Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 448

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Doctors watching an abdominoscopy from the sidelines gained a vantage point that others did not have the luxury of having, as both the onlookers and the surgeons were exposed to the same operating field.

This was very important; when it came to conventional and traditional surgeries, even the most advanced high definition panoramic camera would fail to capture every detail for the onlookers, compared to the surgeons and their naked eyes.

At the end of the day, the things that could be captured by the camera lenses were limited. And during the process of the surgery, complications that arose were not always limited to the operating field. There were times when the chief surgeon might make decisions based on things seen outside the operating field. Sometimes, the decisions might not even be made based on things they saw, but what they could feel with their fingers...

Compared to those conventional surgeries, complications outside the operating field rarely arose during endoscopic surgeries such as abdominoscopy and knee arthroscopies.

During an abdominoscopy, whatever was shown on the screen was what the chief surgeon saw. The onlookers, too, got to see the exact same things. They would see nothing more, nothing less.

However, if a doctor merely wanted to observe a surgery for leisure, this difference might not matter so much.

However, if a doctor really wanted to pick up a surgical method, characteristics of endoscopic surgeries such as abdominoscopy came in extremely handy.

What they saw was what they got. Hence, there was no need for the countless doubts and speculations.

However, at this moment, the doctors in Operating Theater 3 of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center were full of doubts.

"Is this really a bloodless operating field?"

"It's not really completely bloodless…"

"Do you see any blood there?"

"The blood was aspirated just now…"

"The aspirated blood doesn't count. This is a bloodless operating field!"

Before Ling Ran could say anything, the doctors had divided into a few different parties and were engaged in a heated debate.

For surgeons, the term "bloodless operating field" was something that only existed in the highest realm. It was a type of concept that could be compared to sanctification in Confucianism.

At that moment, a completely bloodless operating field was only possible for a small number of surgeries.

However, just like how believers of Confucianism never stopped trying and always strived hard to improve themselves to achieve sanctification, surgeons had been trying all means and methods to make a bloodless operating field possible in all kinds of surgeries.

A "bloodless operating field" came with endless benefits.

In the words of William Stewart Halsted, the American surgeon who came out with the concept of bloodless surgery, "Adequate exposure and careful bleeding control are the only things that can ensure that surgeons remain calm as they should, so that they can approach the surgeries with a clear state of mind and work in a methodical fashion."

However, as a prominent figure in the field of surgery in the late nineteenth century, this proposition was not easily achievable. Even now, doctors were still working long and hard toward this aim.

Cardiopulmonary bypass was the only method that could create a relatively proper bloodless surgical field.

Even though a bloodless surgical field was possible when it came to minimally invasive surgeries, it was not a certainty. In fact, less than 1% of minimally invasive surgeries were carried out under a bloodless surgical field.

In other words, if you do not take cardiopulmonary bypass into account, minimally invasive surgeries was only one of the conditions that made a bloodless surgical field possible.

To achieve a bloodless surgical field, doctors also needed to be extremely well-versed in the human anatomy with the help of some luck.

Even though medical scientists had come up with the miraculous invention called endotherm knives, doctors could not just use them on every single small blood vessel they came across. This would do nothing but bring harm to the patient's body.

The most excellent surgeons were able to avoid cutting into any blood vessel altogether.

And this was something unbelievable indeed, as every single human being's anatomical composition was different. The position, length, thickness, and concentration of blood vessels varied between patients, and it was impossible to dodge all the blood vessels by looking at them with the naked eye alone.

The good thing about abdominoscopy was that only a very small incision was required, so the amount of bleeding was minimal, and the blood merely needed to be aspirated.

Of course, bleeding control must be carried out extremely swiftly and precisely. And this happened to be what Ling Ran was excellent at.

"The mesentery is open.

"Sever it.

"Prepare to remove the vermiform appendix."

Ling Ran's voice rang out continuously.

Professor Huang could not help but glance at Ling Ran. If a student who was working under him were to report his progress at such short intervals, he would probably have scolded that student.

Truth be told, most surgeons could carry out a surgery very swiftly.

But it was not so easy to carry out a surgery well while maintaining that pace.

It was extremely easy for a person to make mistakes when he was in a rush.

Driving was the most typical example. If a person were to drive at twelve miles per hour, twenty-five miles per hour, fifty miles per hour, and seventy-five miles per hour, he would certainly find it more and more difficult to control the car and ensure his safety at the same time as his driving speed increased.

And the various factors that needed to be taken into account while driving were far less than the factors that a surgeon needed to take into consideration when performing a surgery.

Hence, if Professor Huang were to see that a student of his was deliberately chasing after speed when carrying out a surgery, he would definitely haul that student over the coals.

However, Ling Ran did not look like he was "deliberately" being fast.

Professor Huang was thoroughly engrossed in Ling Ran's movements. He could not help but wonder why did he not have a student like that.

However, immediately after that, Professor Huang could not help but shake his head. 'How would it even be possible for me to have a student like that?'

"Is Doctor Ling the one who operated on Professor Li's husband? It's no wonder then that he managed to survive." One of the doctors suddenly spoke, giving everyone in the operating theater a shock.

"Don't make it sound so scary." A doctor who came along furrowed his eyebrows. He then turned and asked Professor Huang, "Doctor Ling performed emergency hepatectomy on Professor Li's husband? Did you watch the surgery?"

"He was done when I arrived." Professor Huang told the truth.

"How long did he take?"

"The hepatectomy? I asked the other doctors. They said that he only took a few minutes." Professor Huang glanced meaningfully at the doctor and said, "If they weren't lying to me, it definitely took less than ten minutes."

"What…" The doctor sucked in a sharp breath. "Alright, I'll believe those words."

There were quite a number of doctors who could perform emergency hepatectomy well. Even if someone were to say that they were rare, there were definitely more of them compared to surgeons who could carry out bloodless surgeries, no matter what.

The onlookers who came from various hospitals calmed themselves down and watched as Ling Ran operated on the patient. Each of them had something on their minds.


Ling Ran calmly carried out the appendectomy.

Since he did not need to educate the other doctors anymore, Ling Ran no longer pursued speed. His only concern was to carry out the surgery at hand well.

Appendectomy was an extremely minor surgery, even among abdominoscopies. And this was exactly why there must not be any mistake.

Meanwhile, Ma Yanlin grew more and more agitated.

Ma Yanlin had been a houseman for two years, and he had watched so many cases of appendectomy that he was already bored of them. What he wanted was to carry out an appendectomy with his own hands. Who would have thought that the opportunity that he had secured would be gone just like this.

"I'm done," Ling Ran said out of habit and told Ma Yanlin, "You can finish up the rest of the work."

"Alright." Ma Yanlin's expression immediately became lively. Even though he did not get to execute the important parts of the surgery, at least there was some work for him to do.

Ling Ran took off his mouth face mask and gloves before he stepped on the sensor beside the airtight access door and left.

Professor Huang and the other doctors looked at one another. They then swarmed toward the door and followed Ling Ran.

"Doctor Ling, you're done with the surgery?" Lu Wenbin, who was clad in scrubs as he walked out of one of the operating theater, saw the crowd.

"Yeah." Ling Ran nodded and walked out of the Operating Area. When he came across a bunch of people, he introduced them to Lu Wenbin. "Those are the family members of the accident patient from yesterday." 

"Oh." Lu Wenbin continued walking out of the Operating Area behind Ling Ran. He did not show much enthusiasm toward what Ling Ran just said and changed the topic. "I went to meet my future family members just now."



Yu Yuan asked loudly, "Future family members? Did you mean that you attended a matchmaking session?"

Lu Wenbin sighed and said, "The woman's family members demanded that I must own two parking slots near my house so that two cars can be parked. I can't afford that, so I don't think the wedding will be happening."

"Even owning a house and a car can't get you a wife nowadays?" Yu Yuan widened her eyes in surprise. She did not even own a proper bicycle.

Lu Wenbin hummed in agreement and said, "After that, I went to take a look at the price of parking slots. Sigh, the parking slots in Yun Hua City are really expensive."

As they spoke, a middle-aged woman who was wearing a Hermes blouse and skirt walked out from among a group of doctors who were clad in large white coats. She looked like she was extremely experienced in this matter as she sized Lu Wenbin up. "You will have to buy one no matter how expensive it is. It is necessary for small families nowadays to have two parking slots."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"There's no need for two, right…" Lu Wenbin grumbled.

The middle-aged woman in the Hermes blouse and skirt chuckled as she stared at Lu Wenbin. "Just like you, your wife would need to drive to work too. And you like it when you get to park your car near your house after work so that you can go home as soon as possible, right? Don't you think that your wife would like the same?"

"I…" Lu Wenbin said in resignation, "I don't think many families nowadays even buy two parking slots."

The middle-aged woman sneered when she heard this. "If you don't even have two parking slots, what's the point of going for a matchmaking session? Aren't you just wasting other people's time? If this happened to my daughter, I would immediately give the person who introduced the man to us a piece of my mind."

Lu Wenbin froze for a moment. He then turned around, whipped out his phone and opened the group chat with the title "Trotters". He then sent a message. [Will be taking pre-orders starting tomorrow. If you top up two thousand RMB into your membership card, four hundred RMB will be given to you for free!]

The moment he sent that message, the WeChat group was immediately flooded with replies.

Lu Wenbin joyfully started replying to the messages, even though he also lamented the fact that he would have to work even more now.

As Yu Yuan listened to their conversation, she could not help but said emotionally, "Doctor Ling, I guess you'll need to buy some parking slots soon too."

"He doesn't need to. Our family owns six parking slots." There was a pleasant smile on the middle-aged woman's face.