Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 451

452 Drinking

When they heard what Ling Ran had just said, Ma Yanlin, Wang Jia, and Su Jiafu subconsciously puffed out their chests and became completely focused.

By the time Professor Huang raised his head and stretched his neck to take a rest, Ma Yanlin's gaze was as firm as a soldier defending the border of a snowy mountain.

There was a thing called imposing mannerisms in humans.

People with imposing mannerisms were sharp like scalpels, tough like a surgical nails, and durable like surgical steel panels. They had strong confidence and self-motivation that normal people could not understand, and they were able to complete tasks normal people could not imagine. 

Since Professor Huang was good at trauma care, he always met people with strong, imposing mannerisms who were just like the soldiers defending the borders on snowy mountains. Professor Huang saw them in his eyes and even came upon them personally before. 

Until now, Professor Huang still remembered how they had carried him down because he suffered from high altitude reaction. When they brought him down using a stretcher, they smiled warmly, flashed their, white teeth, and had bright gazes… 

Nobody laughed in the operating theater, and there was no change in the surgical operation. The surgical speed was still stable and extraordinarily fast… 

However, Professor Huang noticed the extraordinary change.

"We are now…" When Professor Huang looked at Ling Ran, he did not know how to describe his feelings. He felt slightly anxious and confused, at the same time, he also began forming guesses in his head while he came to certain understandings. 

Ling Ran said, "The left hepatic trisegmentectomy was quite successful. We're now cleaning the lesion, and will try to remove all gallstones as soon as possible."

"Can you remove all of them?" Professor Huang was also in good spirits.

The reason for performing left hepatic trisegmentectomy was because of the high number of gallstones which had caused blockage, thus causing continuous inflammation and infection. If the gallstones were totally removed, it could greatly minimize infection and recurring symptoms. It will be reflected during prognosis in the form of reducing recovery time and increasing healing efficiency… 

Ling Ran did not make promises easily. He just nodded and said, "Check with a choledochoscope later. If there are any gallstones in the bile duct, then we shall see if it can be taken out…"

Choledochoscopes were a type of endoscope, and the skill to use them was not among the skills Ling Ran had mastered. However, in terms of theory and the operation methods, the frequently used fibrocholedochoscope was quite similar with the knee arthroscope Ling Ran frequently used. 

Ling Ran had called a pharmaceutical sales representative to send a set over. After he learned it on his own, he felt that he could do better than a beginner and was near Specialist Level… 

This was just like how a student who had only learned how to perform a triple jump went to learn the standing broad jump. Then, while he would still need more training before he could achieve his normal standard, it was not difficult for him to learn and use it, and reach a certain level.

Ling Ran did not need to do any difficult biliary tract surgery. He just needed to use a gallstone scoop and gallstone forcep to remove the gallstone.

Professor Huang felt calm yet surprised when he saw Ling Ran finish every step methodically. 

He felt calm because he had seen Ling Ran's surgery capabilities.

As for his surprise... There were too many things to be surprised. 

As a doctor who always worked outstation and observed the surgeries performed by other surgeons in other hospitals, Ling Ran's surgery skills continued to broaden his knowledge.

When the surgery almost ended, Professor Huang secretly raised Ling Ran from a backup candidate to his first choice candidate for liver surgery. 

"Send him to the ICU. Report his condition to me from time to time." Ling Ran announced the end of the surgery while he stretched his body. 

"Okay. I'll follow them." At this moment, Ma Yanlin who had been a houseman for sometime turned very proactive. 

No matter what, hepatectomy could be considered as a major surgery, and this was also one of the largest surgeries that he rarely joined. Although Ma Yanlin had performed retraction for the time of an entire lecture, to Ma Yanlin, this was something as joyous as performing an appendectomy with him as a chief surgeon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Compared to the patient receiving special care from the nurses while he was sent into the ICu, it was clearly a more beneficial and appropriate action to have a young resident doctor join in the care. However, there was a limited number of resident doctors. Hence, not everyone could receive such good treatment. 

Professor Huang was certainly satisfied, and he even felt that he was respected. After all, he was the one who brought in this patient. 

"Doctor Ling, if you're free tonight, let's have a meal." Professor Huang smiled gently and said, "I would like to thank you for Jia Yuan's surgery. Everyone was so busy during that time, and they did not even have any mood for a drink. So, this time round, please allow me to become the host and treat you. You can also invite two other doctors you like?"

Ling Ran stared at Professor Huang doubtfully. He shook his head, "I don't like this kind of drinking sessions."

"This cannot considered as a drinking session…"

"I'm not going." Ling Ran did not bother to listen to Professor's Huang explanation. For him, a drinking session was just a drinking session. No matter how you named it or changed one or two elements in it, the essence of this session remained the same. 

Professor Huang did not expect that Ling Ran's rejection to be that firm. He could already feel embarrassment flaring in him.

However, when he looked at Ling Ran again, Professor Huang seemed to have come to a slight understanding… 

"Otherwise… otherwise, you can mention a few names. I can invite them." Professor Huang came up with another suggestion.

When Ling Ran heard Professor Huang's tone, he could not help but sigh. 

He was very familiar with this situation. For example, if a girl chased him over a few streets and upon rejection, she started making various reasonable or unreasonable requests, especially at the mention of 'otherwise,' further rejection would only make the situation worse. 

Ling Ran thought about this and said, "If you really want to call for a session, I suggest that you form a consultation session."

"Consultation session?"

Ling Ran raised his head. "The inpatient and outpatient consultations which are formed using one or more patients…"

"I understand. I know what you mean. What I don't understand is this: what is the purpose of the consultation session?" Professor Huang was slightly confused. 

Ling Ran had removed his gloves, cap, and other items. He swung his hands, moved his legs, and soon, he was gone. 

Su Jiafu was sitting at the stool behind him. He coughed and said, "Professor Huang, the reason you called for a drinking session was to thank Doctor Ling, right? Doctor Ling wants a consultation session. Why don't you form a consultation session for him, right?"

Professor Huang laughed bitterly. "Who will use a consultation session as a reward?"

"For Doctor Ling, I feel that consultations would reward him just fine," Su Jiafu said, "You want to call for a drinking session to make Doctor Ling happy, right? But do you really think that Doctor Ling will be truly happy if a drinking session is really formed?" 

"Will he not?"

"If he thinks that drinking sessions are happy occasions, do you think that Doctor Ling would ever be lacking in drinking sessions, since he's so handsome?"

Professor Huang was stunned and said, "Don't tell me that we really need to form a consultation session?"

"If you really organize a consultation, Doctor Ling would definitely be happy." When Su Jiafu said this, he sat on the stool and left. He looked just like Iron Crutch Li. [1] 

Ling Ran stood in front of the escalator at the corridor. He started to think of an important problem like where he should be going for a meal. 

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains…"

At this moment, Ling Ran's phone rang loudly. 

"Mom?' Ling Ran felt slightly confused when he saw the number that appeared on the phone.

"Son, your dad and I have just reached home. Remember to come home for dinner. We brought some stuff from those foreign countries." Madam Tao Ping's voice was loud and clear, and she did not sound like she was tired from the trip at all. 

Ling Ran felt puzzled and said, "You and dad reached home already? I thought you didn't manage to buy a ticket."

"We ordered a Koi Set Meal at the hotel, and it's really worth it. We thought of taking the first class cabin back, since your dad snores when he sleeps…"

"Argh, I told you not to talk about this. Why can't you hold it? I didn't snore. It's just that my breathing is slightly too loud." Ling Jiezhou's annoyed voice could be heard from the phone. 

Tao Ping snorted and said, "I recorded the voice."

"Delete it, delete it, but don't delete the fish photo I took."

"Don't touch my phone, I won't delete it." Tao Ping voice became slightly louder. "Son, hurry up and come back home. I got you some good stuff. By the way, we met an interesting girl this time round. I'll introduce you to her when there's a chance."