Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 412

413 Praise

"Doctor Zhou, let's start suturing?" Ling Ran put down the scalpel.

Just like the crowd of doctors watching the surgery, Doctor Zhou felt a chill run down his spine. The nonchalant way Ling Ran amputated the patient's testicle and p*nis was still fresh in his mind. As he was worried that Ling Ran would be unhappy if he did not respond quick enough, he tried hard to flash him a smile. "Let's suture it the way you want to."

Ling Ran was not great when it came to analyzing other people's thought processes and sort of misunderstood what Doctor Zhou meant. "If you're busy, you can get a resident doctor to do it."

Doctor Zhou quickly said, "There's no need for that. How am I busy? I just had some things on my mind…"

Ling Ran nodded and hummed in acknowledgement. "The chance to suture this part of the skin is very hard to come by indeed. I haven't had a lot of chances to do it ever since I learned the interrupted vertical mattress suture technique."

"You'll get to do it more if you were in the Geriatrics Department, since the skin of a senior citizen is more lax…" After he said that, Doctor Zhou suddenly realized something and continued, "You'll also get to do this more in the Department of Urology…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It has been quite some time since the Emergency Department had any patient with a ruptured scrotum."

"There's one every now and then. It's just that you don't get to see them because you're always in the operating theater…" Doctor Zhou's tone was solemn.

"I just feel that it's quite a waste if I don't put a skill I've learned to good use."

Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou chatted as they sutured the patient's remaining parts. None of the doctors around them dared to make a sound, and they looked like a herd of deer who were watching a pride of lions savor their prey.

However, Ling Ran kept receiving notifications from the system in his mind.

[Achievement: A Colleague's Praise]

[Achievement: A Colleague's Praise]

[Achievement: A Colleague's Praise]

The young doctors who were watching the surgery only burst with enthusiasm the moment Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou left the operating theater.

"The orchiectomy only took him about two minutes, right?"

"The suturing didn't take long either."

"That was a sight to behold indeed."

"Hey, have you guys heard about the clinic owned by Doctor Ling's family? What is it called again?"

"Lower Groove Clinic."

"Yes, exactly. Lower Groove Clinic. What do you guys think Lower Groove Clinic does?"

The group of doctors looked at one another. None of them were sure.

"I've never been there."

"It's a clinic, right… What great stuff can people in a clinic do? Abortions?"

"You're the one with the family who carries out abortions and testicle removals! Anyway, are you sure that it's really a clinic that treats patients?"

"I'm sure."

"Hey, do you guys think that they might be doing some illegal business on the side?"

The more those doctors talked about it, the more they found the whole thing creepy.

There were already a lot of rumors about Ling Ran in Yun Hua Hospital to begin with.

The fact that he just carried out an orchiectomy in around two minutes really baffled all the doctors who had witnessed the surgery, as it was definitely something impossible for an ordinary doctor.


Ling Ran was not in a rush to head to the treatment room and resuscitation room downstairs. He turned and went to the office instead.

While he was walking down the corridor, he could already hear various sounds such as gasping, wheezing, panting, voices saying "keep it up" and "use more force" ringing out through the door. 

The moment he opened the door, he saw Lu Wenbin performing chest compressions on a model with all his might. Both his sleeves were hiked up, and his arm muscles were visible.

His beefy muscles were a result of years of training in the gym. They proved to be extremely useful right then.

The CPR model, which had been touched and pressed by thousands of people, did not seem to be able to withstand Lu Wenbin's strength either. It let out a screeching sound. However, like what the renowned poet, Xu Zhimo said in his poem, "Even if you scream until your throat breaks, no one can hear you." The CPR model's head bobbed up and down as if it wanted to scream but was unable to do so...

Lu Wenbin was the one screaming.

"One, two, three…

"Another set.

"One, two, three…"

Ling Ran only heard Lu Wenbin's growls when he approached him.

"How's practice going?" Ling Ran's voice rang out from behind Lu Wenbin, and it shocked him so much that he almost rolled off the CPR model.

"Doctor… Doctor Ling, you're done with the surgery?" Lu Wenbin panted. His scrubs were soaked in sweat, as though he had just done a set of high-intensity exercises.

Ling Ran nodded. "It was cut off successfully."

"Um… what do you mean?" Lu Wenbin was a little dumbfounded.

"Doctor Lu, Doctor Ling managed to cut off the parts that were badly damaged." Zuo Cidian gestured at his crotch and immediately trembled at the thought of it.

Even though Lu Wenbin was feeling extremely hot after practicing CPR for such a long time, he could feel a chill run down his spine.

"Doctor Ling, do you want to take a look at what we've managed to improve after practicing?" Yu Yuan was not really affected by the conversation that just took place before her. Instead, she seemed extremely energetic.

In truth, even if the construction accident had not taken place, it was their normal working hours at that time.

Ling Ran naturally nodded.

Yu Yuan immediately leaped up. "Let's get prepared!"

Lu Wenbin hesitated for a moment before he rose from the floor. He positioned himself behind Zuo Cidian, who was standing behind Yu Yuan.

Even though Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan had been the only ones practicing CPR in the beginning, Zuo Cidian would join the Ling Treatment Group's CPR practice whenever he did not get a chance to participate in surgeries. 

As a forty-two-year-old resident doctor, Zuo Cidian did not want to fall behind the other resident doctors.

"The patient has collapsed on the ground." Yu Yuan adhered completely to the specifications and acted as if there really was a patient who needed CPR. She then tapped the model's shoulder and said, "Sir, how do you feel? Sir, can you hear me?"

Yu Yuan then inspected the model's neck and chest area before she loosened the buttons on the model's clothes. Then, she kneeled down on one side of the model and started to do chest compressions.

Lu Wenbin was standing right in front of the model's head. He listened as Yu Yuan counted to thirty and carried out artificial respiration twice.

Yu Yuan did five sets of chest compressions before she opened the model's airway and carried out two more sets of those compressions. She then made way for Lu Wenbin.

Similarly, Lu Wenbin started with five sets and made way for Zuo Cidian after he was done.

Ling Ran merely watched as they practiced, not uttering a word.

All three of them were already resident doctors, and Yu Yuan was already a chief resident. As the more experienced doctors among junior doctors, they only needed Ling Ran to guide them once to be able to master all the required skills.

Of course, their maneuvers were still a little off, but that would improve with practice.

"Make sure that you maintain the same force for all the compressions. Besides, when switching to another person, try to take as little time as possible." Ling Ran waited until they were done with the whole procedure before he gave them his comments.

The three of them nodded in unison.

"Let's go downstairs." Ling Ran glanced at the clock. It had been quite some time since the last batch of patients were sent over. The next batch would probably arrive anytime soon.

Zuo Cidian immediately went forward and opened the door. He looked a little excited. Even though he had already been a doctor for twenty years, this was the first time he had mastered a skill that could definitely save lives.

"Doctor Ling, if there's another patient who needs CPR later, will we be doing it?" Zuo Cidian asked in a low voice as he walked behind Ling Ran.

"Department Director Huo didn't say anything about it." Ling Ran paused for a moment and continued, "But if you guys are willing to do it, I don't think that he'll have any objections."

The three of them understood what Ling Ran meant. CPR was not an advanced skill, and at the end of the day, it was merely hard labor.

There was enough hard labor in the hospital, and no one wanted more of it.

But for the junior doctors in Ling Treatment Group, any task was a chance to showcase what they had learned.

Even Yu Yuan, who had just been promoted to chief resident and was feeling extremely tired, could not help but come up with an idea. "Even though there's already a resuscitation group in Yun Hua Hospital, there's no group specializing in CPR. I think that we can write a research paper about this. The International First Aid and Resuscitation Guidelines also support the establishment of specialized CPR groups with the aim of reducing the time spent on carrying out CPR…"

Ling Ran agreed. "Specialized CPR groups will have more complicated roles in contrast to just practicing CPR within their treatment group. We can find time to practice… Hmm, when will be free?"

"The afternoon. I think afternoon's a good time," Yu Yuan immediately answered.

Lu Wenbin as well as Zuo Cidian suddenly realized what was going on and nodded in unison. "Yeah, afternoon's a good time indeed."

"All right. For now, let's do it in the afternoon." Ling Ran had no objection. 

"And let's not mention this CPR group for the time being," Yu Yuan said as a suggestion and reminder.

Zuo Cidian immediately understood what Yu Yuan meant and quickly said, "She's right. If we become an official CPR group, putting aside other matters, we will definitely use up quite a lot of low cost medical consumables and corresponding medication. We'll definitely have a hard time with the dealer."

Of course, the three young individuals were unable to see things as thoroughly as Zuo Cidian.

Ling Ran took Zuo Cidian's advice and agreed with him.

Zuo Cidian could not help but heave a sigh of relief and flash a smile. "Let's see if anyone goes into cardiac arrest then."

Yu Yuan let out a few soft coughs.

Zuo Cidian froze for a moment and immediately corrected himself. "What I meant was that right now, we're already well-prepared to handle cases in which patients go into cardiac arrest."


The elevator door slid open.

Without realizing, Zuo Cidian lowered his head and made way for Ling Ran to exit the elevator first.

Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, and Zuo Cidian then walked behind Ling Ran with their backs straight and heads up. It was as if a dog, a fox, and a jackal were walking behind a majestic wolf.