Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 455

456 Old And Fat Cheetah With A Large Belly

Elder Mei looked a little fierce, and he was also a little fat.

The hair on his head was white, and the flesh covering the tip of his nose appeared thick and muscular. His chin was slightly jutted out, giving him an air of stubbornness.

His neck, shoulders, arms, and belly was also covered with a thick layer of fat. Ling Ran paid special attention to his belly. He was thinking about how an endotherm knife would not be suitable on Elder Mei.

The endotherm knife was a miraculous invention, and when used on ordinary people, a few slashes was all it took to make an incision as deep as the anterior rectus sheath without causing any bleeding. But if a doctor were to use endotherm knives when performing laparotomy on fat people, especially those whose belly was covered with such a thick layer of adipose tissue, it would take forever for them to make an incision on low power, while the adipose layer might melt if the power was too high...

Ling Ran could not help but become deep in thought as he stared at Elder Mei.

'He's a senior citizen with a lot of underlying diseases and is already at the latter stages in his disease progression. Besides, his prognosis will be very demanding, and he's also extremely overweight. I'll have to be prepared from the moment I carry out laparotomy…'

"Doctor Ling, you're pretty shy." Elder Mei's daughter was sitting beside him. As she gazed at Ling Ran, she did not have the heart to treat him sternly like how members of the Mei family usually do. She comforted Ling Ran with a smile. "Doctor Ling, just pretend that you're in the hospital right now and that my father is a patient while we are the patient's family members. Since you are the doctor, go ahead and tell us whatever's on your mind, just like how you do with ordinary patients."

Elder Mei's son, who was sitting on his other side, was not as amiable as his sister. He pursed his lips and said, "Sis, what's the point of trying to appear dignified and noble at this point of time? Our family isn't an ordinary family, anyway. Would an ordinary family be able to invite the doctor over? Doctor Ling, since this is our first meeting, let us establish three rules."

Professor Huang looked anxiously at Ling Ran, worried that he would act up.

However, Ling Ran merely flashed a composed smile.

As he had treated a lot of patients, he had also met a lot of their family members. Demanding family members was not a rare occurrence.

Elder Mei's son obviously did not give Ling Ran the room to object. He raised his index finger and said, "Number one, confidentiality. Anything related to my father's illness, whether it's good or bad, and every single drug you administer. You're not allowed to talk about any of that, are you able to do this?"

"Yes," Ling Ran answered accordingly.

Elder Mei's son nodded. He was pretty satisfied. Judging from the way Ling Ran replied, he seemed like an obedient doctor.

"Number two." Elder Mei's son raised another finger and said, "You must maintain communication with us at all times. You must tell us about whatever drug you are administering and the reason behind it. You're not allowed to experiment on things behind our backs or try your luck to shoot to fame. Since we have the ability to give you fame, we're also able to drag you down."

"Alright." Ling Ran did not object to communication.

"Number three. If you want something, just say it to our faces. Don't even think about using the Mei family. Can you do this?" Elder Mei's son raised a third finger.

"Yes." As usual, Ling Ran's answer was brief. He did not find any of these demands a problem.

After fixing his gaze on Ling Ran for a few seconds, Elder Mei's son finally smiled.

He glanced at his father. He then turned, glanced at Ling Ran, and flashed a smile. "As long as you're able to keep your word and do what I just said as well as nurse my father back to health, you'll definitely benefit from this."

When Professor Huang saw that the Mei family's oldest son was smiling, he breathed a sigh of relief. 'Ling Ran seems like he knows the way of the world pretty well. Hmm… don't tell me that he was deliberately provoking me just now?'

Professor Huang could not help but fall into a vortex of doubt and confusion.

"Your name is Ling Ran right? Doctor Ling, I'm Mei Tiangui. You can seek me out if you encounter any problems." The oldest son of the Mei family flashed a reserved smile and said, "There's no point in talking much. As long as you're able to nurse my father back to health, I will give you whatever you want."

"You will give me whatever I want?" Ling Ran glanced doubtfully at Mei Tiangui. Even though he had encountered a lot of people who liked to boast, there were not many people in the world who dared to say something like this.

"I will give you whatever you want." Mei Tiangui nodded and said, "As long as you're able to nurse my father back to health."

Elder Mei cut an authoritative figure as he sat on the main seat. He showed no objection to what Mei Tiangui just said.

Ling Ran thought of something and said, "I want all of the patient's information." 

He did not dare to make any promises without looking at the patient's information.

Mei Tiangui froze for a moment and laughed out loud. He said to Professor Huang, "Old Huang, you found us a pretty interesting doctor."

Professor Huang forced a smile as he nodded. He became even more suspicious. 'Doctor Ling doesn't seem quite right in the head.'

A few boxes full of information was quickly sent into the room under the order of the Mei family's oldest daughter.

There were already more than one hundred medical imaging films, and that was not accounting the other documents. 

Ling Ran glanced through them one by one.

He possessed Specialist Level Ultrasonography Analysis, Master Level MRI Analysis on Four Limbs and Perfect Level X-ray Scan Analysis...

Ordinary doctors only needed to possess one of those skills to establish their positions in the Outpatient Department. Of course, many doctors were still able to establish their positions in the Outpatient Department even though they were not even close to mastering any of those skills.

Based on Professor Huang's experience, most doctors who were able to master the analysis of so many types of scans had become medical imaging specialists. And although Ling Ran was not the only surgeon who had the ability to read so many types of scans, he was definitely in the minority.

In other words, based on these medical imaging films, Ling Ran had the ability to pick up all the information and make all the judgments a medical imaging specialist could.

"Right now, Elder Mei's most serious illness is hepatolithiasis." Ling Ran came to a conclusion after looking at all the information.

Mei Tiangui furrowed his eyebrows. "Can you tell us something we don't know, such as whether you're able to cure my father?"

"I'm able to," Ling Ran said, "Partial hepatectomy is the best solution right now."

This time, Mei Tiangui said nothing. He looked at his father.

Elder Mei nodded his fleshy chin a little and said slowly, "Since we have already come to a decision, let us go ahead with it."

"Professor Huang, this shouldn't be a problem right?" Mei Tiangui asked.

"Among all the doctors I have seen, Doctor Ling is the best when it comes to hepatectomy." There was nothing else Professor Huang could say.

"Alright, Doctor Ling. I'll entrust you with the health of my father, then." Mei Tiangui took a deep breath and continued, "If you have any requests, you can raise it now. I stand by what I said just now—I will give you whatever you want."

Elder Mei and his daughter, too, looked at Ling Ran with a smile.

The Mei family had always believed very much in taking a carrot-and-stick approach to things. They had passed down this core belief from generation to generation, and this was the core behind how they managed to maintain power for so many generations. They took this approach when dealing with subordinates, low-ranked officials, as well as doctors. 

Professor Huang had also been on the receiving end of the Mei family's "carrot-and-stick approach". He said to Ling Ran, enunciating each word clearly to make his point, "Doctor Ling, this is the best time to raise any request you have or talk about anything that's on your mind."

Ling Ran nodded solemnly.

Since the other party was so insistent, now that he had looked at the patient's information and was confident in curing him...

The term "Transformer" appeared in Ling Ran's mind, but he immediately eliminated the possibility.

If the other party had the ability to conjure up a Transformer, he would have used his power to cure his father's illness first. As Ling Ran did not think that he was mentally ill, he obviously did not allow others to think that he was mentally ill too!

"I would like an ICU," Ling Ran raised his request earnestly. The lack of an ICU was something that had troubled and caused Ling Ran a lot of grief recently. If he had his own ICU, he would get to arrange the recovery plans of his patients, be it those who had undergone CPR or hepatectomy. With his Master Level and even Perfect Level skills, the patients' prognoses would definitely be a lot better.

As the three members of the Mei family gazed at Ling Ran, their smiles slowly disappeared.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You want an ICU?" Mei Tiangui repeated Ling Ran's request.

Ling Ran nodded. "ICU means intensive care unit. An ICU is equipped with a central monitoring system, ventilator, hemofiltration apparatus…"

"I know what an ICU is. What I meant was, what do you want an ICU for?" Mei Tiangui wore an extremely puzzled expression. "Did you know that this promise… Nevermind, can you raise another request?"

"Oh, that's not possible?" Since Ling Ran had expected this, he was not really disappointed. He pursed his lips and said, "You can also give me one hundred cadavers. If one hundred is too many, you can just give me five or ten."

Even though he had obtained plenty of anatomical dissection experience, Ling Ran still had a lot of room for growth when it came to the experience of dissecting an entire cadaver.

Besides, he also had the urge to carry out his own research.

Mei Tiangui felt his lips twitch when he heard that. He said with furrowed eyebrows, "No one goes around giving other people cadavers. How is this even possible? How did you even manage to think of this? Raise another request!"

"Oh, this is not possible either? Um, then, can you increase the number of hospital beds in Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center?" Ling Ran lowered his bar.

"The number of medical staff would need to be increased for there to be an increase in the number of hospital beds." Professor Huang's soul almost flew out of his body when he heard that, and he had no choice but to explain things to him. However, he was feeling good on the inside. 'Ling Ran was not deliberately provoking me.'

Of course, Mei Tiangui could not promise Ling Ran to increase the number of medical staff in the Emergency Medical Center. It was just too much. Besides, it was not an easy feat.

Elder Mei's daughter cleared her throat and broke the awkwardness. "Doctor Ling, you can actually raise some personal requests."

"Those are my personal requests," Ling Ran answered earnestly.

"What I meant was that…" Elder Mei's daughter struggled for the right words. "I heard that you're still a resident doctor right now. Don't you have the desire to rise in the ranks or do something else? Don't you want to become an attending physician?"

Ling Ran shook his head a little. "No."


Ling Ran gave her a puzzled look. "Why don't you get an attending physician to treat your father?"

"There's no logical relationship between…" Elder Mei's daughter was a little confused.

"Hahahaha…" Elder Mei suddenly laughed out loud.

Everyone subconsciously looked at the fat and fierce-looking old man who was sitting in the middle of the room in unison.

"Extraordinary people do things extraordinarily indeed. Doctor Ling, I'm sorry to trouble you this time." Elder Mei stood up, extended his hand and shook Ling Ran's hand gently. He then turned elegantly, like an old and fat cheetah with a large belly who was still as elegant as ever. He cut an awe-inspiring figure.

"Let me perform a physical examination for you first." Ling Ran suddenly called after Elder Mei. "You just need to find somewhere to lie down.

The old and fat cheetah with a large belly stopped in his tracks. He turned and asked, "Now?"

"Yes, you can just lie on the carpet. Do take off your shoes and clothes." Ling Ran made such a perfect arrangement that the others were unable to find any reason to turn down his request.