Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 438

439 Fill Up

"Doctor Ling, Wei Jiayou's probably writing an article on prolonged CPR." When Yu Yuan found Ling Ran, she saw that he was typing furiously on his keyboard while he was bent over his desk, and she knew that she needed to put aside her story of running into a ginseng spirit with long whiskers first. She told him the more important stuff. 

Ling Ran's flawless fingers, fair and slender as they were, with their distinctive joints, heathily plump and smooth-skinned, stopped typing. 

"What's the reason for you purposely mentioning this?" Ling Ran looked at Yu Yuan, but he already had some guesses in his mind.

Just as he expected, Yu Yuan said firmly, "Wei Jiayou will definitely need to refer to our medical cases to write his research article."

"Yes… There aren't many cases of prolonged CPR, so it's very likely that Wei Jiayou will take our medical case as his reference." Ling Ran nodded slowly. 

Yu Yuan was surprised. "Is that okay? Can you accept this?"

"Of course I can't." Ling Rang glanced at Yu Yuan as if she was a fool. "Go and look for the Administration Department and have them block Wei Jiayou's login account. Also, don't allow him access to the ICU anymore. I'll call Department Director Huo. Also, I've almost finished writing my research paper…"

Ling Ran said as he made way for Yu Yuan as a hint that she could read it. 

Yu Yuan felt more at ease. She was just a bit angry with Ling Ran's expression. Ling Ran's expression made him seem as if he was looking at a fool, and it could truly make a person fly into rage easily, just as easily as that ginseng spirit looked at a pervert just now. 

Even though she thought about it in her mind, Yu Yuan still adjusted her seat to the highest and lowered the computer screen to the lowest position before she focused on reading Ling Ran's paper.

"Hmm, I thought you're writing an article on arthroscopy." Yu Yuan could not help but feel happy when she saw the title of the article, [Analysis on Continuous Successful Cases using Barehanded Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation].

"I wrote an article on knee arthroscopy surgery too. But this article will have priority in being amended first, and it will also be prioritized when it comes to publication," Ling Ran answered. 

Yu Yuan smiled. "That means our patients…"

Yu Yuan stopped talking as she kept reading. 

Frankly speaking, she was hopeless when it came to surgeries, but when it came to research articles, Yu Yuan became very confident. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The impression Ling Ran's article gave Yu Yuan was that it was very crude. 

But most of the student's articles looked like this. The research articles published by resident doctors and normal attending physicians were not any better, and some associate chief physicians and chief physicians' research papers were also of this standard. Their old age did not make them become smarter, it would just make their writing become even cruder. 

In short, unless someone treated writing research articles as a proper profession and specialized in this for around ten years, it was inevitable that their writing was crude. 

Doctors who had studied three years for their Masters' degree, then spent four to eight years for their PhD were the ones who were the most experienced in writing research articles. There were also doctors like Yu Yuan, who were just talented in writing research articles.

The remaining people, including Ling Ran would already be considered good if they could explain things clearly. 

Fortunately, research articles only required the writer to explain the case clearly. There was no need for much flowery language. This was only required for some of the annoying journal publishers such as Science, which required its writers to explain profound matters in simple language. They actually asked the writers to write in simple language while they tried to explain scientific concepts. 

However, some articles with good grammar would stand a higher chance to be accepted and published by a journal publisher. 

Yu Yuan could see the highlights in Ling Ran's article after she adapted to his very crude writing in the beginning. 

The key points in prolonged CPR, the reasons of him using certain medication, the feedback from him using the medication, and so on… 

Since this was a surgical skill which had just begun developing, Yu Yuan could imagine that Ling Ran's article would receive a lot of attention from others.

CPR could be considered as a major topic in emergency medicine alone. 

"So, you have been preparing to write such an article all this while?" Yu Yuan was slightly relieved and said, "Then, we should publish this as soon as possible."

"Yes. I'll do some amendments and add in some references." Ling Ran did not seem too worried. 

Yu Yuan agreed with that too. Research articles on clinical medicine were mostly published by attending physicians themselves because it was difficult to get first-hand data. Some of the data was not expressed in numbers or texts in medical records.

Meanwhile, journal publishers would also question the validity of non first-hand data. They would not just accept or trust any data written by anyone. 

"I'll help you to check your references." Yu Yuan voluntarily suggested. 

The sources of the references used in the article must be checked and cited one by one. Of course, the main task in this was searching for certain resources with a certain research direction one by one, which could take up a lot of time. 

"Then, should we stop here?" Ling Ran's focus was a bit different. 

Yu Yuan scrolled the paper to the top and checked it in detail. Then, she said, "I think the content is quite sufficient, we have written all we can…"

"It's impossible to include everything. So, let's stop here first." Ling Ran had only performed CPR on a few cases, and he did not feel like he had written everything that he wanted, because he did not have enough medical cases as references. However, it was not necessary for him to include everything in one research paper. 

Once Yu Yuan confirmed Ling Ran's thought, she let Ling Ran email her the article so that she could search for more information, check the references, and do other things with it. 

This was a task with a lot of work. Yu Yuan worked for one whole day, and she stayed up for a few hours more later into the night before she finally completed the reference materials and citations for the research article and sent it back to Ling Ran again.

On the second day, Yu Yuan arrived at the hospital after the ward round, and this was considered as her taking some extra time to rest. 

In fact, Yu Yuan was very excited to see how Ling Ran would view the research article she had amended.

"Doctor Ling…" When Yu Yuan saw Ling Ran, she quickly ran over and stood in front of him.

Ling Ran had to lower his head before he managed to see Yu Yuan. When he saw her expression, he smiled and said, "Good job."

Yu Yuan beamed instantly. Compared to surgery, she was more confident in writing papers, and she also looked forward to receiving praise in this aspect more. 

"There's one problem." Ling Ran's words suddenly made Yu Yuan nervous. 

"Is there something wrong with it?" Yu Yuan tried her best to recall the content she had written. But perhaps she had stayed up too late, because Yu Yuan could not quite recall what she wrote. 

"There's nothing wrong." Ling Ran shook his head before he said again, "You just sent one more email to me."

"Extra email?" Yu Yuan was shocked as she said this. Then, she relaxed in the next second. She smiled and said, "Oh yeah, I was looking for a Hermes perfume at that time. Did I send a wrong picture to you?"

"It seemed to be an order email," Ling Ran said.

"It's just a fake one," Yu Yuan said, "People won't sell the real one."

Ling Ran nodded. Naturally, he did not concern himself with this problem after that.


At the same time, Wei Jiayou also almost completed writing his research paper.

His paper was very simple. The content was just as it was in the title, [An Observational Report on Prolonged Barehanded CPR]. All he wrote was what he observed in a prolonged CPR and how the patient recovered. 

Compared to the surgeries or related research that he did, this kind of research paper was more suited to be presented in various meetings and lectures.

Wei Jiayou was a person who always participated in different kinds of international meetings. Therefore, writing this type of research article was just a piece of cake for him.

At noon, Wei Jiayou took out his tablet and keyed his account password, but he realized that he could not login anymore. 

Wei Jiayou was stunned, but in the next minute, he laughed. 'It's futile, you know?'