Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 426

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"Let's take some scans first." Doctor Zhou did a simple examination by palpating the patient before filling up an X-ray authorization request form. He then asked, "She's not pregnant, is she?"

"Erm… probably not?" The patient's husband did not sound too sure.

His wife glared angrily at him and said, "You should be seriously worried if I were to be pregnant right now."

"I… of course…" Before her husband could finish his sentence, he suddenly remembered that he had not carried out s*xual intercourse with his wife ever since her last period.

The patient flashed a mysterious smile as she gazed at her husband. She deliberate waited for more than ten seconds before she said, "Go ahead and pay."

"Yeah, of course." Her husband leaped up in joy. He seemed to be over the moon.

Doctor Zhou stretched himself with a yawn and asked Ling Ran, "You should ask Old Zuo from your group to come over to learn some stuff after he's done with his tasks at hand. Plastering is considered a basic skill."

"I've never done it either. Why don't you teach me?" Ling Ran said firmly. He was not afraid of letting Doctor Zhou know that he did not know how to plaster patients with fractured bones at all.

It was very normal for a young doctor to not know how to do something. However, junior doctors would rarely ask senior doctors to teach them something in such a direct manner.

From Ling Ran's perspective, he did not feel that he needed to be too polite with Doctor Zhou.

Meanwhile, Doctor Zhou was rather taken aback. To put it more appropriately, he was feeling rather regretful.

"I was planning to act as your assistant." Doctor Zhou sighed in resignation. He felt extremely tired all of a sudden.

Ling Ran thought for a moment and shook his head firmly. "No, you said that the two of us would be forming a team."

"What I meant was that… you would be the team leader and make most of the decisions… Sigh, forget about it. I'll do it." Doctor Zhou straightened his back and gave up on retorting. Ling Ran did not know how to treat fractures, and there was nothing he could do to change this. He could only blame himself for jumping to conclusions.

Doctor Zhou turned to glance at Ling Ran. "You can even carry out a hepatectomy, but have never performed plastering on a broken bone? How did you manage to obtain all your skills?"

Ling Ran merely shrugged. To him, this question was equivalent to people asking him why he was so handsome. It was all down to luck, and it was not something he could explain to other people.

After they wrote some prescriptions for a few more emergency patients and sent them for checkups, the patient with the fractured hand and her husband returned with her X-ray scans.

The patient was still sitting on the wheelchair, and the gold bangle on the wrist of her uninjured hand shone brightly.

As Doctor Zhou took the scans from her, he could not help but glance at the bracelet. The gold bangle looked brand new, as it had not gone out of shape at all, unlike what would happen to bangles of pure gold, because pure gold was extremely malleable. 

"We went to Chow Tai Fook Jewellery to take a look while we waited for the X-ray scans." When the patient noticed that Doctor Zhou was looking at her bangle, she immediately extended her good hand to show Doctor Zhou and Doctor Ling the bangle. She then struck a pose which was supposed to make her look cute and asked, "Doesn't it look beautiful?"

"It's pretty nice." Doctor Zhou raised his head to look at the patient's husband, who was standing behind the wheelchair and wore a dark expression. He then said with a smile, "I never understood why a Chow Tai Fook Jewellery was opened beside the hospital. I finally know why now."

The patient hummed in acknowledgment as she nodded, "It's pretty convenient that there's a jewelry store near the hospital. Just by looking at all those shiny things, the pain in my hand had lessened."

Her husband heaved a loud sigh. "My heart aches."

"Do you need an electrocardiography, then?" Even though the woman on the wheelchair spoke in a soft voice, her gaze was extremely sharp. 

Her husband immediately let out a few loud chuckles to make the atmosphere less scary.

"Based on the X-ray scans, there shouldn't be any serious problem. We just need to plaster the fracture." While he was at it, Doctor Zhou pointed at a scan, which was placed in front of a lightbox, and explained a few things to Ling Ran in a hushed tone.

After the nurse sent some plaster over, Doctor Zhou started plastering the patient's fractured hand.

As expected, the woman on the wheelchair started screaming in pain.

Her husband looked as if he was feeling the pain too. He kept consoling his wife, "It's not painful, it's not painful…"

"I want that ring just now," the woman said in a piteous tone.

"What ring?" Her husband did not know what was going on.

"The one I saw just now. That ring with… diamond chips…"

"We'll go and look at it again later."

"No, I want it now."


The patient furrowed her eyebrows and said to Doctor Zhou, "Doctor, can you give me a moment?"

Doctor Zhou immediately paused the procedure.

The woman slowly extended her fractured hand toward her husband. "My hand is fractured!"

The husband went silent for a few seconds and asked dejectedly, "Then, should I go and buy the ring now?"

"Yes. Be quick, okay?" The woman's tone became joyous. She stared after her husband as he walked away, and raised her voice as she screamed in pain, "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

In the end, the woman with the fractured hand left the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital with plenty of rings on her fingers and two bangles.

The male doctors widened their eyes in shock, while the young and beautiful female nurses were extremely envious.

Ling Ran, too, was extremely astonished. When he turned and was about to talk to Doctor Zhou about it, he saw that the latter had leaned against the wall and dozed off.

The emergency room was a little cold, and Doctor Zhou was curled up in a fetal position. He even squirmed around as he slept, and the young nurse who was with them covered their mouths and chuckled softly when they saw that.

"The way Doctor Zhou sleeps is pretty interesting."

"The wall of the spot he chose is a little indented. I reckon that it's pretty comfortable."

"Did you guys know that a few years back, Doctor Zhou often hid in the treatment rooms and slept? He only switched to another location after he got caught a few times."

The young nurses gossiped in a hushed tone. One of them bravely turned toward Ling Ran and asked, "Doctor Ling, do you want to rest for a while? There're a lot of doctors on duty right now."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ling Ran thought about it for a while. Even though he was not too tired, there seemed to be no point in staying awake for a few more hours just to plaster a few fractures. He said, "I'll head to the on-call room, then. Do call me if you guys need me." 

"Don't worry, Doctor Ling."

"Wait for a moment, Doctor Ling. I'll get you a new set of bedsheets and a comforter. The care worker just washed them."

A few young nurses quickly followed Ling Ran. This alerted more young nurses, and all of them only took a short while to clean up an on-call room for third-string doctors so that it looked neat and cozy.

Doctor Zhou was still curled up against the indent in the wall, and he squirmed as he slept.


Yun Hua Provincial Hospital.

On top of a gurney, a thin doctor carried out CPR at lighting speed as he murmured.

The associate chief physician of the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Provincial Hospital, Qi Zhenhai, personally provided artificial ventilation for the patient using a bag valve mask.

After another set of chest compressions, Qi Zhenhai tried to provide the doctor with some advice. "Doctor Wei, it has been thirty-five minutes."

"Let's persist a bit more. Trust me, I have carried out CPR for fifty minutes before when I was in the United States. We'll be able to keep this up for at least fifty minutes." The doctor who was panting as he carried out CPR was called Wei Jiayou, and he was a star student from Johns Hopkins University. He was pretty renowned in the field of cardiovascular surgery and had also participated in many forms of endoscopic surgeries.

He was the most famous young doctor in Shanghai this year, and his visit to Yun Hua this time was more like a show of force.

Wei Jiayou's teacher, Di Maocai stood beside them with his arms crossed. He watched as Wei Jiayou carried out CPR without any intention to stop him.

Di Maocai was one of the top cardiovascular surgeons in China, and was also the organizer, initiator, and protector of Wei Jiayou's show of force in the entire country this time.

They only arrived at Yun Hua City yesterday, and before they could carry out any activities, the construction accident in Luxia happened. Di Maocai and Wei Jiayou immediately stationed themselves at Yun Hua Provincial Hospital with their group in the name of providing assistance.

Unsurprisingly, Wei Jiayou managed to astonish the medical staff there with the two surgeries he carried out.

However, something unexpected happened when they received the third patient.

The patient suffered through myocardial infarction which was so serious to the point that the medical staff of Yun Hua Provincial Hospital wanted to give up. 

However, Wei Jiayou was not a person who gave up easily.

"Prepare to open the airway." Wei Jiayou ordered as he carried out chest compressions.

Qi Zhenhai immediately understood what he meant and asked, "Are we using a ventilator?"

Wei Jiayou nodded.

"I'm ready." Qi Zhenhai put on a new pair of gloves as he took a scalpel.

Wei Jiayou moved away from the patient and straightened his back as he watched Qi Zhenhai perform a tracheotomy on the patient.

"Let me take over." One of the young doctors from his group volunteered to take over the task from Wei Jiayou, who was already extremely tired.

Another person took over after this doctor got tired. And then another...

In the end… they were unable to work a miracle.

"Time of death, 19:22," Wei Jiayou said as he gazed at the large clock on the wall. He was a little discouraged.

"Don't fret over it. The success rate of prolonged CPR has never been high to begin with." Di Maocai tapped his student's shoulder and said, "Take a rest. You can try again next time. Our country had just started paying attention to the field of CPR. We still have plenty of time to try again."

"Alright." Wei Jiayou flipped his long hair that resembled that of an artist's, and he emanated a gloomy aura that resembled that of an artist's.