Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 428

429 Eggs

The breakfast by Auspicious Wealth House was placed in the middle of the Emergency Medical Center's cafeteria, but only a few people touched it. for visiting.

Everyone just took a few pieces of food and quickly turned back to their own corner.

No matter how well the warm Canton morning tea was prepared, it was still something everyone could often eat. In comparison, the three chefs who were making the Jook-sing noodles on the spot, the ginseng chicken soup that was being cooked in the crock, and the slow-cooked sea cucumber porridge was not only delicious, but also pleasant to the eye.

A chef beat his dough at full force. Every punch was fatal, every palm strike stirred up wind. They felt it was worthwhile for them to be there even by just watching the performance itself.

Of course, the doctors had nowhere else to go.

One could either eat the hot Jook-sing noodles, drink ginseng chicken soup and eat sea cucumber porridge, or could have the Canton morning tea that can be found everywhere... Auspicious Wealth House claimed to be an old brand from Guangdong, but its boss was from Yun Hua, the proprietress was also from Yun Hua. The head chef was from Sichuan, the successor of the chef was from Hunan, and even the plaques with the words [Canton Morning Tea] carved into it were wood from Fujian.

"Doctor Ling, taste the chicken feet with pickled peppers. It's the best dish from Auspicious Wealth House."

When Department Associate Director Du saw that no one appreciated the dish he ordered, he got up and started recommending people to try it. His posture was quite similar to someone persuading someone else to drink.

Tian Qi, who was sitting next to Ling Ran, took a piece out of respect. After trying it, she drank some water and said, "The taste is really good, and the way they marinated it is very bold."

"It is, right? The peppers from Hunan that they currently use are spicy and satisfying." Department Associate Director Du felt a little energetic. He returned to his seat and ate the Jook-sing noodles that were just prepared in one go. His face was beaming with a smile.

"Would you like an egg?" When the chef gave Department Associate Director Du another bowl of Jook-sing noodles, he took the initiative to ask him the question. He was incredibly proactive.

"Okay, an omelet is good."

"What type of egg would you prefer?"


"What type of egg will you want for your omelet?" The chef smiled and pushed out a dining cart before he opened the dish cover and pointed at the eggs one by one. "We have fresh chicken eggs and salted duck eggs. We also have fresh pigeon eggs and quail eggs, the ones here are turtle eggs, and there are two emu eggs, but they are not very suitable for frying..."

Department Associate Director Du looked at the dazzling array of eggs on the dining car. After he recovered from his astonishment, he said happily, "I want all of them..."

Tian Qi drank a few bowls of soup and looked at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran got up at four o'clock in the morning to perform a ward round, which lasted for three hours. He could already be considered to be very hungry.

Ling Ran only stopped after eating five extremely small bowls of Jook-sing noodles consecutively.

After eating, Ling Ran looked at the three chefs and the empty bowls left by everyone else. He said in embarrassment, "I'm sorry for making you spend so much money. When you come back from your vacation, I'll treat you to a meal as well."

"Okay, we can go to Boss Shao's shop to have a barbecue." Tian Qi was reluctant to let go of the chance to be treated as a guest, but she was afraid that she would make Ling Ran spend too much money, and she was slightly troubled.

Ling Ran nodded. Shao family's restaurant also had a broad selection available to the people, but the price was cheap. If he chose bamboo rats and seafood, the meal should be able to be slightly equivalent to the quality of what he was having right now. In Madam Tao Ping's teachings, basic reciprocity was also a very important social etiquette.

Department Associate Director Du also ate and drank until he was full. He patted his belly and laughed in the manner of someone who knew something. He said, "Miss Tian Qi, you're going to Tahiti, so you'll be taking transit from Tokyo, right? I also went there a few years ago for a meeting. It takes twelve hours of flight from Tokyo to reach there, you'll have to bring all kinds of necessities along... How long do you plan to stay in Tokyo?"

"I'll be sitting in my family's private jet, I don't know the specific details of the voyage," Tian Qi replied with a smile.

Department Associate Director Du was stunned. He got up and said, "I have to go to the treatment room to see the patient."

"Me too. I will go as well." Several other doctors who were resurrected from being zombies followed Department Associate Director Du and returned to the treatment room.

Ling Ran had filled his stomach and also wanted to go to the treatment room, but after getting up, he was a little hesitant.

Yu Yuan quickly said, "Miss Tian, we have to go to the waiting room..."

"I will go with you." Tian Qi was reluctant to leave, and she immediately chose to follow them.

The young doctors were too polite to refuse them. They had just eaten so many things from her, and they had to be a little courteous to her.

However, no one would say something like "Let's go and chat." or something like that. So, they let Tian Qi follow them all the way down the stairs back to the treatment room one floor below them.


*Boom boom.*

At this moment, the treatment room was already in chaos.

A man in his thirties waved his arms and swung his fists at random. By doing so, he managed to force the hospital's security guards to move nine feet away from him.

The hospital's medical staff did not dare to approach him, and they stepped back continuously.

The treatment room was quiet, and the sound of the elevator door was exceptionally clear.

Just as Ling Ran walked out of the elevator door, he heard the man shout, and a black figure suddenly rushed over.

"Shoot!" Lu Wenbin exclaimed. He raised his arm, which had a circumference of 38 inches, but he was also startled.


Tian Qi swiftly kicked the figure before she put her leg down. Then, she exhaled softly. The man who had rushed over was sent flying by a kick.

Ling Ran and the others looked at Tian Qi with amazement.

"I used to learn Thai boxing during my fitness training," Tian Qi whispered and showed a sweet smile.

Only Yu Yuan noticed that Tian Qi had lifted her skirt and taken off her shoes to perform the kick. Considering the fact that she was still wearing a high heel on her other foot, Yu Yuan had to think about the situation a little more from the perspective of force analysis to form an argument about the strength of a human's bones. Yes, the research paper she had in mind was somewhere along these lines.

Yu Yuan instantly sank into deep thought, and she did not say anything for a long time.

"Have you reported to the police?" Tian Qi still had her head clear.

"I've already called the police. The police will come soon." A young doctor said before he hid inside the crowd again.

The man lying on the floor was moaning. No one knew what he was thinking in his head.

"Tie him up. You have medical restraints, right?" Tian Qi continued to give orders, and she gave off the air that she was in control of the situation.

A few young doctors subconsciously followed her instructions. Once the man was tied to a gurney, the treatment room returned to its original calm.

After a while, the police arrived and asked for a room. They went in directly and interrogated him, "Why did you hit him?"

The man looked up at the ceiling. He ignored the police and the doctors who were there to look at the situation.

Ling Ran frowned and judged his symptoms. But he did not get any unique answer.

"Why did you beat him up?" the police asked again.

The man in his thirties gritted his teeth and said, "The doctors in the Second People's Hospital are all crappy doctors. They are all b*tches. Their attitude is bad. The first thing that comes out from their mouths is to tell us to receive checkups, and when they shut up, it's all about reimbursement and commission..."

At this time, a young doctor who was huddled in front of the crowd to watch what was going on whispered, "This is Yun Hua Hospital."

The man looked at him askance. "What about Yun Hua Hospital? Yun Hua Hospital is the same, I don't care, you are all a group of..."

"The things that you said aren't reasons for beating people up." The police officer sighed helplessly and said, "If you insist on doing this, you will be charged for disturbing the peace, understand?"

"Come and arrest me then. Why aren't you guys arresting me yet?" The man's face was red. He shouted with his veins bulging out of his neck, but as he looked at the police officer in uniform in front of him, he suddenly burst into tears, "The Second People's Hospital's doctor said my son isn't biologically mine. The First People's Hospital of Yun Hua City's doctor also said that he's not my son. You are all conspiring against me, bullying me, even though I'm an honest man..."

Everyone looked at each other. 'What's going on now?'

The man became even sadder as he cried more. "Don't tell the Second People's Hospital's doctors, my wife will know if you tell them..."