Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 413

414 Was Not Shocked Awake While Terribly Sick

"Doctor! Doctor!"

Ling Ran and the other doctors looked majestic as they entered the treatment room. However, that only lasted for a short while because their aura was soon disrupted by the chaotic scene before them.

A middle-aged man with wide-set eyes, a large nose, thick lips, fat cheeks, and a round face yelled out loud. Still clad in a hospital gown, he pointed at Doctor Lu who did not manage to flee in time. The patient looked like he was about to jump out of bed at any time. "Excuse me, doctor, what about my full body examination?"

Lu Wenbin sighed. Even though he wanted to offer an explanation, he did not know what he was supposed to say.

Ling Ran pretended to see nothing. It was natural for him to ignore a situation like that. Ever since Ling Ran was young, many exquisite, interesting, crazy, romantic, miserable, touching, and dramatic things had happened around him. Like herds of cows, plenty of girls and even guys were always trying to say something to him. If Ling Ran had paid close attention to every single thing that happened around him, he would not have even graduated from elementary school right now.

Tao Ping often advised her son to study well, because that way, there would be an endless list of interesting things for him to explore once he grew up.

Ling Ran realized how true his mother's advice was after he reached adulthood. There were indeed many interesting things to do like the CPR group he just established. He could not call it a proper group yet, but it was a very fun thing to do indeed.

Lu Wenbin was having conflicting emotions at that moment.

As he gazed at the fat cheeks before him, Lu Wenbin tried to think positive and reckoned that with such fat cheeks, the other party had to be a very open-minded person.

"I thought they've already performed a full body examination on you?" Lu Wenbin stood in front of the other party's hospital bed.

All the people involved in the construction accident, especially those who had been standing within the radius of the collapsed structure, were sent one after another to various hospitals. Those who were not injured were ordered to rest in the observation rooms of those hospitals, while those with minor injuries like the man before Lu Wenbin who had been sent to Yun Hua Hospital, were arranged to rest in the treatment room once they were treated.

Obviously, a person would not be able to rest well in such an environment.

The man with fat cheeks had been playing with his phone so much that his eyes sparkled. "The reports aren't out yet. What's the point of going through a full body examination if I don't get the reports?"

"I'll rush them on your behalf," Lu Wenbin answered and was about to walk away.

The man with fat cheeks grabbed his arm. "You won't come back after you leave."

Lu Wenbin laughed. "It's not like I'm going to the mortuary."

The man with fat cheeks looked like he just got the shock of his life. "It's the middle of the night, right now. Can you not make such a scary joke?"

Lu Wenbin suddenly had an idea. He lowered his voice. "Was Was I joking?"

Yu Yuan happened to pass by, and she heard half of their conversation. She decided to join Lu Wenbin in pranking the man. "No"

"Who? Who's there?" The man with the fat cheeks was extremely scared. He could hear the two people speaking in front of him, but he could not see their faces even though he was sitting on the hospital bed and his eye level was above everyone else's. 'Is this even a hospital? Am I in a haunted house instead!?'

Yu Yuan quietly walked away. She was the chief resident, and if she wanted to work, she had endless tasks to work on.

However, she would also take a nap in secret when she had time.

Chief residents always liked to boast about how they were able to work for forty continuous hours to show how hardworking they were. In reality, it was impossible for them to really be working on tasks for forty continuous hours. That was simply not humanly possible. Chief residents who said things like that merely spent forty continuous hours in the hospital. They would find time to nap, rest, and eat. The total time they actually spent working was at most a little more than thirty hours.

Yu Yuan had also learned the art of slacking off. She had the advantage of being short, and it was hard for nurses to spot her. So, she often got to rest ten or twenty minutes more than other doctors.

Lu Wenbin felt a little more relaxed as he watched the chubby man on the hospital bed. He chuckled internally before he whipped out his phone to call the Administrative Department.

"A few of your reports are already out. The rest aren't out yet. When they're all ready, they'll be given to you," Lu Wenbin explained.

"They're just minor checkups, yet you guys are taking such a long time to come out with the reports. Do you think that my time is worth nothing?" The man with the fat cheeks had recovered from the scare earlier, and he complained angrily.

Lu Wenbin wanted to walk away, but he was worried that the other party would lodge a complaint against him. He had no choice but to be patient and say, "You received a full body examination. They even performed an MRI scan on you, so no matter what, your report will only be ready tomorrow afternoon. Can't you see how busy everyone in the emergency room is right now?"

"That's none of my business. You guys are in the Emergency Department anyway and are supposed to be this busy. What right do you have to make me wait like this"

"I'll take a look at your reports. Don't be anxious anymore." Zuo Cidian walked over and smiled kindly. He then turned and said to Lu Wenbin, "Doctor Lu, go ahead and take care of your tasks."

Lu Wenbin heaved a sigh of relief and immediately fled.

Zuo Cidian then whipped out his phone and said in a very caring tone, "Can I take a look at your wristband? I'll carry out a few simple checkups."

"Sure." As the man with the fat cheeks gazed at the Zuo Cidian's wrinkles, eyebags, and thinning hair, he finally grinned. "Can you please ask them to hurry up on my behalf? It's just a few reports, right? They just need to fill them up so that I can take a look"

"Yup. The triglyceride level in your body is relatively high. You need to lose some weight

"Oh, you have Hepatitis B. You'll have to be careful with your lifestyle, as this condition is not something to be taken lightly. Even though it's not yet"

"No!" The man with fat cheeks immediately rose from the bed. "You've gotten the wrong report. I don't have"

Zuo Cidian glanced at the other party and said, "I'll double-check." for visiting.

After he said that, he carefully looked at his phone before he shook his head. "I didn't get it wrong. This is indeed your report. You've had Hepatitis B for quite some time. Were you not aware of this?"

"I" The man with the fat cheeks was in a daze. He shook his head and thought about it for quite some time. He then stood up and said, "Did you guys infect me when you drew my blood?"

"Your disease has been progressing for quite a while. Have you been to our hospital before this?"


"If you have not, you won't be able to blame it on us." After Zuo Cidian said that, his expression grew a little stern. "This is a special case. If you dare to spread fake rumors, you will have to suffer the consequences."

The man with the fat cheeks just wanted to get more free checkups from the hospital and did not intend to make any false accusations. He also did not know the medical field very well. Hence, when he heard what Zuo Cidian said, he got a little frightened. He looked around quietly and asked, "Then, what should I do now?"

"I'll arrange further checkups for you. You can ask the specialist for the details."

The man with the fat cheeks thought about it and said, "Can you tell them that I was infected with Hepatitis B because of the construction accident yesterday?"

Zuo Cidian slowly shook his head and did not continue the topic. "What I meant was, I'll order a few more checkups for you in relation to the condition of your liver. I'll also get you a more detailed blood report. All of this can be billed towards your treatment for the construction accident. I can't help you with what comes later."

The man with the fat cheeks contemplated for a moment and had no choice but to accept what Zuo Cidian just said. "Can you order some supplements for me too?"

Zuo Cidian smiled. "You'll have to pay for those supplements by yourself."

"Whatever it is, just order some medication for me."

"I am not able to do so, but do you want those checkups?" Zuo Cidian did not bother to explain things to him anymore.

"Go ahead and order those checkups for me. At least I get to save some money." The man with the fat cheeks sighed. "If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn't have come to the hospital. I was as fit as a fiddle before I lay under the machine. Now, I'm a patient!"

Zuo Cidian ordered those checkups without uttering a word. He plopped down on a chair after he sent the patient away.

He felt a little tired but also a little exhilarated at the same time.

What he had to deal with earlier was much easier than serving hospital leaders.

As the saying went, "To be in the king's company is tantamount to living with a tiger." He felt like he was walking on eggshells during times like that.

"Get up. There's a patient with a ruptured spleen."

As Ling Ran spoke, he stepped out of the shadows.

Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan stood behind him. Their expressions were solemn, and their eyes were burning with spirit.

"It's time for a splenectomy," Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan extended the invitation to Zuo Cidian in unison.

The tired Zuo Cidian suddenly felt extremely touched. It was such an amazing feeling to have colleagues who did not engage in conspiracies and schemes, did not involve themselves in office politics, and always shared anything good with him.

"Yeah, let's do the splenectomy together." Zuo Cidian nodded hard. He felt like a young man once again.