Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 444

445 Strength

Li Xiaoning and Professor Huang had an appointment with Chief Physician Tao to meet outside the Operating Area.

The two waited for about two or three minutes. Li Xiaoning was obviously becoming anxious.

However, she was also a doctor herself, and she knew how busy doctors were. She can only force herself to be patient and look at the direction of the operating theater.

She still did not know at which part of the surgery Ling Ran had progressed to now.

The more Li Xiaoning thought about it, the more she worried.The more she worried, the more lacking in confidence she became. She was afraid that the decision she made was not the best decision...

Ling Ran had performed endovascular hemostasis through external compression and the pressure of the patient's own weight. The act itself can be said to be incredibly impressive to Li Xiaoning.

However, what was needed to save a life was not just barehanded bleeding control or external bleeding control.

"If I consider the time, the abdominal cavity should be opened by now," Li Xiaoning said with a hoarse voice, "They should first stop the bleeding in the abdominal cavity before they treat the liver. It's impossible for them to deal with limb injuries first, right?"

"In normal circumstances, it should be done like that." Professor Huang looked at Li Xiaoning and comforted her. "The level of the Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center is still rather good. Didn't you meet the doctors just now?"

"I know, I know... it's just that... Doctor Ling is a little bit young, I'm afraid that he has too many ideas."

"It's already very impressive that Ling Ran was able to come up with the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique. Don't worry blindly, when Chief Physician Tao comes down, we'll go in and see. I'm guessing he would be here soon. I told him when I was about to reach."Professor Huang tried his best to explain.

Yun Hua College of Traditional Chinese Medicine was a university under Project 211, so it had also recruited many well-known experts and professors.

Some of them were purely academic professors, but most of them were experts in the clinical field and academic field. And that was because hospitals were places where the application of practical skills was very common. It may be more difficult for a scholar in the field of clinical medicine to only be involved in academics.

Professor Huang, who was invited by Li Xiaoning, was an expert in trauma care. He also served at Yun Hua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, which was affiliated to the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The main business of the traditional Chinese medicine hospitals nowadays were surgeries that integrated Chinese and Western medicine.

Professor Huang's mood was quite stable, unlike Li Xiaoning, who was so worried that her thoughts were in chaos.

As far as he knew, at the level of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center, they had at least a 70% to 80% chance of saving the patients' lives. Going into the operating theater a little earlier or later would not affect their performance too much.

"Old Huang." Chief Physician Tao hurried over and waved his arm in the air while he said, "I just extracted a foreign object from a patient, let's not shake hands."

This was also an explanation of why he came late.

Professor Huang quickly cooperated and chuckled, "It's fine even if we don't shake hands, we shouldn't be shaking other people's hands when we're doctors."

Chief Physician Tao nodded and looked at Li Xiaoning, who was behind Professor Huang. He said, "You must be Professor Li. Please be calm when you receive the news. The patient's family members also have a very important role."

"Okay," Li Xiaoning replied and forced a smile. "Chief Physician Tao, I'll have to trouble you this time. Our family... will come back to thank you once my husband is discharged."

"That will have to wait until your husband gets discharged." Chief Physician Tao looked at Professor Huang and thought for a few seconds before he said, "Do you want to go into the operating theater? But this is my advice, the patient's family should not go in."

"I can handle it," Li Xiaoning quickly said, "Chief Physician Tao, I know what you mean, seeing a family member undergoing surgery is very uncomfortable, but I am also a doctor. I used to perform an operation on my younger brother, although it was a minor surgery..."

"An emergency operation is different, after all."

"I am prepared," Li Xiaoning said sorrowfully, "Chief Physician Tao, since the beginning of the car accident, I was the one taking care of my husband all along the way, I am familiar with the situation. I promise, after entering the operating theater, I'll not interfere with the treatment by the doctors and affect their performance."

"It's Ling Ran who is doing the surgery. He won't listen to you." Although Chief Physician Tao did not manage the affairs in theEmergency Medical Center, he still knew the people in the department very well.

"I've met Doctor Ling. I also told Professor Huang that he didn't need to come over. I believe in Doctor Ling's skills." Li Xiaoning paused and said, "Chief Physician Tao, I just want to have a look."

"Okay." Chief Physician Tao's kind personality came up, and he nodded. "I will take you to change clothes, and we'll enter the operating theater, but I'm just stating it bluntly, you have to listen to my words and the chief surgeon's during the whole process. The chief surgeon's orders take priority. If you agree, let's go in. If you disagree, let's forget about it."

Li Xiaoning did not hesitate one bit and said, "I agree."

"Let's do it." Chief Physician Tao made the promise and led the two of them away.

The atmosphere was a little tense. Professor Huang patted Chief Physician Tao's shoulder and smiled. "Let's all relax a little. Doctor Ling is said to be the celebrity doctor of Yun Hua Hospital. Professor Li, didn't you just say that Ling Ran's external bleeding control is amazing?"

His slightly exaggerated words eased Professor Li's nervousness slightly.

After entering the operating theater and changing into scrubs, Professor Huang automatically switched to his mindset as a doctor. He smiled and asked Chief Physician Tao, "You just said that you extracted a foreign object. What did you take out?"

"An eggplant." Chief Physician Tao said calmly, "It's the fifth one or the sixth one this year."

"You took out six eggplants a year?" Professor Huang face was full of admiration.

"I have to say, eggplants are quite difficult to extract. The youngsters can't handle it, so it's us who have to come in."

"It makes sense." Professor Huang walked a few steps forward and gasped in admiration. "Six eggplants?"

"Don't just think about the number, the size is the key. Among the eggplants I extracted this year, the longest was only nine inches, and it's less than eleven inches. I heard someone extracted one that was thirteen inches, that's what I call amazing..." Chief Physician Tao gradually fell into the mood to chat.

Professor Huang measured nine inches on his own body before he went to measure thirteen inches, and he was very impressed.

Chief Physician Tao also said with a myriad of feelings in him, "We're never too old to learn. We might have been working as doctors for thirty years, but you can't finish exploring the magic of the human body even after thirty years."

While they talked to each other, both of them arrived at the operating theater's door and met Li Xiaoning.

"Let's enter." Chief Physician Tao no longer said anything. He opened the airtight door of the operating theater with his foot.

It was very quiet, inside the operating theater.

Since Ling Ran did not like to talk, he quietly silently performed his operation. Doctor Zhou and the second assistant did not say a single word either.

Li Xiaoning's legs were trembling so much that she could not stand straight.

If the doctors in the operating theater did not talk to each other, what would that mean?

Tears flowed out of Li Xiaoning's eyes uncontrollably. She was afraid of disturbing the doctor's operation at this important moment, so she closed her mouth with her hands and only shed tears.

Professor Huang was momentarily speechless.

He did not speak but walked a few steps forward with the intention to observe the patient's condition.

Even if he was an expert in trauma care, he did not have the ability to return someone who was nearly dead back to life. Some injuries could not be controlled, and even if they could have been controlled in the beginning, once the doctors lost the chance, then the situation would be completely out of control. for visiting.

The patient's abdominal cavity was a mess.

One-third of the exposed liver had been cut... When Professor Huang saw this, he felt his heart thump loudly against his chest.

There were too many people who died due to hepatectomy, especially in emergency hepatectomy. According to the statistics of many hospitals, the mortality rate from hepatectomy was 60% and above.

"The liver is a bit fragile," Ling Ran suddenly spoke with a calm tone.

"Is it good to suture?" Doctor Zhou asked.

"No, it isn't." Ling Ran sighed. "It's not only fragile but also big."

"Then it's the same as a piece of foie gras, but it's an upgraded version of fatty liver disease." After Doctor Zhou finished speaking, he said, "I'll go and notify the patient later."

"Okay, let's check it again. If there's no problem, let's close the abdomen." Ling Ran completed the inspection himself, took a step back, and removed his gloves.

The three people who just entered the door looked at Ling Ran together.

"Chief Physician Tao?" Ling Ran originally thought that it was an intern who came to observe the surgery. When he saw the chief physician, he was a little surprised.

"This is..." Li Xiaoning pointed at the operating table, and her fingers were shaking.

Ling Ran took quite some time to recognize her through her mask. He nodded and said, "The patient's surgery is basically completed. It's successful. You can go to the ward to wait for us, the patient will enter the recovery room after closing the abdomen."

"It's completed? It's successful?"

"Well, one-third of the right lobe of the liver has been removed. In addition, there are many wounds in the patient's abdominal cavity. I have already stopped the bleeding..." When Ling Ran said this, he was already preparing to go out.

Li Xiaoning once again covered her mouth. This time, more tears flowed out, but she now had the strength to stand upright.