Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 397

398 There Are Still Many Good People In The World

The sound of neat footsteps rang in the hallway of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center at half-past four in the morning.

In the O-type ward, echoes overlapped each other, and it sounded like how the stomach would churn when a person suffered from diarrhea. One wave followed by another. Before one wave settled, another came, as both waves stacked together, the difficulty to distinguish between the two doubled...

The patients and their families living in the ward who were in deep sleep were alright, but those who were light sleepers were awakened, and they could not help but tremble. 

"This is a new building, right? Could it be that some souls who cannot rest in peace have returned?"

"I haven't heard of anyone dying here."

"You must be joking. This is a hospital. How can a hospital not suffer from any deaths before?"

Two patients in a room whispered. A courageous family member stood up. "Let me see who's trying to be funny here."

Without waiting for the others to respond, he already opened the door and looked out. 

"How's it?" the patient behind enquired with a low voice.

"It's motherf*cking scary!" The voice of the patient's family who looked out quivered. 

The legs of the person behind him were about to start trembling. "You better don't... don't be scaremongering."

"Come and take a look at it yourself."

"I have a limp, how can I come over and look?"

"I'll go." Another patient's family member who came to accompany the patient stood up and walked two steps forward. He hesitated a little before he continued to take big steps forward. He then craned his head and looked out the door. 

"Crap!" He could not help but scream. The shock in his tone could be heard easily.

"What happened, what happened?" The other people in the room were also woken up.

Since there were more people who were awake right then, a few of them looked at each other, arrived by the door, and looked out. 

There were a few heads that would look out once every few doors down on both sides of the long corridor. These people looked around curiously. 

The sound of neat footsteps continued traveling into their ears from the end of the corridor.

It was a group of doctors with their chests puffed out and their heads held high. They walked in a line. 

"Isn't it predawn?"

"It's half past four, right?"

"That's right."

"I bet they're doctors from the Psychiatry Department."

"They look like zombies."

"Zombie doctors? Hey, this subject seems to be pretty good."

More people craned their necks to look into the corridor. Everyone was not afraid anymore. They just watched the doctors get closer.

Instead, some of the heads that looked out belonged to the old patients and their family members, and they let out the snickers that were unique to the experienced elderly. 

"It's half-past four in the morning, this means that Doctor Ling will now personally perform ward rounds. Now that is what I call a dedicated doctor."

"Doctor Ling, who does knee arthroscopies?" Some who did not know could not help but ask for confirmation.

"Who else? There's no other Doctor Ling. Didn't you guys come because of Doctor Ling's reputation?" These elders looked at them strangely. Ling Ran did not do consultations, so those people who came would research his background to a certain degree. 

The patient's family who arrived later was someone who just followed the trend and came to Yun Hua Hospital because of someone else's recommendation. He said in confusion, "We were transferred from Yiyuan County Hospital. The surgery was done by Doctor Ling. I don't know much about the exact details."

"If the surgery is done by Doctor Ling, then there'll be no problem. Doctor Ling's surgery success rate is incredible."

The relationship between patient and doctor was a very strange thing.

Sometimes, some patients will be extremely hostile toward the doctor and will retain a hostile attitude when they interacted with the doctor. Sometimes, some patients trusted doctors and even worshipped doctors. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

No one wanted to argue about the quality and success rate of a doctor at half-past four in the morning.

Others just listened when someone else said such a statement. They just simply listened with a pinch of salt. 

Ling Ran turned a deaf ear toward the movements and sounds in the corridor.

He actually liked to do ward rounds in the morning.

Just like doing surgery in the early hours of the morning, his mind was clear, his thoughts were focused, and it was not like during the daytime, where he would run into many interferences by people and other things. It can be said that he was fast and efficient during this time. 

Doing ward rounds at this time would also cause the questions the patients and their families made to be more closely related to their physical conditions. When the doctors asked them questions, they would also run into fewer interferences. Many of the quirky family members would want to sleep instead. They would not be able to wake up even if the doctors wanted to wake them up at five in the morning.

Even the US, which was the most humane country in the world, had their doctors preferring to do ward rounds in the morning.

Because the resident doctors were the ones doing ward rounds and they were extremely busy every day. They had to save time as much as possible and find extra time to do ward rounds.

Of course, no matter in which country, performing ward rounds at dawn would make them inevitably encounter some complaints and dissatisfaction. For Ling Ran, this led to the decrease of Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests.

However, he would still have a chance to receive the Treasure Chests the next day if he did not receive them today. 

Ling Ran buried his head in work and was not too calculative of the Treasure Chests he received.


The ward round was only over after around two hours passed. 

Lu Wenbin waited for Ling Ran to announce the end before he looked at his phone. He said, "Doctor Ling, I want to go to the wedding site to help out earlier. Can I leave early?"

"Sure." Ling Ran was always the type to only care about doing his own tasks after he set his rules. He would not actively manage other people's actions.

But for some unknown reason, regardless of when he was in Yun Hua University School of Medicine or Yun Hua Hospital, there were few people who would violate the rules he implemented, even though he operated in this manner. 

All of them, including Lu Wenbin and the others, would not easily be late or leave earlier.

Lu Wenbin had to apply for leave for making a beautiful pork trotter tower today. He also left his white coat and slipped away immediately after his leave was approved. 

In a place such as a hospital, having problems arise when someone lingered around the area for too long was not a lie. Even if a doctor bought a ticket to go abroad, that doctor would not be able to leave when the Emergency Department summoned them with a sudden call. 

This was especially so in places such as the Emergency Department. No matter how badly the doctors regretted their own air tickets and holidays disappearing into nothing, how much they feared their wives, and how much they loved their children, when they watched their patients lay on the beds, human compassion and empathy would inevitably come into play.

Of course, no one would care if the patient just suffered from a small accident or sickness.

When the doctor left the hospital, the burden in his heart and the responsibilities he shouldered would become lesser.

Ling Ran watched Lu Wenbin take his leave, counted the time, and said in a straightforward manner, "Everyone, you can also rest. Just attend the wedding on time."

"How are you going to the wedding later?" Zuo Cidian quickly asked.

"I am driving there."

"That's good, that's good. Department Director Huo seemed to have booked a bus. When it's time, you can also take the bus at the entrance."

"Then I'll take the bus." Yu Yuan raised her hand immediately.

"Doctor Ling, can I sit with you?" This time, it was Tian Qi who spoke.

Tian Qi wore a blue Hermes quilted jacket today. It looked lovely but yet formal. She seemed to have run upstairs because she was panting softly. 

Ling Ran nodded. "Alright, when would you want to leave?"

"Just go according to your time." Tian Qi smiled.

Ling Ran thought for a while. "Then let's just go now and see if we can help or something."

As Ling Ran spoke, he went toward the elevator.

Tian Qi was so pleased that she swung her arms happily and followed Ling Ran into the elevator. Then, she went into the small Volkswagen Jetta.

Ling Ran had driven the second-hand Volkswagen Jetta for quite some time, but the three major components were still in good condition. Only the interior was still outdated, and the luxurious air about the car was slightly inferior to the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

"You can open the window for a while. The air conditioner will produce some smell when it has just been switched on," Ling Ran said while he started the small Volkswagen Jetta. He heard the roaring of the engine.

Tian Qi sniffed and frowned. She immediately opened the window and said happily, "The smell is really less pungent this way."

"It'll be alright after we start driving for a while," Ling Ran said as he slowly steered the steering wheel and slowly drove out from the parking lot.


Ma Yanlin's wedding hall.

This was a wedding dinner with eighty-two tables. If they included the hired wedding company's staff, there were more than a hundred people helping out with wedding preparations. 

The relatives of the two families did their best to do stuff. They hung the balloons, hung the couplets, prepared small gifts, and more. They were really just there to join in the fun of being part of this joyous occasion instead of really helping out.

Even the parents from both families chuckled and helped out. One decorated the place with balloons, and another distributed small salted fish.

"Be careful!" A shout from the stage shook the balloons, and they flew all over the place.

A staff member who was moving the sound system missed a step and fell.

Subconsciously, he extended his hands below the sound system and tried to save the valuable machine which was worth tens of thousands of RMB.

The doctors present at the scene watched his movements, and all of them put on expressions that said they could not bear to look at the accident happen right before their eyes. 

"His fingers would be severed, right?"

"Not too sure how many fingers."

"The main point would be to look at whether the injury is severe or not, right? A broken finger is harder than handling three severed fingers."

The doctors' professional attributes were activated in the blink of an eye. 

"First aid kit."

"Call the ambulance."

"Don't touch the injured first. Some of you come over and help move the machine. Please pass the tourniquet."

A middle-aged doctor stood up and commanded in an orderly manner. He said, "Young Wang, come and help me. Leave six men to help carry the things up. Other people, just continue doing whatever you were doing. Others who can't help, don't surround the patient, alright?"

The ones who were in the hall were relatives, friends, and the wedding company staff, who were paid to work. All of them spread out at their own volition. 

"I have a stretcher in my car, as well as an oxygen cylinder and a simple emergency medical pack. Is there a kind soul who can help me take it?" Boss Shao had just entered when the accident happened on the stage, so he witnessed the entire process. And in a very experienced manner, he provided some personal items. 

Two young people quickly ran over, took the keys from Boss Shao, and flew to find his car.

"Thank you, thank you. Thank you for everyone's help." The manager of the wedding company had already been frightened and dumbstruck. At this moment, he finally calmed down. He thanked everyone in the area and offered his thanks to them with his fist in his palm. He let out a relieved sigh. "There are still many good people in the world!"