Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 423

424 Hemostasis By Hea

Zhang Ci's parents sat in the waiting room, looking at each other silently.

At such a time, actions and words could not help their son. Even the thought about their son in the operating theater clenched their hearts in so much pain that they found it hard to breathe.

Zhang Ci's father stood up for the twentieth time, bowed his head, and said, "I'm going to get some air outside."

Zhang Ci's mother did not look up and said, "Wrap yourself well, don't catch a cold."

"Okay." Zhang Ci's father was about to go out when he saw Huo Congjun and Ling Ran approaching them.

Zhang Ci's father instantly stopped moving.

He felt that he should say hello. It will at least make him seem more polite.

But Zhang Ci's father also did not want to say hello, because even though he was eager to know his son's situation, Zhang Ci's father would rather hold back a little while on knowing the truth...

"Mister Zhang." Huo Congjun stood still with a serious expression, nodded to Zhang Ci's father, looked inside, and said, "Let's sit down and talk."

"Alright... no... no, why don't you just tell me?" Zhang Ci's father's thoughts were in such a mess that he was incoherent.

"Mister Zhang, don't worry." Huo Congjun placed his hand on Zhang's shoulder and pushed him forward. He could not tell him that there was good news or anything like that. The patient did get the best treatment, but he may not necessarily get the best results. For the family, the latter was the most important.

Zhang Ci's father found it extremely difficult to walk even just a few short steps forward.

Huo Congjun was also resigned. He could only gently push Ling Ran forward and whispered, "Brief them about the situation with the patient and stay serious, just like you always do."

Ling Ran nodded and sat in front of Zhang Ci's parents.

He did not think too much about his choice of words. Ling Ran faced both of them and said, "The operation is successful, the patient's condition is stable. The next two or three days are more crucial for him. If no unforeseen circumstances arise, the patient has a great chance of surviving. Moving on..."

Ling Ran paused for a moment. He wanted to think clearly.


Before Ling Ran could speak again, Zhang Ci's mother covered her mouth and started crying.

Zhang Ci's father hugged his wife with one hand and covered his mouth with his other hand. He could not help but began to have tears escape the corners of his eyes.

"It's okay, it's okay..." The husband comforted his wife.

The latter just cried harder.

Huo Congjun patted Ling Ran's shoulder and motioned him to wait a moment.

Ling Ran nodded slightly as he sat quietly by the side and waited.

Two or three minutes later, Zhang Ci's mother stopped sniffing, wiped away her tears, and laughed again. "Sorry, doctor, we are... Um, doctor, thank you, thank you."

Zhang Ci's mother extended her hands and shook Ling Ran's hands before she shook Huo Congjun's hands.

Ling Ran can feel the strength of her thin and wrinkly knuckles. They were thin and wrinkly, but powerful.

After a long time, Zhang Ci's father coughed and said, "Doctor, what did you want to say just now? What should we do next?"

Ling Ran organized his thoughts and sentences and said, "The next step will depend on the recovery of the patient. If it goes well, we will remove the gauze in the body after three or four days..."

"Um... um..." Zhang Ci's mother had a lot of questions to ask, but she could not voice them out.

Huo Congjun tugged Ling Ran, got up, and said, "Both of you, please rest well. The patient is now sent to the ICU. There will be someone to take care of him..."

Ling Ran left the waiting room with Huo Congjun. After leaving the corridor, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

"Were you very nervous?" Huo Congjun asked.

Ling Ran nodded slightly. "It's not like being in the operating theater, but I was really nervous."

Huo Congjun laughed and said, "Being nervous is good. It just means that the things we do are important and necessary, right?"

Ling Ran nodded slowly again.

At the same time, a system notification appeared in his mind again.

[Mission Completed: Perform a hepatectomy.]

[Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest.]

Ling Ran listened to Huo Congjun's endless lecture and told the system in his mind to open the chest. Then, he saw a silver-white skill book come out.

[Level One Skill Book: Raise a basic skill to Perfect Level.]

In Ling Ran's mind, he immediately thought of the words "barehanded bleeding control".

The first Perfect Level skill he acquired, Barehanded Bleeding Control, was from a Level One Skill Book.

While Ling Ran recalled how he got the skill, a skill book appeared in Ling Ran's mind.

The Basic of Internal Medicine at the top was still gray, and the Basic of Surgery was flashing. Six basic skills appeared again in front of Ling Ran:

[Exposure, incision, separation, bleeding control, suturing, drainage...]

In theory, as long as the six basic skills were mastered, then one could master any kind of surgery.

In fact, most surgeons tried to avoid performing difficult maneuvers and went for easier maneuvers to try to reduce the burden on the surgeon from all aspects. Because there was no doctor who could possibly perfect all the skills. Even if they can do it, their energy would not let them...

"Let's rest for a while," Huo Congjun said a few words and picked up his phone. His work was not just performing surgery, but also serving as a garrison for the emergency room.

"Okay," Ling Ran responded and simply tapped the Bleeding Control skill button. He continued and clicked on the hemostasis option. for visiting.

Ling Ran then selected the "hemostasis by heat" option under the hemostasis option.

His suturing skills were enough to ensure that he could perform perstriction. If he learned how to stop bleeding through hemostasis by heat, Ling Ran's control on the operating table will be greatly enhanced.

Although it did not reach the level of the so-called "bloodless surgical field", it still meant that Ling Ran could already begin to pursue a bloodless surgical field with these skills.

Bloodless surgeries were the new height of modern medicine. No blood meant that the surgical field was clear, allowing surgeons to observe more details and improve the success rate of surgeries.

On the other hand, less blood loss also meant a better prognosis for the patient.

As a member of the Emergency Department, Ling Ran felt that hemostasis should still be ranked with the most priority among the six basic skills. According to Ling Ran's cumulative experience to date, there were many reasons for the death of a patient, but blood loss was undoubtedly a huge problem.

Ling Ran raised his hand and drank an Energy Serum. Then, he turned around and went downstairs.

The emergency room downstairs was the epitome of a factory that required its workers to work using their blood, sweat, and tears. It always craved more manpower.

"Our group can carry out emergency surgeries now." Ling Ran informed the patient assistance desk.

Right after he stood still, he heard a greeting behind him. "Doctor Ling, are you tired?"

"You are?" Ling Ran turned around and looked at an unfamiliar man wearing a white robe with dark circles and puffy eyes in front of him.

"I am..." The other person thought about this before he laughed and patted his head. He said, "Let me introduce myself, I am Feng Yi of the Health Department, and your CPR before this opened my eyes..."

For Ling Ran, CPR was already an operation that was already considered the pinnacle of modern medicine. So, when Feng Yi said that his CPR was an eye-opener, he could not help but be in a daze.

"Doctor Ling, can you please organize a group that is solely responsible for CPR today?" Feng Yi's face was full of hope.