Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 453

454 Special Patien

[A patient's sincere gratitude]

[A patient's sincere gratitude]

Every time Ling Ran checked two or three rooms, he would receive one or two Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests.

Recently, Ling Ran had begun to perform more hepatectomies, and the ratio of patients giving him Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests and those not giving him Treasure Chests had greatly increased.

Ling Ran guessed that it was perhaps because he had received many patients suffering from chronic liver disease, which was why this had happened. 

In comparison, patients who needed to undergo finger replantation or Achilles tendon repairs were basically people who suffered from accidental injuries.

Many people who had been injured accidentally might not even have managed to digest the information that they had been injured before they were pushed into the operating theater. 

After the operation, the patients' bodies would have recovered most of its functions, and they might not have enough knowledge regarding the reality that they had been injured. Hence, those patients' sincere gratitude may not come at a frequency as great as those old patients.

After all, many of the patients who had chronic liver disease had been ill for many years. Even though they did not have Boss Shao's awareness, they had a good understanding of their own illnesses.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ling Ran can successfully complete the operation and give the patients a good result. Naturally, it was easy to get Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chest. 

However, this guess was ultimately just speculation, Ling Ran was not lacking in Energy Serums.

In fact, in the most recent month, Ling Ran had accumulated more than eighty bottles of Energy Serums, and he now had 625 bottles. Even so, he had used up a lot of Energy Serums recently, and he had used more than ten bottles, which was why he had managed to accumulate so many Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests.

In addition, he also unlocked seven Treasure Chests that gave him abdominal anatomical dissection experience, which meant that his experience in dissecting abdomens had increased from one hundred times to one hundred and seventy times, four Treasure Chests gave him lower limb anatomical dissection experience, which increased his lower limb anatomical dissection experience from fifty times to ninety times.

At the same time, his foot anatomical dissection experience had increased from seven hundred to nine hundred because of two Treasure Chests. 

For Ling Ran, the acquisition of these anatomical experiences was the most direct driving force for him to work harder. In particular, he had recently performed more hepatectomies, and his abdominal anatomical dissection experience had obviously improved his surgical abilities.

As the saying went, "As a person experiences more things, the person becomes more knowledgeable."

To put it in the context of hepatectomy, the more portal veins, hepatic arteries, bile ducts, caudate lobe—which showed a variety of changes from person to person—left inferior lobe, and right anterior lobe a person saw, the more the person could work freely when he or she performed surgery. 

After earning many Treasure Chests from the ward of the Emergency Medical Center, Ling Ran used his finger to make a circle. The people turned back to their respective departments. Only Zuo Cidian followed Ling Ran and went to the ICU.

In the ICU, the young Attending Physician Shi Baiqing saw Ling Ran. He smiled in anguish and greeted Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, you've come to our ICU again to do a ward round?"

"We came to do a consultation on our own. We can consider us a labor force that came by ourselves." Zuo Cidian immediately chuckled as he said. Shi Baiqing was flattered and laughed.

At Yun Hua Hospital, the ICU was an independent department, and this setup made the ICU have more rights. They can ask for a joint consultation, interdisciplinary consultation, or emergency consultation, but once the patients were sent in by other departments, these patients will then become their patients.

Therefore, Ling Ran could not come to the ICU to do ward rounds, even if he has just operated on the patient's liver since the patient was already an ICU patient.

However, compared to the ICU's nursing care system, Ling Ran had his own ideas and treatment plans. In this case, he did not look at the system and instead modified his plans according to the individual.

Ling Ran checked the ward of his department and wanted to come to the ICU to do some rounds. The ICU doctors would not be able to stop him, but they could choose not to listen to him or greet him. They could even give him a sarcastic remark.

However, the ICU was, after all, a weak department. A young attending physician like Shi Baiqing could only jokingly say whether Ling Ran had come to perform a ward round, and that was already his limit. 

He knew Huo Congjun's reputation. It was not rare for the department director of the Emergency Department came to the ICU to start scolding them. If he reviewed the past, he will find that even the former ICU Directors had all become used to being scolded by Huo Congjun like they were his grandsons while they were still attending physicians. He could not even tell whether Mister Huo had interfered with the change of personnel in the ICU later on. 

On the other hand, once he threw away the idea of "the glory of the department"—which might or might not exist—Shi Baiqing did not oppose Ling Ran coming to take a look around. He would not recognize the words "doing ward rounds", but he could only tell the doctors in the ICU department that they cannot let the people of other departments to be used to performing ward rounds in the ICU as well. Compared to all the nagging by the other doctors, Ling Ran often spoke briefly and concisely, and he usually went straight to the point.

The prognosis of his patients who have undergone his operations were also very good.

As a doctor of the ICU, Shi Baiqing could sense this particular point particularly clearly. 

Occasionally, after looking at patients who have undergone hepatectomy performed by doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery, then comparing their results with the patients that Ling Ran operated on, Shi Baiqing will involuntarily think of some philosophical questions.

'How fragile is a human life, and what factors caused it to be so fragile?'

"Five beds can be transferred back to the general ward." Ling Ran stood in front of a hospital bed and suddenly asked. Shi Baiqing was snapped out of the daze he sank into as he worked.

Shi Baiqing sighed. He was most annoyed when he was disturbed from his work. 

How busy could a doctor in the ICU be? Resident doctors of other departments would at most need to do ward rounds for one or two days. The doctors in the ICU were almost constantly doing ward rounds.

Most of the patients in the ICU could not talk, so the main ones who can talk were the other medical staff.

"Our department director will decide when he can be transferred to a normal room." Shi Baiqing glanced at Ling Ran and said, "We've discussed it before."

"Okay, but the patient can be transferred back now." Ling Ran nodded, and he did not argue further. 

Shi Baiqing cast a resigned glance at the monitor and found that the indicators had indeed dropped.

He secretly made a record in the records and looked at Zuo Cidian. He said, "This is because our department director is not here. If he hears that you are here again to meddle around, you will not be able to come in so easily next time."

"Ling Ran is a bit impatient, you know that." Zuo Cidian chuckled. His voice was muffled behind his mask, and it sounded a little wicked.

Shi Baiqing did not know if he had misheard it, but he did not have the energy to think more of it.

A doctor's job will inevitably involve many personal conflicts and even conflicts of human nature. For ordinary doctors, such personal conflicts and conflicts of human nature could even be regarded as a normal thing in their work.

However, for those doctors who can truly determine the life and death of a person, they will determine what will be considered as normal in their working life. 

Take, for example, the matter of whether Patient 5 will be transferred. If two idiotic doctors quarreled, the winner will definitely be the doctor in charge in the ICU, but if it were proposed by Ling Ran...

Shi Baiqing very clearly remembered that someone from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery had the urge to quarrel with Ling Ran before... But recently, when Ling Ran appeared in the ICU, the doctors from Yun Hua Hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery tried not to appear.

Even if they were robbed of surgeries, they would never be filled with resentment. Shi Baiqing guessed that it was not because the doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery had a high EQ. 

One of the deepest impressions Shi Baiqing had was that his department director, who was the director of the ICU, had repeatedly taken the medical cases of prolonged CPR that Ling Ran had done as cases for reference, but he rarely appeared in front of Ling Ran.

Perhaps Ling Ran's disposition made him appear very unreasonable. 

Shi Baiqing looked up and looked at Ling Ran. He felt that his guess was very reliable.

*Beep beep beep beep*

Bed 3's monitor suddenly rang. 

Shi Baiqing turned his head and glanced at the monitor before he immediately ran over.

"Defibrillation." At the same time Shi Baiqing spoke, he punched the patient's chest.

CPR was also a compulsory course in the ICU, and almost every few days, several cases that required CPR will occur.

Shi Baiqing kneeled on the gurney, and he began to perform external chest compressions while he counted. 

The chances of success in CPR in hospitals were much higher than those outside the hospital. Shi Baiqing only did a group of thirty chest compressions, and after the defibrillation, the patient was saved.

At this time, Shi Baiqing subconsciously looked back and cast a glance at Ling Ran. 

Ling Ran smiled at him and nodded.

Shi Baiqing's chest was suddenly filled with pride.


Outside the ICU, a centipede tongavine sat alone on the window sill. Its nectar was locked in its branches and leaves. Its branches and leaves fell on the window sill. The end of its leaves curled up, and they looked green and tender.

Professor Huang turned around and looked at the ICU door before he looked at the centipede tongavine from time to time.

When Ling Ran came out, Professor Huang let out a tremendous sigh of relief.

"Doctor Ling, I finally caught you." Professor Huang went forward and looked at both sides. He said in an enigmatic manner, "I received a case, and I was thinking of asking you to do it."

"Okay." Ling Ran immediately agreed without feeling troubled. Over the past few days, he had been receiving surgery cases related to the liver from Professor Huang, and he had taken over about half of the liver surgeries performed in the hospital. He had become accustomed to it.

Professor Huang said in an especially solemn tone, "My patient is very special, you have to be more attentive."

"Okay." Ling Ran had always been serious, but he will not deliberately tell others that he was serious. 

Professor Huang did not get the attitude he wanted to see. He was slightly disappointed. He asked, "Are you not curious? When I asked you to perform surgery in the past, I never asked you to be attentive, right?"

"Special patient?" asked Ling Ran. 

"He is considered quite..." Professor Huang smiled and said, "He's quite special."

"Quite special?" Ling Ran's expression became grave. 

"Yes, a special patient." Professor Huang was very satisfied with Ling Ran's cooperation. He placed a great emphasis on his "Yes", and he made a great show of being earnest. "Is there anything else you want to know?"

Ling Ran thought a little and looked at Professor Huang and asked, "Is he a human being?"