Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 403

404 Polishing Skills At The Last Minute

"Countdown to one minute, get ready to receive the patient," Doctor Zhou shouted before he said, "Do you all understand the distribution?"

"Understood," all of them answered simultaneously.

At this time, if they struggled with the thought of them receiving orders from someone who was not from their department and was not their superior either, it would be meaningless. When attending physicians from the Emergency Medical Center organized an emergency team, the other doctors from the other departments just needed to follow instructions, and this was in accordance with the knowledge regarding first-aid.

Doctor Zhou had never borne such a heavy responsibility before. So, he reminded them once again. "Send the severely injured patients to the resuscitation room, while patients with minor injuries will be sent to the treatment room. Patients who don't have obvious injuries will be sent over to the observation room for observation. Also, patients who lost their vital signs or have lost any significance in rescuing them… send them over to me."

The doctors nodded one after another. Patients who lost any significance in being rescued was a challenge to medical ethics. This was especially so when the injury was complicated. Matters like who was to make the decisions and what right did he have to make those decisions were all very complicated affairs. 

Many doctors would rather face ten severely injured patients than to face a patient who was almost dying.

When Doctor Zhou showed that he was willing to take this troublesome matter away, this made all doctors including those from other departments feel relieved, and it was shown on their faces.

Meanwhile, Ling Ran's facial expression remained tense.

In front of him were five skill books and one hundred and twenty one Energy Serums.

The low production of skill books shocked Ling Ran again.

One hundred and twenty one Energy Serums… Together with the four hundred and four Energy Serums Ling Ran had left, this meant that Ling Ran had an accumulated number of five hundred and twenty-five Energy Serums.

The increase in Energy Serums was naturally something good, but being in possession of only five skill books did not make him feel satisfied.

Ling Ran waved his hand to open the first skill book in front of him. 

[Obtained: B-mode Ultrasonography Analysis (Specialist Level)] 

Ling Ran could not help but have his eyebrows raise.

B-mode ultrasonography was commonly known as B-scan.

Aside from B-scan were A-scan, which had been popular during the 50s and 60s, the three-dimensional C-scan and V-scan, D-scan, which was always known as Doppler ultrasound, and M-scan, which was mainly used to scan the cardiovascular system.

His ability to read MRI scans, which he obtained through the Basic Treasure Chest, was at Master level, but this ability to read B-scans was only at Specialist Level… However, it was still enough.

A normal surgeon might not even have a Specialist Level skill in reading B-scans. 

Ling Ran changed his train of thought. The MRI analysis ability that he obtained previously was limited to the four limbs. In contrast, the B-mode ultrasonography analysis skill he had was applicable to the whole body, and that meant his coverage had increased. 

If a doctor started to seriously learn reading B-mode ultrasonography from the moment he entered the hospital, it might still take him at least eight to ten years to be familiar with the whole body.

When he analyzed the situation from this angle, it made it impossible for Ling Ran to feel unhappy at all. 

'This came right on time.' Ling Ran cast a glance at the portable ultrasound by the side. 

Compared with MRI scans or X-rays, the immediate response from B-scans was the best. Its real-time imaging function enabled doctors to make dynamic observations and observe the condition and activity of the organs and tissues. This was its advantage over other imaging methods. Besides, the amount of radiation from B-scans was very low, its low cost was just as important as well. 

"When the ambulance arrives later, everybody, listen to my instructions, I will do the distribution of tasks…" Doctor Zhou continued to shout loudly.

Now, he was worried that they might not have enough manpower, so he tried hard to make full use of the current manpower he had as best as possible.

For the Emergency Department in a hospital when this kind of major and sudden incident happened at night, it was nearly impossible to provide treatment to every patient on time.

Doctor Zhou understood this very well, but he was afraid that the doctors from other departments might hesitate, so he stressed once again, "Saving the patients' lives is our most crucial task. Save their lives before treating their injuries. You must prioritize saving their lives first."

The doctors from the Emergency Department, including Ling Ran, had been brainwashed by Huo Congjun with such concepts, so they did not need such reminders from Doctor Zhou.

While Ling Ran listened to Doctor Zhou, he opened the second skill book.

[Single Skill Book: Total Splenectomy (Master Level)]

The spleen was the internal organ that was the easiest to destroy. Ling Ran had pinched on one before by using barehanded bleeding control on it. 

Total splenectomy seemed very complicated, but in truth, if Ling Ran learned it on his own, with sufficient practice materials, he could learn it in a few months time. If he wanted to reach Specialist Level, which would be at the level of senior attending physicians, he would probably take one to two years to reach that level.

Of course, considering the fact that everyone only had a limited number of spleens to be removed, it was quite impossible for a normal hospital to have sufficient practice materials. 

From this perspective, the Master Level Total Splenectomy allowed him to save up a few years in learning. 

Ling Ran nodded slightly and thought in secret. 'Since I now have the skill to analyze ultrasonographs as well as the total splenectomy skill, I can target patients with ruptured spleens.

They were about to receive a dozen severely injured patients. Most of them were probably injured by a fall, a crash, were mostly due to falling, or suffered from crush injuries. There was a high probability for him to run into ruptured spleens.

Ling Ran did not hesitate to open another skill book. 

[Single Skill Book: Hepatectomy (Master Level)]

Ling Ran nodded once again. He could now not just consider patients with ruptured spleens, he could also consider patients with ruptured livers. 

The fourth skill book.

[Single Skill Book: Orchiectomy (Master Level)]

He could also remove damaged testicles now. 

Ling Ran added a new entry to his list. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He opened the fifth skill book in the end. 

[Obtained one hundred times of abdominal anatomy dissection experience.]

Ling Ran's tense expression relaxed for a second. The feeling he had right then was how a stupid student would feel when he ran into the same question during a test.

Anatomical dissection experience could be said to be the scarcest thing among doctors.

One hundred times of abdominal anatomy dissection experience meant that one hundred cadavers were needed. Forget China, even other countries would find it hard to get this number. 

Ling Ran held his hands over his chest while he moved his fingers. 

Now, he was truly ready!


"The ambulance is here."

A nurse ran out and informed them. 

Right after she finished, the sound of the ambulance was heard. 

Everyone confirmed that they did not suffer from any auditory hallucinations before they got into position again. 

Within a minute, the ambulance in the lead passed by the flower beds before it stopped in front of the reception door of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center. 

The ambulance was opened at the back. A patient was carried out from it. His arrival was followed by the voice of a paramedic who came with the ambulance. "Splashed by bricks, hit on the head. The patient is conscious…" 

Doctor Zhou grabbed a torch and flashed it at the patient's pupils. When he realized the pupils were not enlarged, he sighed in relief before he immediately said, "Resuscitation room. Inform the Neurosurgery Department, Old Zheng."

"I'll take over." Zheng Pei nodded at the paramedic, turned around, and led the way. 

The ambulance drove away. Another ambulance soon drove in.

There was still only one patient in the ambulance. This time, it was an operator who was flung out from the tower. There were many bone fractures in his body, and he suffered from circulatory collapse. Since he was closer to the road, the patient was rescued from the rubble by the ambulance that came surging to the scene. 

When they saw this patient and the one before him, the doctors from the Emergency Department had pale looks on their faces. 

Any experienced doctor would know that the patients who were being sent to them know were all people who were injured at the perimeter of the disaster site. If they were already injured so badly, this meant that there would be more and more severely injured patients from the core of the disaster zone who will be sent to them later. 

Doctor Zhou shook his head and tried not to think too deeply. 

"Broken arms, compression injury on the fingers, multiple abrasions through the body…" Another patient who was covered in dirt all over his body was sent over from the third ambulance. 

"Treatment room. Doctor Ling?" Doctor Zhou immediately looked at Ling Ran.

"Follow me." Ling Ran immediately went forward and led the patient away. 

After he entered the treatment room, Ling Ran did not immediately enter the operating theater. Instead, he first observed and understood the patient's condition. Then, he made a simple fixation of the injured area, prescribed medicine, and said to the nurse, "Observe the patient's condition closely, if there's nothing special, transfer the patient to the Hand Surgery Department."

Keeping the patient under observation was the most important duty of the nurses, and it was also the only way for them to not lose their jobs in the hospital. 

The work intensity of the nurses in the Emergency Department was even higher. They were more sensitive to the changes in a patient's vital signs. When sudden accidents occurred, they would only produce many injured patients in one go, but if the nurses only had to attend to the injuries condition of one single patient, things would not become more complicated for them. 

The nurses nodded as an acknowledgment that she accepted the task. Ling Ran then immediately took off his gloves and changed into a pair of new ones. 

When it was about time, Doctor Zhou's shouts were heard, "Who else is free?! There's a patient with a ruptured spleen!"

Ling Ran went forward immediately.