Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 445

446 Serious

"Has the leg... Has the leg been sutured?!"

When Li Xiaoning saw that Ling Ran was about to leave, she shouted.

Once the problem concerning her husband's life and death was solved, it was only natural that she began considering her husband's situation in greater depth. Would there be any deformities? Would there be any sequelae? Would it be painful? Would there be any scars?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ling Ran opened the airtight access door. "The suture is done."

Li Xiaoning craned her neck to look at her husband, and she saw that the torn wound on the leg had indeed been shut tightly with a simple interrupted suture.

The resident doctor whose name was easily forgotten looked at Li Xiaoning with an anxious face while he stood beside the operating table.

Since a certain Mister Ling disliked hairy legs, he would normally hand it over to the first assistant to suture. However, Doctor Zhou was not interested in suturing neither hairy legs nor bare legs. Hence, the second assistant was lucky to take the job.

In fact, Ling Ran had left the task of closing the abdomen to the second assistant, and Doctor Zhou was only there to stand by the side and guide him.

Li Xiaoning's face had originally been pale due to the fright draining her blood, now, it gradually became rosy. She looked at the second assistant who was young and ugly, and no matter how much she thought about it, she did not feel at ease. She said, "Let me close the abdomen! Wait for me to wash my hands."

Li Xiaoning said as she went out of the operating theater.

Professor Huang grabbed her and said, "When was the last time you closed an abdomen?"

"Four...four years ago?" Li Xiaoning could not quite remember.

Professor Huang shrugged. "Let me close the abdomen."

Then, Professor Huang looked at Chief Physician Tao, "Since I'm already here, may I perform the abdominal closure?"

Chief Physician Tao thought for a bit and said to Doctor Zhou and the small resident doctor whose name he could not remember, "Professor Huang is a trauma specialist at Yun Hua College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the patient is the husband of his colleague."

Both Doctor Zhou and the young doctor made a sound to show that they had understood, which translated to a silent agreement in regards to Professor Huang's participation in the surgery. 

The latter quickly went out to wash his hands. He then entered with gloves and began to perform an abdominal closure.

Doctor Zhou observed his technique and suddenly asked with interest, "Professor Huang, when was the last time you performed an abdominal closure?"

Professor Huang was stunned for a moment. He stood at the chief surgeon's position and tried to remember, but after a long time, he said, "I can't remember it clearly."

"It should have been four years already, right?"

"Maybe... but I often suture injuries caused by trauma, so closing an abdomen is a small case to me," Professor Huang said as he looked down at the patient's abdomen, and his eyes became focused like it was a senior studying some questions for the college entrance examination...

"Professor Huang, why don't I perform the abdominal closure?" Doctor Zhou might have asked the question, but without waiting for an answer, he stood in the position of the chief surgeon. 

Professor Huang went along the flow and gave way to him.

Doctor Zhou began to confidently begin to perform abdominal closure layer by layer.

Professor Huang watched and slowly recalled a few key points. His seemed more confident and he asked, "Are you an attending physician? Do the attending physicians in Yun Hua Hospital need to perform abdominal closures?"

"How can it be? We don't have so much time to perform abdominal closure." Doctor Zhou's body was covered in a layer of salty sweat. "The last time I performed an abdominal closure was for Thanksgiving."

"This year's Thanksgiving?"

"Last year's." Doctor Zhou chuckled. 

Professor Huang was filled with sarcastic retorts, but he could not give voice to his retorts. The last time he performed an abdominal closure was four years ago, and that period of time was much longer than Doctor Zhou's. 

The young resident doctor who was pushed away from the chief surgeon's position raised his hand timidly. "I just performed an abdominal closure last week, the week before last, and three weeks ago."

Li Xiaoning felt weak. She stared at the room of unreliable doctors in the room, and she wanted to cry, laugh, and cry some more. 


The patient was sent out of the operating theater and sent to the recovery room. Li Xiaoning sat down in the chair and did not want to get up.

The recovery room was the territory of the anesthetist, and they did not welcome any patient's family members at all.

Professor Huang also followed them out and smiled at Li Xiaoning. "In any case, the patient's saved. He'll have to take some Chinese medicine, rest for a while, and he'll be fit as a fiddle."

Li Xiaoning forced herself to smile.

"Those who survive a catastrophe are bound to have good fortune later on. Let's think on the bright side." Chief Physician Tao consoled her and said, "I'll be going to the emergency room first. Come and find me if there's anything else..."

"Chief Physician Tao." Li Xiaoning stopped him and said, "That, I want to follow along and watch a few more operations, can I?"

"You want to watch Ling Ran's operations?"


Chief Physician Tao hesitated, nodded, and said, "Okay, since you're in the medical profession as well, it's fine. But it's better to tell Doctor Ling. It'll be more convenient that way."

"Chief Physician Tao, could you make introductions?" Li Xiaoning said in a somewhat embarrassed manner. "I know this request may be a bit too much..."

"Okay." Chief Physician Tao agreed once again. As far as his experience was concerned, Ling Ran was not against requests to observe his surgeries. 

Professor Huang was also very interested in Ling Ran's surgeries. He decided that since he was already there, he might as well excitedly follow Chief Physician Tao and Li Xiaoning to look for Ling Ran.

Ling Ran and the others had already received a new patient, and they were sitting around in the treatment room. 

"It's so thick."

"It's broken? Can it be reconnected?"

"How did it break?"

Some of the doctors showed that they could not bear the sight. The young nurses looked even more excited and curious.

The patient's face was full of grief as he muttered no-stop, "My wife learns dancing... my wife learns dancing..."

"How does your wife learning dancing relate to your penile fracture?" After Yu Yuan handled the young patient's intussusception, she returned to the Ling Treatment Group.

Compared with the empathy and sympathy from Lu Wenbin and the others, Yu Yuan's expression was entirely out of love for clinical medicine.

The patient closed his eyes and opened them to look at Yu Yuan for a bit before he closed them again. He muttered to himself, "My wife said she wanted to perform a pole dance for me and let me lie beneath her..."

The people instantly filled in the gaps and imagined what happened later. 

"We'll try to keep a testicle for you." Ling Ran made a detailed inspection on the spot and looked at the scan before he came to a decision.

The patient's mind finally focused. "What do mean by keeping one?"

"The right side has definitely suffered necrosis, and there is no value in retaining it. But we'll have to look at the left testicle to be sure." Ling Ran told him the truth, so much so that Professor Huang, Doctor Zhou, and the others pressed their thighs together tightly. 

Even if the patient had refused to submit to defeat, he had to face reality in the end. 

As a result, everyone went to the operating theater in a mighty manner to observe Ling Ran's orchiectomy.

Li Xiaoning watched Ling Ran's skilled movements and recalled what he had said before. She could not help but mutter, "If that is the case, Doctor Ling's technique should be very good."

"What do you mean?"

"Doctor Ling said before that he is good at removing livers, spleens, and testicles..." Li Xiaoning paused and pointed at the small fleshy ball that fell into the tray. "And he seems to be really good at it..."

"Yes, he did indeed perform the surgery very cleanly..." Professor Huang said and came up with a thought, "I have to say, Ling Ran's technique is really good, he is very accurate, and he can cut wherever he wants to with ease…"

Li Xiaoning looked at Professor Huang with a puzzled expression. 

Professor Huang had already asked Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, have you performed orchiectomy before?"

Ling Ran eyes suddenly lit up. He looked at Professor Huang with an incredibly handsome look. "No, do you have patients with testicular cancer?"

"Testicles... can get cancer?" Zheng Jun, an intern in Ling Treatment Group, was shocked.

"The odds are relatively low, but there are indeed some." Professor Huang smiled and replied, but the contents of his words made Zheng Jun's heart grow cold. 

Ling Ran looked at Professor Huang expectantly.

He now had four resection techniques, including Perfect Level Appendectomy, Master Level Hepatectomy, Master Level Total Splenectomy, and Master Level Orchiectomy.

In theory, It was completely possible for Ling Ran to surgically remove these four organs if they happened to be primary cancer sites. 

However, the requirement for cancer surgery required the doctors to meet a certain set of requirements. 

The Emergency Department was also completely unqualified to perform cancer surgery.

This was especially so for liver cancer. The situation was extremely complicated, and even doctors specializing in hepatobiliary surgery had to practice for many years before they could be the chief surgeon for liver cancer. Ling Ran had no room to perform such surgeries. 

In comparison, spleen, appendix, and testicular cancer were relatively simpler, but still... it would not be easy for him to run into them, and even if he did, he was not qualified to perform the surgery. 

Professor Huang chuckled. "We have a patient with testicular cancer in our hospital. He has more concerns and has recently been taking Chinese medicine..."

"Is that so…?" Ling Ran nodded. If the person was not willing to have surgery, then there was no other way.

"Actually, I think we can let you talk to him," Professor Huang said, "You are all young people, maybe it'll be easier for you to talk to him. You can have a chat with him and try to persuade him."

Doctor Zhou gritted his teeth and tried not to laugh.

The people around him clenched their teeth and tried not to laugh as well. 

Everyone was as serious as tree squirrels on a tree while they remained in the operating theater that had just witnessed an orchiectomy.