Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 443

444 Immersion

"My baby Where's my baby?" The patient muttered something to himself, and his mind was not quite clear.

Su Jiafu the anesthetist was on-duty in the operating theater of the Emergency Medical Center today. He stood up and looked. He said, "The venous access is opened, should I warm up the blood bag, Doctor Zhou?"

Doctor Zhou looked at the value on the monitor that showed the increasing osmotic pressure in the body, then he said, "The value is stable. Let the chief surgeon decide when he is here later."

"Okay, By the way, Doctor Ling came with you, right? Why isn't he here yet?" Su Jiafu was curious, so he asked.

"Doctor Ling likes to shower before the operation, unlike some of the people who came after changing their clothes." The circulating nurse checked the information like the patient's name while she took an opportunity to mock Doctor Zhou.

Doctor Zhou chuckled and said, "I rushed here because I ran out of time."

"Since Doctor Su is here, you wouldn't rush here." The nurse totally did not believe in him. Compared to many other normal doctors, an anesthetist like Su Jiafu was more experienced in maintaining the human physiological function.

Doctor Zhou shrugged. If he had to say, anesthetists stayed in the hospital from day to night, and they were like permanent chief residents. Their growth was indeed very quick.

Su Mengxue was the scrub nurse today. She listened to the circulating nurse, blinked, and asked, "Does Doctor Ling shower before every operation?"

"He even changes into a new pair of underwear."

Su Mengxue was so surprised that her small mouth formed an "o" shape.

The circulating nurse nodded seriously. "And when Doctor Ling showers, he applies shower gel twice."

Su Mengxue became more surprised. She opened her mouth and made an "o" sound.

"There's no way I'm wrong," the circulating nurse said seriously.

Doctor Zhou was more shocked. He opened his mouth in shocking and had his lips form an "O" shape. He asked, "How did you know?"

"I made a guess, of course." The circulating nurse glared at Doctor Zhou in disdain and said, "What else did you think my guess would be?"

"If it's a guess, why did you say it with such great belief?"

"An exquisite doctor like Doctor Ling will apply shower gel twice, that's for certain." The circulating nurse persisted in her opinion, and she fought for her belief!

The patient was slightly confused as he opened his eyes on the operating table and asked, "Where am I now?"

"This is definitely not heaven." Doctor Zhou sighed. He looked at the pretty and cute young nurse Su Mengxue while she watched the entrance to the operating theater with a lovestruck expression. He said, "At least, an angel can't favor one over the other, right?"


The airtight access door of the operating theater was opened, and Ling Ran was revealed while he was dressed in proper surgical attire. There was also a new resident doctor whose name people could not quite remember.

"Doctor Ling!"

"Doctor Ling!!"

The young nurses were surprised and delighted as they greeted him.

Su Mengxue even said in an innocent tone, "Doctor Ling, I haven't been in a team with you for quite some time."

Ling Ran tilted his head and thought before he replied, "Indeed."

"Isn't it? We must make this surgery a good one this time!" Su Mengxue put on an encouraging expression and shouted, "Fighting!"

No matter how silly the phrase was, a nineteen-year-old girl who looked very pretty and elegant would not make people feel awkward when she said those words. Instead, it was very easy for them to smile from the bottom of their hearts.

Only the patient on the operating table glanced around and asked in a muffled tone, "What are you talking about?"

"We are talking about counting numbers. Three, two, one" Su Jiafu rode on the stool to approach the patient. He looked like an old man riding on a cow while he shook his butt to nudge himself forward on the stool. Before he finished his sentence, the patient was already anesthetized.

Then, Su Jiafu glanced at the monitor, waited for a while, and said, "Anesthetized."

"Then, should we perform the incision now?" Doctor Zhou's osmotic pressure started to decrease, just like a salted fish that had some of its salt removed. Once the salt was swept away, the salted fish's skin became even brighter.

Naturally, Doctor Zhou still chose the position of an assistant. He stood opposite Ling Ran, and he was ready to bear all tasks other than physical activities.

The physical activity would be done by the young resident doctor who acted as the second assistant. Even if Doctor Zhou wanted to snatch the work, he might not be willing to let go.

"The patient has lost about 67 ounces of blood. We can't use compression hemostasis for long. Therefore, our current mission is to completely stop the patient's bleeding. The second will be saving the organ." Ling Ran told them their goals for the surgery before he said again, "Is it okay to perform autologous blood transfusion?"

At the moment, he looked at Su Jiafu.

Su Jiafu showed the face of an anesthetist who scored 600 marks in the national college entrance exam and said, "No problem."

"Then, we will use autologous blood transfusion." Ling Ran had just learned how to perform autologous blood transfusions recently. It was mainly because the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital had kept promoting this technique, to the extent that the anesthetists like Su Jiafu had already mastered it.

When everything was ready, Ling Ran opened up the patient's abdominal cavity. Then, puddles of fresh blood instantly flowed out.

"I'll do a ligation first." Ling Ran's hands were placed into the patient's abdominal cavity, and his white gloves turned red in a second.

Doctor Zhou straightened up his back, then extended his hand to grab the aspirator and started to aspirate without saying anything.

However, the ascites and effusion in the abdominal cavity could not be completely aspirated no matter how much he used the aspirator.

Doctor Zhou felt his heart let out a loud thump.

This was one of the scenarios that a doctor was afraid of seeing the most. Before opening the abdominal cavity, everybody was still chatting happily. But after the abdominal cavity was opened, the view inside was very unfamiliar to them.

The human body was just amazing like that. No matter how advanced the instrument used by the doctor was, it was still very hard to predict all possibilities.

Some surgeons insisted on "seeing" what was inside with their own eyes, and that was related to the reason why they gave up on using many advanced instruments.

Ling Ran felt surprised as well, but he was not as anxious as Doctor Zhou.

Losing the surgical field? It was fine. He could still do the ligation without a surgical field.

As long as he could ligate the severely bleeding blood vessels and made the frequency of aspiration higher than the speed of losing blood, then the operating field would be clearer slowly.

Therefore, once he analyzed the problem slightly, he could tell that the key to stopping this massive bleeding was to ligate a few big blood vessels that kept bleeding.

Naturally, the bleeding point was always the focus and difficulty in the surgery. However, for Ling Ran, who mastered Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control, finding the bleeding point was just a slightly complicated process and took him more time.

Ling Ran's hands were immersed in the blood of the patient's abdominal cavity, and he did not stop moving

Doctor Zhou and the plain resident doctor whose name could not be remembered worked as his assistants. They were completely stunned as they observed.

Doctor Zhou knew what Ling Ran was doing. But knowing what he was doing was one thing, and observing him at his task was another thing.

Ling Ran's current situation was like suturing in the dark, and he was even suturing on human tissues. It was much harder than making the industrial products that were created following an organized set of rules of standards.

"It'll be done soon, don't be anxious." Ling Ran even had time to comfort Doctor Zhou and the rest.

"Well I'm not anxious." Doctor Zhou could only lower his head and look at the aspirator. At this time and in this situation, he could only be a human aspirator. for visiting.


Professor Huang from University of Traditional Chinese Medicine arrived in a hurry outside the operating theater.

After receiving the news, he drove out straightaway. However, because of the high traffic on the road, he arrived at Yun Hua Hospital twenty minutes after than the ambulance arrived

"Li Xiaoning." Professor Huang shouted while he was still far away from her when he saw her. He called her again after he took a few steps forward, "Professor Li, Li Xiaoning!"

"Professor Huang." Li Xiaoning exerted force in her elbows and propped herself up. She forced herself to smile. "You're here."

"I must be here after such a major accident has happened," Professor Huang said before he asked again, "Has your husband's surgery begun?"

"Judging by the time, it has almost started."

"Let me find someone I know." As Profesor Huang spoke, he took out his phone and made a call. In a short while, he showed a smile on his face and said, "Old Tao, can I ask a favor from you? I have a friend here, her husband is here because of a car accident"

After finishing the phone call politely, Professor Huang put away his phone and sighed in relief before he said, "Old Tao is a chief physician in Yun Hua Hospital. Later, he will directly bring us to the operating theater."

"Professor Huang, thank you very much." As the patient's family, Li Xiaoning had already lost her composure.

Professor Huang nodded. "You don't have to be polite about this kind of matter. Let's go to the operating theater and see how it goes first. If it's really not good, I can serve as a backup."