Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 398

399 Professional

When Ling Ran and Tian Qi arrived, the staff from the wedding service company who had his fingers severed was already sent into an ambulance.

An associate chief physician from the Hand Surgery Department in Yun Hua Hospital left with the ambulance.

Everybody expressed their envy toward him. In a hall that could accommodate eight hundred people but only had two hundred people in it, it was an achievement for this doctor to pretend to be amazing in front of these people. The scale of a normal local medical conference could be said to be huge if eight hundred people came. It was also extremely difficult to get two hundred people out of the eight hundred to come and watch a surgical demonstration.

Even Boss Shao said this when he saw and greeted Ling Ran, "The Hand Surgery Department from Yun Hua Hospital performed in an outstanding manner today. A few people here commented that the Hand Surgery Department from Yun Hua Hospital was very decisive in handling emergencies, and was very good at taking protective measures like bleeding control and dressing on the spot."

Ling Ran was surprised when he heard this. "Someone has already been injured?"

Boss Shao said, "It's also quite severe. It's one of the more severe injuries that I've ever seen, but he's quite lucky, because there's a doctor who could treat him on the spot. When I was young, I went to Mount Huangshan for mountain climbing. One of the traveling companions I met was really unlucky. He ate a steamed bun but choked. He couldn't spit it out, but he couldn't swallow it either. He was choking so hard that his face became pale green. So, we couldn't do anything but take turns to carry him down the mountain, we even made a stretcher"

When Tian Qi heard this, she asked curiously, "What happened after that?"

"After that, when it was my turn to carry him, since my stamina was very bad and that traveling companion was very sturdy, I accidentally fell down, but it also made him cough out the steamed bun. He's lucky. When people fall down, they will scream because of the pain. But at that time, when I fell down, I might have thrown him so far away that the effect of the fall came out good!" Boss Shao recalled a story when he was young, and a faint smile showed on his face.

Tian Qi imagined the pain of being thrown from the stretcher, and she could not help but ask, "Isn't that something maneuver? I think it's called Heimlich Maneuver?"

"Nobody knew it at that time. I also hadn't met many such accidents before, so I didn't learn it at that time." Boss Shao became more emotional as he recalled and said, "Luckily, it was still okay at the end. My traveling companion got his both legs broken. I heard his legs were reconnected back, but he couldn't go mountain climbing anymore. Ah! After that, I didn't go mountain climbing too. Places that ambulances can't reach are too dangerous."

During the conversation, another commotion rose in the crowd ahead of them.

"Urk" The sound was unpleasant to all who heard it.

Boss Shao frowned when he heard the sound. "This sounds like something is stuck in someone's throat."

"Excuse me, excuse me, everyone, please give me some space. Those who are not family members and doctors, please leave." The doctor who was the first to rush to the place took out his stethoscope and gave his instructions loudly. He then asked, "What's going on?"

"I I fed him some fish, and he seems to have a fish bone stuck in his throat" A woman who sat on the floor hugged a seven or eight-year-old child, and she was so anxious that she had sweat on her forehead.

"Let me take a look," the doctor with the stethoscope said before he raised his head. When he saw that the crowd had not moved, he could not help but say, "Those who are not family members and doctors, please leave. Are there so many family members? Is it that interesting to watch a patient?"

"I'm a doctor."

"I'm a doctor too."


"Doctor from the Emergency Department!"

The people who surrounded them looked like they had all the reason to be there.

Instead, the doctor who crouched down was stunned. for visiting.

An old doctor with white hair and a white beard took a step forward and said in a very experienced manner, "Let's do it this way. Those who are not related experts, please leave."

The crowd who surrounded the area started to move. Soon, about 70% to 80% of the doctors left, and there were only fewer than twenty people on the spot. All of them looked at the patient and doctor in the middle sternly, anxiously, and curiously.

The doctor who was on the floor and held the stethoscope began to have a strange look on his face.

Boss Shao looked through the thin human wall and watched what happened in the middle, and he could not help but laugh. "Knew it, he's still too young."

"What do you mean?" Tian Qi found that there were too many things to focus on in front of her. She felt like she had arrived at an Emergency Department, and it was all very chaotic.

Boss Shao looked like he was so experienced that he could handle the situation. He smiled and said, "You heard what the old doctor said, right? Let's not talk about him mentioning relatedfield of expertise first, experts are generally known as associate chief physicians and chief physicians. Those who are not particularly shameless will find themselves too embarrassed to say that they're experienced when they have just become associate chief physicians."

"Then, what does it have to do with him being young?"

"I guess he only just remembered that he's surrounded by associate chief physicians and chief physicians." Boss Shao could not help but laugh.

Tian Qi was still confused. She turned to Ling Ran and asked, "What does Boss Shao mean?"

Ling Ran answered calmly, "This has now become a surgery where he will be lectured by experts."

Tian Qi came to a realization. "Does he now need to be observed by a group of experts when he takes out the fish bone?"

Ling Ran nodded.

"This is just like how a student who has just done a powerpoint presentation and who originally intends to show the powerpoint presentation in class suddenly has a group of related experts come into his classroom, right?" Tian Qi understood very quickly.

Boss Shao smiled lightly and said, "If he were an expert, this would be a surgical demonstration. Unfortunately, he is a young doctor, and this will be a guided surgery."

The young doctor who was sprawled on the floor was already sweating at the moment. He took a gauze and put it under the child's tongue to serve as a cushion. He tried to grab the fish bone using forceps a few times, but it did not have any effect. In a short while, the small child was unhappy and started to cry, and this made the adult become more anxious as she said, "Can you do it? You're making him suffer a lot now."

If this happened at the emergency room in a hospital, the young doctor would already be using a laryngoscope now.

Once the location of the fish bone was confirmed using the laryngoscope, the doctor could easily get the fish bone out with a pair of forceps.

Even if the fish bone was very deep, it would not be any problem if they used surgical forceps.

Right then, the doctor really wanted to announce that the boy needed to go to the hospital.

However, he felt embarrassed to send the patient away while he was under the gazes of so many experts. He also did not dare say that he was incapable of getting the fish bone out.

The situation became extremely awkward.

"Let's go inside and help." Ling Ran glanced at him a few times before he lost his interest.

He always saw doctors getting out fish bones and other similar work in the Emergency Department. At that moment, he could not help, and he was not interested in butting into the situation.

He did not have the specialist skill for remove abnormal substances from throats, and he did not really care if he had it or not.

Even though there were always some doctors who were very good at getting out fish bones stuck in the throat in the Emergency Department or among the people, this was just a small skill, and it could be easily solved with the help of a laryngoscope. Using tweezers or other traditional skills was just a way of increasing the comfort for the patient and reducing the complexity of the surgery.

The was possibly one of the only few skills that young doctors could study extensively in a hospital.

After becoming senior resident doctors or attending physicians, the probability for them to approach fish bones would become very low.

If the person had a steamed bun stuck in his throat, perhaps more skill would be required, and the patient might even need tracheotomy. Every year, there were at least three thousand people who died of choking in the country. It was mainly because the food had entered the trachea, and the patients were not able to arrive at the hospital for tracheotomy in time.

Ling Ran and his group walked into the hall before they saw the staff from the wedding service company absent-mindedly hanging balloons.

Boss Shao quickly reminded him. "Be careful, if you fall down from such a high ladder, you will get a bone fracture."

They then took a few steps forward before they saw a few people happily conversing with each other while they set up a camera.

Boss Shao immediately reminded them. "Be careful, it will be very problematic if a heavy camera like this drops and smashes someone."

He kept on giving out reminders as he walked. He felt so good that he said, "I think I eliminated many hidden dangers."

Right after he finished speaking, a loud bang sound was heard from behind them.

Everyone immediately turned around. They saw a plump man jump down from a table. He looked at the countless faces that were turned toward him. There was confusion on his face.

"What's wrong?" The fat guy lowered his head and looked around. "I didn't step on anything, right?"

"It's fine, it's nothing" The doctors who felt bored then turned around and chatted with each other again.

Tian Qi clenched her fists. She turned around in relief. She smiled and said, "It was quite shocking."

Ling Ran put down the tracheotomy pack given by Department Director Huo. He nodded and said, "It's alright. There are many doctors here, we don't have to worry much even if there're any accident here."

"Things are always chaotic when there are many people around. Accidents will happen very easily," Boss Shao said with a well of emotions in him, "Based on my experience, a hall with more than one hundred people will need a doctor among them. Of course, there are not that many doctors in the world, and this is something we can't help"

Tian Qi looked at Boss Shao with a puzzled look and said, "My family runs a mine that contains a few hundreds of workers, and we rarely need a doctor."

"Then, it's probably because your family's mine has good fengshui."

"It might be." Tian Qi thought before she suddenly laughed and said to Ling Ran, "Let me tell you something fun. My family originally runs a quarry, and the profit from it is only about tens of millions every year. But as we continued extracting materials from it, we suddenly extracted a jade"

Just as expected, Ling Ran's attention was attracted by the topic. "What type of jade?"

At this moment, Boss Shao finally responded. "Are you supposed to be asking that question right now? We're talking about a rich family who owns a mine here! A family who doesn't need to do anything and will still have the money to perform a kidney transplant!"