Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 404

405 Have You Taken Care Of A Cat Before?

Ruptured spleens were the most commonly seen injury in the abdomen.

Ruptured spleens could be detected in half of the abdominal injuries in the world. At the same time, it was also the most dangerous in abdominal injuries.

Due to the rich blood supply in the spleen, ruptured spleens would usually be accompanied by massive bleeding. If doctors were in a situation or era where medical treatment could not be provided in time, the death rates caused by ruptured spleens would be extremely high.

When Doctor Zhou saw Ling Ran, he sighed in relief.

When they were at Boss Shao's restaurant, Ling Ran performed a barehanded bleeding control for a patient with a ruptured spleen in front of Doctor Zhou, and he kept up with it until they made it to the hospital.

In the current situation, as long as Ling Ran could last for a while, Doctor Zhou would be able to get more manpower to perform the spleen surgery for the patient.

In the worst-case scenario, they might need to wait a little longer until a doctor from the General Surgery Department could free up his time to perform spleen surgery.

Most of the patients in the Emergency Department had to be transferred to other departments, but it was not a suitable time for that now. If it were during the day, Doctor Zhou would not find it so difficult to distribute manpower.

"Ling Ran, you perform barehanded bleeding control for the patient first, I will arrange someone to perform splenectomy." Doctor Zhou gave an instruction in a gentle voice before he turned around. He was about to leave when Ling Ran spoke.

"I can perform splenectomy." Ling Ran grabbed the chance to show his abilities.

At this moment, Ling Ran looked like an intern.

If an intern had Master Level Total Splenectomy and one hundred times abdominal anatomy dissection experience under his belt but never had the chance to show his abilities in front of other doctors, he would naturally need to strive for a chance to show his abilities.

Doctor Zhou hesitated for a moment, but he still did not dare let Ling Ran perform the surgery. "You perform barehanded bleeding control first. If you want to perform the surgery, you can be the assistant in the operating theater later."

Once a doctor reached the level of a senior resident doctor, it was easier for him or her to learn new skills.

This was especially so in hospitals where the management was not strict. The doctor was allowed to learn whatever skill he wanted based on his position and job title, but not according to his proficiency. In comparison, Doctor Zhou could already be considered very cautious when he asked Ling Ran to be the assistant.

Otherwise, if Ling Ran went back to his treatment group, he could use whatever surgery method he wanted to.

At that moment, Ling Ran did not say anything else. He obediently nodded and performed barehanded bleeding control. He extended his hand into the patient's wound and pinched the spleen.

The gushing blood stopped in an instant.

Doctor Zhou could not help but click his tongue in amazement and said, "I still feel amazed no matter how many times I see this skill of yours. Normal people can't perform hemostasis using digital pressure like you."

"I just have to control my strength," Ling Ran said.

Doctor Zhou quickly nodded in agreement. He also knew that high strength would injure the tissues, while low strength did not have enough impact. However, controlling bleeding in internal organs using the hands might sound easy, but it was not.

If a normal person extended his or her hands into another person's abdomen, they would not even know what they damaged. So, what was the point for them to talk about strength? for visiting.

Doctor Zhou had always been interested in Ling Ran's barehanded bleeding control. Unfortunately, the situation right then did not permit them to chat more. When another ambulance arrived, Doctor Zhou immediately ran out again.

After the first batch of ambulances arrived, the arrival of the subsequent ambulances was at irregular intervals. The number was irregular as well. After some time, one would arrive, and after a very long time, another would arrive. Then, they would suddenly arrive one after another.

It could be seen that even the paramedics providing tense support and assistance at the construction site could not control the frequency of saving the patients.

Five minutes later, Ling Ran saw Doctor Zhou again.

"Go get ready in the operating theater, I will come in later," Doctor Zhou said.

"Are you the chief surgeon for the surgery?" Ling Ran looked at Doctor Zhou doubtfully. After all, he had always been lazy in performing surgeries.

Doctor Zhou could not help but sigh. "I can't get any more people to help me now. Even if I don't perform well, I've still performed dozens of splenectomies before."

A surgery like a splenectomy was considered quite common for a doctor in the Emergency Department. If Doctor Zhou only performed around dozens of cases before, Ling Ran had reasons to believe that he was only at Novice Level, maybe a little better than regular novices.

However, arguing with him right then would not improve efficiency.

Ling Ran rode on the gurney with his hand holding the spleen while he was pushed toward the operating theater in order to start preoperative preparation.

In a while, when everything was ready, Doctor Zhou finally showed up in the operating theater.

"Chief Physician Tao is here. I can rest for a while." Doctor Zhou smiled in a relieved manner. Then, he took the scalpel.

"Chief Physician Tao arrived so quickly?" Ling Ran was surprised.

Doctor Zhou laughed. "Chief Physician Tao doesn't need to take care of his grandchildren or his son. His wife goes square dancing every day, and he has insomnia. When we called him, he was probably being scolded by his wife in the bed. So, he'll definitely come faster than anyone else."

Ling Ran looked at Doctor Zhou, who looked like he wanted to mock Chief Physician Tao badly, and he actually thought that what Doctor Zhou said was quite reasonable.

Scrub Nurse Su Mengxue who had just joined the hospital for around one to two years had not heard of such gossip before. She could not help but ask, "Is Chief Physician Tao the kind of person who is afraid of his wife? I can't tell."

"How can you not know about that? Chief Physician Tao has dark circles every day."

"I thought" Su Mengxue stuck out her tongue.

"What are you thinking? At his age, Chief Physician Tao shouldn't have dark circles anymore." Doctor Zhou smiled.

Su Mengxue's face turned red and secretly glanced at Ling Ran. She quickly said, "I wanted to say that he plays with his phone every night."

"I was talking about him playing with his phone too, what were you thinking?" While Doctor Zhou spoke, he used the scalpel to make an incision and expose the spleen. He secretly sighed and thought, 'Young and beautiful nurses are indeed cuter. The atmosphere in the operating theater has returned, and now, I remember how to do the surgery.'

Su Mengxue snorted and did not want to talk anymore.

On the other hand, Doctor Zhou lowered his head and looked at the spleen. He frowned and said, "It's a Level 3 injury, we must perform splenectomy."

"Yes. The splenic hilum is partially ruptured. The blood vessels at the splenic lobe are damaged too." Ling Ran nodded.

Doctor Zhou nodded and said, "You're quite good at anatomy, no wonder you can do such a great job in barehanded bleeding control."

Ling Ran smiled shyly. He then instantly began executing the spoon-feeding technique by working together with Doctor Zhou.

If the Master Level Total Splenectomy was used by an assistant, it would still be so incredible that its existence would throw others into disbelief.

When Doctor Zhou wanted to separate the tissues, Ling Ran would fully expose the separated part. When Doctor Zhou wanted to do a perstriction, Ling Ran separated the blood vessels. When Doctor Zhou was ready to do an autologous transplant, Ling Ran cut the spleen tissue into thin slices

Doctor Zhou was very surprised by his own condition.

He knew his condition better than anyone else. Over the years he had procrastinated, Doctor Zhou's working hours were short, and his time spent doing surgeries was even shorter. Without a compatible number of surgeries and surgery time, his surgery skills could only be considered to be moderate level.

It meant that he was better than those who were below average but inferior to those who were above average.

However, at this moment, Doctor Zhou felt that he could operate smoothly as if he had accumulated years of experience, and at that moment, that experience came into play with an explosive force.

"Let's do this faster so that we can complete it earlier." As the surgery progressed, Doctor Zhou started to feel a little egotistical.

Ling Ran nodded and continued executing the medical spoon-feeding technique efficiently.

This was his fist total splenectomy. Even though he was at Master Level for this skill, Ling Ran was still willing to obtain more knowledge through his senses. So, he did not find it hard to be an assistant.

Instead, Doctor Zhou's skill made Ling Ran gain a deeper level of understanding toward him again.

Doctor Zhou might have only performed dozens of splenectomies, but his skill had already reached Specialist Level.

He managed to reach Specialist Level from Novice Level with just dozens of surgeries. Even though his other surgical skills also came into play and added to his skill level, it still proved that Doctor Zhou's talent was quite good.

With the help of Ling Ran's Master Level Total Splenectomy, Doctor Zhou could use his Specialist Level smoothly.

Both of them only used around thirty minutes to complete the surgery, and both of them became at ease.

Doctor Zhou checked again and raised his head confidently. He said with his chest puffed out, "Surgery is completed. I'll go back to the resuscitation room first."

Then, Doctor Zhou exercised his neck like a roasted chicken, threw away his gloves, and went out from the operating theater.

Ling Ran performed his task as an assistant seriously. After checking once again, he sutured the abdominal cavity for the patient, performed drainage, and sent the patient directly back to the recovery room.

When he returned to the reception door again, he could obviously see that the number of medical staff had increased by a large margin. Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, and the intern Guan Fei from Ling Treatment Group had also run over.

At the same time, the injuries of the patients also became more complicated.

Ling Ran looked around. He wanted to find something that could allow him to use his specialties.

*Wee-woo, wee-woo...*

Another ambulance arrived. A patient with gastrointestinal perforation was brought out.

Yu Yuan took the initiative to go over, asked a few questions in a low voice, and waved her hands to call Guan Fei to come over. "Come and help."

Guan Fei was very excited and ran over immediately.

For an intern like her, today's scenario was what should really happen in the Emergency Department in her mind.

Guan Fei could not help but feel excited that she could join such a huge occasion.

"Cradle this side." After Yu Yuan gave her an order, she glanced at Guan Fei and said, "You still remember the dissecting points for the small intestine, colon, and rectum, right?"

"I know a bit," Guan Fei replied in a soft voice.

Yu Yuan nodded, and her tone became softer. She said, "Have you taken care of a cat before?"

"Yes, I have," Guan Fei spoke in a manner as if she was chatting. She laughed and said, "My British Shorthair is very cute. Its eyes are blue and her name is Alyssa"

"That means you have cleaned poop before." Yu Yuan nodded and pointed at the patient's abdomen before she said, "Then, dig out all of his feces."


"Why do you think the General Surgery Department is called the feces-digging department?" Yu Yuan gestured to one direction with her chin.

"I I" Guan Fei's voice quivered.

"Hurry up," Yu Yuan said in a strict tone.

Guan Fei could only quietly push the patient toward the contaminated operating theater in the resuscitation room. She was crying while digging out feces.

Some medical staff who were not far away from her stared at Guan Fei who had just dyed her hair yellow and did exquisite eye makeup. They could hear her mumbling while she sobbed, "Alyssa was super cute! The cat poop was buried in the cat litter! I don't want to work as a feces-digger!"