Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 411

412 Penile Amputation

The patient, Mao Liang was sent into the operating theater at six in the morning. All his pubic hair had already been shaved. He was under general anesthesia, and he was about to be castrated. Of course, the patient himself did not want to go through the surgery while he was conscious either. for visiting.

So many doctors and nurses crowded the operating theater to the point that Doctor Zhou had to chase some of them off. "This won't do. There are way too many people. Only four people can be in here. Six, at the most!"

The crowd showed their dissatisfaction.

"We just want to take a look."

"We have no surgeries on our schedule, and it's not like we get to go home. What's wrong with staying here and taking a look?"

"A big breakfast is only complete with a sausage and two eggs. With a sausage and one of the eggs gone, how can you still call it a big breakfast?"

"It's better than nothing, isn't it? At least he'll still be able to secrete male hormones."

The medical staff, who were all in a good mood, made small talk. As the doctors and nurses had just saved the lives of more than ten victims and announced two fatalities, they could not let the patients and the patients' family members see the smiles on their faces.

This was especially true for doctors from the Emergency Department and ICU. By the time they approached retirement, each of them would have witnessed more than a thousand deaths. If they were to feel sad over every death, they would end up in the Psychiatry Department.

Ling Ran's expression was solemn from the beginning to the end in the operating theater,

Ling Ran tried to remain solemn most of the time, because based on his experience, the moment he relaxed his facial muscles, a lot of people would approach him to the point that he would not be able to deal with it. He did not even need to smile to have that happen to him. All he needed to do was appear kind and amiable. This was why he had no choice but to maintain a solemn expression all the time.

"Have all of you washed your hands? And are all your slippers clean?" Ling Ran glanced at the medical staff, who were crowding the operating theater, and voiced his main concern.

The medical staff laughed. "It's not like we're operating on the patient."

Ling Ran did not bother to argue with them. Instead, he looked at the circulating nurse.

The circulating nurse said, "I'll call the head nurse to come over."


"Let's go and wash our hands"

"I'll change into a new pair of slippers."

The doctors swiftly did as they were told.

Even though they were not under the head nurse's jurisdiction, the head nurse would still yell at them.

An excellent head nurse had the ability to scold young doctors so fiercely that they would begin to doubt the point of their existence. Most importantly, the head nurse had the right to yell at any doctor or nurse who failed to maintain their hygiene in the operating theater. She could scold them for as long as she wanted to, and no one would take pity on those doctors and nurses.

"Let's get started." Ling Ran was obviously not going to wait for those doctors to come back. He went to the spot where the chief surgeon was supposed to stand in without caring about anyone else and said, "Hm, Doctor Zhou, can you tie a surgical rubber band at the base of the patient's p*nis[1]?"

"Aren't you the chief surgeon?" Doctor Zhou was immediately in a state of despair.

"I'll hold it up with a pair of surgical forceps." As Ling Ran spoke, he extended his hand and asked for a pair of forceps before he continued, "Doctor Zhou, your turn."

Doctor Zhou took the rubber band in resignation. His eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

Doctor Zhou watched as Ling Ran lifted the soft and gooey lump, which looked both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, with the pair of surgical forceps. It gave him goosebumps, and he felt a chill running down his spine.

"The Department of Urology should hire some female doctors." Doctor Zhou could not help but sigh.

Ling Ran hummed in agreement with Doctor Zhou, which was something he rarely did. "I know Scalpel"

The doctors who had just washed their hands and changed into clean slippers were greeted with a bloody and cruel sight the moment they entered the operating theater.

"I'm already regretting this."

"Curiosity kills the cat indeed."

"I won't be able to have s*x tonight, man."

The resident doctors spoke through gritted teeth while they stood on tiptoes,their gazes fixed on the operating table.

Honestly, the Department of Urology often encountered patients who suffered from penile cancer. But in that modern society, not many were willing to have their entire p*nis castrated. Even though some of the older doctors had witnessed or performed such a procedure before, this was an eye-opener for the resident doctors and younger attending physicians who had gone over to widen their horizons.

Of course, it also happened to be convenient for them to do so.

All of them were standing guard in the Emergency Medical Center and waiting for updates from the paramedics at the construction site. They could neither return to their own departments nor sleep, so they naturally chose to watch the interesting surgery.

For ordinary doctors, the chance to watch a surgery was very hard to come by and also very important.

The chance to witness work operations was relatively easy to come by in factories or labs. However, in the hospital, the chance to observe a surgery meant a lot to doctors because not every doctor had such an opportunity. You could also put it this way; before a doctor had the chance to watch a surgery, it was a prerequisite for that doctor to read up on that particular surgery.

As the saying went, "The more time and attention you spend on reading about something, the more knowledge you will have in that particular field." This saying also applied to watching other doctors perform surgery.

Of course, in the end, everything boiled down to hands-on operations. Nonetheless, if a doctor never went home or only ever went home to sleep, and spent all his free time reading up on surgeries, by the time he was forty years old, the amount of knowledge he had obtained through reading itself would already make him an expert in that field. If he happened to be a little talented, he would even have the chance to make it big and become a master in that field.

All the doctors in Yun Hua Hospital knew that Ling Ran was extremely talented. It was something that could not be denied, just like the fact that Ling Ran was also supremely handsome. No matter how jealous of him they were or how much they insulted him behind his back, it would not take Ling Ran's talent and good looks away from him.

So, those doctors who looked ordinary and were not especially talented would rather watch Ling Ran operate and obtain a little bit of experience.

"The skin on both sides of the p*nis is already relaxed. Should I make the stump rounded?" Ling Ran asked Doctor Zhou as he carried out partial penectomy.

This was the first time Ling Ran had performed partial penectomy, but Doctor Zhou did not realize it when he heard Ling Ran's question.

Ling Ran possessed many types of Master Level and Specialist Level suture techniques on top of the Specialist Level Fiddle Bow Hold. Coupled with his experience in more than a thousand cases of surgery during his one year plus residency in the hospital and also his superhuman anatomical dissection experience, even an experienced attending physician with weaker skills may not have carried the surgery out as well as him.

Even a chief physician or attending chief physician from the Department of Urology may not have been able to produce a prettier stump. A rise in position did not mean an elevation in all the skills related to that department. Not many people had mastered surgeries that were not often performed, and the amputation of the penis was one of those surgeries. Whoever possessed Specialist Level Penile Amputation must have had an obsession with d*cks.

There was also nothing special about this particular type of surgery.

It was just like chopping off one end of a stick. Unless the patient requested for his stump to be of a certain shape, a penile amputation surgery would not leave any substantial difference compared with other surgeries of the same kind.

Ling Ran's question did make Doctor Zhou, who was originally in a daze, think long and hard.

"Yeah, the stump would look better if it's more rounded. It's just like an above-the-knee amputation," Doctor Zhou answered.

At that moment, one of the doctors who was watching the surgery asked, "The purpose of making a rounded stump during an above-the-knee amputation is to facilitate the wearing of prosthetics. What's the point of making a rounded stump down there?"

"For aesthetic purposes," another doctor answered.

"Would that make it look better, though?"

"What do you think?" One of the doctors threw the question at a young nurse without hesitation.

The experienced young nurse had been working in the hospital for six or seven years. She flashed him a smile. "I'm worried for you because I don't think that your asset is even long enough for a rounded stump to be made."

The older resident doctor who was not as experienced froze for a few seconds before he realized what the nurse was talking about. His face immediately turned red.

"Your hairstyle looks pretty good." The young nurse took the opportunity to continue, "Don't cut your hair too short. It'll reveal your rounded head."

"It's time for the amputation," Ling Ran reminded everyone before he raised the scalpel in his hand and amputated the p*nis.

The doctors, who were busy chatting, went silent.

"It's time for the orchiectomy." Ling Ran asked for a pair of surgical forceps once again.

All the doctors gritted their teeth.

Ling Ran was extremely speedy this time.

As he possessed Master Level Orchiectomy, he did not need Doctor Zhou's guidance. He fiddled with the damaged scrotum for a while and set the spermatic cord aside. With a turn of his hand, he removed all the contents inside the scrotum, including the testicle, epididymis, and spermatic cord. It looked like he had done this a thousand times before.

But in truth, Master Level Orchiectomy made him even more skilled than someone who had performed a thousand orchiectomies.

The doctors who were watching the surgery could not help but feel astonished.

"That was fast"

"Why is he so fast?"

"What do you think Doctor Ling's ancestors worked as?"

When they thought about all the possibilities, the doctors in the operating theater felt a chill run down their spines.