Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 395

396 Surprise

After the examination ended, Ling Ran left for home to rest.

These two days were considered his holiday.

Ling Ran was now a real group leader for a treatment group, so his working hours was naturally the same as a person in-charge of a treatment group. In short, his working hours were free, and there was no concept of arriving late or leaving early for him, neither were there any weekends, holidays, or even day-offs in lieu. He could also come and leave as he wished.

However, if there were not enough patients in a treatment group and their number of surgeries was not high enough, the person in-charge of the group would not have a high reputation in the medical world, or if his managing ability was not good, he would face the danger of losinghis position any time.

Unlike the busy life in Yun Hua Hospital, the Ling family's Lower Groove Clinic bustled with life, but there was also an air of prosperity in it.

As Ling Ran entered the clinic, he saw a board with the words [10 RMB for a five-minute massage. Receive service upon arrival.] hung above the corridor behind the door. There was a long queue formed by old gentlemen and old ladies. The line had already went past the corridor to lead to the courtyard. They looked like the snake in the Snake game.

"Ling Ran, you're back? I heard that your massage is quite good. Do you want to help? The young novice monk might have his hands full."

When he looked closely, he found that there were not just old gentlemen andold ladies. There were also middle-aged people and youngsters in the queue.

Those who shouted Ling Ran's name were the neighbours in Lower Groove, and they were all of similar age with Ling Ran

Ling Ran stared at them, but he could not recall their names. So, he gave up and turned around to take out his own board from the storeroom, which had the words [25 RMB for a two-minute massage. Please make an appointment beforehand.] written on it. Then, he said, "I will come out to massage you two hours later. Those who need it, you can pay and register at the cashier counter."

"Hey, is there any need for this to be so formal?" A young man who just came for the first time was slightly pissed off when he saw the old board and the extremely forceful registration system. 'We all grew up together in the same alley, so why did youEven if you have always been a model child, you can't just take the money from our pockets like this!'

This young man secretly calculated in his heart. 'If he earns 25 RMB after a massage that's around 2 minutes, then he can earn 125 RMB in 10 minutes! Earning an hourly wage of 700 RMB is too much! Even the girls in Dali City dare not earn this much!'

At the very least, the girls would not get this amount of money when the money was distributed to them.

Ling Ran did not like to argue with people. So, he just nodded before he turned around and walked up the stairs.

The youngsters in the area were stunned. Before they could say anything else, the number of people in the long queue was reduced by half.

Many of the old ladies and old gentlemen rushed to Huang Maoshi's cashier counter and registered their names.

Charging 25 RMB for only two minutes of massage was definitely outlandish, but for people who had enjoyed Ling Ran's massage before, they would not care whether the massage was for two or twenty minutes. What they cared was the painless peace that would last for two to three weeks after the massage.

There were also some middle-aged people and youngsters who also registered at the cashier counter out of curiosity, who just followed the trend and registered, or because they were introduced to the service by the people beside them.

Huo Maoshi quietly registered them. When he felt like he had written down the names of around twenty people, he stood up and said, "There are not many slots left now. So, people at the back do not need queue up anymore, we will just stop here."

After he finished his words, even more people rushed over.

"Six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred" The young man from the neighbourhood counted the money while his face turned red. At that moment, he recalled many of the past events that he had selectively forgotten, and they were all memories of the model child Ling Ran.

Extremely good looking, did very well in studies, obtained a lot of awards, was extremely welcomed by girls, always won all the different contests he entered

"Doctors nowadays are so full of malice!" The young man sighed long and hard.


At Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center, Zuo Cidian instructed the interns to put the flower bouquets and a cake tower in the middle of the meeting room. Then, those things were covered with a drape above them.

At the same time, Lu Wenbin ordered a few housemen in the department and outsiders to arrange the champagne tower and pork trotter tower. They then covered them with a drape as well. for visiting.

"The chocolate fountain is here. Where should we put that?" Xie Yihe puffed out her chest as she walked into the room with two pharmaceutical sales representatives.

"Hide it behind the curtain, don't let it be discovered easily." Huo Congjun instructed them excitedly.

After a while, a chocolate fountain that was made to look like avolcanic eruption appeared in the meeting room.

"Department Director Huo, we're ready here." Xie Yihe smiled as she wiped her head to show that she had truly worked hard for this.

"Alright," Huo Congjun replied, then he said, "Check through everything again. Make sure there aren't any mistakes. When Ling Ran reaches later, don't let him find out."

"Excuse me Department Director Huo, Ling Ran may not like surprises, right?" Zhao Leyi did not look happy about this. Although he did not need to do any work, he felt that this situation was a little ridiculous when he saw the group of people working so busily just because Ling Ran had passed the medical licensing exam.

Huo Congjun chuckled and said, "A ceremonial air is needed in life, right?Furthermore, Ling Ran passed his medical licensing exam, do you know what's going to happen?"

"What will happen?" Zhao Leyi felt that something was not right.

"We can use Ling Ran as our publicity later on. Also, Ling Ran can use himself as a brand to publicize himself." Huo Congjun took a deep breath and thought about the future. He said, "Do you know why there are very few European and American patients who come for Ling Ran?"

Zhao Leyi's lips twitched. "I originally thought that maybe they have better doctors Are you saying the don't?"

"Stop joking around, there must be some doctors who are better than Ling Ran in Europe and America, but can everyone get the best doctor to treat them?"

"That's true. Our prices are cheaper, after all."

"The hospitals in the country has to aim to become international hospitals, right?" Huo Congjun only said that one sentence before he mentioned, "Since Ling Ran obtained his medical practitioner qualification certificate, the foreign doctors, and especially those doctors from developed countries as well as insurance companies will be even more willing to send their people here, don't you agree?"

Zhao Leyi did not think that it would be that easy. However, he was still surprised by Huo Congjun's globalization theory.

The internalization of healthcare was always a concept that would be mentioned in large medical conferences.

Mayo Clinic was the most obvious example. They received their high-end patients from all around the world, including rich and influential patients. The clinic provided them with world-leading treatment conditions, and they received world-class benefits in return.

If this were to put in the industrial field, Mayo Clinic would be like a factory that mastered core production skills. They provided services that could not be provided by other hospitals, and they received lucrative benefits which made themselves create even greater thresholds.

As the size of the global village was reduced, the operating mode employed by Mayo Clinic seemed to provide greater advantages as time passed.

From the perspective of a country, competition in the internationalization of healthcare could not be avoided. Not only did it mean bringing in a large amount of resources, but it also meant that they could set up standards, acquire information, and other things.

However, Zhao Leyi had never thought that Huo Congjun always kept this thought in his mind.

"Go and do your work first. Come and enjoy the party later on." Huo Congjun patted Zhao Leyi's shoulder and chased him out.

At 8.30 pm, Ling Ran came to the hospital based on the working hours of the hospital.

Zuo Cidian had been standing guard at the entrance a long time ago. He immediately brought Ling Ran to the meeting room at the first moment so that Ling Ran would not escape to the treatment room and put a delay to the surprise party.

The door was opened.

Ling Ran followed what Zuo Cidian had said and stood in the middle of the meeting room.


The loud sound of a champagne bottle opening could be heard, and confetti fell down from the air.

Then, the drapes that were put at the back and the middle of the meeting room were all pulled down.


As the crowd yelled, the champagne tower, big cake, chocolate fountain, and pork trotter tower were all displayed before Ling Ran.

As for Ling Ran, he quickly turned around, lowered his head, and took a few steps back so that he could get out of the area where the confetti fell.

Huo Congjun was extremely surprised when he saw that, "Did you guess it?"

"I had a feeling." Ling Ran could not just say that many people had thrown endless streams of surprise parties for him since elementary school, right?

Huo Congjun felt that he did a great job, so he smiled and said, "This is something young people like, right?"

Ling Ran faced the crowd and showed a smile that everyone expected. He said, "It isn't bad."

This was the experience he concluded after he experienced countless surprises.

"Congratulations on passing your medical licensing exam." Huo Conjun raised the champagne and said, "Everyone can only drink a cup. Those doctors who are on duty, don't drink. Cheers!"


Ling Ran also showed good cooperation and drank some wine.

"I also got you something." Huo Congjun looked at Ling Ran's expression before he chuckled and passed a folder to Ling Ran.

"Is this a few patients' medical records?" Ling Ran looked surprised when he opened the folder.

"I had a chat with a few directors from the Orthopedics Department from different hospitals. There are only a few doctors who can perform knee arthroscopic surgery in the province. Previously, they asked the patients to come over to Yun Hua Hospital on their own. Many patients thought that it was too troublesome and refused to come over." Huo Congjun laughed and said, "I asked them to refer them to us directly. What you're holding now is the list of patients who will be transferred here this week."

A big smile slowly showed up on Ling Ran's face.

"Cheers!" Ling Ran raised his champagne glass.

"Cheers." Huo Congjun laughed and drank all the champagne in the glass. Then, he hissed, took a deep breath, smiled, and said, "There's another thing, your previous assistant, Ma Yanlin is getting married soon. I'm thinking the Emergency Department should all go and attend his wedding."

"Okay." Ling Ran nodded.

"Marriage is one of the most important events in one's life, we should attend if we can. Besides, even though Ma Yanlin is now in the Hand Surgery Department, he could still be transferred back. Our Emergency Medical Center always lacks of manpower." Huo Congjun coughed and said, "Of course, most importantly, we want to celebrate the fact that two doctors in our hospital are about to be lawfully wedded. It's a good thing, a joyful matter"