Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 396

397 Invitation

There was finally a sign with [Doctor Ling Ran] written on it outside Ling Ran's office.

To prevent patients queueing up outside his office, which was what he hated the most, Ling Ran immediately came up with an appointment system.

Compared with having patients queueing up, the appointment system actually required more manpower. Medical staff were needed to schedule the time, and they had to pick up calls non-stop to ensure that the patients showed up at the right time.

Of course, hospitals in China were mainly unwilling to employ an appointment system because the subject of who was in-charge of consultationwhether it was the hospital itself or the doctorwould come into question.

When a patient made an appointment, they aimed to see a particular doctor. Even if the doctor were to be transferred to another hospital or department, those patients would habitually also be referred to the doctor's new hospital or department.

In contrast, outpatients or those queueing up in the hospital were aiming to be treated by doctors of a particular hospital, department, or at most, a treatment group. Even if there were a change in doctors, the patients' decision would not change.

However, just like other policies in hospitals, this only applied to ordinary patients and ordinary doctors.

Rich and powerful patients would not be affected by the rigidity of hospital policies. This also applied to skilled doctors.

Take Wu Mengchao, who was known as the Father of Chinese Hepatobiliary Surgery as an example. He was the first doctor who separated the hepatobiliary surgeries from general surgeries and established an independent department. Nineteen years after that in 1993, Wu Mengchao's Hepatobiliary Surgery Department established itself as a hospital in a hospital within Changhai Hospital.

Even though nineteen years had gone by since then, the number of doctors who could recreate Wu Mengchao's achievement could be counted on the fingers of one hand. for visiting.

Yun Hua Hospital did not need to take the opinions of other hospitals in the country into consideration, since they did not possess the ability to make a nationwide influence to begin with.

Ever since Huo Congjun's Emergency Medical Center was established, he had a say in a lot of things.

And since Huo Congjun allowed Ling Ran to employ a reservation system, Ling Ran did not encounter any obstacle in doing so.

In some ways, the reservation system also made it easier for patients.

At least, they would not need to queue up while feeling sick.

Ling Ran consulted ten patients every day, and they were all patients who were diagnosed with damage to their meniscus by lower-ranked hospitals and had decided to undergo surgery. After undergoing a simple examination in Yun Hua Hospital, operation would be carried out on the same day.

Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, and Zuo Cidian were assigned to work in the operating theater, the Medical Laboratory Department, and the wards respectively.

After he carried out two or three surgeries, Ling Ran would return to his office and examine the patients who were to be operated after that. The time between the examination and the operation allowed the patients time to make a decision.

Ma Yanlin also tried his best to find time to help out in the Emergency Medical Center.

His housemanship rotation had now allocated him to the Orthopedics Department. Naturally, he no longer got to perform anymore surgeries. Even though he had acquired considerable skills after assisting Ling Ran in so many cases of Achilles tendon repairs, he was far from being amazing at it.

He had not even managed to completely master the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique. Even if those in the Orthopedics Department allowed him to perform surgeries, Ma Yanlin himself would not dare to operate on patients.

Because of this, Ma Yanlin always came to the Emergency Medical Center after work so that he got to hone his skills.

Of course, the main reason of Ma Yanlin's change in his mindset was the fact that Lu Wenbin had started to act as the chief surgeon in M-Tang technique surgeries.

In the grand scheme of things, surgeons who perform surgeries like the M-Tang technique surgery could be considered as blue-collared surgeons. It was different from surgeons who perform surgeries such as coronary artery bypass surgery, and they would be considered as high-class white-collared surgeons, and surgeons who performed surgeries such as organ transplant and craniocerebral surgeries were similar to gold-collared surgeons. The M-Tang technique surgeries had to be done in a timely manner before the damage to the tendon was irreversible, and it was also a very taxing surgery which required the surgeon to be very meticulous. Coupled with the fact that the M-Tang technique surgery was not something that was carried out to save people's lives, if a surgeon was not able to carry it out at a top-notch level, he would only be a high-class blue-collared worker.

But it was, after all, a surgery which could allow a surgeon to establish a stable position in the hospital.

Ling Ran had secured his position in Yun Hua Hospital by performing M-Tang technique surgeries.

Department Associate Director Pan from the Hand Surgery Department was still diligently honing his craft when it came to the M-Tang technique surgeries.

Ma Yanlin reckoned that as Lu Wenbin took in more and more cases, his position would also become more and more secure. Two years later, Lu Wenbin might have his own assistants, and after that, he would probably steadily climb up the ranks of the hospital and become an attending physician, and then an associate chief physician...

This was how most young associate chief physicians got their positions. They would, by chance, outperform their peers with their skills, and hence receive more resources. And because of this, they got to rise up the ranks speedily.

After he made a general observation in the hospital, Ma Yanlin knew that within Yun Hua Hospital, Ling Ran from the Emergency Medical Center was the only doctor who could provide him with ample resources.

Even though the Hand Surgery Department was a top department, unless Department Director Jin Xi gave Ma Yanlin his full support, Ma Yanlin would not get much chance to carry out surgeries.

Naturally, it was impossible for Department Director Jin Xi to strongly support Ma Yanlin either.

Hence, Ma Yanlin ended up trying his best to help out in the Emergency Medical Center as cheap labor so that he could carry out more surgeries.

As Ling Ran had been carrying out knee arthroscopic surgeries these few days, Ma Yanlin assisted him in doing so. He was not picky at all.

Just like this, the first batch of patients Huo Conjun sent over was basically taken care of.

On Friday, Ma Yanlin officially gave out invitation cards two days before his wedding.

"All of us from the Emergency Medical Center will attend your wedding. Department Director Huo said that we must grace your wedding with our presence, as you were once part of us." Lu Wenbin was a little envious of Ma Yanlin.

After all, Ma Yanlin was getting married. All Lu Wenbin did nowadays was wake up early to go to work and sleep late at night. Even though he could afford a house in the center of Yun Hua City, buy a BMW 5 Series, and employ a few people, what could it amount to?

Ma Yanlin who was almost getting married, was feeling anxious rather than blissful. He said as he presented the invitation cards to the other doctors with both hands, "Please do attend my wedding. The bride's side has a lot of family members, and I don't want there to be too much of a discrepancy in terms of the number of guests."

"What does your bride's family members do?"

"All of them are doctors," Ma Yanlin said in a hushed tone, "Her father used to be a chief physician in the Gynaecology Department of the Second People's Hospital."

"Is his surname Wei? Chief Physician Wei from the Gynaecology Department of the Second People's Hospital, right? I think I have met him before." Someone recalled.

Ma Yanlin smiled politely. "She has a lot of extended family members too. We'll probably have to set up quite a lot of banquet tables."

"How many tables do you guys plan to set up?"

"Eighty." Ma Yanlin gestured with his fingers.

Zuo Cidian widened his eyes in astonishment. "Eighty tables? There'll be eight hundred guests?"

"Twenty tables will be allocated to the members of the Emergency Medical Center." There was a coy expression on Ma Yanlin's face, and he was feeling really joyous.

When it came to events like weddings, one really needed to keep up appearances.

Just like what Huo Congjun reckoned, almost two hundred staff members from the Emergency Medical Center agreed to attend Ma Yanlin's wedding because he ordered them to do so. Ma Yanlin was deeply touched by his colleagues from the Emergency Medical Center as well. All his family members were at Zhousan Islands, and not many of them would be able to make their way to Yun Hua City to attend his wedding. Hence, he could only rely on those around him to keep up his appearances. And since he was a houseman who had only worked for a few years, not many people would be supportive of him.

There were not many people from the Hand Surgery Department, which was the department he was truly based, who agreed to attend his wedding. This was pretty disappointing indeed.

"Then, more than fifty tables will be allocated to your bride's side? She'll be inviting more than five hundred people?" Lu Wenbin clicked his tongue a few times and said, "This is going to be such a great feast."

"Wei Man's father is already retired. He's only a retired specialist now, and no longer holds any position." Ma Yanlin distributed all the invitation cards as he spoke. He then looked at his watch and said, "I'm running out of time. I have to head to the operating theater now. Can you guys help pass these invitation cards to the delivery guy when he arrives later?"

"Sure. Where are you sending them to?"

"A few old classmates. I've written their addresses at the back of the envelope. I also sent one to Boss Shao in case he wants to come." After spending a considerable amount of time in the Emergency Medical Center, Ma Yanlin already knew Boss Shao quite well.

The other doctors nodded. They did not mind passing those invitation cards to the delivery guy on Ma Yanlin's behalf, as it was no big deal.