctor here?"

"Don't push. There's only a patient, it's useless to have so many doctors here."

"I'm a Chinese medicine practitioner, I can take his pulse."

"I'm from the Respiratory Medicine Department, I've seen this symptom many times before"

"You're a student who came to take the medical licensing examination, right? Are there doctors here who already has their license?"

"All of us have Come, make way, please. You all look as if you've never met a patient before or something."

Through the window, Ling Ran felt that the noise outside was similar to a huge Legoland.

"I'll submit my question paper." Ling Ran put his hand up.

"The student who wants to submit question paper, please sit down. Other students, don't look around and answer your questions." As the invigilator spoke, she walked over and gazed at Ling Ran's answer sheet before she smiled and asked, "You also want to go out and test your skills, don't you?"

"I'm afraid that there's no place for me." Ling Ran shook his head. "If it's a Transformer, at least a few people could test their skills."

The invigilator was stunned for a while. She covered her mouth and giggled. "That's a very interesting viewpoint you have there!"