Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 429

430 Bomber

After Zuo Cidian woke up, he went to the treatment room to wait for patients. Soon, he blended into the crowd of doctors who were watching the interesting scene before them.

The moment he heard what the man said when he finally managed to squeeze into the ward, Zuo Cidian immediately felt pity for the man.

Zuo Cidian stood before the man and said, "Come on, stop crying. Get up, wash up and head bravely to the police station"

The man immediately panicked. "I don't want to go to the police station"

"If you're scared of embarrassment, don't create a scene. Now that you've created a scene, don't be scared of embarrassment," Zuo Cidian said, "Truth will come to light sooner or later, understand?"

Zuo Cidian made it very obvious that he had been through the same thing.

Even though all his colleagues were around him, Zuo Cidian did not mind. If he was able to swallow his pride to become a forty-something-year-old resident doctors, he was naturally not afraid of becoming the laughing-stock of other people.

The man who created a scene went silent. A person did not need others to teach him certain things, as he would understand those things with only a reminder.

The civilian police officer on duty gestured at his colleague with his finger, and his colleague took the man who made a scene away from the hospital.

The man did not utter a word as he left, and this made the doctors pity him a little.

The civilian police officer turned to look at the crowd and said, "You guys can leave now. There's nothing much left here for you guys to see."

After the crowd of doctors dispersed, the civilian police officer chased after Ling Ran, Tian Qi, and the others. He said, "Good morning. I would like to ask all of you a few questions if it's okay with you."

Tian Qi turned on her heels and faced the civilian police officer with the side of her body. She said with an indifferent expression, "Please wait for a moment."

She was clearly not a friendly person when dealing with people other than Ling Ran.

The civilian police officer furrowed his eyebrows a little.

At the end of the day, he was still here to handle a case and was naturally offended by Tian Qi's attitude.

However, Tian Qi's aura was not like that of other people's. A person would have to think twice before speaking to her just by looking at her simple and expensive-looking dress. Besides, some of the people had told the civilian police officer about how good she was at fighting...

*Beep, beep, beep*

The civilian police officer's phone rang.

"Alright, I understand



By the time the civilian police officer hung up, he already had a confused and resigned expression on his face.

"It's alright. Since you guys were the ones who secured the culprit for us, I won't be disturbing you guys anymore." The civilian police officer nodded at Tian Qi and Ling Ran with a neutral expression. It was obvious that he was very used to people getting things done this way, just like how doctors were familiar with the various behaviors outpatients exhibited.

"Thank you very much." Tian Qi thanked the civilian police officer indifferently.

Just like the police officer, she looked like she had done this a thousand times before, as she was already used to this kind of procedures.

"Should we check on Zuo Cidian?" Tian Qi stared at the civilian police officer as he left. She then turned to look at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran did not understand what she meant. "Why should we check on Zuo Cidian?"

"Because" Tian Qi did not know how to explain this to Ling Ran. When she was still searching for the right words, Zuo Cidian was already back.

"He's a pitiful person as well." Zuo Cidian's face was full of sympathy. The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes seemed even more prominent at this moment.

The young doctors around him nodded even though they did not fully understand what Zuo Cidian meant.

"Alright, let's head to the treatment room to wait for patients." Zuo Cidian waved his large hand and led Ling Ran as well as the others while he walked forward like he was a chief physician.

In the afternoon, Tian Qi left Yun Hua Hospital in her family's Rolls-Royce Phantom before heading to the airport to board her family's private jet.

Luxia had stopped sending over patients, which meant that the hospitals in Yun Hua were no longer in a state of emergency.

However, Huo Congjun did not let down his guard because of this.

"Di Maocai is coming over with his students for a show of force. All of you need to be vigilant lest he picks on one of you and uses you as a negative example," Huo Congjun shouted as he stood at the front of the large office, and this made everyone nervous.

All the medical staff of the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital knew that even though Department Director Huo's hobby was to attack people, he hated it very much when other people attacked him.

Hence, when he mentioned "show of force", which was a term uttered with a lot of emotion behind it, no one wanted to be a victim of the said "show of force" and be in trouble in the process.

"Isn't he the one who was elected as an academician two years ago?"

"I heard that he has a thing for grandiose occasions and is extremely good at organizing conferences."

"Yeah, and that's why so many people try to flatter him. All the conferences he organizes are extremely grandiose, and some people lick his boots for more than a year just so that they can secure a spot in one of his conferences"

Even though all the medical staff were talking about it, no one paid too much attention to the fact that Di Maocai was coming.

The doctors had a lot of tasks to keep them busy and were not particularly interested in paying attention to other people's business, even if it was related to administrative affairs involving their own departments.

The higher a doctor was ranked in the medical field, the fewer things he would pay attention to. When a doctor reached a point where he only needed to treat patients and perform surgeries, he could be said to have achieved a small milestone in the field of medicine. If the said doctor got to earn a large sum of cash only by treating patients and performing surgeries, he was well on his way to achieving a large milestone in the field of medicine. However, to achieve perfection, not only did a doctor need to be able to put his sole focus on treating patients and performing surgeries, but he also needed to have performed some feats that would allow him to gain great glory. Very few doctors in this world were able to go this far.

Of course, the most excellent doctors were the ones who could treat patients and carry out surgeries while still paying attention to worldly things and not neglecting societal expectations.

Di Maocai happened to be this kind of doctor.

Even though the international conferences he organized were formidable, these were only a representation of his influence. The most fearsome thing about him was the positions he held in various committees.

Compared with various committees in Europe and the United States, the committees in China were not highly reputable but were very influential. This was especially true for semi-government organizations like medical committees, as even though the weight their decisions carried were almost equal to that of a CEO's, the procedures involved were a lot simpler. Hence, members of medical committees were always regarded with reverence.

A few days later, Di Maocai arrived at Yun Hua Hospital together with Wei Jiayou.

A so-called "show of force" was a process where a person flexed his muscles and convinced other people to act in concert with them.

When Di Maocai dealt with some of the smaller hospitals and research institutions, he would even demand that everyone pass his test. Even though Di Maocai was elected into the academy at a later date than Academician Zhu from the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, he was a lot more capable compared to Academician Zhu. This was because he possessed the characteristics required to be a successful doctor in this era, and the fact that he was a junior in terms of seniority did not take that away from him.

As Di Maocai stood at the foot of the stairs leading to Yun Hua Hospital, he squinted out of habit and secretly judged their abilities.

"Welcome to Yun Hua Hospital, Academician Di. Why don't you take a seat at the meeting room first?" The director of Yun Hua Hospital welcomed Di Maocai with a wary expression.

This was different from the time they welcomed Academician Zhu to the hospital. At that time, what Yun Hua Hospital wanted was to be part of Academician Zhu's platform so that their doctors had more opportunities to sharpen their skills.

Di Maocai, though, was known as a bomber among academicians.

The hospital director welcomed Academician Zhu with the intention to work together with him. However, when he dealt with Di Maocai who was here for a "show of force", he had no choice but to let his guard up.

"The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital isn't very advanced, right? I'll head to the Emergency Department, then." Huo Maocai really lived up to his name, as the first sentence he uttered almost caused everyone in Yun Hua Hospital to be totally embarrassed.

Yun Hua Hospital was an excellent hospital which was one of the top three hospitals in Changxi Province. However, there was certainly a difference in quality between top provincial hospitals and government-funded hospitals, and it was very difficult for Yun Hua Hospital to develop departments that involved high-end fields such as the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery.

It was not like Yun Hua Hospital would not be able to have an advanced Department of Cardiovascular Surgery if they wanted to. However, there were more than one high-end fields in the world of medicine, and money was needed to develop any one of those departments.

Aside from this, the sum of money invested in a department was not the only factor that determined its success. A department's director was the most important component of a department.

Yun Hua Hospital had only been around for a few decades, and they had not had the chance to develop their Department of Cardiovascular Surgery yet. It was even a stretch to say that their Department of Cardiovascular Surgery was mediocre.

Instead, their Cardiology Department and the comparatively easier Cardiothoracic Department, which were the hospital's cash cows, and their Neurology Department, where patients were eligible for medical insurance, were well developed.

Now that Di Maocai wanted to insult their Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, there was nothing everyone in Yun Hua Hospital could do. for visiting.

Di Maocai himself was a renowned figure in the field of Cardiovascular Surgery, and since the director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital was as obedient as a puppet in face of him, there was nothing the others could say.

Huo Congjun said as firmly as ever, "We are now an Emergency Medical Center."

"What difference does that make?" Huo Maocai pursed his lips when he saw how young Huo Congjun was compared to him, and continued, "You're still young, and should focus on increasing the quality of your skills first before paying any attention to the ranking of your department. Oh, by the way, can you ask the command center to send over all the patients with cardiovascular diseases? I would like my students to be exposed to more cases."

Di Maocai was being extremely arrogant. However, as he was a renowned figure in China, the people in Yun Hua Hospital had no choice but to furrow their eyebrows and swallow their dissatisfaction.

"I'll make a call." Huo Congjun turned and left. It was obvious from his expression that he no longer wanted to entertain Di Maocai.

Di Maocai did not mind at all. He was here to show off, after all, and it was only normal for people to get offended at him.

Di Maocai asked Wei Jiayou to come forward. After Wei Jiayou greeted everyone, he quietly went to change into scrubs. He looked like he had the intention to flex his muscles in the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital.