Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 410

411 Group Consultation But Its Really An Observation

The doctors in Ling Treatment Group gathered together to perform a consultation (they were really just there to observe) the injury for Patient 4.

The doctors, including Yu Yuan, all put on expressions that said that they could not bear with the sight.

"So unlucky. He really got hit on the crotch. If it were in any other spot, no matter how severely he was injured, he would not have been so" Lu Wenbin clamped his legs tightly together, and he looked as if he was mourning for someone else. No matter how sturdy he could make his muscles through exercising, it was impossible for him to train that place.

Chief Resident Yu Yuan observed the patient's wound carefully before she suddenly pointed at the left side of the base of the thigh. She said, "Look here. It must have been blocked by something else."

"It's Patient 3's head." Zuo Cidian might appear calm, but his heart was surging as wildly as Drake Passage right then.

Even if he were a doctor who had seen many things, when he saw the scene before him, he still felt incredibly uncomfortable, or rather, the more knowledge the doctor had of the world, the more their imaginations would run wild when they saw situations like this.

It was especially so when he thought of the part that had been off. It was something that made him shudder so much that he could feel chills down his spine. Zuo Cidian shook his head fiercely. He could not even describe the sensation in his body with just merely feeling chills down his spine at the current point of time.

"What's the situation with Patient 3?" Yu Yuan continued with the topic and asked.

"She's sent to receive an MRI scan. If there's no bleeding in her cranium, then she'll be left to the Otolaryngology Department and the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department." Zuo Cidian clearly spent the effort to understand the whole situation.

Lu Wenbin asked in surprise, "Is she disfigured?"

"No, but she lost many of her teeth. The mobile home fell on her, but she doesn't seem to even have a single cracked bone. She only had her teeth crash against each other. I suppose you can consider her lucky," Zuo Cidian said.

Lu Wenbin chuckled a few times and said, "I think our definition of being lucky is not the same."

"If she can be cured, she's lucky. If she can't be cured, she's unlucky." Huo Congjun walked over at the opportune moment. He cast a glance at the patient's wound and looked at the few people before he asked Ling Ran. "How do you intend to operate on him?"

"Partial penectomy and scrotectomy on the right scrotum." Ling Ran had not learned the first surgery in detail, but it would not affect him.

This was in itself a minor surgery. All he needed to do was to remove, separate the parts that were to be cut off from the body, tie knots, and suture the skin. Even though the effects of the surgery on the patient would be very great, but the complexity of the p*nis itself was still not as high as the scrotum.

Huo Congjun nodded his head in acknowledgment. He did not know that Ling Ran had already mastered the more complex scrotectomy. Hence, he said, "Have Old Zhuo be your assistant. Doctor Zuo."

"Yes!" Zuo Cidian answered loudly.

"Go out and search. First, get the patient's family members here and have them sign the informed consent form before we operate on them. You must also notify the patient of what is going to happen." Huo Congjun took the time to remind him. "This surgery is rather unique. The paperwork must be done perfectly. Don't make any mistakes. The patient's current condition is still stable. Don't miss out on any steps because of this matter or because someone urged you to be faster."

"Alright." Zuo Cidian quickly agreed to it. Then, he looked up and said, "Department Director Huo, I believe that we should rearrange the procedure a little. I mean, I think we should notify the patient first."

"What do you mean?" Huo Congjun stopped moving.

Zuo Cidian chuckled and said, "This person's torn off part was sent into the hospital in Patient 3's mouth, and she was in the same ambulance. And when I looked at them, I have a feeling that Patient 3 is not Patient 4's partner."

"Are you certain?" Huo Congjun's sensitivity toward this sort of matters was clearly not as great as Zuo Cidian's.

Zuo Cidian said with certainty, "I'm certain. Patient 3 wore a short skirt and silk socks. There's no way she could stay in a construction site if she's dressed like that."

"Hmm Your observations are pretty detailed. Alright, we'll do as you said." Huo Congjun turned around and gave a few pieces of advice to Ling Ran. "Rest awhile. Once the informed consent form is signed, you will have rested well enough. Doctor Zhou has also performed similar types of surgery before. If you don't understand anything, you can ask him."

When he saw that Huo Congjun had left to check on the other groups, Zuo Cidian became high in spirits. He drank a bottle of Red Bull in one go and said, "Doctor Ling, I'll be leaving now."

"Alright, come back soon." Ling Ran did not actually need to rest. He had already drunk an Energy Serum. If he slept, it would be a waste of his serum.

He looked around. The resuscitation room and treatment room was still as chaotic as ever, but it was clear that they were in a situation where they had plenty of doctors and nurses at their disposal to treat the patients.

Things were no longer like the beginning, where only Attending Physician Zhou was the one who managed all the tasks. At the current moment, there was practically one attending physician beside each patient who was slightly injured or ill. The two associate chief physicians who arrived later and the specialists who came from the other departments to provide backup were enough to handle the few patients at hand.

"If that's the case, our group has nothing else to do." Ling Ran scowled as if he had just remembered a very difficult problem.

Lu Wenbin said with his heart trembling slightly, "Didn't Department Director Huo say that we can use the time to rest a little?"

Yu Yuan also answered softly, "Once Doctor Zuo comes back, we'll have something to do."

"The both of you should have slept very early yesterday, right?" Ling Ran shattered the duo's dreams.

"Yes" Lu Wenbin could only admit to the fact. He was a man who got up at two in the morning to go to the market and buy ingredients, then headed to the hospital to perform surgeries at three in the morning. If he slept late, he would have all his daily tasks delayed.

"Yes" Yu Yuan also answered weakly. She was a woman who woke up at half-past two in the morning to sort out her collection and rushed to the hospital to perform surgeries at three in the morning. If she slept late, the pace in her life would be thrown into chaos.

Ling Ran checked his phone. "The two of you woke up two hours earlier than usual today, right? It'll be meaningless if you continue to rest. Let's practice CPR."


"But CPR is very tiring!"

Ling Ran waved his hand. "We can practice coordinating in a group instead of performing chest compressions alone. Hmm How are your external chest compressions? Let's try it out."

As he spoke, Ling Ran dragged the duo into the office, brought out the CPR model that interns used during their medical licensing exam, handed it to the two of them, and began to examine them.

Lu Wenbine and Yu Yuan had nothing to say about that. They could only huff and puff while the performed CPR.

It was a rare thing for a superior doctor to be willing to teach junior doctors. The two of them had only resisted whatever Ling Ran told them to do on the surface.

While Ling Ran watched, he guided them, and he requested that the duo had their external chest compressions reach the passing mark.

CPR could be completed by a single person, and it would be better if it was completed by two people. However, to increase the patient's survival rate, a well-trained and high-quality group was necessary.

The CPR Ling Ran mastered also provided him with the skill to command a group. It was more than enough for him to teach only two people.


Zuo Cidian stood before the hospital bed with slight pity, amusement, and indignation. 'Everyone says that migrant workers are poor, but you actually managed to buy yourself a girl who wears black lace and a short skirt!'

"Urgh" the patient moaned and woke up.

Zuo Cidian cast a glance at the monitor and felt that the patient was in relatively good condition. He asked casually, "Mao Liang, is it? Do you remember your name?"

The patient stared at Zuo Cidian and frowned.

"You don't remember?" Zuo Cidian also frowned. If he was knocked silly because of the crash, things would be difficult.

"Didn't you just say that my name is Mao Liang?" the patient retorted.

Zuo Cidian was stunned. "You're right."

The patient chuckled before he frowned. "It hurts"

Zuo Cidian coughed. "About that I'll make it short."

Fifteen minutes later, the patient wept and said, "Don't tell my wife that I was having fun with the Person Nearby function on WeChat."

"How exactly did you get into this situation?" Zuo Cidian placed his hand pocket and had his hand around his phone. He was filled with burning passion in his heart. This man was a crude man in his forties, and if he could get a woman, there was no way Zuo Cidian himself could not!

"Ah, I was deceived. She said that she was nineteen, and she even sent her picture to me. Her skin was so smooth and soft that it looked like incredibly supple, but in the end, a thirty-nine-year-old woman came over. She said she was thirty-nine years old, by the way, and I pretended to believe her." The patient Mao Liang had a look of anguish on his face. for visiting.

"She's not thirty-nine either?"

"How would I know how old she is? She already came, there's no way I can send her away. Ah, if I had known, I would have called a cab and sent her away"