Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 432

433 Going To War

Ling Ran crossed his fingers and applied a uniform amount of force on the patient's chest as he carried out continuous chest compressions.

Because the patient's upper respiratory tract was already opened and he was already hooked to a ventilator, Ling Ran did not need to worry about providing artificial respiration to him.

Ling Ran merely performed chest compressions with all his attention.

The most basic and important component of CPR was chest compressions. Hence, chest compressions must be done extremely well.

Chest compressions that were performed badly were equivalent to a problem being found in the armed forces' supply chain management. It might not cause too much damage under ordinary circumstances, but when a patient's life was hanging by a thread, badly performed chest compressions could cost the patient his life.

Wei Jiayou's skills when it came to chest compressions were good enough. A person could even say that he was more than skillful.

If Ling Ran were to categorize Wei Jiayou's chest compression skills based on the system's classification, he reckoned that Wei Jiayou was at the top among those of Specialist Level, and was nearing Master Level.

Ling Ran did not feel that Wei Jiayou's chest compression skills could be classified as Master Level because he was not good enough when it came to organizing and commanding a team.

If this shortcoming of his did not exist, there was a high probability that the patient would have been brought back to life just now.

The fact that the CPR was extremely prolonged made this flaw of his even more obvious.

If the CPR only took around five to eight minutes, one person would be able to perform all the required chest compressions.

However, if a CPR were to last more than ten minutes, even people made of steel would melt from the fatigue. Even though they would still be able to perform chest compressions, the quality would drop significantly. Only people who were powered by a system like Ling Ran could still maintain a certain quality even when they were exhausted.

After Wei Jiayou stopped carrying out chest compressions, the subsequent doctors who took over were not able to work well in sync.

This was because Yun Hua Hospital had never trained their doctors to carry out prolonged CPR before this. Even though the young attending physicians had no problem performing CPR by themselves or working together with others for a short period of time, when the CPR had to be performed over an extended period of time and they needed to rotate among themselves at a higher frequency, errors were unavoidable. 

Now that Ling Ran was in charge...

Truth be told, there was not much difference even after Ling Ran took over. Chest compressions were only performed to ensure minimal blood supply to the patient's body, and the rest of the work depended on the drugs and the ability of the patient's body to recover.

"Epinephrine." Ling Ran only started giving orders after performing quite a number of chest compressions.

Two minutes later, Ling Ran ordered again, "Epinephrine."

Ling Ran asked the nurse to inject a syringe of epinephrine every two minutes. He only asked for atropine and lidocaine once in a while.

Everyone around Ling Ran with a good sense knew that he kept injecting the patient with epinephrine and did not ask for as much atropine and lidocaine because he was trying to force the patient back to life.

Wei Jiayou, who was watching on the sidelines, could not help but flash a mocking smile.

'Does he think that epinephrine is a miracle drug? And he's using it so frequently that it has probably lost its effect.'

However, since Wei Jiayou was about to announce the patient's death anyway, he did not bother to interfere with what Ling Ran was doing. He merely watched Ling Ran perform chest compressions while he was drenched in sweat, and also watched as the nurse injected syringe after syringe of epinephrine into the patient.

"Doctor Ling." Lu Wenbin was the first one to show up after receiving news that Ling Ran was carrying out CPR.

As the Emergency Department was no longer swamped with work, these past few days, the hospital had been dividing the doctors into batches so that they could take some time off. Lu Wenbin only got to stay in the kitchen and cook for half a day before he saw what was going on in the hospital's chat group, and he could not resist coming over.

The pork trotters would not disappear from his pot, but opportunities to carry out CPR… Even though CPR was often performed in the Emergency Department, a person could never predict when a patient who needed CPR would come by.

Lu Wenbin stayed near the hospital anyway. He arrived at the Operating Area after a short run and reported for duty after he changed into scrubs. It turned out that he was the first to come back among the doctors who were on leave of the Ling Treatment Group.

"Warm up first." Ling Ran continued carried out chest compressions and was not in a hurry to let Lu Wenbin take over.

Lu Wenbin did not really understand what was going on either. He nodded, stood aside, and watched Ling Ran together with Yu Yuan.

Compared to the previous times he carried out CPR, Ling Ran was placing more emphasis on consistency right now. Besides… he was also using even more epinephrine...

"Inject another syringe of epinephrine." Ling Ran was administering epinephrine even more frequently now, and he had gone from a syringe every two minutes to a syringe every one minute.

Lu Wenbin was shocked. As he had just arrived, he asked without thinking much, "Is there a need for so much epinephrine?"

"Pay attention to the electrocardiograph." As Ling Ran did not have the time to offer much explanation, he guided Lu Wenbin in the right direction.

Dumbfounded, Lu Wenbin looked at the electrocardiograph.

Electrocardiography was a branch of the medical imaging field which was no less difficult than reading MRI scans. This was because it reflected the heart's electrical signals, and it was pretty difficult to find the information needed from the electrocardiograph. Moreover, most of the time, the doctor would not be able to find the signals he wanted to see from the electrocardiograph. 

However, Lu Wenbin managed to gather one thing from the patient's electrocardiograph. The patient was about to die. If a person were to look at this situation based on the criteria that were implemented twenty years ago, the patient was considered dead already. No matter how much epinephrine was injected into him, he would not get the chance to die twice.

Zuo Cidian arrived around twenty minutes after Lu Wenbin.

Right now, the CPR had been going on for more than one hour.

"Prepare to take over." Even Ling Ran was not sure whether the patient could be brought back to life, but he felt that the possibility was there.

The doctors of Ling Treatment Group practiced working in sync for hours just so that they could carry out group CPR.

Now that they had an idea about what was going on, they stood in a line just like how they did during their practice sessions and took turns carrying out vigorous chest compressions.

Ling Ran stood aside. He was still repeatedly asking for the patient to be injected with epinephrine. To most, he seemed to be doing the exact same thing Wei Jiayou was doing.

However, a minority among the doctors also realized that Ling Ran was starting to administer the drugs at a different frequency.

"Dad… dad…" A young man who seemed to be in his twenties stumbled into the Operating Area.

The head nurse immediately ordered two of the doctors to go forward and stop the young man.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You need to sign the informed consent form first so that the doctors can start operating on the patient immediately if surgery is needed." Yu Yuan, who barely managed to stop the patient's son from dashing forward, hurried up and explained things to him.

The young man signed the informed consent form at lightning speed.

The doctors around him breathed a soft sigh of relief upon seeing that. If they were to encounter another unreasonable family member, the doctors would really break down emotionally.

"My dad… How's my dad right now?" The young man signed around eight pieces of paper in one go without even asking about the contents of the form.

"He's being resuscitated right now," the head nurse quickly said.

"Do… Do I have to pay?" the young man said arduously.

"Of course you need to pay. The hospital prioritized your case just now and started treating the patient before you arrived. Now that you're here, it's time to pay for the medical bills," the head nurse spoke quickly and tersely, but the contents of her words were very clear. 

The young man looked at his relatives in a troubled manner. 

"I have 3,000 RMB with me. Go ahead and use it first."

"Here's 5,000 RMB."

"I'll give you 10,000 RMB first, tell me if it's not enough." The relative who refused to sign the informed consent form just now and kept making phone calls suddenly became generous. He took out the money he had prepared beforehand and passed it to the patient's son.

The young man was so touched that tears welled up in his eyes. He thanked his relatives nonstop and bowed to everyone before going downstairs to pay at the counter.

At the same time, Ling Ran hopped on the gurney and knelt down over the patient again.