Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 414

415 Duck Blood In Chili Sauce

"Let's cut the spleen together, together we cut the skin, skin, skin. We'll act cute in front of the chief surgeon, oh the skin, skin, skin"

Lu Wenbin moved his big elbow, which had a circumference of 14.96 inches. He sang while he shook his butt. He held the aspiration tube and would have used it as a fluorescent stick if he could.

Yu Yuan sang along too. She stepped on the stool while she performed retraction, as though she was on a stage. She moved her body as she sang, "My heart is beating, let me poke your little spleen"

Zuo Cidian could only learn from the side. He felt admiration as he listened to the youngsters' singing. He could not help but imagine how his ideal day would be like. 'At four o'clock in the morning, I'd get my son and we'd make an omelette wrap. At half past four, I'd passed the kitchen back to the chef and the housemaid. Then, I'd leave my small cosy 480-feet bungalow and walk for five minutes before I reach the hospital. I'd then lead a surgery and teach my son how to cut the spleen and liver. Then, I'd joined two main arteries of the heart. At night, I'd let the driver send my son back before I have him come to fetch me and a young pharmaceutical sales representative so that I can perform freelance surgery the next day.'

"Tray," Ling Ran's voice traveled into his ears.

Zuo Cidian held back the urge to rub the imaginary drool from his mouth and immediately passed a stainless steel tray over. His actions could be considered as helping out as well as watching the surgery from a closer distance.

A piece of spleen was placed on the tray. Ling Ran craned his neck and exercised it to ease his stiff muscles. He said, "Let's end this now Have you all had your meal yet?"


Yu Yuan and Zuo Cidian shook their head.

"I ate a bit." Lu Wenbin felt guilty because his act separated him from the group, especially his leader.

Yu Yuan immediately revealed an unhappy expression while she was still on the stepping stool. "What did you eat? You didn't even bring us something?"

"Some leftover shredded meat from yesterday. How could I bring that over?" Lu Wenbin cried out for justice.

"What kind of shredded meat?" Zuo Cidian felt hungry too.

Everyone had come over at midnight, which meant that they had not eaten anything since the night before.

They would have been fine if they had all remained asleep, but they had been performing high-intensity labor since midnight, and they were all starving because of it.

The doctors were not the only ones. The young nurses were similarly starving. They had already finished the milk and fruits, while the chocolates and candies in their personal stash were also not going to last in such such a situation.

No matter what foodthey had, when compared with "meat", it would never be as enticing.

Lu Wenbin could obviously feel the unfriendly stares, which made him feel like a pig waiting to be slaughtered for Chinese New Year.

"It's really just shredded meat. They're the small pieces of meat that fall off the main portion when you cook it. I usually scoop them up with a ladle before I sell them to the cafeteria and fast food restaurants. But I was too hungry today, so I ate them all myself." Lu Wenbin tried his best to explain.

"That means that meat fell from the pork trotters?"

"Just some shredded meat."

"There'd also be pieces of meat that fall from the pork shanks, right? Those with the skin?"

"Shredded meat that falls from braised meat consist of small pieces of fat. It would taste even better."

The doctors and nurses in the operating theater looked at Lu Wenbin with resentment while they chatted.

"Let me order everyone some takeout. Doctor Zuo, you can make the order, I'll pay later." Lu Wenbin, who was wealthy, was reluctant to give up his job as assistant despite the fact that he did not have much work to do in that role.

"What should we order?" Zuo Cidian took out his phone.

Lu Wenbin looked at Ling Ran. "Doctor Ling, what do you want to eat?"

"Let me think about it" Although Ling Ran was very hungry, he did not have a great appetite.

"Yu Yuan?" Zuo Cidian asked the person with the highest rank in the operating theater politelyChief Resident Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan took a deep breath and said, "Duck blood in chili sauce, what do you think about that?"

Zuo Cidian was stunned and said, "Duck blood in chili sauce Okay, so it's Sichuan cuisine then. Is there anyone else who wants to eat Sichuan cuisine? There are so many of us, we can order from two delivery shops."

He did not plan to help Lu Wenbin save money. for visiting.

The scrub nurse passed Ling Ran a pair of surgical forceps and said, "I want to eat chicken giblets. I'm okay with either the spicy or stir-fried chicken giblets. I have no problem with spicy food."

"In that case, I want pork belly soup," the circulating nurse made a request too.

Everyone made their request. Then, Zuo Cidian turned around and asked Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, do you want to get one too?"

"I've no idea what to eat Do an abdominal closure." Ling Ran allowed Lu Wenbin to finish the suture before he took off his gloves. He glanced around and said, "Braised beef brisket with slightly more fat. I want some rice too."

"All right, I'll place the order now." Zuo Cidian lowered his head and worked on the app for half a minute before he finally completed a task that was quite challenging for a forty-two-year-old man. Then, he blinked and made a suggestion after he went through the thought processes he employed best, "Doctor Ling, I bought some snacks too. I'll pass them to the first-string doctors later."

"Oh, okay." Ling Ran did not understand why Zuo Cidian wanted to ask him about that, but he totally agreed with Zuo Cidian's suggestion.

They were all starving, and the busy first-string doctors as well as medical staff of the Emergency Department would definitely be starving too.

Zuo Cidian chuckled and asked, "Doctor Ling, what surgery would you want to perform later? Or do you want to set aside performing surgeries for the time being and rest for a while first?"

"I'm waiting to perform a hepatectomy surgery, but I haven't run into any." Ling Ran took off his surgical gown and mask before he breathed in as hard as he could. The previous CPR had depleted a lot of his stamina.

When he thought about it, Ling Ran added, "It'll be good if we run into a patient who needs CPR as well. We can perform it together."

"You want to perform a hepatectomy and CPR then." Zuo Cidian smiled gently and said, "I'll think of a way to get a case for us."

"Huh, can we request for that?" Ling Ran knew that every treatment group worked in a rotation system right then. That made him feel a bit uneasy. Rotation meant that when a patient was sent to a treatment group, the next patient would be sent to the next group. The distribution mode was simple, but it would make performing the surgeries they wanted harder.

After all, even a senior doctor could not master all kinds of surgical methods and techniques.

The doctors in the Emergency Department who ranked lower than an associate chief physician could handle their medical cases independently. The number of cases they handled would not be fewer than Ling Ran either.

If Ling Ran received patients who had unknown diseases and needed emergency treatment, he could proceed just like other doctors and treat them until their vital signs stabilized before he called for doctors from different departments for assistance.

That was also the only requirement of doctors in the Emergency Department.

The hospital never expected the Emergency Department to get rid of the patient's pain. Instead, they only expected the Emergency Department to keep the patient alive, even though the patient may be in pain while they were at it.

However, this mode of operation made Ling Ran miss a patient with liver injury. The patient was later handled by Treatment Group 2, followed by an immediate transfer to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. That department was then tasked to arrange the surgery.

Zuo Cidian smiled mysteriously. "I'm not too sure about the others, but Doctor Ling, as long as you confirm which type of patient you want, I'll help you get what you want to the best of my abilities."

He did not care about the anesthetist and the young nurses on the spot at that moment.

It was not something new for the doctors to fight for patients.

After a short while, the Koi Set Meal delivery order arrived. Zuo Cidian did not touch the chicken giblets, duck blood in chili sauce, and other dishes. He just took the extra Chinese hamburger and small cakes he ordered, then hung them around the main hall of the Emergency Department.

Within a short period of time, Zuo Cidian returned and gave Ling Ran a thumbs up. "It's settled. Unless there are no patients with liver injuries, those cases will all be yours."

When Ling Ran nodded, he heard a chime from the system.

[Mission: Execute hepatectomy.]

[Mission Details: The complexity and effectiveness of hepatectomy makes it a symbol of surgeries. Complete your first hepatectomy.]

[Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]