Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 402

403 A Building Collapsed

Ling Ran took the initiative to be on duty during the night. 

After all, no one would prepare any meals for him if he went home. He would need to come over to perform surgery the following morning, so he might as well just sleep in the on-call room.

After the Emergency Medical Center was completed, the conditions of the doctor's on-call room became better. The leaders of each treatment group could sleep in the third-string on-call room, thus getting a separate room and bed. There were people who will replace all the towels, bedsheets and other items. The on-call rooms were now no different from a hospital room.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ling Ran did not enter the on-call room after he completed his surgeries for the day. Instead, he used his feet to measure the new Emergency Center. In the end, he decided to choose a spot on the top floor directly above the main entrance and placed his reclining chair there before he slept comfortably on it.

This no-man's corner in the dead of night was Ling Ran's favorite introspection spot.

Here, no one will scream because they saw him, no one would push and pull at others before approaching him, no one would engage in idle talks with him, and no one would always be there to say something to attract his attention.

Ling Ran can lean against the recliner, do in-depth thinking, recall the resuscitations he performed today, and see what he missed. 

It was always hard to perform resuscitations perfectly. 

The race against time and mental pressure were the biggest enemies of resuscitations.

As humans, they would always want to speed up subconsciously and hope to use a way that would help them save time to reduce the difficulty of screening through their options and make up for the risks caused by making their decisions.

However, risks still existed.

There were many times when the doctor was not sure whether his decision was correct or not, but time would not allow him to carefully distinguish whether his choice was correct or not. 

Ling Ran first thought about the methods he used during today's CPR. The Perfect Level CPR naturally made his movements perfect during the early stages of the resuscitation. However, did he show any signs of negligence during the later stage because of his stamina? Ling Ran silently recalled the procedure, but he could not be certain. 

So, should he have performed a two-rescuer CPR?

A two-rescuer CPR naturally reduced Ling Ran's physical stress, making it easier for him to maintain high-quality external chest compressions for a long time. However, can having someone replace him and the person who replaced him maintain the quality of chest compressions within for a certain period of time?

It was also difficult for Ling Ran to be certain of this. 

Ling Ran can only think and make judgments with his mind now.

"However, not using any medication should have been a good decision." Ling Ran let out a sigh as if he was trying to comfort himself and pulled out his phone.

"The enemy will reach the battlefield in five seconds…"

When he listened to the familiar voice, Ling Ran's facial expression naturally became relaxed.

The most enjoyable thing about gaming was that he did not have to shoulder too many responsibilities, and gaming could reasonably adjust his emotions...


Ling Ran took a few deep breaths and adjusted his phone.

Another match!

A few minutes later...


Ling Ran looked up and sighed again. He could not help but miss the wounded patient of the esports team. If he received another wounded team member from an esports team, then it would be best if he injured his foot. Ling Ran could perform an Achilles tendon repair for him, and the patient could continue to play the game while he had a cast on. 

"All personnel on duty, please pay attention, all personnel on duty, please gather at the Emergency Medical Center resuscitation room immediately. All personnel on duty, please pay attention..."

The sound of the broadcast suddenly sounded in the quiet building at night, and it definitely gave a shock to those who heard. 

Ling Ran was stunned for a moment, but in the next moment, he stood up, put his phone back into his pocket, and quickly went downstairs.

Nowadays, broadcasts in hospitals would not be easily made, especially broadcasts in the Emergency Department. When it was made, it definitely spelled trouble.

When Ling Ran arrived at the resuscitation room, the Emergency Department's four resident doctors and Attending Physician Zhou had arrived. In addition, there were two orthopedists, one doctor from the Hand Surgery Department, and one doctor from the General Surgery Department.

Doctor Zhou saw Ling Ran and just nodded. He waited for a while to see two residents doctors who were from the Cardiothoracic Department and Neurosurgery Department rush over to their side. He then said, "A building under construction in Luxia collapsed, and there may be more than fifty people who participated in the construction."

The expressions of the people instantly became serious.

"How many people will we be assigned to each?" The current most senior doctor in the Emergency Department was Zheng Pei. He had a small beard on his chin, and it actually looked quite artistic. However, he made too many dirty jokes, and he looked rather sleazy. Even when he spoke about serious matters, it was easy for Zheng Pei to give the feeling that he was not serious.

Doctor Zhou looked at both sides and said, "We are not very sure how many people will be arriving at the end. It's said that the collapsed building affected the mobile homes at the construction site. Therefore, the total number of injured may vary greatly."

Everyone exchanged glances and could not help but to feel a little shocked.

Fifty injured people were already considered a large-scale public event. There might also be some lucky ones in the accident who were not heavily injured, and the ones who were truly injured, especially those who were seriously injured or killed, might not even amount to fifty people.

However, once it concerned housing areas, the number of people would be hard to predict.

Not a large number was needed to be added to the fifty that would make the incident be considered as a public event, with just another fifty patients, the scale of this public incident would definitely be one of the top public emergencies in Yun Hua.

"Twelve people have been confirmed in the first batch of wounded being sent to Yun Hua Hospital. Four have minor injuries, and eight have serious injuries." Doctor Zhou just briefed them on the actual situation and said nothing more, "Everyone, wear your surgical gowns, gloves, and protective clothing now."

"Do we need to wear protective clothing?" The resident doctor from the General Surgery Department was somewhat reluctant.

Doctor Zhou gave him a look and said, "We don't have time to wait for the four classic transfusion-transmissible infections test. That's how the Emergency Department works. We will save lives and treat the injuries first. If you want to wait, then you can wait until the laboratory report comes out to decide whether you want to wear protective clothing."

The hospital in the country only began to slowly learn how to take protective measures against infectious diseases after 2003. 

Units such as the Emergency Department were also the fastest to learn this, but they were forced to learn it quick. 

The doctors no longer grumbled. Each of them looked for a place to wear their clothes and gloves.

The nurses were all similarly equipped. They had also emptied the resuscitation room and treatment room.

At the same time, some nurses went to tidy up the operating theaters and observation room.

The other departments aside from the Emergency Department had also slowly begun to stir into activity.

"This is the biggest public emergency that we have encountered since the establishment of the Emergency Medical Center. It'll depend on us to show how great the Emergency Medical Center can perform." Doctor Zhou called Ling Ran and several other doctors in the Emergency Medical Center to gather together, and his expression was solemn.

Zheng Pei whispered, "When is the department director coming?"

"It would take him at least one hour."

"How about the ambulance?"

"It'll arrive after fifteen minutes." Doctor Zhou looked at his watch and said, "At this time, don't count on other people."

Several resident doctors in the Emergency Department nodded solemnly.

Although they had had several years of medical experience, even if they used their feet to think, they knew that the injuries of the patients today will not be too simple.

"Let's get prepared." Doctor Zhou watched the medical staff wear protective clothing and surgical gowns, raised his arms and brought everyone out to stand outside the reception door.

The wind at night was a little cold, but every doctor and nurses' faces were stern as they waited silently.

Doctor Zhou said, "Three more minutes. If an ambulance arrives earlier than expected, we must also be prepared."

No one said anything. 

Ling Ran looked straight ahead. His fingers moved slightly in the air.

'System, open the Treasure Chests.'

Ling Ran looked at the number that stated how many Basic Treasure Chests had obtained—126. He gave himself a reason silently, '127 minus one is 126. 127 is a prime number! It's a good number!'