Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 425

426 Afraid Of Pain

"Shall we go and get something to eat?" After Doctor Zhou came out of the ICU, he felt refreshed, and the tiredness from the past few days seemed to have been swept away from his bones.

As for Ling Ran, he was truly energized and refreshed, since he drank an Energy Serum.

Ling Ran rubbed his stomach and asked, "How about we order delivery from Shao family's restaurant?"

"Let's not. Every time you eat something from Shao family's restaurant, you have the feeling that you're preparing to work." Doctor Zhou shook his head and said, "Let's make some porridge, let Lu Wenbin cook pork trotters, add some ribs, slice up some pork shank and braised pork, add a bit of pork tongue and some vegetables or something, and it should be quite delicious."

Ling Ran agreed. He took out his phone and asked, "Would you like plain porridge or some other kind of porridge?"

When Doctor Zhou saw him and open Meituan, he quickly stopped him and said, "Don't do that, it's just some porridge. Why should we order food delivery? We can cook some ourselves."

"Do you cook porridge?" Ling Ran looked at Doctor Zhou skeptically. Ling Ran's impression of Doctor Zhou was someone who did not look like he would take the initiative to ask for work.

Doctor Zhou wore a smile akin to the smart monk, Ikkyu, and said, "How about this? Your team has a WeChat group, right? Ask them if they want to eat what I just mentioned, and have those who want to eat give their names."

Ling Ran decided to show Doctor Zhou a certain degree of trust, after all, he was already slacking off in terms of asking the others whether they wanted to eat.

So, Ling Ran did according to what Doctor Zhou said and roughly repeated Doctor Zhou's menu in Ling Treatment Group Group Chat.

In less than half a minute, a voice message from Zuo Cidian appeared in the WeChat group. "Doctor Ling, Doctor Lu and Doctor Yu are currently debriding a patient, and all three of us would like to eat what you just said. I'll make the porridge. Doctor Lu and the others have big rice cookers, what kind of porridge do you want to eat?"

"Ask him whether he knows how to make sheng gun congee [1]." Doctor Zhou licked his lips and said, "A married man in his forties should have made meals for his wife for some years. I don't know how good are his cooking skills, though..."

Ling Ran entered the words "sheng gun congee" in the WeChat group before he said to Doctor Zhou, "As far as I know, Doctor Zuo does not like others to talk about his marital status."

Doctor Zhou looked at Ling Ran, whose expression was as serious as he looked like when he did debridement. Hence, Doctor Zhou nodded and said, "Well, if Doctor Zuo knows how to make sheng gun congee, I will not talk about his marital status. Look at the group, ask him to prepare some kind of sheng gun congee, I think fish fillet congee would be alright... Some people aren't accustomed to pork liver. Beef would be good as well..."

Ling Ran then opened the WeChat group in front of Doctor Zhou and saw an answer from Zuo Cidian in the group. The big words were very clear, [Then, let's make sheng gun congee. How about beef congee? After being married for so many years, I am most confident with making beef congee. I think if I cooked it better, my wife would have been reluctant to leave me.]

Doctor Zhou looked at Ling Ran and laughed. "It seems that not only did you misjudge Old Zuo's point of view in terms of marriage, Old Zuo himself also made a wrong judgment in his own marriage."


The small cafeteria in the Emergency Medical Center had always been prepared for the medical staff.

Sometimes, doctors of the other department, who were bored with the big cafeteria, would also go to the Emergency Department for food. Of course, most of them were young resident doctors or attending physicians who would frequently come to the emergency room to provide consultation. The older ones would usually have their meals at home, and those with higher positions would usually have meals outside.

Zuo Cidian hummed a song while he cooked beef congee.

The tenderloin was delivered by a delivery service, and the quality was surprisingly good. The seasoning and oil were from the kitchen, and they were readily available to everyone.

Zuo Cidian even recalled the joy he felt when he was young. At that time, he was still a happy and single young man. He cooked sheng gun congee in the town hospital's kitchen alone. At that time, the meat used for his porridge was sent it by the patient's family, the rice was sent by the patient's family, and the seasoning was also sent by the patient's family...

"I have to say, we lived a more comfortable life during the time I was younger." Zuo Cidian sniffed the smell of porridge, smiled at the young doctor in front of him whose name he could not really remember, and said, "We were poor at the time, but we received good benefits. During the first five years I was a doctor, I never spent my own money to buy food."

The ordinary-looking doctor looked at Zuo Cidian with a judgmental gaze, "I heard that at your time, you will get an equal share of food with your colleagues from the same communal pot, right?"

Zuo Cidian stared at the doctor for a few seconds and asked, "How old do you think I am?"

The ordinary-looking young resident doctor looked at Zuo Cidian and guessed. "Fifty-eight?"

"You..." Zuo Cidian was so angry, he trembled in anger. "Which part of me looks fifty-eight years old?"

"The crow's feet... eye bags... laugh lines... forehead wrinkles, neck wrinkles, perioral wrinkles, glabellar wrinkles, tear troughs, oral commissures, marionette lines, infraorbital folds..." The ordinary-looking young resident doctor spoke faster and faster, and his tone also gradually became livelier.

Zuo Cidian's facial expression slowly became serious. "Today's beef congee is only for the people in our treatment group. It's not for you. I'm saying this in advance lest you overthink things."

As Zuo Cidian spoke, he put ginger slices in the pot, let it stew on medium fire, and put the marinated beef into the porridge.

The white porridge churned about continuously under the push from the flames.

The tenderloin quickly became dark red, and it started churning around with the white porridge.

It looked like Coca-Cola coming out from a geyser, tripes floating to the surface of a hot pot, and Zidane joining China's national football teamit was so eye-catching that it was hard to not want to eat it!

"I..." The ordinary young resident doctor regretted his words immediately. He wanted to say some words in a normal conversation to ease the awkward atmosphere.

At this moment, a pharmaceutical sales representative craned his neck in before he walked inside and asked, "Are you Doctor Zuo from Ling Treatment Group?"

"Yes." Zuo Cidian also craned his head to the pharmaceutical sales representative.

"I have something to send to you." The pharmaceutical sales representative smiled. "I am from Yunli Medical Company."

Zuo Cidian showed an enlightened expression and sent a signal to the young resident doctor through his eyes. "Now, this feels a little like how the environment I worked in when I was young."

Zuo Cidian turned around and asked the pharmaceutical sales representative, "What do you have?"

"I have some organic vegetables. Our director had workers plant it in the suburbs." The pharmaceutical sales representative paused for a moment before he said, "There are also various drinks and some cold dishes..."

The resident doctor pouted. "It's not particularly appropriate to eat congee with some cold dishes, anyway... what the hell! King crab?"

"Crab legs as cold dishes," the pharmaceutical sales representative said, "Yunli Medical Company is treating."

It was a tradition for pharmaceutical sales companies to treat young doctors to a good meal.

Most of the time, the department directors and the head nurses held most of the power in the departments. They were the ones who decided the medicine to be used, medical consumables to be used, and what medical devices to be used. If there was someone else other than the department director who had more power in hauling in benefits from the pharmaceutical sales representatives, that would be the head nurse.

The group leaders in the treatment group will get relatively limited benefits.

As for the young doctors, aside from getting having a fixed bonusif there was anythe biggest benefit they could get were the various kinds of hospitality from the pharmaceutical sales companies.

However, being treated to king crabs or any other service at this level was extremely rare for doctors in the Emergency Department.

The young resident doctor sat down without hesitation and said, "What a coincidence. I don't want to eat congee today."

Two hours later, the medical staff in the Emergency Department who had eaten the crabs once again integrated themselves with the lively and chaotic atmosphere in the emergency room.

Even Ling Ran was filled with good feelings toward Yunli Medical Company. He commented, "The crabs are very fresh."

"It's indeed fresh... But I may have eaten a little too many." Doctor Zhou patted his stomach. "If we eat a little more, I can be admitted to the General Surgery Department. Hmm... Do you want to sleep for a while?"

"I've no need to."

"I'm a little sleepy. Alright, let's do a small emergency surgery first, shall we?" Doctor Zhou said with a slight chuckle. Of course, even if he were not sleepy, tired, or did not eat crab legs, he will only think about doing small emergency cases.

Ling Ran patted his belly, but he still followed Doctor Zhou into the treatment room without being too opposed to the idea.

The accident at the construction site caused a large number of patients with heavy injuries in need of emergency treatment to be sent to the hospital, but the patients in need of emergency treatment that were sent daily did not know that they just received patients from the construction site, and they still continued to arrive at Yun Hua Hospital in a continuous stream.

This was especially so for patients who arrived on their own. Their waiting time had been increased greatly.

"Let's form a team." Doctor Zhou did not wait for Ling Ran's consent and told the nurse to bring the patients over.

Ling Ran waited, but he was fine with the idea of forming a team with Doctor Zhou. He also needed an assistant, anyway. If Doctor Zhou was willing to be an assistant, then he would still be very helpful.

After a while, the patient's family pushed the patient over in a wheelchair and came to Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou.

"Doctor, please take a look at my wife's hand." The family member spoke nervously before he looked at his wife in the wheelchair in a mild manner.

"It's a bone fracture." Doctor Zhou glanced at it without touching her. He asked, "She broke her hand? How was it broken?"

The wife in the wheelchair turned to look at her husband and said, "You tell him." for visiting.

The husband looked down in embarrassment. "When I was sleeping at night, I crushed my wife's arm."

Doctor Zhou did not hear clearly, "What?"

"There was the sound of bone cracking." Her husband described the situation before he pushed the wheelchair forward and whispered, "Doctor, we would need to trouble you to connect it back well. Will you need to use plaster?"

Doctor Zhou was dumbfounded as he listened. He then looked at the patient's arm and said, "I guess you would need to. Do you have allergies toward plaster?"

The wife tolerated the pain and shook her head.

The husband whispered, "She is not allergic to plaster. I'm just afraid that being hit by the cast will be extremely painful."