Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 424

425 Icu

"You would need to look for Department Director Huo for things like organizing a team." Ling Ran could not understand the thought process of this middle-aged man with puffy eyes and dark eyebags. He also did not have the energy to spare for him.

Why should he deal with strangers? Was CPR becoming less fun, or were surgeries getting more boring, so much so that he had to talk to strangers?

Ling Ran had met too many of this boring species called "strangers". It was only because this middle-aged man was ugly enough that Ling Ran guessed that he would not bend his head down and confess to him, and it made Ling Ran talk to him.

But that was all.

Ling Ran only nodded lightly and told the young nurse behind the patient assistance desk. "I'm going to the reception area now..."

"Wait, wait." Feng Yi laughed, stepped forward, and stopped Ling Ran. He whispered, "Doctor Ling, this is a good opportunity."

Ling Ran stared at Feng Yi.

Feng Yi was responsible for deceiving doctors all year round. So, he knew with just one look at Ling Ran's posture that he would be hard to convince.

After thinking about it, Feng Yi became more humble and laughed, "Doctor Ling, let's not talk about organizing a team and whatnot. I'm just thinking that if you form a team that specifically only performs CPR, it would be better for the patient, and you can even save lives."

Ling Ran furrowed his eyebrows. "There are no patients needing CPR now."

"Isn't CPR a race against time? Let's form a team. Whenever any problems arise in the hospital, you can perform the emergency operation at any moment, for however long you want, and use however much medicine you wish. We'll cover all your expenses. Even if the medicine is not in the medical insurance list, you can also register them later after using them..." Feng Yi patted his chest as he spoke.

Ling Ran hesitated after hearing what was spoken.

Concerning CPR alone, in some foreign hospitals, there would indeed be a small group especially dealing with CPR. If a problem arose, they will immediately step in to perform resuscitation. For patients with myocardial infarction, their survival rate would be greatly improved.

However, it would obviously be inappropriate for several surgeons to just idly wait to perform CPR, even if the surgeons in the country were already paid very poorly

"I don't want to just do CPR, you can set up another team. I can provide some training." Ling Ran still relented a little.

Lu Wenbin and the others were also trained by him for a long time, and the results were quite remarkable.

However, he did not train Lu Wenbin and the others in performing group CPR just so that they could wait around twenty-four hours to perform CPR.

Ling Ran examined himself. He also did not want to be on standby for twenty-four hours just to perform CPR.

CPR was indeed interesting, but other operations could also be very interesting.

It was very important to save people, but if one disliked his job, it would be very difficult to persist in it.

This was especially the case for CPR. If the medical staff involved worked just like the mechanics in a 4S shop and just aimed to earn their hourly wages, there would be very few medical staff who can persist. A doctor would need economic support to persist in this profession, but there was no need for economic support to be their driving force in the process of saving people.

Feng Yi narrowed his puffy eyes. His eyes seemed to be bulging out, and he said in a troubled manner, "Doctor Ling, we still think you're the best when it comes to performing CPR. Wasn't the patient that was rescued by you recovering well? Saving one life is better than building a seven-tiered pagoda. Instead of performing surgeries..."

"If Ling Ran meets a patient who needs CPR, he will definitely be duty-bound not to refuse, but making him wait by the side would not necessarily be a good thing." Doctor Zhou came over all of a sudden and stopped in between Ling Ran and Feng Yi.

"Doctor Zhou, you're here." Feng Yi recognized him. He chuckled and said hello. He seemed not to be affected by Doctor Zhou's displeased tone and did not hold him to account for speaking to him in such a manner. He said, "Today's situation was very special. The in-coming patients who will be sent over would not be in good condition. They definitely would need Doctor Ling's help."

The words he said were indeed reasonable and just.

In fact, if there was no real need for this, Feng Yi will not come over to look for Ling Ran to do this.

Therefore, although he had some ulterior motive for making this request, the direction of Feng Yi's request was not completely wrong.

Doctor Zhou thought carefully, but he still pulled Ling Ran over. He then said, "If you have an idea, Department Chief Feng, you still have to go to our department director and propose the idea to him. If you make Ling Ran bear such a big responsibility, what if it becomes too much for him to bear, and the pressure crushes him?"

Feng Yi originally wanted to take a shortcut, but he was not angry that he did not succeed. He only nodded calmly and said, "Alright then, I understand. I will find Department Director Huo."

Doctor Zhou watched Feng Yi leave and smiled at Ling Ran. He said, "You'll need to let Department Director Huo deal with these people. Otherwise, he may have promised you that you can casually use any medicine right now, but he will turn his back on his words and start complaining after this. He will set you up at any moment he wants."

Ling Ran nodded as if he had understood what Doctor Zhou meant.

Doctor Zhou coughed and said, "Medical expenses are a huge sum of money, especially for patients who have undergone CPR. One person would need hundreds of thousands of RMB, and once that number accumulates, how much do you think it will cost? If that guy just now is not around, at that time, there will be a dispute between the hospital and the Health Department. If he brought you into this, nothing good will happen."

When he saw Ling Ran's expression, Doctor Zhou waved his hand and said, "You don't have to worry about this now. If anything happens, just push it to me or Department Director Huo. Hmm it'll be best if you just let Department Director Huo handle the matter."

"Okay." Ling Ran accepted the advice.

"You are really tactless. Well, but there's no reason to try and be polite in such cases anyway," Doctor Zhou said to himself before he asked, "Would you like to wait for the next ambulance here? It may take a while."

"Then let's go to the ICU and take a look at how they're handling the dressing for the previous patient." When Ling Ran said this, he could not help but shook his head. "It's really inconvenient that the Emergency Medical Center does not have its own ICU."

Doctor Zhou looked at Ling Ran askance. "If you tell this to Department Director Huo, he would be overjoyed after hearing it."


"Department Director Huo just wants everything."

Ling Ran slowly nodded. "If the Emergency Medical Center has its own intensive care unit, the patient this time can stay in the Emergency Medical Center. His prognosis might even be better."

Ling Ran was in possession of the Perfect Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. The biggest difference between Master Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Perfect Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation was the management and intervention after CPR. However, the hospital's ICU did not want to listen to the explanations of doctors in the Emergency Medical Center. If negotiations were not handled well, the medical staff in ICU might even act based on reverse psychology. From Ling Ran's perspective, this was naturally not perfect for patients.

The two talked and took the elevator to the floor where the ICU was located.

Once they exited the elevator, they saw dozens of patients' families walking back and forth.

ICUs usually did not allow family members to enter, and recently, many more patients were added to them, so the family members could only flock together at the entrance.

When Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou got out of the elevator, countless pairs of eyes looked toward them. Old Hu's wife saw Ling Ran at first glance. She immediately stomped on the floor with her tired legs, causing a squeaking sound to be heard, and her legs seemed to be filled with energy before she ran over.

"Doctor Ling, Doctor Zhou, both of you are here." Old Hu's wife expressed goodwill as much as she could. She smiled so much that her dry lips looked as if they were about to crack.

"How is Old Hu's situation?" Doctor Zhou asked casually.

"He's in a pretty good situation. He already woke up, and his urine is cleared. The doctor said that after two more days, he can be transferred to the general ward without any problem," Old Hu's wife said as her eyes began to tear up.

Doctor Zhou was surprised to hear this. "He woke up? He already woke up?"

Old Hu's wife was also stunned after hearing Doctor Zhou's reaction. "Didn't you come because you heard that Old Hu was awake?"

"Are you kidding me? It was such a prolonged CPR, and he actually managed to recover in such a short..." Doctor Zhou wisely shut up and said, "Let's go inside and take a look."

Old Hu's wife quickly went to wake up her sleepy mother-in-law and her son, who was lying on the chair.

Five people passed through the passage, wore isolation gowns, and entered the ICU.

The doctors in the ICU did not want to have so many people in, but when they saw Ling Ran, they fell silent and did not complain.

The hospital was a realistic reflection of modern society. Everyone would show superficial respect to a doctor who was just generally amazing, but if a doctor had abilities as amazing as Ling Ran's and could pull someone back from the dead after he had died for an hour, the doctors in the ICU would also be fearful. This kind of doctor could easily damage a department's reputation while he chatted casually with other doctors, wrote an article, or attended an international medical conference.

For doctors who rarely witnessed successful prolonged CPRs, they currently saw a halo above Ling Ran when they looked at him.

"Old Hu, this is Doctor Ling. He saved you." Old Hu's Wife woke up Old Hu, who was in light sleep, and she pushed Ling Ran to the front.

"Thank..." Old Hu tried his best and made a hoarse sound. He then started gasping.

Old Hu's wife whispered, "Doctor Ling, Old Hu thanks you." for visiting.

"You're welcome." While Ling Ran was talking, he put away a Patient's Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chest and a Peers' Admiration Basic Treasure Chest into his pocket.

Old Hu's wife said, "I've heard other doctors say that you might not run into even one successful case among one hundred cases of prolonged CPR. Some people may have been saved at that time, but afterward, they might fall into a coma and enter a vegetative state... Old Hu, you are lucky that you met Doctor Ling..."

Old Hu used his vocal tract to laboriously utter his thanks again.

Ling Ran nodded slightly and continued to collect all the new Patient's Sincere gratitude Treasure Chests.

"My father said thank you." Old Hu's son hid behind his mother with slight fear in his heart. At that moment, as he looked at his father's face, he finally gathered up some courage and said loudly.

"Don't mention it." Ling Ran smiled at him politely.

The little boy hid behind his mother shyly before he looked at Ling Ran, paused for a few seconds, and said, "Doctor Ling, you're really handsome."

Several people present, including the medical staff of the ICU standing not far behind them, could not help but laugh.

The laughter encouraged the little boy, so he turned his head quickly and looked at Doctor Zhou. He said a little hesitantly, "Doctor Zhou, you're also handsome."

Doctor Zhou was stunned. Then, he smiled so brightly that he looked like the sun.