Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 449

450 Gallstone Formation In The Bile Duct In The Liver

Two pine trees stood firmly at the main entrance of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center. They were not moved by the wind, and neither could the rain smother them. These trees did not seem to have any sense of existence.

But smokers really liked these two trees.

It would be the most convenient for smokers, including the doctors and nurses of the Emergency Medical Center, patients, and their families, to go and smoke under the pine tree whenever they needed to smoke. for visiting.

The view under the pine tree was the best. Not only could it hide them from sight, most importantly, the situation at the outpatient building connected to the Emergency Medical Center could be seen if they stood under the pine trees. And if there was any ambulances that came to the reception door, they could also see them in time.

Lu Wenbin bit down on a cigarette as he glanced around gloomily.

He did not usually smoke. But he was particularly depressed today, so he asked for a cigarette from the others. He stood near a yellowish trunk that had been tainted by cigarettes, and he polluted the air with the smoke while he smoked without breathing in.

"What's wrong? You came up with the deposit system the day before yesterday, and you're not working today?" Attending Physician Zhao Leyi used his teeth to bite open the blue Furongwang cigarette box.

The Blue Sky Furongwang cigarettes were more expensive than Chunghwa cigarettes, but it was not as fancy as Chunghwa cigarettes.

Although Zhao Leyi was a thrifty man, he never ran out of wine and cigarettes. Also, he was very willing to show them off to his friends.

Perhaps so much showing off was why Zhao Leyi's smoker friends usually ignored him when they smoked. Lu Wenbin did not know that. He only smiled and said, "It's been rough lately."

Zhao Leyi suddenly became energetic. "What do you mean by that?"

"I went on a matchmaking session and met two people. They both asked me where my parking space is and how many lots I have. I told them honestly that I don't have any, and the matchmaking session is over." Lu Wenbin sighed, "After I came back, one of the patient's family said that not only do I need parking space during these matchmaking sessions, I even need two"

"This is indeed something depressing." Zhao Leyi chuckled and said, "Actually, a parking space is not really expensive, but the main problem is that you can't get a loan for it. If your family is not rich enough, you'll have to wait for a few years more"

"I bought the parking spaces." Lu Wenbin sighed.

"You bought it just like that?" After Zhao Leyi said this, he coughed immediately and quickly changed his words, "So, you just decided to buy it? Did you ask for money from your family? This cigarette is slightly dull now, why does it feel a little suffocating?"

As Zhao Leyi spoke, he threw away the remaining two cigarettes in the Blue Sky Furongwang box into the dustbin, took out another packet, and opened violently. He said, "Take one, we'll talk after you take one."

The cigarettes in Blue Sky Furongwang cost at least 2 RMB per stick, and that represented Zhao Leyi's distinct and real mentality.

"Thank you very much." Lu Wenbin finished smoking a blue Furongwang. Then, he took out a yellow Suyan. He opened it and passed it to Zhao Leyi before he said, "Try mine."

When Zhao Leyi saw it, he could not help but frown. This platinum package was twice the price of his cigarettes. As expected, do irregular smokers always buy the most expensive cigarettes?

Lu Wenbin threw away the Suyan; already halfway burned through. He lit the Furongwang given by Zhao Leyi. He breathed in before he exhaled and said, "Doctor Zhao, you don't know. It's easy to buy a parking space than going for a matchmaking session."

"Hmm?" When Zhao Leyi heard this, he felt that something was off.

A stick of Suyan which cost 5 RMB tasted like money.

Lu Wenbin said, "I bought parking spaces yesterday. I paid and took the contract back before I took a photo of it and went for a matchmaking session. At the end, do you know what happened?"

Zhao Leyi looked at Lu Wenbin coldly. "You bought two parking spaces in full?"

"I got a 5% discount for the second parking space, so it saved me a lot." Lu Wenbin shook the cigarette in his hand and said, "I tell you, the parking space is useless."


"I showed it to the girl, then the girl stared at me and chuckled. She really chuckled" Lu Wenbin shook his head as hard as possible.

Zhao Leyi finally became slightly better in spirits. He said, "Then?"

"Then, we talked about school district houses," Lu Wenbin said dazedly, "She said she did not receive a good education when she was young. So, now that she grew up, she must not let her children lose at the starting point. Therefore, she must get a good school district house, and the house must not be too small. The children must have their own bedrooms, and I must get her parents a room too. Besides, there must be a study room, otherwise there'll be no place for the children to receive lectures when the home tutor comes over."

Zhao Leyi clicked his tongue when he heard that. "That's way too much. Can't homeschooling be carried out in the children's bedroom?"

"That's what I said, but she said that if we have two children, the bedroom will be their common area. How can a child receive lectures in the bedroom? It'll just waste the time for the other child"

"Can't two kids get tutored together?"

Lu Wenbin spread his arms, "Their ages are different."

Zhao Leyi was completely stunned. In the next moment, he felt angry, "You're still going out for a matchmaking session with a woman like this? Go and stay single! Oh, right, what did you say?"

Lu Wenbin licked his lips without saying anything.

"Don't tell me that you've acquiesced?"

"No." Lu Wenbin denied him firmly and said, "I told her, after a few months, I'll be able to buy that!"

"You're really" Zhao Leyi frowned and said, "After a few months, you will be able to buy a three-room apartment near a school?"

"Four rooms."

"You can afford that?"

"I will have to suffer a bit for sure, and even get a loan" Lu Wenbin was mumbling and making calculations.

"Time's up, I need to leave now." Zhao Leyi crushed the cigarette in his hand, turned around, and left.

Wind blew, but the two storey-tall pine trees did not move at all.

Lu Wenbin glanced around and realized there was no one to talk to. Then, he could only put out his cigarette and walked slowly back to the emergency room.

Ling Ran was suturing a young boy's forehead in the treatment room. The subcuticular heavy reinforcing suture was a method made a few decades ago, but only a few people could really perform it perfectly.

Lu Wenbin sat by his side and observed the way Ling Ran performed the suture.

His talent in suturing only allowed him to perform according to the rules. Even after learning the M-Tang technique for almost a year, he still had not reached Specialist Level.

Lu Wenbin did not even dare to say how great he was in performing the heavy reinforcing suture and subcuticular suture according to their procedures.

After he saw Ling Ran's suture, Lu Wenbin became less confident.

"Where is Doctor Yu?" Lu Wenbin bent his waist and looked at the bottom of the bed while he asked curiously.

"She's helping someone extract a fish bone." Ling Ran's eyes were fixed on the wound of the little child as he replied gently with a mask covering his mouth.

"Oh," Lu Wenbin replied and said, "Why are there always cases of people having fish bones stuck in their throats?"

"They come specifically for Doctor Yu." Guan Fei the intern was holding a tray by the side. She learned seriously while helping Ling Ran as his assistant.

'How to suture nicely' was Guan Fei's main concern.

As for Lu Wenbin, he cared more about specializing. He said curiously, "There are actually returning customers for fish bones?"

"Doctor Lu, you rarely logged in to Hyacinth Forum recently, right?" Guan Fei smiled as she asked.

Lu Wenbin sighed. "I'm not free"

"Doctor Yu had posted a few posts on Hyacinth Forum, and they've all gone viral. The main topic about them were about extracting foreign substances." Guan Fei's face turned red, and she said, "Anyway, if there is a foreign substance in the patients that cannot be taken out and the patients are not willing to go for surgery, doctors will refer them to Yun Hua Hospital."

"This Yu Yuan isn't just publishing articles now? She even started posting on the forum?"

Guan Fei hummed in agreement, and she said, "What Doctor Yu wrote in the forum is quite useful, actually"

"Extracting fish bones?"

"Extracting foreign substances." Guan Fei corrected him again. Then, she pretended to blush and stopped talking.

"Alright, dress it up." Ling Ran stood up and threw the scissors into the stainless steel tray.

The parents of the child were waiting by the side. They said gratefully, "Thank you, Doctor Ling. Doctor Ling, you're too attentive. My child used to be scared of needles, but just now, my child didn't cry when you sutured him."

Ling Ran only smiled faintly and said, "Your child is quite obedient."

When the child who sat on the bench heard that, he immediately puffed his chest out proudly.

"I still have a surgery lined up. Doctor Guan, you put on the medicine and perform dressing." Ling Ran explained and instructed. Then, he nodded and left.

Guan Fei took a deep breath and sat on the bench across him. She smiled and said, "Boy"

"Bwaaahhhh" The small child who received five stiches began crying from the bottom of his heart. No one could stop him.

Lu Wenbin immediately turned around and caught up to Ling Ran.

A patient with gallstones forming in the bile duct inside the liver had already been placed on the operating table in the operating theater.

Professor Huang from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine automatically stood at the place of the first assistant. When Ling Ran came in, he smiled and greeted him before he said, "The patient's condition is quite stable now, so we can perform surgery immediately."

He found this patient from the hospital affiliated to the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The University of Traditional Chinese Medicine did not have strong surgical abilities. Many of the diagnosed or undiagnosed patients would be transferred to another hospital.

Yun Hua Hospital was one of the hospitals the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine usually referred their patients to.

However, Huo Congjun did not have any connections with the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the past, so he never received any patients from them.

Since Professor Huang had sent the patient over, this became a new beginning for a collaboration.

Ling Ran lowered his head and looked at the patient. He already checked the patient's MRI scan and did some related checking. He verified that the surgical plan was a hepatectomy on the left lobe of the liver, but when it was time for surgery, he would check once more, and it could already be considered a basic operation.

Meanwhile, Professor Huang appeared more relaxed. He smiled, and he even spoke in a tone that implied he was examining Ling Ran. "Doctor Ling, the rest is on you."