Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 447

448 Bloodless

"Are all of you the patient's family members?" Ling Ran did not want to answer the barrage of continuous questions. Instead, he asked the questions in his stable voice, which contained fatigue from working at midnight.

"I'm the patient's elder sister." The middle-aged woman who wore Amass was eyeing Ling Ran up and down. The more she looked at Ling Ran, the more she liked him.

Ling Ran gazed at the others while he said, "I just started my ward round, so I haven't met the patient yet. Do you have any requests?"

"Thank you, Doctor Ling." Li Xiaoning, the patient's wife grabbed the opportunity and said, "We don't have any requests. As long as you can treat the patient, all of us will try to cooperate."

She was a doctor as well, and she knew about the 799 ways to piss off a doctor. If there was one more way to piss off a doctor, all the patients would just end up dead.

She was unlike her family's relatives, who participated in the treatment process with muddled minds. Li Xiaoning had experienced the car accident and resuscitation. She now knew clearly that her husband's condition had become stable, and the reason behind it was Ling Ran's resuscitation as well as treatment.

Therefore, even if her relatives and friends knew many experienced experts and professors, Li Xiaoning was still unwilling to change hospitals.

Her husband still could not leave the ICU at that moment. Also, since Professor Huang already proved that he was not better than Ling Ran, it was meaningless for them to take the risk and change hospitals.

In truth, most of the doctors who served as the main force of hospitals were not chief physicians who were in their fifties.

Since their mental and physical energy continued to decrease and the knowledge pool in the world was constantly updated, it was very exhausting for the chief physicians to maintain their capabilities in the past. In comparison, many senior attending physicians and associate attending physicians were able to treat the patients more effectively.

Li Xiaoning decided to stay in Yun Hua Hospital, and naturally, she gave Ling Ran a welcoming look. She glanced at her relatives and friends seriously. Then, she took a cup of water and passed it to Ling Ran before she smiled and said, "Doctor Ling, since you're here so early, it's likely you haven't taken your breakfast, right? We've prepared some snacks here, would you like some?"

She acted in a very humble manner, and her relatives as well as friends around her naturally understood what she meant. Everyone took out their breakfast. There were eggs, steamed buns, side dishes, porridge, salted vegetables, tofu pudding, deep-fried dough sticks, soymilk, stuffed buns, and also multigrain pancakes

Ling Ran did not say anything, but Yu Yuan's small body had already started to shake.

Her breakfast had been ruined by the salty and savory glutinous rice pork dumplings cooked with salted fish. She really felt slightly hungry right then...

Well, very hungry

"Come, come, come. Let's eat together." Li Xiaoning opened up all of the food. Obviously, she wanted to let the doctors choose first.

Chief Physician Tao coughed and said, "Doctor Ling, since Professor Li has prepared breakfast, please help yourself."

"Okay." Ling Ran sat down. He chose a small carton of milk and a piece of bread sealed in an airtight package. Then he started to eat quietly.

"Doctor Ling is still too shy." The middle-aged lady who was dressed in Amass stood out again. She asked three questions back to back with a praising gaze, "Doctor Ling, which school did you graduate from? What are your parents' jobs? Are you an authorized doctor?"

Li Xiaoning could not take it. She widened her eyes. "Sister, can we not talk about such things today?"

"But it's so rare that I get to meet a good boy." The middle-aged lady who was dressed in Amass sighed. "Kids nowadays don't care about themselves. How can we as elders not worry about that?

"What I mean is

"Jia Yuan is awake now. This is the best news at the moment. If I matchmake my daughter with Doctor Ling, it'll be good for Jia Yuan,and he won't have any losses. Aren't I being reasonable?"

"I" Her words made Li Xiaoning speechless for a moment.

"Doctor Ling" The middle-aged lady in Amass obviously became more determined.

"I'm going to perform my ward round." Ling Ran did not care whether that lady was determined or not.

In contrast to her request, Ling Ran was about to do was something very serious. The middle-aged lady in Amass could only smile and make way for him. When Ling Ran was about to leave, she spoke quickly, "Doctor Ling, my daughter's qualifications are actually quite good. It's not that I want to boast, but she has been a top student since she was young, and she obtained a Master's degree from the United Kingdom. The academic period of the Master's degree in the United Kingdom is different from our country's, but it's of very good quality"

It was only when Ling Ran entered a hospital ward that he felt a sense of peace.

Yu Yuan released a deep breath and said, "Oh, come on. I'm a Master's graduate too, okay? Is there any relationship between being a Master's graduate and finding a companion? Excuse me, hello, we've come for a ward round"

The patient was still dazed after being woken up. The patient looked at the clock before he looked at Ling Ran and Yu Yuan, asking in puzzlement, "Am I in Gulliver's Travels?"

Yu Yuan brought out the laptop behind her and typed for half a minute. She could not help but raise her head and say, "He's definitely a language teacher."


Ling Ran's ward round lasted until seven o'clock in the morning. Then, he went off to perform surgery.

Before he entered the operating theater, the doctors who wanted to observe his surgery had fully filled it.

The social circle in which the Li couple were in was basically a circle of friends who were wedded to each other. After the car accident, many people kept coming over to visit, but no one was allowed to enter the ICU. So, everyone just gathered at the meeting room and talked to each other while they comforted Li Xiaoning. When they were bored, they could just talk to their old coursemates, old colleagues, old friends, and their coursemates, colleagues, and friends' coursemates, colleagues, and friends.

Those who felt more bored or curious would walk into the operating theater.

For doctors, observing how others performed surgery was a necessity, yet it was also something that could only happen by chance.

Busy doctors like Ling Ran or Yu Yuan only observed demonstrative surgeries performed by other doctors during the meetings they attended or when they ran into one and they had time.

Most of the doctors were the same. The words Professor Huang said that morning spoke of doctors' feelings. "Since we're here, let's take a look at the surgery."


When Ma Yanlin and Yu Yuan stepped the airtight access door of the operating theater open, they saw dozens of eyes and a similar number of blue scrubs.

Ma Yanlin hesitated for a while. He turned around to check the surgery list at the entrance. for visiting.

It would be hilarious if the surgery was performed incorrectly.

Professor Huang coughed and said, "Young man, quit looking at it. We're here to observe Doctor Ling's surgery."

"Doctor Ling Ran?" Ma Yanlin frowned.


"But" Ma Yanlin looked at Yu Yuan and whispered, "We're going to do an appendectomy"

Professor Huang was also stunned. "Yes. When I saw it, I didn't think it through very carefully"

He suddenly felt as if he had bought a ticket to go to the ends of the earth, but in the end, he only saw two painted big stones.

He thought that he should observe the surgery, but it was just an appendectomy

Professor Huang turned around and saw doctors who were in their forties. He chuckled. "Appendectomies are also pretty good. It can be completed quite quickly with a laparoscope nowadays"

"At least we didn't buy any tickets." The doctor next to him spoke up and masked the awkwardness.

When they turned around, they saw Ling Ran enter the operating theater. He felt slightly curious when he saw so many people in there.

Right then, Professor Huang suddenly realized that there was a total of three doctors at the operating table.

Professor Huang could not help but tease him and say, "Has Yun Hua Hospital become so spendthrift now that they use three doctors in a laparoscopy surgery for appendicitis?"

Ling Ran looked at Professor Huang and said, "The original plan was to have Ma Yanlin be the chief surgeon."

"Huh?" Ma Yanlin instantly became excited.

Ling Ran looked at his expression and repeated, "The original plan."

"Huh?" Ma Yanlin's tone remained the same, but his demeanor had become completely different.

Yu Yuan coughed and said in a low voice, "There are so many people here. Do you think they are here to see you making mistakes?"

"That's true" Ma Yanlin's disappointment was completely apparent on his face. Although he had worked as a houseman for two years, he rarely had a chance to perform surgeries. The chances he had were mostly given by Ling Ran.

Ma Yanlin had performed appendectomies using laparoscopes before. However, the condition of a doctor who performed an appendectomy or two was completely different from a doctor who had performed appendectomies many times. If he missed this chance, he would probably miss many other chances in the future as well.

The doctors who were in the operating theater also felt slightly awkward.

They were all doctors. They knew how hard it could be for a young doctor to get such a chance. Some could even have insomnia the entire night once they had surgery scheduled. They would check the information related to the surgery for an entire week, and they would even sniff the patient's urine three times before the surgery.

However, it was extremely easy for them to lose the chance, just like the scenario before their eyes right then. Most of them would not allow a young doctor to step up to the operating table in that sort of situation.

The initial chances given to junior doctors were meant for them to make mistakes. Not all young doctors could become bolder the more defeat they suffered under the eyes of others.

This was especially so for surgeons. When surgeons could perform an operation with ease, they would long to have others by their side to witness their success. As for failing in front of others? They may not be able to calmly face their failure.

"Has he been disinfected?" Ling Ran stood in the position of the chief surgeon.

"Let me do it." Yu Yuan stood in the position of the assistant and started to help.

Ma Yanlin stood by the side. He did not know what to do. There was no need for there to be a second assistant in laparoscopic surgery. In fact, even the first assistant had a very easy task.

"When they're gone, I'll get you another chance." Ling Ran looked at Ma Yanlin and smiled confidently.

While he was still studying, Ling Ran always used the same smile to encourage and comfort those who were not easily be accepted by society, like students who were ranked after the first three places.

Ma Yanlin felt more secure after a second. Since Ling Ran had said that, it would be extremely easy for him to look for another surgery.

Professor Huang and the others felt a little out of place.

A doctor said unhappily, "We're just here to take a look. Why don't we leave now?"

Professor Huang coughed. "Doctor Ling didn't mean that. Everyone, please stay calm."

"Yes, it'll be over shortly." Ling Ran began to perform artificial pneumoperitoneum before he inserted a puncture device to check the patient's abdomen.

His skills in appendectomy were at Perfect Level. In the nation, his skill was among the top one hundred. Theoretically, it was also very easy for him to perform an appendectomy for patients with appendix cancer.

Naturally, the occurrence of appendix cancer was very low. Its occurrence was probably as rare as the world witnessing Audrey Hepburn passing away because of appendix cancer.

However, the surgical skill required was known as a skill because it was relatively stable and could be repeated.

The smoothness in performing the maneuvers of Perfect Level Appendectomy was something desired by most doctors, but they could only dream of having it.

He also possessed the experience of someone who had performed one hundred abdominal dissections and Perfect Level Hemostasis by Heat. The display screen in the operating theater showed a typical appendectomy, just like the ones illustrated in textbooks.

In truth, if they were to compare it to the textbooks, they would only find a few textbooks that would allow them to perform appendectomies to such a standard.

"There's no blood in the abdominal cavity," a doctor said.

"A bloodless operating field?" Another doctor leaned over and looked surprised.

Some doctors, who originally looked quite tired, instantly had their spirits lifted.