Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 409

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The Emergency Medical Center fell silent at three o'clock in the morning.

The number of patients did not grow fewer, but the patient's families were so tired that they could barely cry and shout anymore.

Every specialist department had started on operations. The seriously injured patients were sent to the operating theater before they were transferred to the wards of those specialist departments. The patients with minor injuries were treated on the spot, and fell asleep while receivinginfusions.

Sleeping and tired patients' families could be found all the way from the treatment room to the observation room.

Ling Ran leaned against the wall as he looked at the tired people along the corridor. He held a cup of warm water, blew against it, and drank. He was not really thirsty, but he wanted to get his hands warm to let the blood at the end of his fingertips flow.

"The patients' families will frequent the hospital the most during the first three days they're injured. After that, the numbers will slowly drop." Doctor Zhou walked up from behind him. He also held a cup ofblack coffee.

"No milk?" Ling Ran cast a glance into the cup and changed the topic of conversation.

Under tense situations, doctors would easily talk about tense topics, and Ling Ran did not like it.

Doctor Zhou was stunned for a few seconds when Ling Ran asked this question. He felt happy all of a sudden, "How did you know that I love to add milk in my coffee? Doctor Ling, you've improved a lot, you know how to care about your colleagues now"

Ling Ran blew against his cup of warm water and took a sip gently. He said, "You used to shout in the office, and I quote, 'Any milk? Any milk? Any milk?'"

"I did not shout that many times, at most twice." Doctor Zhou pursed his lips, "Today, I only shouted twice. If there isn't any milk, I can only go for black."

"There is still some in the on-call room."

"It's all finished. After staying up for an entire night, everyone will be hungry." Doctor Zhou looked at Ling Ran as he said and asked, "You performed CPR for so long, didn't you think about ordering delivery to replenish your hunger?"

"I don't feel like eating."

"You're right. Appetite's not there," Doctor Zhou said as he took out a candy, opened it, and put it into his mouth. His voice turned muffled, "I didn't add any sugar in my coffee, so I'll take one candy."

Ling Ran smiled.

The emergency room was overly crowded today, to the extent that it was filled with the smell of blood, dirt, and medicine. For Ling Ran, who was yet very familiar with these smells, he totally lost his appetite and did not want to eat anything, even if he was very tired.

"Go and sleep then, maybe time"

Before Doctor Zhou finished his words, the phone on the patient assistance desk rang. It rang at max volume.

Doctor Zhou was extremely familiar with how the department operated. When he heard the unusual ringtone, he wisely kept his mouth shut.

After at least ten seconds, the nurse shouted, "Three ambulances, four patients, serious crush injury, and one in shock"

The tired souls immediately gathered together.

This time, it was Huo Congjun who was responsible for giving instructions. for visiting.

"Each treatment group is responsible for a person." There were many doctors who could help now, so Huo Congjun did not need to distribute tasks to individual doctors and treat them as an entire treatment group.

However, most of the treatment groups relied on their group leader, and they were supported by one or two senior attending physicians. Junior-ranked attending physicians and resident doctors could handle normal wounds with ease, but they were not be able to handle complicated wounds even if they wanted to.

Ling Ran looked around at the doctors who were free. There were onlyfour groups. Perhaps Huo Congjun had to join the surgeries as well.

Then, Ling Ran volunteered himself. "My group can be responsible for one of the injured patients as well."

Huo Congjun very clearly hesitated for a moment. "You just performed CPR for a very long period of time, can you still perform a surgery?"

"No problem. My fingers have recovered." Ling Ran's stiff fingers had been greatly relieved. If he just had to perform resuscitation for wounds, even if he did not have any skills from the system specifically made to handle such resuscitations, he could still be considered as a highly skilled worker.

If he had the basic skills given by the system such as Master Level Simple Interrupted Suture Technique and Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control, Ling Ran could absolutely perform basic wound repairs with no problems. This was especially so after Ling Ran received the tracheotomy and CPR skills. All Ling Ran had to do now was to be slightly careful when he wanted to administer medicine.

Besides, Ling Ran could now fully handle the jobs in the Emergency Department, such as stabilizing the patient's vital signs and managing simple wound. Once the patient's condition was stable, the patient could be transferred to specialized departments for more advanced surgeries and repairs.

The three incision methods Ling Ran just obtained provided Ling Ran with advanced skills, making him able to handle most of the critical cases in the Emergency Department.

Huo Congjun became more confident toward Ling Ran after he had seen Ling Ran's CPR.

What was the situation that the doctors could not bear to see? Patients dying on the operating table, of course.

Therefore, since Ling Ran had managed to save the patient just now in time, Huo Congjun was not afraid that Ling Ran would cause trouble.

"You take Emergency 4." Huo Congjun quickly made his decision.

"Alright." Ling Ran stood at the reception door before he asked the nurse, "What's the situation for number four?"

Because of the sudden accident today, the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital was connected live with the construction site. The nurse quickly took out her notebook and answered, "Patient 4 was dug out from the mobile home together with Patient 3. Based on reports from the site Patient 4 Patient 4's..."

The young nurse suddenly stuttered.

The medical staff around them could not help but feel curious and turned around to look at her.

Regardless of how young they were, the nurses in the Emergency Department had been exposed to many different kinds of situations. Now, even though Ling Ran might be one of the reasons contributing to her stuttering, the situation must be highly unusual to have the young nurse look like this.

Doctor Zhou who hid in the corner to doze off suddenly became energetic. "Young Liu, what's the situation for Patient 4? Just tell us real situation. If you don't tell the doctors, how are we going to make a diagnosis?"

"That's right." The doctors around them also agreed.

Now, it was already 3 o'clock in the morning. If normal people were exhausted at this point of time, then it would be even more so for doctors who had already worked for many hours.

At this time, except for bonuses, the only thing that could stimulate them right then and keep their morale up was the shy young nurses who were easily teased.

Bonuses Of course it would be impossible for them to have bonuses.

After all, they finally managed to meet a shy nurse who was easily teased, so the doctors valued her highly.

Young Liu felt embarrassed and looked around. Then, she picked up the medical record and increased her talking speed as she said, "Patient 4 had p*nile fracture and one of his testicles was seriously damaged. Also, the fractured part of the p*nis was found in Patient 3's mouth. It had been brought back in a box."

"It's so painful!"

No one was sure who said it, but the male doctors all clamped their thighs together tightly.

"Is that an accident?" Some doctors could not help but ask.

"I don't know," the young nurse replied with a grim face.

The doctors discussed excitedly.

"Whether it's an accident or not, he's finished."

"It's better to have it drop on the floor than in a mouth."

"The protein at the end of the remaining p*nis should have atrophied. It should be impossible to reconnect it"

"The scrotum will have to be removed as well." This was the response Ling Ran gave when he heard the patient's injured part.