Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 419

420 Doctor Please Help

Twenty minutes later, Ling Ran and Huo Congjun took off the scrubs before they left the operating theater.

The remaining problems related to the gallbladder and bile duct, as well as sequelae of CPR could all be left for the doctors from the General Surgery Department who came for consultation and the doctors from the Emergency Department who were free.

For Old Huo, solving the problem of massive bleeding and stabilizing the patient's vital signs were considered the completion of his work. He could even be said to have done a lot of work.

Ling Ran and Huo Congjun did not immediately go to the reception bay after they left the operating theater. Although it was not even a ten-minute break, they still drank some water and simply ate some snacks in the waiting room before they came out.

Surgery was a physical labor that demanded high physical strength. During the hardest hours, there was a case where doctors stood with swollen legs to perform surgeries day by day. Still, under the circumstances where the conditions allowed, it was not a bad thing to let the doctors eat, drink, and be slightly comfortable.

"Have a chocolate stick." Huo Congjun glanced around. When he saw that there was nobody else in the waiting room, he secretly opened a small cabinet in the kitchen, and took out an inconspicuous box. When the box was opened, half a box of chocolates and Snickers were seen.

Ling Ran was confused as he took a chocolate.

"If I don't hide these, those people will finish these in a day." Huo Congjun pursed his lips before he said, "When you encounter this kind of emergency surgery again or when you're starving, remember the place and go get these on your own. But just take the amount you need, and refill them the next day."

As he spoke, Huo Congjun started to count the number of chocolates by twos.

"Oh," Ling Ran answered.

"It's not that I'm reluctant to give these away, but this is the rule for our Emergency Department. Well, you can treat it as the rule for all departments." Huo Congjun told Ling Ran some of the minor rules Ling Ran never managed to learn. "No matter how many snacks are prepared for a doctor on-duty, they can never be enough to supply for the whole department, right? Besides, when we're hungry, other people may feel the same too. Therefore, you can always eat other people's food, but you must remember to refill it."

Ling Ran understood at this time. He said, "It's just like how we'd answer test papers when we're bored. If we write on other people's test papers, we must prepare a new one for her. Otherwise, she will not have any test papers to write."

Huo Congjun frowned. "That's the logic, yes. But I didn't know Young people at your generation are slightly weird. Other interns don't really behave like this."

Ling Ran was confused as he looked at Huo Congjun.

Huo Congjun came to a sudden realization. He patted his own head and smiled. "Look, what have I been thinking? I'm too exhausted today Yes, you can't be compared to other interns."


The door of the waiting room was pushed open again.

Huo Congjun put the chocolate box back to the original place in haste. He sighed in relief before he stepped out of the kitchen. Then, he saw Chief Physician Tao walking toward the kitchen.

"Argh I was wondering who it would be. You're hungry, aren't you?" Huo Congjun chuckled.

"I'm not just hungry." Chief Physician Tao stretched out his arms and sighed. "I'm exhausted, I feel like my arms are about to fall off. Where's the logic in making a sixty-year-old person like me stay up late and perform surgery?!"

"We can't do anything to you if you didn't pick up the phone when we called you." A professional title was the most important method to keep a person in check in a system that relied on skills. For Chief Physician Tao, who had achieved the rank of a chief physician, he no longer had any desire to lead a treatment group. If he did not want to pick up the phone, he could choose not to.

Chief Physician Tao was trembling as he fed himself with a few vitamin pills. Then, he took out a chocolate bar from the shelf above him and said, "You guys won't call me if it's just a small matter. So, if something serious happened, I should be here."

"Then there's nothing we can do about it." Huo Congjun laughed and looked at his watch. He said, "We need to go down now. They just a patient from outside the province with a serious case of massive bleeding."

"Why don't you let them send the patient to another hospital?" Chief Physician Tao quirked his eyebrow.

Huo Congjun said calmly, "Which Emergency Department is not busy now? The patient's blood loss has reached 10,000 cc. If the patient was sent to another hospital, he might lose his life."

"Do you need me to help?" Chief Physician Tao had recovered after he ate two pieces of chocolate.

"I got Ling Ran to help." Huo Congjun pointed at Ling Ran, and he could not help but smile. "It's not that I want to boast, but I don't think there are not many doctors from the General Surgery Department who can do better than Ling Ran."

Chief Physician Tao smiled. "Then, Ling Ran should learn properly, so that he can surpass everyone in the future."

"You don't believe me, right?" Huo Congjun stared at Chief Physician Tao and gently shook his head.

"You'll have to say something that can actually convince me."

"Fine, when you're free, come to the operating theater to take a look." Huo Congjun looked at him as if he was looking at a frog in the well and brought Ling Ran out of the waiting room. He took out his phone and made a call. He asked, "Is the green channel ready?" for visiting.

"All the patients entering our hospital now use the green channel." The doctor at the other side did not sound tense. After receiving patients for a long time, he could no longer put up a bitter face.

Huo Congjun hummed and said, "Then, I want you to prepare an even convenient channel for the patients to come in compared to the green channel. Be prepared to perform bleeding control, transfer blood, and get the medicine for circulatory collapse ready. Also, get the signature from the patient's family. Also, let the people from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery join the meeting."

This was what a department director did. If a leader of any treatment group were in Huo Congjun's place, they would need to ask their group members to do those tasks. Otherwise, they might end up in big trouble if they did not do their tasks well.

Ling Ran followed Huo Congjun to the reception door without thinking too much into the matter.

Within two minutes, an ambulance with its siren blaring stopped in front of them.

"Department Director Huo, thank you very much" Other than the patient, there was Department Director Jia from the Emergency Department from the county hospital who came out from the backseat in the ambulance.

Huo Congjun did not even raise his eyebrows. He said, "There's nothing to thank for. It's a life regardless of whether we can save him or not. I'm unable to guarantee you with anything for a patient with 338 ounces of blood loss."

"It's 371 ounces now." Department Director Jia's face was as bitter as a bitter gourd now.

It meant 33 ounces of blood had been lost in just a while.

Huo Congjun cast a glance at the patient before he asked, "Where's the patient's family?"

Department Director Jia was stunned for a moment before he answered, "Behind us."

"Isn't there any family member who followed the ambulance just now?"

"I I was in a rush just now."

"Then, how should they sign on the operation consent form?" Huo Congjun looked at Department Director Jia like he was a fool. He always looked down on this kind of weak doctor from weak hospitals, and his point of view had never been changed even now. A talented doctor was like a jewel, while a stupid doctor was as disgusting as nuclear waste. Although stupid doctors could still get high achievements by hard work and persistence, when Huo Congjun thought about the patients that had to serve as material to build their path to success, he was displeased.

Department Director Jia knew he had done something stupid, so he chuckled in embarrassment and said, "We've signed the operation consent form in the hospital."

"Okay," Huo Congjun replied, but that was his only remark. The operation consent form signed at the county hospital would be not useful as of current.

"Ling Ran, go to the operating theater first." Huo Congjun remained where he was while he waited for the patient's family.

In just a few minutes, a married couple staggered out from a Volkswagen Jetta.

"Are you Zhang Ci's family?" Resident Doctor Zheng Pei immediately came forward. "I need you to sign another operation consent form which is different from the previous one."

The hands of the parents were trembling.

"We only have this one child." The woman was in her fifties, she looked exhausted after traveling miles away to this place.

Zheng Pei, who was not even thirty years old, had been busy for the whole day. He could not sympathize with her. He said gently, "We need to sign the operation consent form as soon as possible so that we can start the surgery. I would like to clarify"

"I know. I've seen that." The woman held her temper while her tears slipped from her eyes. She used her hand to cover her mouth, "We have this child only. I couldn't save my second child. I only have this child left, I"

"We've reached the hospital. Please stop crying, the doctors will find a way." The husband held his wife in his arms while he took a pen from Zheng Pei. He signed the operation consent form without even reading the contents in it. The man turned around, forced himself to smile, and said, "Doctor, please help us!"