Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 416

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When the new batch of ambulances arrived at Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center, Ling Ran showed up before the reception door in a timely manner.

Before Ling Ran could say anything, Huo Congjun had already waved at him. "Doctor Ling, you've come at the right time. The patients are arriving soon, and we don't have enough manpower."

Theoretically, since Ling Ran had his own treatment group, the fact that Huo Congjun called him over to help, meant that a patient would be assigned to his treatment group.

Ling Ran nodded without hesitation since he had gone over with that intention anyway.

Attending Physician Zuo Liangcai glanced at Ling Ran in envy. Even though Zuo Liangcai was of the same age as Doctor Zhou, unlike Doctor Zhou, he was the epitome of a hardworking doctor. While he had been a first-string doctor in the Emergency Department for quite some time and always strived hard to give his patients the best, at that moment, he only got to serve as Department Director Huo's assistant. Such seriously wounded patients had to be primarily treated by associate chief physicians or chief physicians.

Zuo Liangcai looked at Ling Ran, who was standing to his left. He even had to undertake the task of explaining the patient's condition as usual. "The patient was dug out from below the ground. Prolonged hypoxia and hemorrhagic shock. Also suffering from fractures and crush injuries"

"How about the head?" Ling Ran inquired.

"There's no obvious wound on the head."

Ling Ran nodded a little. The patient had injured a lot of his body parts and organs. If his condition were to be compounded by serious intracranial injury, it would be truly hard to save him. for visiting.

Huo Congjun glanced at Ling Ran in approval and said, "We'll be dealing with his hemorrhagic shock first, followed by the crush injuries and fractures. Ling Ran, you'll be working on this together with me."

"All right."

While they spoke, the ambulance had already stopped in front of the Emergency Medical Center, and a gurney with the patient on it was pushed out of the ambulance.

Treatment Group 2 naturally went forward to examine the patient without saying much. All of them had worked through the night, and there was weariness on their faces as they listened to the paramedic who was reporting the figures.

"Perk up, it's almost our turn." Huo Congjun clapped and jumped a few times. He looked like he was ready for the upcoming battle.

Ling Ran looked on while Huo Congjun was at it. He could see that Huo Congjun's hands were shivering because of the cold wind.

"Why don't you wear a jacket?" Ling Ran asked Huo Conjun.

It was obvious from Huo Congjun's expression that he was glad about Ling Ran's concern for him. He said in a hushed tone, "I can't do that because there are reporters around today. A jacket would make me look informal and unprofessional. You get what I mean?"

"So you would rather freeze in this weather?"

"People won't know what the weather's like when they see the photos." Huo Congjun sighed and said, "In the future, you should pay attention to these details too. You need to disregard the discomfort you feel and make sure that you look professional in photos. Only then will other people approve of you and know that you have indeed given your best."

"Perhaps you can put an ice cube on your collar or splash some water on your face before you expose yourself to the cold wind," Ling Ran gave a casual reply based on what he had seen on a filming set once.

Huo Congjun was stunned for a moment. He then laughed and said, "That's a pretty good idea. We can give it a try next time."

"You can actually wear a cashmere sweater underneath your shirt." Zuo Liangcai, who had overheard their conversation, chipped in.

When Huo Congjun heard that, he furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Zuo Liangcai. "Don't spend your time thinking about such nonsense all day. Put more focus on actually saving the patients' lives."

"Oh all right." Zuo Liangcai had no choice but to shut up and lick his own wounds after he was given the cold shoulder.


An ambulance stopped in front of the reception door.

The moment the ambulance door was opened, a paramedic could be seen kneeling on the gurney and carrying out chest compressions on the patient at lightning speed.

"Circulatory failure and sudden cardiac arrest. The defibrillator was used once at 150 joules, and chest compressions have been performed for three minutes," the paramedic explained quickly as he continued to carry out chest compressions.

"Go and get Lu Wenbin as well as Yu Yuan," Ling Ran ordered Zuo Cidian. He then went up to the gurney and said, "I'll take over."

"All right." The paramedic counted up to thirty and made way for Ling Ran as his colleague provided artificial ventilation for the patient using a bag valve mask.

Ling Ran immediately knelt on the gurney and started to perform CPR.

"Bring the patient to the operating theater." Huo Congjun's expression was calm.

The CPR process was pretty much performed in the hospital, and because patients who went into cardiac arrest in the hospital always received timely medical assistance, the doctors of the Emergency Department were not anxious about it.

Panicking would not help the situation anyway.

Very soon, Yu Yuan and Lu Wenbin arrived to assist Ling Ran. Just as they did during their training, they soon took over the task from Ling Ran.

Ling Ran exercised his limbs a little and prepared to enter the operating theater.

Huo Congjun nodded a little when he saw how well all of them worked together.

In the Emergency Department, CPR was something that needed to be carried out all the time, and most doctors were pretty skilled at it. However, groups that were able to work so well together were quite hard to come by.

After the defibrillator was used a second time, the patient's cardiac rhythm returned.

Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan moved away from the gurney. They looked like they were reluctant to stop.

They were only resident doctors, and this was the first time they had carried out CPR so smoothly. Moreover, it was a group effort.

"You're a pretty good team leader." Huo Congjun became even more satisfied with Ling Ran. He then looked at the preparation work that was ongoing in the operating theater and said, "Bring more bags of blood over. Take an X-ray of his injured arm. See what's inside"

Huo Congjun watched as everyone carried out their tasks. He only went before the operating table after all the preparation work was done, and said, "Exploratory laparotomy. Carry out bleeding control first. Pass me the scalpel."


A scrub nurse placed the scalpel on Huo Congjun's palm.

"Where do you guys reckon the blood is coming from?" Huo Congjun suddenly asked.

Unlike Ling Ran, Huo Congjun had been working in the operating theater for years. He could be likened to the "lion king" who ordered the other lions around, led his pride on hunting expeditions, and went hunting alone. Aside from that, he also guarded his territory and entertained himself using the young lions.

The young lions were very willing to entertain the "lion king" too.

Zuo Liangcai immediately said, "Ruptured spleen."

Among all the organs, the spleen had the highest probability of sustaining trauma. Therefore, even a clueless doctor had a fifty percent probability of getting the answer right.

"Liver." Another young doctor joined the discussion.

"Ling Ran, what do you think?" Huo Congjun looked at Ling Ran.

"It's probably the liver." Ling Ran made the same judgement.

"Not bad." Huo Congjun nodded with a smile. "Ling Ran is right. Based on the patient's current condition, if he were experiencing splenorrhagia, he probably would not have been able to stay alive until now. Hmm... let's carry out an exploratory laparotomy now and take a look at the exact situation"

The moment he said that, all the medical staff focused their attention on the patient.

Of course, the chest of the young doctor who said the correct answer before Ling Ran was raging with all kinds of emotions. However, no one had time to pay him any attention.

"Ling Ran, what's the surgical method for hepatic trauma?" Huo Congjun directed the question at Ling Ran.

When senior doctors threw questions at junior doctors in the operating theater, it was could be said to be both pedagogic and entertaining. Most junior attending physicians, resident doctors, housemen, and medical interns lived in fear of it every day.

Hence, this was considered one of the driving forces for doctors to study more.

If doctors were unable to answer the senior doctors' questions or came out with unsatisfactory answers, the senior doctors would roar at them in fury.

Ling Ran was already very used to senior doctors throwing questions at him. He simply answered, "The surgical method for hepatic trauma should include debridement and bleeding control of the trauma. Usually, incision would be made on the right hypochondrium on the rectus abdominis or on the epigastric region"

A direction was needed to perform exploratory laparotomy too, hence it was important to choose the right place to make the incision.

Huo Congjun was extremely satisfied as he listened to Ling Ran's answer. He advised the other doctors, "You guys should learn from Ling Ran. Not only does he perform well in the operating theater and is well-trained in various surgical methods, but he also increases his theoretical knowledge of medicine.'

The young doctor from earlier was standing in a corner, and he could not help but mutter, "We'd be able to come up with the correct answer too if you were to ask us the same question."

Huo Congjun heard that. He immediately raised an eyebrow and turned to look at him. "All right, then. I'll ask you a question. What's your name again? Tell me, let's say the patient really sustained hepatic trauma, which part of the liver do you reckon is injured, and how long and deep do you think the wound would be?"

The young doctor widened his eyes in shock. 'You may as well ask me how much the patient's spleen weighs.'

Of course, it was a must for junior doctors to answer senior doctors' questions. The young doctor had no choice but to say meekly, "I reckon that it might be the middle lobe"

"Nonsense. We wouldn't be able to tell anything based on the information we have right now. As the saying goes, 'It is wiser to admit that you don't know something.'" Huo Congjun automatically went into rebuking mode. It only took him a few seconds to make everyone in the operating theater more alert.