Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 433

434 Why Are You In Such A Hurry?

"Epinephrine, lidocaine," Ling Ran spoke rhythmically too while he continued to count, "Five, six, seven…" 

He could not be sure whether the CPR will be successful, and he also did not know when it will produce results. 

What Ling Ran knew was that there was still hope in the patient to live, even though that hope lay in CPR, which only had a 0.5% chance of succeeding. 

The probability was indeed really low, and most doctors would not take this kind of challenge.

Even the patient's family might not be willing to accept this challenge.

The only people who might possibly be willing to accept the risk might be the patient himself and their attending physician.

Ling Ran mastered the Perfect Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and he felt that he needed to bear the corresponding responsibility of having that skill. If his CPR was only at Novice Level or Specialist Level, then even if he gave up right now, it could not be said that he gave up on hope. At this point, there was no longer any hope in the patient surviving if he used Novice Level or Specialist Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. 

This was just like Wei Jiayou, who stood by the side at the moment. As a young celebrity doctor, the skills Wei Jiayou mastered in his field of expertise were already world-class. However, he did not master all the skills in that field, and that also meant that he did not master CPR. 

But there were truly very few doctors in the country who could practice CPR until they reached a very high standard, considering the circumstances in the country. 

Wei Jiayou was considered very talented and smart since his skill in CPR was already bordering on Master Level. 

He was just not as good as Ling Ran. 

Wei Jiayou also knew the limits of his abilities. Once he performed CPR on a patient for forty minutes, he will look at the electrocardiogram and the electrocardiographs, and he will give up when it was time to give up. 

After watching for another two minutes, Wei Jiayou slowly lost his patience. He turned around and got ready to leave.

Academician Di coughed and said, "Why are you in a hurry to leave?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Wei Jiayou frowned while he looked at Academician Di in an inquiring manner.

Academician Di gestured for Wei Jiayou to stand closer. Then, he whispered in a voice that only two of them could hear, "This is CPR performed in a team, and they use medicine boldly. This is the only executable plan. A miracle might appear."

"Will there be any miracles?" Wei Jiayou was not someone who believed in miracles. If he had to choose, he will say that the world operated on Murphy's Law more often than not. 

Academician Di knew Wei Jiayou's character. So, he only said, "It doesn't matter if a miracle will happen or not. Most importantly, you need to make your team believe that you own the capability of making miracles, and this is what you lack now."

Wei Jiayou was stunned. Then, he turned around and looked at Ling Ran and the doctors next to him.

There was a young male doctor who looked so strong that he gave off the feeling that he was crude and vulgar, a young female doctor who was so short that people might ignore her, and an old male doctor whose skin was so rough that… 

To be honest, Wei Jiayou had always put his attention on Ling Ran. He could tell that Ling Ran's level in CPR was extremely high. But no matter what, this was just CPR, not necromancy. How great could it be?

Academician Di gave Wei Jiayou an answer.

Team synergy!

The strong man, short girl, and old man took their turns accordingly, and Ling Ran also supervised and covered up their mistakes. Hence, the consistency of the CPR on the patient was extremely good. As compared with the CPRs that Wei Jiayou had done, team CPRs like this performed by a group who had received special training before was more effective than using random replacements. 

Wei Jiayou could not help but stand around and continue watching them.

"It has been an hour already." Wei Jiayou was not the only one who said this, the other doctors who surrounded them also started to discuss this matter. 

However, what made Wei Jiayou surprised was that there were still Ling Ran's supporters in the discussions.

"Last time, he performed CPR for more than an hour, right? Doctor Ling is quite experienced in doing CPR."

"I still remember the previous patient whose surname was Hu. The people in ICU are amazed because you rarely see a patient with a good prognosis after they received CPR. It's the first time they saw a patient who recovered recover with such great condition after receiving prolonged CPR."

"How would Ling Ran be so confident otherwise? I personally think that CPR is like riding a bicycle. If you want to learn it, you need to have the feel of it."

"Bicycle, my foot. Ride on a bicycle later, and we'll see how you perform."

"Ling Ran's CPR is like riding a unicycle, and it's harder." 

The doctors chatted in a joking manner, but the patient's family heard the conversation.

The patient's son took off his glasses and wiped off his tears. He walked closer to a doctor and said, "Do you mean my father is going to be saved?"

When the unskilled doctor who was standing outside as a bystander saw the patient's family, he immediately threw the three-hit combo doctors always said in this sort of situation. "I didn't say that. You misunderstood me. I don't know the details."

The patient's son was stunned at the moment. "Just now, you said…" 

"I didn't say that, right?"

"I heard from them…" 

"Then go and ask the person who said it," the unskilled doctor said loudly.

All doctors who were standing in front walked to different directions in a second.

At this current day and age, who would dare promise the patient's family that "they could save the patient"? However, when a layman went to seek medical advice, all they wanted were certain answers.

The patient's family took a few steps forward until he was blocked. He asked, "Is my father going to be saved?"

The nurse who blocked his way did not dare answer.

The patient's son asked again, "Can my father be saved?"

At this time, teardrops came out from his eyes. 

A few young medical staff stood near him were slightly stunned. How could they answer this kind of question from a patient's family? If they gave a superficial answer, the patient's family would not accept the answer. If they gave the worst-case scenario, the patient's family might experience a mental breakdown.

"We're at the crucial period for resuscitation right now. Are you sure you want the chief surgeon to talk to you now?" Zuo Cidian heard the voices at the back, so he walked out of the room and said sternly.

The young man was not an opponent of an experienced member of the society like Zuo Cidian, so, he was intimidated in a second. His tone became slightly hesitant. "I just wanted to ask…" 

"When your father survives, you will have time to ask what you want to know. If you ask now, you'll be asking the chief surgeon to stop and give you a detailed explanation." Zuo Cidian pointed at the time and said, "If CPR stops for 10 seconds, the probability of the patient surviving will be 1% lower. Do you want to try?"

The young man obediently shook his head.

"There we have it. When we asked for your signature, you delayed signing the form. Now, his life is in danger, and you keep asking whether the doctors can save him. What were you doing earlier?" Zuo Cidian was very good at dealing with this kind of family members. When he behaved in a firm manner, these families will submit to him.

Meanwhile, the relatives who stood behind the young man and gave him support were afraid that the doctor would say that the matter of delaying signing the forms was a very serious problem, so they dared not force the medical staff to answer their questions anymore. They just persuaded the young man to calm down. 

"I… what should I do now?" The patient's son felt uneasy.

"We'll see how the resuscitation goes first. Do you know what CPR is?" Zuo Cidian's tone became slightly softer.

"Does it mean his heart is not in good condition, and you're trying to make it work again?"

"It's not that it's in a bad condition, but the heart has stopped functioning properly. If CPR is not successful, he will die. Understand?" Zuo Cidian spoke in a softer tone. 

The patient's son repeated. "Die."



"It's his last hope at this stage. However, the success rate for CPR is not high. Especially now, the patient has been receiving CPR for more than an hour. So, I hope you can be mentally prepared for the worst." When Zuo Cidian said this, he shook his head and went back to the cycle of chest compressions performed in a team. 

The patient's son could not help but become absent-minded.

He was mumbling something, but nobody could hear him clearly.

The relatives felt slightly scared when they looked at him, so they nudged him slightly and said, "Bing'zi, don't just stand there. Make a phone call to your grandparents."

"No." Bing'zi snapped out of his daze suddenly, and his voice was so clear it sounded as if he had not just been in a daze. 

The relatives frowned. "If you don't call now, later…" 

"If my grandparents know one minute later, they will feel happy for one more minute," Bing'zi spoke at his own pace while he continued staring in front. 

Ling Ran suddenly stopped doing chest compressions. 



"Wait a second, we need to paste the electrode pads on the chest again." Ling Ran jumped off the bed and massaged his hands slightly.

The nurse immediately went forward to move the displaced electrode pads back to the correct position. 

*Beep, beep.*

The monitor rang twice in a natural manner, then a cardiogram with uniform fluctuations was seen.